Monday 2 May 2016

Suffering Grind!

Polish/British grind/pv band Suffering Mind has been a major constant within underground fast punk for longer than I can remember. Recently they announced that they were slowing down a bit. Their version of slowing down is another band's version of going at full pace, hence the list of upcoming releases they've got planned - Two split 7" with The Day Man Lost and Fiend respectively, as well as a split 12" with Excruciating Terror. I thought I'd take this opportunity to do a quick round-up of Suffering Mind related bands to help satisfy your hunger for DIY grind. Enjoy!

1. Amputation Of Personality

First up is Amputation Of Personality, which seems to have inherited SM's characteristic anti-establishment themes. The band hasn't hung around either, already releasing nine song (for an as yet confirmed split) up on bandcamp for free download -

2. Deterrence 

Next up is Deterrence. Again productivity and work-ethic can't be faulted as there's already a split 12" with Yattai in the work and the songs that will form the Deterrence side are up for free streaming and download -

3. Domestic Trauma

Domestic Trauma isn't as new as the above bands, as they already released a demo in 2014. With the curtailed activity of Suffering Mind, they now have more time to dedicate to Domestic Trauma and have a split 12" on the way. Both the demo and their split tracks are available to stream and download here -

4. Drainage

Drainage as set their stall out with an image of cops on fire, so you should know what to expect. They've released a demo tape with help of Grindfather Productions and are due to destroy Europe with Hemdale soon. The tape is available here - You can stream and download it here -

5. Groak

Groak is the only name that is familiar to me here. The band features Ben on vocal as well as members from countless other great Leeds bands. They're super active and have played Daughter Of Chimpyfest in London and will be playing alongside Primitive Man and Jucifer before this year's Temples Fest. Both their Masticator EP and their split with Su19b are available here - and soon they'll be releasing a split 7" with fellow Leeds noise makers Lugubrious Children via Mind Ripper Collective. Their music is available digitally here -

6. Verge

Finally, there's vegan punk band Verge. The band hasn't released anything since a demo back in 2014 but they're still worth keeping an eye on. That demo is available for streaming and free download here -

There you go. Obviously you can still keep updated on the activities of Suffering Mind here - 

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