Monday 30 May 2016

Szyslak - Demo 2016


1. An Hour In The Hourglass
2. Reveries

What do you get when members of heavy UK sludge/hardcore bands get together as their previous endeavours are put to rest? That's right, you get pop-punk. At least that's the case with Szyslak anyway. Earlier this year The Simpsons inspired three-piece released a two-song demo tape with the help of Headless Guru Records. Judging by the reaction, they're doing okay as they've recently lined up alongside blog faves The New Tusk and Birdskulls. 

Szyslak makes gruff-punk that has more in common with Iron Chic and Hot Water Music than it does with Blink-182 etc. An Hour In The Hourglass typifies that sound with it’s sing-a-long vibe and sweet guitar melody. Reveries goes by in the same vein. Brief and catchy seems to be the mantra and it’s spot-on. Two songs that don’t hang around too long, stick in your head and hint at very good things to come. Szyslak has been recording recently so expect those very good things soon. Oh…and book em for a show!

You can stream the demo and grab a free download here:-

The band only has 8 tape copies of the demo remaining, so act fact if you like what you hear. Otherwise head here -

Szyslak Facebook -
Headless Guru Records Facebook -

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