Monday 18 September 2017

Fides Inversa - Rite Of Inverse Incarnation MLP


1. First Congress
2. Rite Of Inverse Incarnation

The nights are drawing in now and it always feels worse on a Monday night, probably due to the stresses and strains of the start of a working week. That's why black metal seems like the only way to find solace this evening. This the latest EP from Italian satanic duo Fides Inversa. It was released by World Terror Committee Productions in January on CD, later followed in March by a single-sided LP pressing. Having released two previous full-lengths since the band's inception in 2006, Fides Inversa (made up of Omega A.D. on drums/vocals and Void A.D. on guitar/bass, though joined here by Wraath providing vocals and Unhold on bass) are starting to unfurl their hatred on the wider human race, with 2018 already due to feature a live appearance at North Of The Wall on our very shores. Prepare to lose faith.

The occult chanting and tortured cries that usher in First Congress paint a grim picture. Baring similarities to the UK’s Akercocke, Fides Inversa uses flowing and melodic guitars and mid-paced percussion to build a sound that’s initially at odds with their satanic billing. When they hit full stride during the second-third of the song, it all becomes clear. They are more orthodox in approach than many of the Italian black metal band’s that have crossed my path of late, without the obvious progressive elements of their fellow compatriots though they are impressive musically and very listenable. 

The title-track that completes this release shows how effective Fides Inversa’s more expansive song-writing is, as like First Congress it stretches towards the ten-minute mark and retains a steely momentum as it goes. it is good to hear a band of their ilk ignoring the kvlt production values of their peers in favour of a clearer sound. It makes their songs standout and actually sound more barbaric as a result. This is one of those records where two tracks simply isn’t enough. While Fides Inversa may not be looking for praise, they are deserving of it. “Rite Of Inverse Incarnation” is a teasingly good record.

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