Wednesday 29 December 2021

Yotsuya Kaidan - Tired Of Tomorrow's You 7"

Labels: Dingleberry Records/Lifeisafunnything/Parking Lot Records/Rubaiyat Records/Samegrey Records/TRVS Records/Unlock Yourself Records/Upwind Records/Winter Sea Label/Zegema Beach Records

Formats: Vinyl/Tape/Digital

Release Date - 10 Apr 2016


1. High School Fights For The Ziggurat Falls

2. Feels Like Lucio Fontana's Canvas

3. Tasmanian Tigers

4. Stormo & Goliad

This is likely to be my last review of 2021. I apologise for the lack of activity over the last week. I received an early Christmas present in the form of Vertigo late last week and spent the last few days getting over it/spending the holiday with my parents and brother. There may be one more post between now and the New Year, as I have a couple of reviews from Mikey to post up, as long as the 'V' doesn't strike again.

This is a review I've been looking forward to writing for a little while, as not only is it another of my Zegema Beach Roster reviews, but it's also about a 7" that's part of my personal collection. I first cast ears on Ukraine's Yotsuya Kaidan back in 2017, thanks to the Too Sad To Tell You 7" that was released via Dong Knights Productions and A Fond d'Cale. I picked up a physical copy of this EP from ZBR earlier in the year on yellow vinyl.

According to Discogs and Yotsuya Kaidan’s own bandcamp page, this 7” was their first physical release. It stands up as the first body of work that existed during the band’s extremely productive early period between  2016 and 2017. What’s presented here are four short post-hardcore/screamo songs and EP opener ‘High School Fights For The Ziggurat Falls’ kicks things off with melodic blackened riffs, intense percussion/bass and harsh vocals delivered in the band’s native tongue. Dramatic is the best word I can use to describe this so far.

‘Feels Like Lucio Fontana’s Canvas’ springs into life immediately after a very brief pause, with a multi-vocal attack and a controlled explosion of violent screamo. It’s so hard to describe this, even after the many listens I’ve given it after my copy arrived. It’s one of those EP’s that will certainly have you coming back for more though.

Urgency is definitely a huge part of the sound invoked by Yotsuya Kaidan and penultimate song ‘Tasmanian Tigers’ is the perfect embodiment of that nuance. It’s a song that’s over before you know it, though there are still so many musical layers to take in as well. 

With last song ‘Stormo & Goliad’, Yotsuya Kaidan break out their longest piece and also their most anthemic (if that’s even possible!). The emotional, caustic and enthralling approach to their music is laid out for all to hear this last time, and there’s no escaping how heart-wrenchingly good it is. The band is still very much alive (they released an EP earlier this year), so if you’re still not familiar with them, there’s no time like the present. 

You can stream and purchase the EP digitally below:-

Yotsuya Kaidan -


As far as I can tell, the only label that still officially has copies of this EP is ZBR. See the link below:-

Zegema Beach Records CAN/INTL -

Dingleberry Records -

Lifeisafunnything -

Parking Lot Records -

Rubaiyat Records -

Samegrey Records -

TRVS Records -

Unlock Yourself Records -

Upwind Records -

Winter Sea Label -

Zegema Beach Records -

Wednesday 22 December 2021

Release Premiere: Letterbombs/44.Caliberloveletter/Mis Suenos Son De Tu Adios - 3-Way Split

Labels: Larry Records/Illuminate My Heart Records

Formats: 10" Single-Sided Lathe/Digital

Release Date: 15 Jan 2022

I posted on social media the other day to say that I had a few special 2022 release premieres incoming and here's the first one! It's a banger too, as its features three fast emoviolence bands; Letterbombs from Finland, 44.Caliberloveletter (R.I.P) from Sweden and Mis Suenos Son De Tu Adios from Argentina. To help spread the word about this release. I have one song from each band to bring you below:-

Having had an early listen to the whole split, I can tell you that it's definitely going to be worth the wait. Emoviolence/screamo is gonna be strong in 2022 for sure!

In terms of the release itself, it'll be limited to 50 copies on clear lathe-cut wax. Peek the picture below for a visual idea of what the release will look like:-

The full release will be available for streaming on bandcamp (via Larry Records here - on 15th January 2022 and will include three songs by Letterbombs, two by 44.Caliberloveletter and two by Mis Suenos Son De Tu Adios. Keep an eye on the below social media pages for more info as it's released:-

Letterbombs -

44.Caliberloveltter -

Mis Suenos Son De Tu Adios -

Larry Records -

Illuminate My Heart Records -

Saturday 18 December 2021

Frequencies Deleted #4: Sara Ohm - Noise Creeps. (by Mikey Ortega)

Labels: International Ephemera

Formats: Digital/Cassette

Release Date: June 13, 2021



1. Their Eyes

2. Noise Creeps

3. #nudesplease

4. Role Model

5. Alpha Maleing List

6. Your Porno Scene, Your Porno Dream

7. Shards Of Glass


Sara Ohm is one of those names that I’ve seen before from peers and a few music blogs.  But, I didn’t get a chance to listen to any recordings, until Troy of Negative Tilt Records (and various projects), brought Sara Ohm to my attention. It was definitely one of the most intense performances I have ever witnessed. I’ve always enjoyed some noise guitar and I feel like Sara Ohm brings something to the table. I was really excited to grab my hands on the latest release, NOISE CREEPS. Especially since it has “Macho Man” Randy Savage on the cover, but the album isn’t about “MACHO MADNESS” and testosterone. NOISE CREEPS pretty much confronts the abuse and harassment towards woman in the noise scene. With people coming forward with their stories, it’s a perfect time for something like NOISE CREEPS to come out.


If there’s one thing that I love about Sara Ohm, it’s that she always goes for the jugular.  Just like on the first track, “Their Eyes”. Though, I would say a chainsaw to the cock. And it’s just taking it’s time cutting through, piece by piece. The reverb on the vocals, gives “Their Eyes” a very welcomed atmosphere. The castration spree continues with the title track, “Noise Creeps” and “#nudesplease”. For a song called “#nudesplease”, I didn’t think it would have a dark and cold industrial sound. But, come to think of it, I can imagine some sad and desperate fuck, inside his dark and cold basement, asking for nudes. We then go into more of a dark ambient territory with “Role Model” and “Alpha Maleing List”. Both of these tracks bring me back to early Lustmord and other dark ambient projects – where it feels like you’re trapped inside an industrial nightmare and when you wake up, you realize you’re still trapped in that industrial nightmare. The ferociousness of “Your Porno Scene, Your Porno Dream” is what made me a fan of Sara Ohm. When you hear that buzzing sound, you know Sara is going for the kill. “Shards Of Glass” closes out NOISE CREEPS, and this track doesn’t let you forget about this album. Almost as if it left a scar on your face, and whenever you look into the mirror, you will always be reminded to not fuck with Sara Ohm.


NOISE CREEPS definitely takes Sara Ohm to new heights. You can just hear Sara grow and getting more creative with her sound. With every release, Sara brings in a new level of intensity, by building up her arsenal and becoming a force of nature. What NOISE CREEPS brings to the table, I hope it brings inspiration to a younger generation that wants to try their hands on experimental music. 10 years from now, I can see people still talking about NOISE CREEPS and how much it meant to their lives. Especially during these difficult times.

NOISE CREEPS cassettes are sold out, but you can still get a digital copy at Bandcamp:-

Also, be sure to follow Sara Ohm on social media:-

Sara Ohm - / Instagram - @saraohm81

International Ephemera -

Friday 17 December 2021

Love Is Red - Darkness Is Waiting

Labels: Self-Released

Formats: Vinyl/Digital

Release Date: 01 Jun 2021


1. Darkness Is Waiting

2. Keep Moving

3. A Different Path

4. Shallow Graves

5. So Long

One thing that led me to the formation of this blog was a thirst for new music and bands, back when I was in my early-mid twenties. I was already into heavy music thanks to magazines like Kerrang, Metal Hammer and Zero Tolerance. One of the first ports of call on my voyage into the unknown was hardcore  (and more importantly straight-edge hardcore). While I wasn't edge myself, the positive message delivered by a number of those bands struck a chord. As I've dug deeper into the underground and discovered heavier and more extreme bands, I've lost touch with the hardcore that drew me in in the first place.

This is what drew me to US hardcore band Love Is Red and their newest EP Darkness Is Waiting. This is the band's first new music in seventeen years and the five tracks included here, have been made available on a special vinyl pressing together with their 2004 full-length The Hardest Fight, hence the dual-titled artwork above. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to listen to another hardcore band with history, even if I'm a little late.

In a world that’s becoming increasingly insular and chaotic, political and musical commentary isn’t far behind and Love Is Red provide both with their opening title-track ‘Darkness Is Waiting’. It’s an angry, metallic call to arms that captures the essence of what became metalcore in the early 00’s. It leads into ‘Keep Moving’, which is where Love Is Red truly gets going on this release. Instrumentally it’s fast-paced with authoritative vocals, heavy riffs with occasional breakdowns and a hefty percussive element too. In fact the guitar sound on Darkness Is Waiting is like nothing I’ve ever heard before. Somehow it’s been mixed so the guitars sound big, without overpowering everything else here. Love Is Red are very much creating the early 00’s hardcore sound for this decade.

‘A Different Path’ is the most melodic song so far, especially thanks to the gang choruses used in the middle of it. It’s also got the heaviest breakdown on the EP as well, so it’s a song of two contrasts. It ends with screeching feedback that leads you into ‘Shallow Graves’, which is the EP’s penultimate number. It shows just how important this form of hardcore was (and still is) to the heavy music landscape and, as I’ve mentioned before, it’s clearer to see how the bridge was gapped between hardcore and metalcore back when bands like Shai Hulud and Zao were appearing alongside the likes of Killswitch Engage and Unearth (if there’s even a distinction there!).

The EP’s final song is also it’s longest and ‘So Long’ epitomises melodic hardcore for me. It’s not immediately obvious but that’s the point. It’s the more subtle melody that makes it what it is. I’d go as far to say it’s my favourite song on here. I know loads of people who will really dig this release and, like me, will then dig deeper into the rest of Love Is Red’s discography. I also hope the trend of earlier bands reuniting and the unearthing of earlier release continues into next year. For now though, please take the time to appreciate Love Is Red, as they really are a breath of fresh air right now.

You can stream Darkness Is Waiting and rest of the band's discography here:-

All of Love is Red's earlier discography is available in the form of name-your-price downloads, except for The Hardest Fight and Darkness Is Waiting, which are both available for very modest sums on digital and physical formats. 

Love Is Red -

Tuesday 14 December 2021

10 Questions With K AMON K + Arca Ende Aeterna Review

It was with a bit of hesitancy that I decided to re-start my 10 Questions interview format. I'm building it up slowly in order to hopefully achieve better content, so this evening I'm extremely happy to be able bring you the first interview (of hopefully many). It forms part of a wider feature on the French black metal band K AMON K, which also includes a review of their recently released album Arca Ende Aeterna as well. All of the below answers were provided by guitarist/keyboard player Kzg.

1. Who is in the band (if you want to say) and where are you from?

Kzg: K AMON K is currently composed of four musicians: 

Kra Cillag on guitar, keyboards and vocals,

Kzg on guitar and keyboards

Kra Altar on drums & arrangements

Fyr on bass

We are all French, and the main heart of the band is located in Lyon (centre east of France).

2. What is the history of K AMON K? When and how did you form?

Originally, the band was just Kra Cillag and myself. That's how we started to compose "Arca ...". At the very beginning there was a band called NERAEON, where Kra Cillag was the only member. I joined the band when the first album was released in 2018. And we immediately started to compose what was to be the second album of the band. But the further we got into the composition, the more we distanced ourselves from the very academic style of the first album. It wasn't even a deliberate choice, we were just guided by our instinct.

Once all the guitars and keyboards were recorded, Kra Altar joined us to do the drums. In our minds, there was no other drummer who could come and play with us, because we have known each other for so long. We didn't have to talk for long to agree that he should join us. Then the three of us decided that this album would be the beginning of a new era and not just a second album. Once Fyr arrived to record the bass, we decided to take the name K AMON K.

3. Have any of you played in previous bands and are you in any other bands currently?

We have known each other for over 20 years. And of course, since then, we have been able to play with other bands. They were not only important to us, but also had a certain importance in the French black metal scene. It's a past that is certainly not denied, but while those bands meant everything to us at the time, well the same is true with K AMON K, that band is what matters most to us today. If we had wanted to look back, we would have reformed our old bands. The past is the past. K AMON K is a new entity that has everything to prove, but also wants to be free of any ties that could hinder its progress.

4. What are the lyrical themes of your debut album ‘Arca Ende Aeterna’ and who write’s the lyrics/music? Is it collective? 

For the music of this album, initially, it was just the two of us, Kra Cillag and myself. We took our time by having sessions where we listened to what had already been recorded, and then we put in the new riffs. It was a simple and natural process. The more we progressed, the more ideas came in, both in terms of guitar riffing/melodies, and in terms of sounds for the synths. Once the guitars and synths were recorded, Kra Altar composed his drum parts with his own personal touch. His vision brought a new dimension to the songs. And finally, Fyr arrived with the bass parts he had composed. He also brought what was missing in the songs. So, in the end, it's a collective work. This album is the sum of our four visions.

As for the lyrics, they are mainly the work of Kra Cillag. This is an exercise he is used to and which he performs with brio. He has this metaphorical ease that allows him to express many ideas in a few words.  It's quite difficult to define a theme, because we can't sum them up with a simple: we're talking about war, or Tolkien… It's more abstract.

It's very philosophical and it's mainly about our vision of the world in its being and its appearance.These are themes that we are used to.  In terms of form, the texts can sometimes remind of the Book of Revelations in their excessive and epic metaphors. It is very “solar". There is also a work of coherence with the rest of the music, because the voice is an instrument in its own right. So the choice of words is important. And corrections can be made right up to the moment of recording.

5. What are your thoughts on French black metal at the moment? Is the community in France strong?

Well, to be perfectly honest, we don't really follow the French scene. It's not a real desire to hide what's going on there. Generally speaking, our interest in black metal is not as important as it used to be. We still listen to it, but in a less intransigent way, we are not locked in this universe anymore. On the other hand, I think that the French black metal scene is still of good quality, because the little that I could hear in the recent productions, seemed to me of a good level.

And as for the community, we don't have much to say about it. We've never really been involved in any movements or anything. So it's impossible for us to judge the strength of the community. Personally, I went to a few black metal shows last year, and I think the atmosphere had mellowed. Maybe it's the standards of the time. But the audience is still there, and that's a good thing. Even if black metal is not as sulphurous as it was 20 years ago, there are still regular underground parties and concerts.

6. Are there any bands that have influenced you?

Yes, a lot. Music in general is omnipresent in our daily life, and it doesn't only influence our compositions. Each member of the band has his own favourite universe. We are not in perfect osmosis when it comes to our respective tastes. We agree on some things and not on others, like everybody else. If I had to talk about the band as a whole, the bands that we agree on are classics like Emperor or Dissection for black, Dismember for death. And when we move away from extreme music, then we agree on bands like PINK FLOYD. Besides, "Arca ende aeterna" contains some passages that are more or less direct references to the bands that are close to our hearts.

7. What are your favourite albums/EPs at the moment?

Nothing very specific for me. Mostly it's sessions where I listen to all the albums of a band. These are often nostalgia-driven choices with old bands. So mainly favourites that have been around for years.

8. Do you intend to play live with K AMON K?

Yes, for us, being able to perform live is a desire of all of us. And from our past experiences, the stage is not unknown to us. We don't want to remain a studio band. But even if today the line-up is sufficient to perform on stage, we would like to recruit other musicians exclusively for the live show. It's very important for us to be able to recreate an atmosphere that is as close as possible to the one on the album.

9. It is early days I know, but how do you see the band evolving?

Difficult question. Evolution is an inevitable and vital part of musical creation. But it is important to be true to yourself, that way you respect the listener. If we keep the same creative process as for "Arca ende aeternA" then things will happen naturally. This album is just the beginning. And logically, we shouldn't take as long as the previous album to compose and record. Arca took a total of three years from the first riff to the release. Now the line-up is complete and we have already started working on ideas. 

10. Finally, what are your thoughts on the music industry as a whole and where do you see it’s future?

The music industry as a whole has always been a subject of debate, Pink Floyd talks about it in "Have a cigar" for example. But in any case, like any business that makes money, there are vultures lurking around. It's not unique to this business. And musically, there has always been and will always be some good and some not so good. My tastes are not the fashionable ones, but I was also part of a generation that was despised by older people.

But, if there was one thing that disappointed me, then I would say that it would be to have seen musicians scuttling themselves what they had created, such as destroying the mystique of black metal by giving in to a kind of dictatorship of appearance. I'm not a big fan of the whole social networking thing, I'm not against it either. But from there to post your whole life, I don't think it's useful for black metal.

Apart from that, I think there's still quality stuff coming out. And the internet also has a good side, it makes it easier to discover new things. Self-producing is becoming something that is done more naturally. So in the end, the mainstream and the underground still exist, they just have different forms. And as for the material side, we can say that things evolve in an erratic way. The media evolve, and so do the demands. We go from CD to MP3 and then back to vinyl... Now there are NFTs. I think that being able to predict what's going to happen is a rare gift.

Labels: Aural Music/Code666

Formats: CD/Digital

Released Date: 26 Nov 2021


1. Le Bruit Et L'Enfer

2. Du Tonnere Dans Le Gouffre

3. A Jamais

4. Voyageurs

5. Voeu De Tenebres

6. Les Paroles S'envolent Les Ecrits Brulent

7. Le Serpent Dans L'Eclipse

8. NRAT Alpha

Arca Ende Aeterna is K AMON K's debut album yet the band’s collective experience shows through right away on opener ‘Le Bruit Et L’Enfer’, which is both as ravaging as black metal can be but also melodic and approachable. Describing them as just a black metal band though is a bit unfair, as their sound is permeated with tones of death and doom, as well as ambient atmosphere. The way the vocals are enveloped by the instrumentation yet still stand prominent is impressive too.

‘Du Tonnere Dans Le Gouffre’ takes K AMON K’s expansive sound a step further and it’s only the album’s second song. It makes you wonder why there was even a pause between it and the album opener. The drums at their most powerful are truly blasting and cold, while being sensitive when they slow down. The guitars and keys are slightly more buried within the recording, yet the textures and melodies they create are very authoritative in their own way, while the vocals again don’t overpower everything else. The production, mixing and mastering makes it all sound very cohesive so far.

The noisy ambience that leads you into ‘A Jamais’ is a sign of something else being at play and indeed there’s a slower, more mournful approach taken here, especially with the tempos. It’s more effective than you might think and paints a more menacing picture. The tempo doesn’t stay as slow for it’s whole, but it’s undercurrent still pierces through. Much more doom-orientated without being so, if that makes sense.

As a solitary evening jam Arca Ende Aeterna is perfect (though it’s equally as perfect at any other time too!). ‘Voyageurs’ embraces everything that’s great about modern day black metal extremity, while remaining true to the French masters of old. If you were expecting a truly avant-garde experience, you may need to look elsewhere. What K AMON K does do brilliantly though, especially on ‘Voyageurs’, is inject their music with so many different layers, from meandering shoegaze-type instrumentation to epic guitar solos and maybe even some jazz? Maybe my previous statement about not being truly avant-garde was wrong (you tell me!).

‘Voeu De Tenebres’ has a droning guitar intro that becomes more and more engaging as it goes, and as more of K AMON K’s atmospheric elements take hold. It’s a shorter song that invokes the darkest side of black metal. The instrumentation is put to greater use than the vocals, yet it still maintains so much majesty.

On ‘Les Paroles S’envolent Les Ecrits Brulent’ the music hits full-stride right from the off. There’s a more urgent edge here, which is mainly due to the song’s tempo and more traditional black metal approach. There’s isn’t much time for breath but sometimes that’s a good thing.

I always struggle at times when I reach this point of an album review, trying to think of new perspectives and things to say about the songs. It’s a bit easier tonight through, as I’m deep into my fifth day stuck inside (due to that fact that I’m waiting for the results of a Covid PCR test). ‘Le Serpent Dans L’Eclipse’ matches my mood at this point perfectly, as it’s harsh but not completely noise-laden or indecipherable. There’s still some light breaking through in the form of K AMON K’s instrumental melody. 

Final song ‘NRAT Alpha’ is a combination of almost cosmic black metal and shoegaze, with some of the most passionately delivered vocals to reside on Arca Ende Aeterna. On looking back at this review, it appears quite long (it has taken me a few days to finish writing in between other things), but I don’t see that as a bad thing because this album is grand, it’s engrossing and it deserves all of the attention. I suppose it’s not a surprise given the expertise of the members that form K AMON K either. It’s late in the year but you might see it named on some year end lists if there’s any justice.

You can stream and purchase the album on cd, as well as digitally via Bandcamp below:-


You can also buy cd copies from Aural Music here -

Aural Music -

Sunday 5 December 2021

The Ultimate Screamo Band - La Saison Du Champignon

Labels: Desordre Ordonne/Friendly Otter/GBS Records/Zegema Beach Records/Adorno Records/Lead Rivers Records

Formats: Vinyl(Lathe)/Tape/Digital

Release Date: 13 Dec 2015


1. La Raison Du Cabochon

2. Repenser

3. Bizarre Et Insistant

4. L'endette

5. Le Grand Suicide Pensant

I couldn't leave this review unpublished any longer, as I've writing and re-writing it for a few days now. This one is another Zegema Beach Records roster review, featuring French Canadian solo-screamo project The Ultimate Screamo Band. It's funny because the title of this release includes the name of my favourite type of beer as the moment (Saison), but that's a mere distraction. This EP was released back in late 2015 via a good few labels (all named above and according to Discogs). 

This EP’s playing time is less than five minutes it total, so I guess the fact that it was pressed onto a lathe cut 7” was due to it’s length (the tape copies were single-sided too, before you pull me up on that!). Opener ‘La Raison Du Cabochon’ is the essence of emoviolence, distilled into a sub one-minute song. Blistering instrumentation and vocals take no prisoners here.

‘Repenser’ is no different, albeit slightly longer. The vocals are way more piercing this time though, kinda reminding me of The Body (sorry for the unoriginal comparison). ‘Bizarre Et Insistant’ follows on immediately afterwards, providing no let up. It’s safe to say that The Ultimate Screamo Band might just be that! Trust me, they’re not boasting.

‘L’endette’ is musically brilliant from start to end and it proves once again that emoviolence/screamo can be beautiful, melodic and life-affirming all in one. EP closer ‘Le Grand Suicide Pensant’ is the longest song present on this release, clocking in at just under ninety seconds. Semantics aside, there’s a lo-fi quality to it’s beginning that makes you forget the caustic intensity that’s to come. 

La Saison Du Champignon goes by very quickly and definitely still holds up as the debut release from a band that turned up, destroyed everything and left (although the band isn’t fully gone). Emoviolence is fun. Be more like emoviolence.

You can stream the full EP and grab it as a free download below:-

The Ultimate Screamo Band -

All physical copies of this EP are long sold-out, as far as I can tell.

Desordre Ordonne -

Friendly Otter -

GBS Records -

Zegema Beach Records -

Adorno Records -

Lead Rivers Records -

Wednesday 1 December 2021

Lingua Ignota - Sinner Get Ready (by Mikey Ortega)

Label: Sargent House
Format: CD/Vinyl/Digital
Release Date: Aug 6, 2021 



1. The Order of Spiritual Virgins

2. I Who Bend the Tall Grasses

3. Many Hands

4. Pennsylvania Furnace

5. Repent Now Confess Now

6. The Sacred Linament of Judgement

7. Perpetual Flame of Centralia

8. Man Is Like a Spring Flower

9. The Solitary Brethren of Ephrata


I like to think that it has been established, that Kristin Hayter is a force to be reckoned with. ALL BITCHES DIE, was an album that caught everyone’s attention. It was raw and powerful – like something we haven’t heard in a while, which is why It was my album of the year in 2017. Then came CALIGULA in 2019, which was an album that really elevated Hayter’s sound. You pretty much knew she was gonna go beyond Noise, and into a league of her own. It was definitely an album that made me wonder, “how is Kristen gonna top this?” and after some singles and covers, Lingua Ignota put out it’s 3rd album, SINNER GET READY, which Hayter claimed that it will be like nothing we’ve heard before. I have to admit, when hearing “Pennsylvania Furnace” and “Perpetual Flame of Cenrtralia”, I wasn’t sure where this album was going. If anything, I thought it wasn’t gonna live up to the hype, but after hearing the whole album in it’s entirety, it made sense to me and, boy, did this album catch me off guard.


On SINNER GET READY, the use of electronics is very minimal, where traditional instruments are heavily used. Mainly the piano, as Hayter is a classically trained pianist. “The Order of the Spiritual Virgins” gets things rolling and sets the tone of the album. It opens up with a synth buzzing for a few seconds before the piano kicks in. Beautifully composed. Love the way Kristin’s vocals are layered and has that choir feel. Then by the end of the track, the piano starts getting heavy and we’re reminded of what Lingua Ignota is capable of. Things get very dark and violent with “I Who Bend The Tall Grasses” – a song about praying to God and asking to strike down on a lover. When I hear Hayter ferociously saying “Take Hold Of My Gentle Axe and Split Him Open, Gather Up My Hammer and Nail Him Down”, it really brings down chill. If there’s a track that will make you get down on your knees and surrender to Lingua Ignota, it will be “Repent Now, Confess Now”. For a song that sounds so heavenly, it sure feels like the Rapture is gonna fall upon us. The album ends with “The Solitary Brethren of Ephrata”, in which Hayter has now found peace. All the pain and tribulation that life has thrown at her, she is able to overcome it and has now found her paradise.


If you heard Lingua Ignota’s last album, CALIGULA, then you are familiar with Kristen Hayter’s Catholic upbringing. So it shouldn’t be any surprise that SINNER GET READY deals with religion and questioning one’s faith. The harsh noise from previous albums may not be there, but the intensity is still going strong on Sinner Get Ready. The lyrics are still dark and very confrontational. Hayter’s voice is very commanding. You can’t help but listen because it really grabs you and demands your attention. Hearing how the album was composed with the piano and organ, it really caught me off guard. I really wasn’t sure how I would feel about it, because I really loved the harsh noise and electronics. But somehow, Lingua Ignota was able to strip that all down, and bring something beautiful, yet, very raw. You knew that Kristen Hayter poured every ounce of energy into this album and took a lot out of her. Sonically, SINNER GET READY is not the Lingua Ignota of old. It really feels like Lingua Ignota has found new life and I can’t wait to hear what new levels Kristen Hayter takes the project to. If you’re ready for a new experience, then give SINNER GET READY a listen. It’s an album that you don’t come across that often.

You can stream SINNER GET READY below:-

You can follow Lingua Ignota at the links below:-