Sunday 29 November 2020

Twin God - Deaths

Labels: Nefarious Industries

Formats: Digital

Release Date: 25 Sep 2020


1. Animate (Death Of The Creature)

2. You And I (Death Of The Twin)

I'm grouchy because I have no TV signal. Thankfully, no TV means no distractions and writing about/listening to some noisy music will help with my irritable mood. Or maybe it's because the weekend's nearly over and I have to go back to work tomorrow. I don't know. Anyway, this release is something I came across when going through some unread e-mails yesterday. Deaths is a digital release by New Jersey, USA noise rock trio Twin God, which was released via Nefarious Industries in September. I can get down with any music where the vocals were recorded in a Honda CRV!

You know when you listen to something and you go “why haven’t I heard this band before?” That’s exactly what popped into my head when the progressive metallic riffs of EP opener ‘Animate (Death Of The Creature’ started rolling out of the speakers. Twin God plays a brand of noisy, heavy rock that rests in various camps musically, from heavy progressive metal, to sludge/psych, maybe some grunge and whatever it is that makes Couch Slut so endearing. Needless to say it’s awesome. The riffs set the tone, the percussive time-signatures groove steady for the most part before turning all stop/start, while the vocals are shouted yet the lyrics are audible.

Second song ‘You And I (Death Of The Twin)’ is quite harrowing. It’s tempo is slower and there’s a real sense of loss hidden in the depths amongst Twin God’s musical stew. As with the first song, it’s played with great precision and skill, which may be a strange thing to say about a noise rock band but it’s true. It gets lighter as well during the mid-section, when things go in an instrumental direction with some great prog guitar work and solos. Overall it twists and turns, going from dark to light and back to dark again. 

Recording-wise, it’s warm and alive. I can see why Nefarious Industries have helped to bring it to a wider audience. Hopefully, there will be a physical version on Deaths released at some point in the future. Twin God deserves it.

You can stream and download Deaths via Twin God's Bandcamp page below:-

Twin God -

It's also available from Nefarious Industries here -

Nefarious Industries -

Wednesday 25 November 2020

Consumer - Consumer EP

Labels: Boned Factory/Fresh Outbreak Records/Impeto Records/Mothership Records/Nut Records

Formats: CD/Digital

Release Date: 03 Apr 2020


1. Pray//Void

2. Witchslayer

3. Solicitous

Despite all that's going on right now in the world around me, I have a strange sense of calm and thanks to that I'm feeling much more compelled to write. This evening I bring you another band that featured on my 10th anniversary compilation and one that also happens to be on my ever growing list of releases to review. Italian blackened-sludge band Consumer started life in 2018, as a project featuring members of Fordomth, BuiOmega, One Day In Fukushima (amongst many others) but it wasn't until April this year that they finally released their self-titled, debut EP. A three-song cd that saw the coming together of five like-minded labels.

I’m in the mood for something heavier this evening and this EP is exactly that. Consumer plays some great bass-heavy sludge that’s grim but also groovy. Opener ‘Pray//Void’ has both lumbering slow percussion and blasting beats that co-exist perfectly, while the vocals are super-low in tone and the guitar work has a death metal slant at times. As you’d expect, the songs on Consumer are not short, so you definitely get your money’s worth.

‘Witchslayer’ is an even bigger and slower song than the one it follows, at least to start with. After the opening couple of minutes, Consumer go hard at it again with more blasting doom/sludge and a subtle sprinkling of psych too. There seems to be a good dose of this type of heavy music coming out of Italy right now and that’s a good thing in my opinion.

Now it’s onto ‘Solicitous’, which is the EP’s final song and the one that appeared on my comp. It’s definitely the fastest song here in terms of tempo and perfectly defines the unflinching sound that Consumer presents. The breakdowns here are ridiculously good and when things are slowed down, the music becomes so claustrophobic it could have been dreamt up by Meth Drinker (RIP).

If you’ve even got the slightest inclination to learn towards for music that’s dark, slow and heavy then Consumer’s brand of blackened sludge is perfect for you. 

You can stream, download and buy Consumer on cd below:-

Consumer -

You can also buy physical copies from the labels below:-

Boned Factory -

Fresh Outbreak Records -

Impeto Records -

Boned Factory -

Fresh Outbreak Records -

Impeto Records -

Mothership Records -

Sunday 22 November 2020

Lords Of The Drift - The Arecibo Message

Labels: Stay Gold Records

Formats: Digital

Release Date: 20 Nov 2020


1. The Arecibo Message:

Act 1. Earthmakers (0.00 - 11:30)

Act 2. Geomancy (11:30 - 16:45)

Act 3. The Golden Ratio (16:45 - 29.02)

If anybody tells that housework/manual labour is good for you, it's all lies. I got up especially early this morning to do some and now my lower back is killing me. I'm now resting and this strange one-track release from US drone metal band Lords Of The Drift. The quartet that make up Lords Of The Drift are guitarist Tomo Milicevic, guitarist Tim Showalter (Strand Of Oaks), guitarist/keyboardist Arjan Miranda (Black Mountain, S.T.R.E.E.T.S) and bassist David Bason (Barfbag, War Oprhan). The Arecibo Message is made up of three movements and has been released to pay tribute to the interstellar radio message that was sent to star cluster M13, carrying basic information about humanity and earth. Apparently, the message wasn't an attempt to communicate with extraterrestrial life but was merely to show off our technological advancements at the time. Seems quite fitting.

The first act is titled ‘Earthmakers’ and if drone is what you’re looking for, then you’ve come to right place. Given what this song pays tribute to, you can imagine the feedback-laden guitar being the white noise that the communication travels through. The communication being represented by the treble and melody (at least that’s how I interpret it anyway). There are no drums present here, so all of the music is performed solely by guitars and a keyboard, with no vocals tainting the atmosphere. The ambient noise also sounds very real here, making the hairs stand up on the back of your neck. You feel like you’re there listening to the message in real time. 

I don’t usually reach for drone of this kind very often but it’s actually oddly relaxing as second act ‘Geomancy’ takes over. There’s no obvious gap between acts so as to create a seamless piece of music, but there is a definite change in sound here, with more melody and less feedback. It’s more airy and calmer, maybe representing the original message as it flies through space on its way to it’s final destination. Compared to ‘Earthmakers’, this second act only lasts around five-minutes but there’s no attempt by Lords Of The Drift to merely use it as filler. 

Final act ‘The Golden Ratio’ is darker and more menacing at times. It highlights the quartet’s experimental approach and continues the journey with swathes of drawn-out riffs, repeated feedback and general ambient noise that’s all layered together to create a real feeling of warmth. I know there are fans and writers out there who can describe this better than I, but it’s not an exact science, like the creation and interpretation of the music itself. The Arecibo Message will invoke different images for different listeners. 

Even without the use of mind altering substances (I don’t do drugs), this release is easy to get lost in. It’s really well thought-out and is thought-provoking as well. I know several people who will enjoy this greatly, as I did and if you’re new to this genre of music the it’s a great place to start.

Act 2: Geomancy is streaming via Youtube below:-

You can order The Arecibo Message via Apple Music here - Lords Of The Drift do have a profile on Bandcamp, but it has nothing streaming on it. There are no social media pages for the band.

Friday 20 November 2020

Crostpaths - Mutated EP

Labels: Self-Released

Formats: CD/Digital

Release Date: 27 Nov 2020


1. Rampage

2. Hiding In Plain Sight

3. Defiant

I've realised that I don't cover much music prior to it's release. It happens after release date more often than not. This review is a little different though as it features the soon-to-be-released (27-Nov-2020) EP from Kent's Crostpaths. They call themselves a nu-metalcore band and while that may seem frightening, but let's reserve judgement until this EP ends. I'm also a little embarrassed to to say that Crostpaths fit into my 'don't trust a band without a Bandcamp page' drawer, but that's just me being picky. This UK quartet released their debut self-titled EP last year and as this year's pretty much been a write-off in live terms, let's show them some support as they bring new music into the world during the last month-or-so of this horrid year.

Here’s goes then. An electronic intro builds on opener ‘Rampage’ and gives way to heavy instrumentation and then rap-style shouting that brings to mind a cross between Hactivist, Hed PE and maybe Skindred. It’s well executed and the heavier sections certainly hit the spot, but the rapping is a bit much for me and there’s a tendency at times for the vocals to sound a bit too Americanised. I think I’m too old for this sub-genre now.

‘Hiding In Plain Sight’ is even more retro-sounding and if you like Mudvayne or American Head Charge, then parts of this will win you over for sure. Musically, the band are pretty tight though and they do pack a punch when they get going. EP closer ‘Defiant’ has the off-kilter riffs and djent influence flowing through it. It seems as though Crostpaths are still finding their sound and I have to say, it’s bold of them to go in this direction with it. The keytar towards the end is genius though!

Please excuse my slightly jaded view but having found my way to heavy music through the original wave of nu-metal, I realised there wasn’t much of it that was any good. This EP is a lot of fun and Crostpaths show a lot of promise, so if you can get passed the nu-metal influence then you’ll grow to really enjoy this. 

You can watch videos for both 'Rampage' and 'Defiant' via the band's Youtube channel below:-

Crostpaths -

Thursday 19 November 2020

Youth Novel - Turned Around Abruptly Beside A Mirror And Jumped At My Own Reflection EP

Labels: Skeletal Lightning/Zegema Beach Records

Formats: Tape/Digital

Release Date: 23 Jul 2014


1. I

2. II

3. III

4. IV

It's surprisingly still everywhere this evening. It's as if people have decided that silence is the best option. I'm not complaining, though I might be about to shatter that silence, albeit briefly thanks to this EP from short lived US emotional hardcore band Youth Novel. It was released on tape and digitally via Skeletal Lightning and Zegema Beach Records back in 2014. Youth Novel also released a split with Coma Regalia, a single-sided lathe record and appeared on the Eight Feet Under Vol.1 split before a long period of silence.

Youth Novel’s music doesn’t hang around very long on this EP and opener ‘I’ is a great mix of frantic hardcore and jangly emo. The harsh vocals take the lead, but are joined by clean singing to calm the nerves, as the instrumentation covers both off both bases. The sound is dramatic at times but is also super musical. Even after all these years, I’m still blown away by the creativity and musicianship of bands that seemingly went under most people’s radar.’ II’ is considerably shorter than this EP’s opener but you wouldn’t know. The way that Youth Novel crafts and delivers this song is remarkable given it’s running time. Their instrumentation and vocals allow it to linger for way longer than it’s sub two-minute length.

There’s something slightly more mainstream about ‘III’ but only in the riffs, which seem to take from indie (and not the boring kind). It’s not artsy but it has something about it that’s hard to ignore and while the band drags everything back in a heavier direction over time, there’s no denying the infectious feel of the music. EP closer ‘IV’ seems to explode in volume as the melodic guitars ring out. It’s quite fitting that the longest song here is also the last but that often works best and here it’s no different. Caustic at times but also brilliantly layered.

Life might throw you many curveballs right now but there’s always the warm embrace of music to comfort you. What better way to find comfort than in bands like Youth Novel. This EP (and band) may have come and gone without many of you noticing, but it’s not too late to reverse that. Brilliant.

Youth Novel -

Stream and grab this EP as a name-your-price-download from the releasing labels below:-

Skeletal Lightning - 

Zegema Beach Records - 

Physical tape copies are fully sold out. Maybe there will be a repress someday.

Skeletal Lightning -

Zegema Beach Records -

Wednesday 18 November 2020

Cold Hell/Corrosion - Exposure/Three Step Program Split 7"

Labels: Agnostic About Violence/Starving Light Collective/Suspected Of Arson Records/Iron Coffin

Formats: Vinyl/Tape/Digital

Release Date: 10 Jul 2020


1. Cold Hell - Third Weapon

2. Cold Hell - Pray

3. Cold Hell - Life Of Exposure

4. Cold Hell - Half Life

5. Cold Hell - Dead Contact

6. Corrosion - Three Strep Program

7. Corrosion - Addict

As a fairly big American pop-punk/hardcore band once said, 'I'm right back at it again' (no prizes for guessing who I mean). I'm in my happy place about to jam some new powerviolence/sludgy hardcore from Finland in the from of this split 7" featuring Cold Hell and Corrosion. A copy was kindly sent to me by new Finnish label Starving Light Collective, who released this EP alongside compatriot labels Agnostic About Violence and Suspected Of Arson Records. A limited run of tapes was also released via Iron Coffin. Both bands are from Tampere.

I don’t expect the Cold Hell side to last very long at all. Their opener ‘Third Weapon’ gives it away right off the bat with screeching feedback, followed by the warm embrace of raging PV tempos and slow heavy riffs that break them up. The percussion and guitars take no prisoners, while the vocals and slower passages are akin to the UK’s Famine in terms of quality.

‘Pray’ follows immediately and it’s really where Cold Hell’s raw but infectious sound comes into it’s own. This bass-heavy song is absolutely bonkers. There’s a hint of crust/d-beat in here as well, as the drumming at the beginning of ‘Life Of Exposure’ demonstrates, while the mix of deep and high growled vocals pierce the instrumentation with ease.

Despite the very brief pauses between songs, this is everything you want from powerviolence and the thick riffs of Cold Hell’s penultimate song ‘Half Life’ show just how gruesome and disturbing this band can be. Their closing blast ‘Dead Contact’ is just that, a blast that’s intertwined with off-kilter punk. It’s loud, aggressive and spot on!

Corrosion’s side is equally as in-your-face but with much more rawness and general chaos thrown in on their  title-track ‘Three Step Program’, which is certainly more sludgy than it is fast. If it’s one thing Finland has been doing well of late, it’s sludge.

Their second song ‘Addict’ is plain and simply a slab of ridiculously noisy hardcore-punk, which could be as party starting as it is knuckle dragging. It’s bass-heavy again but this time the low-end buzzes, as the vocals rest on top, almost screeching at times. Again, it’s eminently listenable if you like things more rough and ready. Goddamn this stuff is good!

I think that both Cold Hell and Corrosion really compliment each other on this split. Cold Hell’s powerviolence has reminded of me why I love the sub-genre so much, while Corrosion’s sludgy noise typifies everything I love about Finnish bands. If you’re a fan of both fast and slow music, this EP will sate your hunger. 

You can stream and download both sides digitally via the bandcamp pages of Cold Hell and Corrosion respectively, below:-

Cold Hell -

Corrosion -

You can grab physical copies from the labels below:-

Starving Light Collective - contact starvinglight[AT]gmail[DOT]com / 

Suspected Of Arson Records -

Sunday 15 November 2020

Compilations Against Hunger

For a while now, I've been planning to focus some posts on compilations, both in digital and physical forms. What better way to start than by posting about four digital comps that have been curated and released with the sole purpose of raising money for charities helping to eradicate hunger, as well as the need for people to use food banks. The series has been called Rage, Rage Against the Dying of The Hungry and the comps feature a total of 125 bands, with each one featuring bands from a different end of the extreme metal spectrum. 

Eat The Rich features 39 bands of the grind/powerviolence variety:-

Let Them Eat Riffs contains 29 doom/sludge bands:-

The Deathfeast is made up of 27 death metal bands:-

Finally The Last Supper includes 30 black metal bands:-

All four of these compilations are available as name-your-price downloads and any money raised will be donated to the three charities below:-

Trussell Trust -


Foodhall Project -

Show your support for these worthy charities and grab a whole heap of great underground music while doing so!

Rage, Rage Against The Dying Of The Hungry -

Saturday 14 November 2020

Temple - Pond Of Remembrance

Labels: Koenich Sound/Time As A Color Records

Formats: Tape

Release Date: 09 Jun 2020


1. Silver

2. Silence Is...

3. Rivet

4. The Fall Of Hames

5. Coastlines

6. Continuance

7. Tease

8. Director's Cut

9. Candlelight Revolution

10. Underground City Of The Dead

11. Raw Speech Scatter (Featuring JK)

I couple of weeks ago I featured a tape release by German solo indie/emo band Koenich. The tape was sent to me by Franz Kindermann of Koenich Sound. Franz also sent me this tape, which features eleven compositions built around rock and it's various forms, as well as acoustic music. It was recorded/produced and released by Koenich Sound in June of this year, and has been distributed with the help of Time As A Color Records.

Temple is essentially a solo project and with that in mind, you’re gonna be treated to different styles and moods throughout. The intro song ‘Silver’ is a good old classic rock solo over the top of a steady rhythm section. It’s short and leads to ’Silence Is…’, which is both dramatic and tragic in it’s delivery. Choral and melodic, with layered clean vocals that bring to mind Queen. It’s not a rock opera but it does have that feel, though it’s not over the top.

As with other releases that Franz had produced, Pond Of Remembrance is very clean and clear and ‘Rivet’ embodies that with slick rock in the first half before giving way to something a little funkier in the second. What follows is the folk-inspired/grunge rock song The Fall Of Hames, which features traditional woodwind as well as crunching guitars.

The grunge continues on Coastlines’ and a familiar voice provides vocals, as Marc Sesto adds his tones to the album (as he did on ‘Silence Is…’ and ‘The Fall Of Hames’ previously). His vocals are really soothing even with their slightly grittier tones, alongside Franz’s lighter singing. The music is still light and not overpowering.

Marc once again lends his pipes to ‘Continuance’, which is very much a modern take on grunge with the added darkness created by The Cure back in the day. It’s quite a proggy song too, with different movements and off-kilter sections, which will please many. The acoustic guitar that was so prevalent of Koenich’s tape, makes an appearance on ‘Tease’ alongside what sounds like accordion accompaniment. It’s a nice clash of styles and it works really well. 

From the sublime to the ridiculous with the bizarre rock n roll song ‘Director’s Cut’, which is at odds with the songs that it follows. That said, it’s well played and is maybe somewhat of a breather between Temple’s more serious songs. ‘Candlelight Revolution’ is filled with funk and a healthy groove, while still capturing the rock influence that the project has. That influence still undeniable here.

Penultimate song ‘Underground City Of The Dead’ is the longest song on Pond Of Remembrance and as such, it’s also the one with the most experimentation. It goes from gentle folk rock to something akin to industrial/punk within a couple of minutes. It’s entirely instrumental and would sound great amongst the soundtrack to an action movie or video game for sure. From that to probably the heaviest song on the album and the hardcore-punk of ‘Raw Speech Scatter’, featuring JK (if anyone can tell me who JK is, that would be great). This song was well worth waiting for if you wanted something heavier.

Overall this album has everything and is a bit all over the place because of it. That said, it’s excellently played and delivered with a really varied palette of musicianship. This should appeal to a lot people who read this blog, so take a punt if you want something out of the ordinary.

You can stream and purchase Pond Of Remembrance via Temple's bandcamp below:-

Temple -

Thursday 12 November 2020

Bobby Singer - Salvation

Labels: APB Records/Crapoulet Records/En Soiree Je Danse Pas/Fresh Outbreak Records/Wacky Cats

Formats: Vinyl/CD/Digital

Release Date: 26 Jun 2020


1. Demain

2. L'apogee De La Mediocrite

3. Pour Avancer

4. Qu'importe Les Autres

5. Nouse Sommes

6. Leurs Regardes

7, Morne

8. Une Indecene Resplendissante

9. En Cedres

This review focuses on another band that featured on my 10th anniversary compilation. Bobby Singer is a French solo hardcore punk project and Salvation is the band's debut full-length, following the release of the EP Casse in 2018. It was released via a whole heap of labels, who're listed above and will be linked below.

Album opener ‘Demain’ was the song that featured on my compilation. While initially it comes across a bit like a Jimmy Eat World song, it suddenly builds into something more akin to the cinematic and energetic post-hardcore of bands like Snapcase and even fellow countrymen Kazan. For a solo project this is remarkably delivered. ‘L’apogee De La Medioctrite’ takes that whole old-school hardcore sound and adds in melodic guitars and high-tempo drumming. The vocals are shouted but also layered so it sounds like there are more than one vocalist on the recording, which is pretty crafty and it works really well.

Bobby Singer does throw some down-tempo songs onto Salvation and ‘Pour Avancer’ is one such number. It’s only down-tempo because of it’s slower pace and low-end melodies but it’s got plenty of bite in the right areas. The album gets darker still as the opening bars of ‘Qu’importe Les Autres’ come into view. The musical ability and the way in which Bobby Singer weaves and builds atmosphere during the lengthy instrumental passages is something to behold. The song is nearly five-minutes in length and it’s not till midway through that the vocals kick in again. Now I know where the Snapcase comparison truly fits in!

Before you know it ‘Nous Sommes’ is dragging you to the second half of Salvation with lumbering and sorrow-filled post-hardcore. When held up alongside the native vocal delivery (as on the rest of the album), it comes to life even more. This is a really enjoyable release, filled with subtle twists and turns so far. As if Bobby Singer knew and indeed felt that it was needed, the album’s second half truly comes alive with ‘Leurs Regards’ thanks to it’s urgent disposition. It’s still dark in places but it doesn’t stay that way for too long.

Despite it’s title, ‘Morne’ isn’t the slab of misery you’d expect. Expertly played bass is prominent in places on here and adds extra groove to the music, while the now familiar sound is as listenable as  it was during the album’s first bars. Added trebly guitar-work helps build drama towards the song’s close as well. From that to a straight-up hardcore-punk rager in the form of ‘Une Indecence Resplendissante’ and it couldn’t be more danceable. Even with things coming to a close, the sudden burst of energy you get from this song is just what the doctor ordered. 

It’s down to album closer ‘En Cendres’ to bring those energy levels back down, at least for a minute before melodic, slightly metallic guitars and authoritative percussion take over. It rounds things out perfectly. Salvation is an impressive album. It’s not too heavy and has enough melody to appeal to both old and new-school fans of the genre. It gives a great first impression if this is the first time you hear Bobby Singer.

You can stream and buy Salvation on all formats below:-

Bobby Singer -

You can also pick copies up from the below labels:-

APB Records -

Crapoulet Records -

Fresh Outbreak Records -

APB Records -

Crapoulet Records -

Fresh Outbreak Records -

Tuesday 10 November 2020

Enwretch - Sermon Of The Dead

Labels: Self-Released/Redefining Darkness Records

Formats: Tape/Digital

Release Date: 06 Aug 2020


1. Vile Congregation

2. Anthropophagy

Here's the second review I talked about on Sunday, when I wrote about the Celestial Sanctuary demo. I'd originally planned for this to be published on the same day but that didn't happen. Anyway, this post features the debut demo from Scottish death/doom solo band Enwretch. There's not much else I can say about Enwretch apart from that this demo was self-released digitally back in August, before being picked up by Redefining Darkness Records for a tape release in September. I have to say, it's great to see underground labels like RDR taking a genuine interest in bands from the UK.

Celestial Sanctuary really hit the spot for me on Sunday so I’m expecting equally big things from Enwretch this evening. While that opening sentence may be building things up a bit too much, there’s no need to worry as Enwretch goes hard on this wretched slab of lumbering and driving death/doom. ‘Vile Congregation’ is a mix of slow and fast riffs, coupled with upbeat percussion and hellishly deep death metal vocals. Again, it’s old-school in delivery and reminds me at times of Finnish band Profetus if they were crossbred with Grave (maybe?). Technical but also memorable in all the right ways.

‘Athropophagy’ is equally as good with the same disturbing death/doom approach and gargling atmosphere, backed up by thrash and a killer solo to boot. It doesn’t last long but it doesn’t need to. For a solo-project, Enwretch nails it in terms of song-writing and sound quality, helped very much by the recording from Tommy at 16ohm Studio in Glasgow. There’s no escaping the torture we’re all being put through at the moment but it’s made better because of gnarly music like this. Mon the Enwretch!

You can stream Sermon Of The Dead and purchase both on tape and digital formats below:-

Enwretch does not have any social media presence. The music is all you need.

Redefining Darkness Records -

Sunday 8 November 2020

Celestial Sanctuary - Mass Extinction

Labels: Self-Released/Brutal Cave Productions/F H E D/Redefining Darkness Records

Formats: CD/Tape/Digital

Release Date: 06 Oct 2019


1. Mass Extinction

2. Wretched Habits

I've spent the last couple of days with my family (and support bubble), having a bit of a reset as I get used to this second lockdown. Apologies for the radio silence. I did, however, find some time to go over some recent submissions and came across a couple of demos that seemed fitting to write about. The first one being this two-song demo from UK death metal band Celestial Sanctuary. It was originally self-released digitally by the band last October, alongside a tape version from fellow UK label F H E D. In December, it saw a Cdr release via Portuguese label Brutal Cave Productions and it's now been released in the US on tape/digitally by Redefining Darkness Records. Celestial Sanctuary are very much part of the New Wave of British Death Metal, which alongside new waves from across the globe, is growing all the time.

With the NWOBDM as it is now, you get less brutal pace and more doom-like tempos, akin to the old-school. Celestial Sanctuary epitomise that nod to the past on Mass Extinction, with it’s opening track beginning with slow and atmosphere-ridden heavy riffs. Even when ‘Mass Extinction’ does pick up  it’s pace, it’s filled with bass-heavy and technically solid guitar work, alongside thrashing percussion and nasty snarling vocals. Definitely sit CS alongside the UK’s Bolt Thrower and American cousins Incantation in any death metal playlist.

Second track ‘Wretched Habits’ is equally as squalid, with pressure being heaped upon you by the weight of the riffs. There’s plenty of groove as well, which is nice to hear and translates really well on record. The production and mastering of the demo leaves some murk amongst the depths, while still allowing it to sound clear and engrossing. The more you listen to this the more infectious is gets, that’s for sure.

I’ve read that there could be a new album coming from Celestial Sanctuary before the end of the year. This demo is very strong so you can only imagine what a long-player will be like. Make sure you get acquainted with this band before then, as any new release will likely sell fast!

You can stream Mass Extinction and get it as a name-your-price-download directly from Celestial Sanctuary below:-

Celestial Sanctuary -

Physical copies have sold out from the band and from F H E D, but you can still buy copies from the links below:-

Brutal Cave Productions -

Redefining Darkness Records -

F H E D -

Brutal Cave Productions -

Redefining Darkness Records -

Tuesday 3 November 2020

Prospects - Recalling EP

Labels: Self-Released

Formats: CD/Digital

Release Date: 04 Sep 2020


1. Orphic Trigger

2. Bridgeburner

3. Amid The Endless Sky

4. Unseen Observer

Someone asked me yesterday if I could lend them some motivation. After getting home, I understood what they meant. It was hard work and my head was full. Instead of dwelling on it though, today is another day and I'm going to fill it with the comforting sounds of progressive metal. This is the new EP from Canadian band Prospects. Recalling is only their second release, following their debut EP The Calling Of A Red Bird, which was released in 2017.

I feel like I’m out of touch with modern progressive metal. It’s an area that I’ve neglected and I don’t know why. Prospects are a band that sits with that corner of progressive metal and their opening track on Recalling, ‘Orphic Trigger’, is an amalgamation of technical riffing, death metal-like vocals, percussion that’ verges on industrial and spacey, melodic keys. All of these elements combine well together and the clean vocals towards the end, accentuate the progressive nature of the music.

When Prospects are heavy, they’re damn heavy but they’re also so much more than that. ‘Bridgeburner’ is instrumentally stunning thanks to the guitar work throughout, from the initial solo to the clean/harsh riffs that follow. The keys and clean singing herald something more approachable while dissonance, and off-kilter time signatures are not far away. They’ve obviously studied at the altar of Meshuggah and Periphery, though in brief moments it does feel like they’re still trying to find their own sound.

One thing is for sure though, the musicianship on ‘Amid The Endless Sky’ is breathtaking. The transitions between time-signatures/sections can be little awkward at times but that’s a minor blemish on what is a really good modern metal song. Bands nowadays go for the polished studio sound and while the production/mastering here is very solid, Prospects still allow the odd frailty to shine through, showing that they’re human and are still honing their craft. They’re bloody close to nailing it too.

For a four track release, Recalling is lengthy and all the better for it. Closing song ‘Unseen Observer’ clocks in at nearly seven-and-a-half minutes, which is near enough the average song length on the EP, leading to a bewilderingly impressive song here. The heavier riffs remind me of sci-death metal bands like Blood Incitation/Cryptic Shift, while the melodic passages contain the kind of prowess that Animals As Leaders/The Contortionist would be proud of. That’s a lot to take in I know but I feel it’s justified. 

Musically Prospects are very impressive indeed. There may be a couple of very small kinks to iron out within their sound but as said before, they’re extremely minor and this EP is really good. Canada is proving to be a true breeding ground for progressive metal at the moment and Prospects are staking their claim to be leaders of that new breed.

You can stream Recalling and purchase it on both physical/digital formats below:-

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