Saturday 23 September 2017

Euglena/Kolchak - Split 7"


1. Euglena - Всадник (Rider)
2. Kolchak - Крест (Cross)

I had good intentions for today but things went wrong somewhere. Procrastination sucks. To make amends, I at least wanted to get one post up before the night was out and I've settled upon this new split between Russian compatriots Euglena and Kolchak. It was released in July on vinyl and digitally, and features one song from each band (here translated with the dubious help of Google Translate, I hope!). It's seen the light of day thanks to a union of five labels.

Both songs on this split measure the same length. Euglena begins with Rider (I hope that’s the correct English translation anyway) and it’s a fast, noisy dose of technical hardcore/grind with added blackness. There’s a good amount of treble and metallic guitar breaking up the noise and the screams compete with the percussion to provide head-splitting volume. It ends with fading feedback that shakes you to the core. Kolchak is more sensitive on their song Cross. The tempo isn’t as gung-ho and their approach is solely instrumental. They do weave one of hell of a sound-stage though and it’s easy to get lost in the images that their music creates. A very short release then but one that paints both bands to be extremely accomplished and complimentary to each other. Russia is proving to be a really exciting nation musically in 2017 and this spit is another reason why music conquers all. 

You can stream and download the split below:-

Euglena -
Kolchak -

It's also available digitally/physically from the below labels:-

Basement Apes -
Desordre Ordonne -
Dingleberry Records And Distribution -
Grains Of Sand Records -
Wooaaargh Records -

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