Friday 29 September 2017

Void Forger/VVVLV - Split 7"


1. Void Forger - Excess Collapse
2. VVVLV - Homo Economicus

Once again business that are supposed to make our lives easier somehow manage to reach a new colossal level of idiocy and unhelpfulness!!! My personal grumbles aside, it's Friday night and once again I find myself reaching for heavy music instead of going out on the town and getting horrifically drunk (wise move I feel!). The heavy music is question is the 2016 split 7" between Romanians Void Forger and VVVLV. Both bands feature sludge, doom and punk amongst their arsenals. Void Forger graced the stage at this year's Crust Picnic 3 in Belgium alongside the UK's own Deviated Instinct, Monolithian & Rash Decision, while VVVLV are due to play alongside Jucifer in Romania in mid-October.

Void Forger produces a noise that any UK-sludge/crust band would be proud of. Excess Collapse contains groove-laden riffs, incredibly up-tempo percussion and in-your-face roars, and if you think that’s too many hyphens, it’s because it is! Joking aside, Void Forger really does make a hellish racket and one that sits on the right side of raw. The recording and production brings out their organic heaviness without any compromise to their sound. 

VVVLV feature less of a punk influence on Homo Economicus, though what it looses in tempo it makes up for in sheer heft. The rasping vocals are delivered in a black metal style, while the musicianship is more restrained with downbeat melody from the guitars. Their use of an epically slow passage followed by a frantic finish is great too. Both Void Forger and VVVLV make full use of their sides of this split, which is rare and very welcome indeed. Excellent Friday night headbangs! More please.

You can stream and download the split via both band's below (and Void Forger has physical 7"s for sale too):-

Void Forger -

You can also grab the 7" from the below labels:-

Neanderthal-Stench -
Gluga Neagra -
Crust Or Die Collective -
Dvvm Recs -

Wednesday 27 September 2017

Sunlight's Bane - The Blackest Volume: Like All The Earth Was Buried


1. Praise The Venom Shield
2. Begrudging Soul
3. From Heaven Wept
4. Cursed Diminished Years
5. I Am The Cold, Harsh Whispers In Hell
6. Dance Of Thorns
7. The Blessed Ivory Tongue
8. No Taste More Bitter
9. With Fear, This Love Is Given
10. Came No Dawn
11. To Whom I Await

In times of need we often find ourselves reaching for things that aren't necessarily good for us. There are healthier mediums to turn to though and music, oft extreme, is one of them. Michigan's Sunlight's Bane write and perform music that would be the soundtrack to ones darkest hour and their most recent full-length is no different. Starting out as Traitor in 2011, the band changed their name and released full-length/compilation called "Antiquated Chapters" in 2015, swiftly followed by a very well-received split 7" with UK noise-makers Geist last September. “TBVLATEWB” (as it's known for short) was released via Innerstrength Records in February and Sunlight's Bane followed it up with a recent UK tour alongside their split-mates. I'm a little late to the wake with this one!

There’s a lot more bitterness to Sunlight’s Bane than on their previous split with Geist and opening song Praise The Venom Shield is a grinding, heaving slab of black metal/hardcore that slays in the same ferocious way as Gaza and Trap Them. The song is raging with metallic guitars, walls of feedback and gloomy bass, powerful drums and suitably rabid screams. Begrudging Soul begins in much the same way as before, slowing to more of a menacing crawl in the verses. It’s the riffs that provide that feeling of changing tempo and they’re pretty effective too. That change in pace stretches the song out but also makes it more claustrophobic. 

The dark and dank atmosphere on “TBVLATEWB” is not harmed by the shift in dynamics, as Sunlight’s Bane switch back into full-force mode on From Heaven Wept. It’s a shorter song as you would’ve probably guessed but it pulls no punches and as it fades, the feedback leads you into Cursed Diminished Years. The screams seem even more emotive and angry and the mix of low/high-pitched vocal tones sit in the mix this time, allowing the instrumentation to come forwards a bit more. The recording and production job certainly seems to have captured the band at their most unforgiving. The album isn’t super-clear and nor should it be. It’s honest and desperately heavy. 

Amongst the frenetic pace, Sunlight’s Bane is able to write songs that are more controlled, without being less technical. I Am The Cold, Harsh Whispers In Hell describes itself aptly. It’s a song filled with everything from doom/death introspection to grinding intensity and some of the lowest vocal bellows you’re likely to hear. The minimalist approach they take during the opening bars of Dance of Thorns is decidedly sinister. Just guitar/bass and vocals alone that seem to build an overwhelming feeling of nervous expectation as you wait for things to explode. The song doesn’t explode into the wave of noise that you might be expecting but it does build to a noisy crescendo, which is just as dramatic. 

The off-kilter drumming at the beginning of The Blessed Ivory Tongue throws you off slightly as at times it’s a straight up punk-groove and at others it’s almost tech-like, but it goes onto reveal a death march rooted in black metal hatred. Sunlight’s Bane return to more grinding territory on No Taste More Bitter and at times nod towards CTTTOAFF. The subtle intricacies within the music itself become clearer and more obvious here, which are only made better by the songwriting and restrained delivery. Three songs from the end and Sunlight’s Bane go all cinematic with the first of two eight+ minute numbers, With Fear, This Love Is Given. The reason I used cinematic to describe it is because it has a post-metal edge, which is subtle but mixes well with the black metal backbone of the song. It’s both stark and life-affirming at the same time (sorry if that wasn’t the effect you were going for guys!). 

After that, penultimate song Came No Dawn is a bit of a shock to the system as it begins, only for the band to arrest that shock later on with a section filled with introspection and spoken word vocals. The feedback and foreboding atmosphere remains but it seems tempered somehow before the three-minute mark hits and the melody is partly swallowed by the collective release of the full band. To Whom I Await is the second eight+ minute song I was talking about earlier (and indeed the last) and it has a very different feel to that of With Fear, This Love Is Given. It has more bite and anger flowing through it, as cymbals crash and bass rumbles around the roars. The guitars sit deeper when all is at full flow, though they add heft where it’s needed and when they are allowed space, they help paint an acrid atmosphere. 

As with every release that I write about it’s hard to portray a sound or a feeling accurately in black and white, so as the screeching feedback of the album closer fades to reveal a final bass-lead passage, I leave to you to interpret the record as you see fit. Listen to it, soak it up and give it your full attention. That’s the only way you’ll be able truly appreciate how good it is. 

Stream and download the record directly via the band below:-

Physical cd copies are available through Innerstrength Records here -

Sunlight's Bane -
Innerstrength Records -

Monday 25 September 2017

Seep Away Interview

York based hardcore/doom quartet Seep Away, like many bands on the national circuit, have been toiling away building up a decent local fanbase while also spreading their music further afield to anybody who'll listen. That hardwork is now starting to pay off as they've recently supported Norway's blackjazz maestros Shining at York Fibbers and they're about to release their new EP "The Blackened Carnival Of Societal Ineptitude". I did a short interview with the band recently and am pleased to be able to bring it to you now...

1. Please tell us about Seep Away. When did you form and what was your aim as a band?

Max: May 2015. As a two-piece. We had no hopes, dreams, or aims. Just a lot of repressed rage. Must admit it was probably me bringing that in, cos at the time it was just me and Dom, and he's not a miserable fuck like me. Things have really blossomed over the past year, with all sorts of new opportunities coming up!

2. How have you found the current musical climate as a independent band? Have you find it easy or challenging to gain live exposure and to reach new fans?

Max: It's always been hard. Finding your audience is always gonna be tough, but when your band is basically the dick-shaped fruit in a garden of perspective eloquence it's even harder. That and York's hardcore scene has diminished lately. But we're at a point now where the punk scene kinda knows us, so that's cool. We're using that as a springboard to get out into the wider world of hardcore and just looking at each opportunity as it comes.

3. You’ve recently released a new single called Matchstick Man. I’ve checked it out and you’re right about it being abrasive! It features on your up-coming EP “The Blackened Carnival Of Societal Ineptitude”. What can listeners expect from the EP and what’s the theme? 

Max: We really consider this EP to be our first, even though it's not the only thing we've put out. The new tunes are sounding bigger, have a greater sense of chaos, and are a shit-tonne more vitriolic than anything we've done and we massively dig them. Getting the sense of what we sound like live was the main focus, and it sure as shit hits hard. We still have more to do but we're beyond excited to get this monster out there, even if it falls on deaf ears.

4. How excited are you about playing alongside Norway’s Shining in York? That’s a pretty big deal!

Max: It's definitely the biggest show we've been offered. I mean, when something like that comes up you don't pass it up, even if you are the most hated sheep in the herd. We exist to ruin fun, not make it. We'll leave that to the rest.

5. On your social media accounts, you sight bands like Cancer Bats, Bongripper and Turnstile (amongst others) as influences. That’s a pretty varied pool of influence, so what do you like about those bands in particular?

Max: I was listening to a lot of Bongripper when we started the band, and Cancer Bats were always a huge influence on me as a guitarist. And Turnstile are more representative of the greater roster of hardcore bands that I binge on a daily basis. I just wanted to create dark hardcore just like those bands (literally hundreds I could name), except down-tuned. Sticking in one down-tuned key and keeping things a little monotonous really lends itself to the lyrics and the whole style of what we're doing, if you can even use that word. Probably not.

6. What does the future hold for Seep Away beyond the release of the new EP?

Max: More gigs. One major line-up change. And beyond that, who the fuck knows. Dom's off to the States in the New Year, so Mr Dave McDermott (Magnificent 7) is stepping in on drums. The two of them have got such different styles so there'll be some pretty ugly contortions in the texture of the sound. Beyond that, who the fuck knows.

7. I tend to ask this questions to all bands so what local bands would you recommend to listeners and what bands are you digging for further afield?

Max:  Jeezuz. Gonna stick to punk and hardcore as there's just too many to name. As for locals, check out new dogs, Pat Butcher, they've just got out there and are making some seriously fun stuff. If hardcore party punk is your thing they're a must see. The Carnival Rejects (who have just reunited) is another that I'm super excited about seeing again. Speedy, melodic, and tight as fuck. Others in York I'd recommend are The Vexed, The Thing (Dom's other band), Rotting Monarchs (my other band). As for everywhere and anywhere outside of York, and without much introduction or explanation, if ya like heavy fast ugly shit, look these names up: Mothcob, Hex, Community, Perfect Blue, Casual Nausea, Paper Wings,  Feral Existence, Eric Bana, Pizzatramp...gonna stop there before my brain implodes. There's just too fucking much good shit out there. Just come to the fucking gigs you pathetic cunts.

Seep Away recently released the single Matchstick Man, which will be on the new EP when it's unleashed later this year. You can stream and download it below:-

Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming Seep Away gigs and more news via their Facebook page below.

Seep Away -

Saturday 23 September 2017

Euglena/Kolchak - Split 7"


1. Euglena - Всадник (Rider)
2. Kolchak - Крест (Cross)

I had good intentions for today but things went wrong somewhere. Procrastination sucks. To make amends, I at least wanted to get one post up before the night was out and I've settled upon this new split between Russian compatriots Euglena and Kolchak. It was released in July on vinyl and digitally, and features one song from each band (here translated with the dubious help of Google Translate, I hope!). It's seen the light of day thanks to a union of five labels.

Both songs on this split measure the same length. Euglena begins with Rider (I hope that’s the correct English translation anyway) and it’s a fast, noisy dose of technical hardcore/grind with added blackness. There’s a good amount of treble and metallic guitar breaking up the noise and the screams compete with the percussion to provide head-splitting volume. It ends with fading feedback that shakes you to the core. Kolchak is more sensitive on their song Cross. The tempo isn’t as gung-ho and their approach is solely instrumental. They do weave one of hell of a sound-stage though and it’s easy to get lost in the images that their music creates. A very short release then but one that paints both bands to be extremely accomplished and complimentary to each other. Russia is proving to be a really exciting nation musically in 2017 and this spit is another reason why music conquers all. 

You can stream and download the split below:-

Euglena -
Kolchak -

It's also available digitally/physically from the below labels:-

Basement Apes -
Desordre Ordonne -
Dingleberry Records And Distribution -
Grains Of Sand Records -
Wooaaargh Records -

Wednesday 20 September 2017

Under A Sky So Blue - The Spectacle Provides


1. Don't Die Wondering
2. The Poverty Of Modern Life
3. Remember
4. Make A Spectacle
5. We Defy

Tonight I turn to Athens, GA (USA) three-piece Under A Sky So Blue, who released this EP on tape featuring five chaotic screamo songs in February. It's not the band's first release though, as they released a split 7" with Celebration in late 2014/early 2015 (I think) and followed it with a demo tape at the end of 2015, which features the last two tracks on this EP. It was released by no less than 5 DIY labels. Under A Sky So Blue has a real social conscience and the band exists to extend the message of it's members. 

This is violent screamo with a hint of hardcore/metalcore. The riffs at the beginning of EP opener Don’t Die Wondering are heavy and remain so throughout, as the dual-screamed vocals cry out over the instrumentation. After the moody atmosphere of the opener, The Poverty Of Modern Life festers in discordance, with a more urgent pace. There’s a lot more to Under The Sky So Blue than just screamo. The furious high-pitched barks of Remember bring a more blackened feel to the EP, while the band’s ability to switch from violent to introspective in the mid-section is great. You’re never too far away from violence though, which is no surprise when you consider that this trio are angry and are crying out for change. 

Make A Spectacle feels like a restrained powerviolence song but with no less noise. The chuggy riffs sound almost sludgy at times. Closing song We Defy is crazier still with a constant wall of fuzz and feedback in the mix. The screams are another constant, leaving a sickly feeling in the put of your stomach. It’s often hard to spot the beauty in brutality, especially when there’s no disposition towards violence. Music is healthy way to exhibit such aggression and Under A Sky So Blue has harnessed it in the best way possible. Caustic but cleansing.

You can stream the EP and grab in on tape or as a name-your-price download below:-

Under A Sky So Blue -

It's also still available from the labels below:-

Zegema Beach Records - (ZBR is the only label I can find with the tape for sale at this moment).

Zegema Beach Records -
Dingleberry Records And Distribution -
Murder On Ponce -
Star Rats Records -

Monday 18 September 2017

Fides Inversa - Rite Of Inverse Incarnation MLP


1. First Congress
2. Rite Of Inverse Incarnation

The nights are drawing in now and it always feels worse on a Monday night, probably due to the stresses and strains of the start of a working week. That's why black metal seems like the only way to find solace this evening. This the latest EP from Italian satanic duo Fides Inversa. It was released by World Terror Committee Productions in January on CD, later followed in March by a single-sided LP pressing. Having released two previous full-lengths since the band's inception in 2006, Fides Inversa (made up of Omega A.D. on drums/vocals and Void A.D. on guitar/bass, though joined here by Wraath providing vocals and Unhold on bass) are starting to unfurl their hatred on the wider human race, with 2018 already due to feature a live appearance at North Of The Wall on our very shores. Prepare to lose faith.

The occult chanting and tortured cries that usher in First Congress paint a grim picture. Baring similarities to the UK’s Akercocke, Fides Inversa uses flowing and melodic guitars and mid-paced percussion to build a sound that’s initially at odds with their satanic billing. When they hit full stride during the second-third of the song, it all becomes clear. They are more orthodox in approach than many of the Italian black metal band’s that have crossed my path of late, without the obvious progressive elements of their fellow compatriots though they are impressive musically and very listenable. 

The title-track that completes this release shows how effective Fides Inversa’s more expansive song-writing is, as like First Congress it stretches towards the ten-minute mark and retains a steely momentum as it goes. it is good to hear a band of their ilk ignoring the kvlt production values of their peers in favour of a clearer sound. It makes their songs standout and actually sound more barbaric as a result. This is one of those records where two tracks simply isn’t enough. While Fides Inversa may not be looking for praise, they are deserving of it. “Rite Of Inverse Incarnation” is a teasingly good record.

You can stream and purchase the record digitally below:-

Physical cd and vinyl copies can be purchased here -

Fides Inversa -
World Terror Committee Productions -

Sunday 17 September 2017

Integrity - Howling, For The Nightmare Shall Consume


1. Fallen To Destroy
2. Blood Sermon
3. Hymn For The Children Of The Black Flame
4. I Am The Spell
5. Die With Your Boots On
6. Serpent Of The Crossroads
7. Unholy Salvation Of Sabbatai Zevi
8. 7 Reece Mews
9. Burning Beneath The Devils Cross
10. String Up My Teeth
11. Howling, For The Nightmare Shall Consume
12. Viselle De Drac (Bonus Track)
13. Entartete Kunst (Bonus Track)

14. Deathly Fighter (Bonus Track)

It's fair to say that Integrity is one band that has always remained a bit of an enigma, at least to me anyway. From their earlier hardcore/metalcore days through to the band's more recent experimental efforts and various line-ups, Integrity has constantly refreshed and reshaped their blueprint. With the release of their ninth full-length via Relapse and renewed line-up, the band seems more approachable (in terms of fan interaction) than ever before. Howling, For The Nightmare Shall Consume was released on tape, cd and vinyl in July (the latter two formats including three bonus tracks). In December Integrity will be headlining CTW Fest VIII: Judgement Day alongside 108 and a whole host of others, in recognition of UK hardcore label Carry The Weight Records as it is put to rest. Both the poster and the full review are below...

After spending a lot of time listening to previous record “Suicide Black Snake”, it was unclear what any follow-up album was going to be like but Howling… bursts into life with opener Fallen To Destroy and it’s mix of screaming guitar and Dwid’s deep roars. It acts as a precursor to Blood Sermon, which has just a small hint of blackness to it! I’m careful at this point not to pigeonhole it, though there’s plenty of rock ’n roll sensibilities beyond the extremities. There’s definitely no time for hanging about as Hymn For The Children Of The Black Flame brims with thrash and blasts. 

The thicker riffs of I Am The Spell reveal why it was chosen as one of the lead-out songs prior to the album’s release. It’s urgency and power is clear for all to witness. The traditional heavy metal influence rears it’s head again on Die With Your Boots On, twin harmonies and all. The first five tracks are all high-energy numbers, so when Serpent Of The Crossroads begins with a pensive and brooding intro, the direction of travel isn’t clear. What you get is a slow-burning classic with a menacing Southern-drawl and a hardcore backbone. That doesn’t even come close to aptly describing it either! 

The organ that opens Unholy Salvation Of Sabbatai Zevi is perfectly placed as it sends shivers down your spine. This marks the nearing of the mid-point in the record (if you include the bonus tracks) and if you’re fully invested in it then it also marks the point at which your psyche becomes twisted and torn. It’s a crawling piece that conjures up images of demons and the undead, depending on your mindset. 7 Reece Mews is gentler with whispered verses and more stripped back instrumentation, though it does build in volume before the choruses so as not to allow you to drift off at all, which you shouldn’t be doing anyway. The melody from the guitar is starkly beautiful too during the mid-section. 

The bouncing punk rhythms that kick off Burning Beneath The Devils Cross are a shock to the senses, but soon get the blood pumping as Integrity hit their stride. The wall of noise is as exhilarating as it is serious. The momentum from the previous song carries on into String Up My Teeth, with the clean vocals of Monique Harcum and Deacon Douglas Williams ringing out. The title-track brings the mood back down and actually retains a lot of what made “Suicide Black Snake” so unnerving. 

The trio of bonus tracks begin with the acoustic Viselle De Drac, with it’s folk instrumentation and softly spoken lyrics. It’s followed by the quick-fire penultimate track Entartete Kunst, which is sixty seconds of intense feedback-ridden noise. The addition of “Decibel Flexi” track Deathly Fighter at the end is a nice touch and the cover shows off their heavy metal hooks once more. For a band with the history of Integrity, to still be putting out albums of this quality is to be admired and should act as an example of “how to do it” for those less established or just starting out. A furious ride with plenty of variation and excellent song-writing. 

You can stream, download and purchase the remaining vinyl copies/merch below:-

Integrity -
Relapse Records -

The event page for CTW Fest VIII: Judgement Day -

Saturday 16 September 2017

Noothgrush/Corrupted - Split (20th Anniversary re-release)


1. Noothgrush - Hatred For The Species
2. Noothgrush - Draize
3. Corrupted - Inactive

I went away last week and spent it without my laptop, forcing myself to take time away from the blog  in order to rest. That rest has done me good and while spending over eight hours in the back of a car  travelling home yesterday, I couldn't wait to get writing again. I have a lot to catch up on but as this is my main motivation and passion,  I wanted to make sure I hit the ground running. I'm not starting with a new release today or a new band, in fact this is a reissue of a split that was release 20 years ago. 20 Buck Spin has seen fit to re-issue the seminal doom/sludge split between California's Noothgrush and Japanese act Corrupted. Originally released on both 12" and CD via Reservoir Records in 2007, it's been remastered by Brad Boatright (Audiosiege) and repressed again on 12" vinyl. This version features the three vinyl-only songs from the original release and has new artwork courtesy of Hal Rotter. The 35 minutes to follow will surely be achingly bleak and harrowing if that cover art is anything to go by.

Doom/Sludge has always been a go-to genre of extreme music in recent years for me. The sheer heaviness and extremity of it, coupled with the slower tempos has drawn me in on many a booze-fuelled evening and getting to listen to this re-mastered split reminds me of why. Noothgrush opens it with Hatred For The Species, which is a groove-laden and riff drenched doom song that belies their Californian roots. Thick bass, prominent percussion and tortured vocals are given a boost by the mastering and lead into Draize, with it’s peculiar sample. After the build-up of feedback Noothgrush let rip again. Their sound is hypnotic but there’s also a deceptive momentum to it. The minimalistic guitar section at four-minutes brings forth the quality of the percussion when it joins the fray. This was one of Noothgrush’s early splits but it highlights the difference between them and many of those who followed in their lumbering, heavy footsteps. Pure filthy class with an instrumental quality that's held them in high regard ever since. Japanese music and the bands that have produced it has been another fascination for me and alongside the likes of Boris and Envy, Corrupted sit. While stylistically different to both the former, they’re considered equally important. Their sole-contribution Inactive is lo-fi but somewhat more grim than those of Noothgrush. Droning and darker, it’s far from an easy listen. The guitar is more prominent and the vocals deeper. As the song lurches to it’s end, it becomes more engaging, which is an endearing part of Corrupted’s own sound. Over the years they’ve been able to craft a revered following themselves by building a seemingly bleak noise into something more encompassing. Both Noothgrush and Corrupted have been important in the crafting of today’s musical landscape and on the 20th anniversary of their recorded union they’re equally as relevant.

You can stream, download and pre-order the split (on black, grey or and clear w/black smoke vinyl) via 20 Buck Spin's bandcamp page below:-

Noothgrush -
Corrupted -
20 Buck Spin -

Sunday 3 September 2017

Viral Graphics: Tour/Gig Poster Essay

A little while ago now, I did a small interview with Greek artists Viral Graphics about the cover art they helped to design for Dephosphorus and their latest record "Impossible Orbits". At the same time I asked them if I could do a feature on some of their tour and gig poster designs, to which they said yes. So here's a little photo essay containing some of the posters they've designed over the last two  years for some great acts...

Nekrofilth - Japan 2017

Bolzer - Athens 2017

Swans - Athens 2017

Archgoat - Athens 2016

Suzuki Junzo/Takahashi Ikuro - Western Japan 2016

Inquisition - Athens 2016

Oranssi Pazuzu/Hexvessel - Athens 2016

Youth Code/Venerence - Athens 2016

King Dude - Athens 2016

Nadja - Athens 2016

Lords Of The Void II: Mortuary Drape - Athens 2016

Lords Of The Void I: Saturnalia Temple - Athens 2016

You can buy art prints direct from Viral Graphics here - and you can get in touch with them about commissions here -

Ensslin - Thumbsucker


1. Humiliation
2. Realm Of Fancy
3. Intimacy
4. Lotus-Eater
5. Not Your Reflection

Here's a band that I got really enthused about when I first heard them. Russian band Ensslin has released this EP and it's due for a physical very soon via a quintet of labels. Ensslin is a emo quintet that takes influence from older bands. The cover for "Thumbsucker' reminds me of those that adorned records by the likes of The Spirit Of Versailles etc. They released their first demo in 2015, which consisted of two tracks and they don't seem to have a social media presence beyond their bandcamp page.

Ensslin has crafted great indie/emo on “Thumbsucker”, with clean vocals that envelope you on EP opener Humiliation. It’s pop-like but it also features plenty of punk rhythms. They remind me of bands like Hopesfall and Time In Malta in places. Realm Of Fancy makes me ache for simpler times with it’s lo-fi yet glorious soundscapes, being both soothing and gentle. I think of Japanese emo when listening to Intimacy for some reason. I guess there’s a similarity between that country’s take on the genre and Ensslin’s sound here. The spoken-word approach on Lotus-Eater, which is backed up by minimalist percussion and guitar work sums up Ensslin for me. Listenable and easy-going seem to be apt descriptors. Closing song Not Your Reflection is almost operatic, but I sense that’s me being a bit pretentious and I don't want to write too much for partly that reason. This is just a lovely EP from a band operating under the radar of many. It’s special. 

You can stream and buy "Thumbsucker" here:-

Keep an eye out for news and order links from the labels involved below:-

strictly no capital letter (UK) -
Rubaiyat Records (UK) - (Note: Rubaiyat Records is closing so I'm not sure if the label will have copies)
Polar Summer (Rus) -
Ruined Smile Records (Aus) -
Waterslide Records (Jap) -