Friday, 23 October 2020

This Noise Is Ours 10th Anniversary Digital Compilation Is Live!

Today marks the 10th anniversary of This Noise Is Ours. I started in the blog in 2010 (back then it was called Stay Ahead). I really had no idea what I was doing but I was excited about heavy music and was just getting into record collecting. A few years down the line, I changed the name to This Noise Is Ours. 

I've always been bowled over by the support the blog's received and by the friends I've made, both in real live and online. This compilation gathers together music created by friends and bands that mean a lot to me. Some I've feature before, some I haven't. They all share the same passion for music as I do. I feel proud of the fact that I've kept this thing running as long as I have and I hope to continue to do so for years to come. Please download this comp, listen to it and share it. Thanks for your support. P.S. please support the bands included here.

Please find more info on the bands included, as well as links to their music, merch and social media pages:-

1. Amid The Old Wounds - Instant Stars (Demo)

Wonderful acoustic indie/emo from Germany.

2. Aubzagl - Voices Of The Aether

Blasting, heathen black metal from Yorkshire, UK.

3. Bob Malmström - Jag älskar att supa (feat. Anni Lötjönen)

Mad fun hardcore-punk from Finland.

4. Bobby Singer - Demain

Really great one-man screamo/hardcore from France.

5. Canyons - Big Dealer

Crazed hardcore/noise-rock from the US of A.

6. Consumer - Solicitous

Crushing blackened sludge from Italy.

7. Dispyt - Svept i Vita Lakan

Rabid blackened crust from Finland.

8. Final Coil - Goodbye To All That

Thought provoking progressive rock from the UK.

9. Herida Profunda - Holy Books (161 festival in Warsaw, Poland)

Socially conscious grind from Poland.

10. Lang - Disturbed

Truly inspiring alternative/hardcore from Japan.

11. Nathan Aeli - As The Other Closed

Dreamy, pop-like post-rock from Sweden.

12. ØØØ - Nätter Utan Ljus

Fantastic screamo/emo from Sweden.

13. Phil Stiles - Entropy

Experimental and instrumental rock from the UK.

14. Precipices - Rêves incolores

Majestic post-black metal from Canada.

15. Riviera Kid- Sertraline

Positive hardcore duo from the UK.

16. Shirokuma - Present Day

Mouthwatering post-hardcore from Sweden.

17. Singular - W.Kemmler

Chaotic hardcore punk from Malaysia.

18. Sloth Hammer - One More For The Road

Hellish, improv doom noise from the UK.

19. Squelch Chamber - Lay Low

Piercing noise-punk from the USA.

20. The Mound Builders - Broken Pillars 1

Groovy midwestern sludge rock from the USA.

21. The Owl - Pára Aqui A Considerar...

Nocturnal solo noise from the UK.

22. To Languish - Disdain ft. Ren, Petrol girls

Captivating emoviolence from Sweden.

23. Vesicarum - The Sick And The Depraved

Neck-snapping death metal from the UK.


24. Vi Som Älskade Varandra Sa Mycket - Hjärtats förlorade slag

Shout-from-the-rooftops Screamo from Sweden.

25. Wicked Sisters - D.O.G

Dark industrial doom from Australia.

26. Wishes On A Plane - Perfect (In long form)

Legendary indie/emo from Germany.

27. Young Mountain - Vacant Eyes

Menacing post-hardcore from Sweden.

Thanks go to Jesper for the cover art.

I hope you enjoy the comp and thanks again for the support over the years.

Thursday, 22 October 2020

Wendigo - Wendigo

Labels: Nitroatmosfericum Records

Formats: CD

Release Date: 04 Jan 2020


1. Wendigo

2. Agony Of A Dream

3. Rebirth And Death

4. No Regrets...

As I've progressed further with this blog over the years, I've discovered many solo-projects that (often) are better than fully fledged bands. I've also trodden with caution though. Sometimes, solo projects do not live up to their billing. This evening's review focuses on a Russian grunge/punk solo project called Wendigo, that is the brainchild of SiN from Astarium, an atmospheric black metal band I've featured many times and one that I greatly respect. This time, as mentioned above, SiN has decided to turn his hand at something different. This EP was released earlier this year via Nitroatmosfericum Records. The release is entirely in Russian so I've had to employ the services of Google Translate to figure out the song titles. I apologise if they're incorrect, please inform me if so.

I’m really not sure what to expect from this CD but here goes. After a dare-I-say-it Metallica-esque intro, opener ‘Wendigo’ turns into an entertaining punk song with good use of synth melody and programmed drums coupled with the buzzing guitar that’s familiar to you if you’re a fan of Astarium. It’s upbeat for sure. ‘Agony Of A Dream’ is much more atmospheric and mid-paced, lending itself well to the grunge influence that Wendigo’s going for. The clean vocals pay close attention to the sub-genres greats, while the music retains it’s own style as opposed to merely copying. There’s a gloomy feel that’s very apt for this time of year as well.

I don’t really know much about current popular Russian music but I’d imagine it sounds a bit like that of ‘Rebirth And Death’. I think it’s the upbeat nature of the song, with it’s polka-like beats and urgency that makes me say that. I don’t mean to sound ignorant here and apologise If that’s how I come across.  I’m glad that final song ‘No Regrets…’ isn’t a poorly conceived cover of the song by Robbie Williams. Instead Wendigo injects some joviality into this original track and even though it’s less punchy than other songs on here, it’s still got charm and quality.

I’ll be honest, this EP isn’t for everyone. That being said, it’s not a bad release by any means. If you (unlike me) speak or understand Russian, you’ll definitely get more pleasure from it. It’s interesting to here SiN venturing away from black metal but I think I prefer Astarium if I have to choose. 

Wendigo has no social media presence as far as I know. If you want to take a chance on this release, you can purchase it from Nitroatmosfericum Records here -

Nitroatmosfericum Records -

Sunday, 18 October 2020

Dawnwalker - Crestfallen EP

Labels: Self-Released

Formats: Digital

Release Date: 10 Apr 2020


1. Crestfallen

2. Pollen Cloud

3. Towpath

4. The Way Home

5. Lost Wisdom (Mount Eerie Cover

6. Pagan Plains (Acoustic)

I'm loving the colours of the trees at the moment as Autumn truly takes hold. I mention Autumn because because this EP by UK experimental rock band Dawnwalker was released back in Spring, when new green shoots were growing all around. 'Crestfallen' was recorded and released digitally, having been created by a number of musicians alongside the band's main songwriter/performer Mark Norgate, during lockdown. I feel that reviewing it now might give people a slightly different perspective on this year's events but also provide a sense of optimism too. At least, that's what I'm hoping for anyway.

This EP was entirely home recorded by all members of Dawnwalker (plus collaborators) and it embodies the true spirit of togetherness that was felt during the lockdown. The EP’s title track ‘Crestfallen’ contains progressive time signatures, strong instrumental melodies and crashing dissonance at times. Musically and vocally it’s not meant to batter your brain, but to envelope you gently and bury itself in your head. 

Aside from the progressive rock element of Dawnwalker’s sound, folk is also used to provide a balance and ‘Pollen Cloud’ very much feels like a modern-take on the genre with calming clean vocals and layers of instrumentation that grow with each bar. It’s repetitive nature brings to mind Enya for large parts and it’s only until the final sixty-seconds that Dawnwalker’s modern rock makes an appearance again.

‘Towpath’ follows immediately and with it, an about turn in atmosphere and musical terms. Black metal-like vocals are joined by much heavier tones in a song that’s startlingly good and still retains the calmness of the band’s post-rock influences, especially the latter sections. It’s a sign of just how versatile this group of musicians are.

With ‘The Way Home’ comes a nod to Fleetwood Mac, in a subtle way. The soaring dual clean vocals sit alongside shoegaze-like guitars and sensitive percussion to provide something different again. Dawnwalker is not rooted in any one genre, which in turn means that they can enjoy the process of creating and releasing music, and that is passed onto the listener here.

There’s a cover of Lost Wisdom (by US experimental/indie band Mount Eerie, who on a side note were also covered/remixed by Wolves In Throne Room back in 2018). I’m not going to profess to know much about Mount Eerie, but this song is very obviously Dawnwalker’s own interpretation and as such it covers a lot of what makes their individual sound so unique. Combining all of their lighter and heavier elements.

They round out Crestfallen with an acoustic version of their song Pagan Plains (originally released on their 2018 full-length Human Ruins). It’s a lovely way to end an EP that’s given so much to savour. It’s a slightly melancholic song but it doesn’t become depressive or downbeat at all. It’s absolutely perfect listening for a clear and quiet morning.

At it’s end, Crestfallen leaves you bathing in calm reflection and as eluded to in my opening paragraph, does provide a sense of optimism. It has no set agenda or formula, which should come a no surprise given it’s lengthy list of collaborators, including Dane Cross (Sacred Son), Matteo Bianciotto (Turbomaniacs), Chris Allan (Chris Allan Drums), Sian Alex (Gold Baby), Hugo Terva (Metasoma) and Robin Melinda Koob (Run Remedy). The mixing of Wayne Adams also helped to bring it all to life and sounds great here. Links for all of the above can be found via Dawnwalker’s bandcamp page.  

You can stream and buy Crestfallen digitally below:-

Dawnwalker -

Wednesday, 14 October 2020

Redwood Hill/Hexis - Split 7" Picture Disc

Labels: Bookhouse Records/Boue Records/Enjoyment Records/Invektiv Records/KPHC/Maniyax Records/Mind Control Records/Shove Records

Formats: 7" Picture Disc/Digital

Release Date: 11 Nov 2013


1. Redwood Hill - Applewhite

2. Hexis - Tenebris

Many moons ago I wrote a list of physical releases I owned, by labels I'd featured here with the idea of interspersing my regular reviews with write-ups about them. The list was mainly made up of 7" releases. I've decided to finally dust off that list out of nostalgia and I'm starting with the record that was the first picture disc in my personal collection. I purchased it from UK label Enjoyment Records (RIP) and it features a song each from post-metal band Redwood Hill and black metal/hardcore band Hexis, both from Denmark. 500 copies were pressed in total.

Redwood Hill’s post-metal is a heavy cross between Cult Of Luna and Enslaved (maybe). That comparison is possible a bit off now, but it sounds like that was what they were going for when they wrote and recorded ‘Applewhite’ for this split. It’s sludgy and slow, but with a black metal backbone all of it’s own. It may be nearly seven years since it was released but it still sounds as punishing as ever. Progressive in places but also just evil sounding.

Hexis on the other hand are (and were in this case) always straight to the point. Their black metal on ‘Tenebris’ is accompanied by grinding tempos more than it is hardcore. This split definitely captures a place in time and when I was discovering a lot of heavy bands for the first time, Hexis was one of my favourites and still are. I’ve always been enamoured by their intensity and musical craft.

This release will always have a special place in my collection. Both Redwood Hill and Hexis give me so much joy and energy, and while 2020 continues to serve up shit, at least there’s that to hold on to. If you can find a copy in the wild somewhere, you should grab one!

You can stream Redwood Hill's song 'Applewhite' via their bandcamp page below:-

You can stream the full split via the Enjoyment Records Bandcamp page here:-

Physical copies are completely sold out from the labels above (and most of them are no longer in existence). The releasing labels that are still alive are listed below.

Redwood Hill -

Hexis -

Boue Records -


Maniyax Records -

Shove Records -

Sunday, 11 October 2020

Sarcoptes - Plague Hymns

Labels: Transcending Obscurity Records

Formats: CD/Digital

Release Date: 02 Oct 2020


1. The Vertigo Soul

2. La Moria Grandissima

I'm trying to get something written up early today, so after a bit of time going through e-mails, I chose this new release from US black/thrash band Sarcoptes as my starting point for the day. It was released earlier this month by ever-growing extreme metal label Transcending Obscurity Records and it follows on from the band's 2016 debut full-length Songs And Dances Of Death. Plague Hymns is made up of two tracks and is available on cd in digipack and special box set formats, as well as digitally.

Sarcoptes is a duo but you wouldn’t think that on listening to Plague Hymns. ‘The Vertigo Soul’ is a mashup of multiple extreme genres, led by vicious black metal. The drums blast and kick throughout, the guitars provide both melody and atmosphere, as do the keys. The vocals are frighteningly good, being delivered in a very old-school way, where they accompany the instrumentation instead of overpowering it all. With so much black/death metal making waves right now, it takes a lot for a band to standout but I think Sarcoptes has definitely managed it here.

The pace doesn’t let up on second song ‘La Moria Grandissima’ either. Considering this release is so brief song-wise, there’s still a huge amount of music to get your ears around. This track is brimming with death metal influences and subtle symphonic layers. It’s really catchy too, in an odd way, which is due to the good use of melody. Again, as with ‘The Vertigo Soul’ before it, ‘La Moria Grandissima’ relies on instrumentation over vocals and the progression that Sarcoptes weaves into their music is more obvious during it’s ten+ minutes. 

Overall this is an EP brimming with quality and intensity right from the off. Sarcoptes have crafted something that will have listeners craving more and hopefully that will come in time. For now, jam this and re-visit their back catalogue if you haven’t done so in a while. Brilliant stuff.

You can stream and purchased Plague Hymns on all formats below:-

Sarcoptes -

Transcending Obscurity Records -

Friday, 9 October 2020

Rayleigh - Rayleigh

Labels: Self-Released/Zegema Beach Records

Formats: Digital/Tape

Release Date: 21 Oct 2013(Digital)/06 Aug 2014(Tape)


1. Coming To Terms With Being Born An Ape

2. Archauthoritarians

3. Scaffolding

4. Drones

5. Rust

6. Backwaters

It seems so peaceful this morning. It's almost the end of my week off and I'm going out with some friends later, which is a rare occurrence given the current situation and one I'm really looking forward to. You have to have things to look forward to now otherwise you'll likely go mad. You also have to have music to get you through the rest of the time and finding solace in chaotic, fast screamo/hardcore is just one part of that for me. I'm carrying on my Zegema Beach Records review series with this tape from Canadian band Rayleigh (R.I.P). The EP contained on this tape was originally self-released via the band on digital format in late 2013 before ZBR picked it up for a tape release a year later. The tape version is long sold out.

It all starts with bucket loads of feedback and a menacing atmosphere on ‘Coming To Terms With Being Born An Ape’. Rayleigh’s heavy, sludgy hardcore sound is very stirring, joined by passionate screams throughout and a stark spoken-word sample at the end. You expect the tempo to change and with ‘Archauthoritarians’ it does. It’s faster and more off-kilter but you’re never too far away from Rayleigh’s cinematic post-hardcore/sludgy side and while it’s delivered in a more subtle way here, it still adds drama alongside their faster, more violent edge.

There’s a great deal of musical depth on this release and while it’s raw at times, it deserves repeat listens. ‘Scaffolding’ is a case in point. It’s short but there’s still plenty to immerse yourself in. The trebly tones coming from the riffs work so well up against the frenetic drums, bass and vocals. ‘Drones’ contains a mix of breathable instrumental passages and chaotic emo-violence/hardcore verses that intertwine and descent into noisy madness towards the end. It’s a hell of a ride and one of heavier, darker releases from this time period of ZBR. 

Rayleigh shows how they can fit so many textures into short songs on ‘Rust’, which really captures it all. There’s no fluffiness just really good solid hardcore that’s as beautiful as it is destructive. EP closer ‘Backwaters’ is swathed in as much feedback as the EP’s opener and is just as sludgy and slow. This EP really makes me miss those sweaty gigs in small rooms above pubs, where I’d see friends and their bands play bathed in excess smoke from smoke machines. The atmosphere, the rattling of your insides by the percussion, the guitar melodies rising up into your ears and the humanity in their eyes as they scream in your face. 

This whole period in time is tough on everyone but memories of great gigs alongside friends will at least provide some comfort. Before I get to nostalgic, just listen to this EP if you haven’t before and then let me know how it makes you feel.

You can stream and purchase the EP digitally below:-

Rayleigh -

Zegema Beach Records -

Wednesday, 7 October 2020

Koenich - Early Morning Sailing

Labels: Koenich Sound/Time As A Color Records

Formats: Tape/Digital

Release Date: 09 Jun 2020


1. Early Morning Sailing

2. Lev Ganin

3. Train Ride Thoughts

4. Churasan

5. Nankurunaisa

6. Cold

7. A Farewell

Everything still seems very strange at the moment and it's often hard to find the time to escape it all. I'm hoping that this tape (very kindly sent to me by Franz) will bring some calm. Koenich is the brainchild of musician and song-writer Franz Kindermann (previously of German post-hardcore/indie band Duct Hearts amongst others) and here he's joined by vocalist Marc Sesto (also of German rock/metal band Fire From Below). Early Morning Sailing was released in June on limited tape and also digitally via Koenich Sound and Time As A Color Records.

Koenich’s sound on Early Morning Sailing is grittier than you might think. The opening title song ‘Early Morning Sailing’ brings to mind the acoustic side of Alter Bridge in a subtle way thanks to Marc’s vocals, alongside some actually quite complex and musical guitar playing. This tape isn’t especially long and it’s interspersed with traditional folk instrumentals like ‘Lev Ganin’, which sounds like it’s been influenced by Middle Eastern scales and music. That’s my interpretation anyway. It’s a nice brief instrumental.

The other thing that’s nice about this tape is that Koenich includes ambient effects that match the song-titles, so on ‘Early Morning Sailing’ there was the sound of the sea and seagulls calling, and ‘Train Ride Thoughts’ begins with a train on the tracks that gives way to an upbeat indie song about life and home. There’s definitely a warming feeling that comes from it. Another interlude-like piece follows next with ‘Churasan’, which is a song that was performed by the Ryukyu Mura Cultural Village Performers from Japan. It was recorded specially for this tape (please correct me if this is wrong) and allows you to explore some world music, which is very much at home here.

’Nankurunaisa’ epitomises the clean and crisp production on Early Morning Sailing and even when subtle guitar dissonance does show through, it doesn’t overpower the song at all. Again it’s instrumental, adding to the calmness of the whole album. Penultimate song ‘Cold’ brings in more traditional instrumentation, showing yet more of Koenich’s creativity and the of Franz’s multi-instrumental talents. ‘A Farewell’ is a very apt song to end on as it gently winds it’s way through just over two-minutes of indie/folk. 

This whole tape is a real mix of different musical elements and it remains very cohesive. It’s definitely one of those releases that you can put on and drift away to, which is something I rarely feature but that I should change. I don’t know whether my words above have done it justice but Early Morning Sailing is wonderful and varied from start to finish. 

You can stream Early Morning Sailing and purchase it both on tape/via digital download below:-

Koenich -

Koenich Sound -

Time As A Colour - /

Sunday, 4 October 2020

Doom Sessions Vol.1: Conan/Deadsmoke

Labels: Heavy Psych Sounds

Formats: Vinyl/CD/Digital

Release Date: 17 Jul 2020


1. Conan - Beheaded

2. Deadsmoke - Dethroned Concrete

3. Deadsmoke - Dead Minds Army

This is the first in a new series of split records curated by Heavy Psych Sounds. It features three songs from the heavier end of the sludge/doom spectrum, with one song by the UK's Conan and two from Italian band Deadsmoke. It comes on three different vinyl variants; orange with blue splatter, red and black, as well as a limited run of test presses exclusive to Heavy Psych Sounds and a digipack cd with fully printed artwork. The digital download version only contains the Deadsmoke songs. I've contacted Heavy Psych Sounds for a comment on why the Conan song is not included and will post the response below the review.

Conan originally recorded and released ‘Beheaded’ as part of their split release with Bongripper back in 2013, so chances are many of you are already familiar with it. It’s a ritualistic, heavy song with distant shouted vocals that sit deep within the recording. The volume produced by the trio is bone-rattling, mainly thanks to the epic bass tone that’s achieved here. I’m not going to bang on about this song for too much longer due to reasons already mentioned above; however, it’s essential listening for anybody who considers themselves a fan of slow, heavy music.

Deadsmoke are a new band (to me anyway) and they’re as slow and heavy as Conan, but they also weave subtle stoner/psych tones into their music on ‘Dethroned Concrete’. They are very subtle tones though and mix in really well with the grooviness that the band delivers here, especially as the majority of the song is instrumental. Deadsmoke’s second song on the split ‘Dead Minds Army’  follows on from ‘Dethroned Concrete’ with even more groove. It’s a cross between sludge and straight-up noise rock, with a much more urgent feel. I’m not complaining about that either.

As split releases go, this is well worth the price. Three top notch sludge/doom songs spread over 30+ minutes from two bands who bring their A-game. This little split series just got interesting! Keep your eyes peeled for more.

You can stream the two Deadsmoke songs via Heavy Psych Sounds below:-

You can also pick the split up on all physical formats via the above bandcamp page too.

With regards to the omission of Conan's song from the digital download, Heavy Psych Sounds had this to say:-

"Unfortunately we didn't get the license to have the digital"

It's a pity that they weren't granted a licence to provide the song digitally, but I hope this helps anybody who was holding back on ordering the split. Just because the label that originally released such material was awkward, it doesn't mean you should disregard this release.

Conan -

Deadsmoke -

Heavy Psych Sounds -

Thursday, 1 October 2020

Puro Odio - Puro Odio

Labels: Sentient Ruin Laboratories

Formats: Tape/Digital

Release Date: 10 July 2020


1. No Es Un Juego

2. Pesadilla

It's a quick one tonight! A newish release from Sentient Ruin Laboratories, who worked with Spanish black metal/punk band Puro Odio to put out their 2019 self-titled EP on tape, as well as digitally. It was originally self-released by the band on 7" vinyl. This self-titled EP follows the band's 2018 demo and with new music planned, now is the time to check out them out if you haven't already. Get ready for an abrasive mix of black metal, Oi!, crust and punk.

This is going to require quick-fire typing skills! Opener ‘No Es Un Juego’ is as punk as you like, with fast-paced riffs, crazed percussive tempos and reverb-filled Spanish vox for good measure. The vocals are where the crust elements come in and with the added low-end bass rumble, it’s a hellish feedback-laden barrage to say the least.

Second song ‘Pesadilla’ comes across more mid-paced with a big nod towards death rock/post-punk thanks to the low riffs. About sixty-seconds in, Puro Odio launch back into life at full-throttle and level all with their nihilistic anarcho-punk. 

There are a lot of different approaches all rolled into one noisy whole here. Puro Odio kind of reminds of Sarcofago crossed with Amebix. The EP is over all too soon but it’s catchy in the right way so you’ll be going back to it over and over again.

You can stream and purchase Puro Odio below (but be warned, there are only three tape copies remaining!) :-

Sentient Ruin Laboratories -

Tuesday, 29 September 2020

Dawn Of A Dark Age - La Tavola Osca

Labels: Antiq Records

Formats: CD/Digital

Release Date: 10th Jul 2020


1. La Tavola Osca (I Atto)

2. La Tavola Osca (II Atto)

In a rare moment of vanity over the weekend, I realised that the blog's surpassed 10,000 hits for the third month in a row! So in celebration, I've put together a new review schedule for the coming weeks with a host of truly obscure and challenging bands, alongside a few other things. It starts with Italian experimental black metal duo Dawn Of A Dark Age. Centred around multi-instrumentalist Vittorio Sabelli and includes the vocals of Emanuele Prandoni (of Progenie Terrestre Pura, Ancient etc), La Tavola Osca is the sixth full-length to come from the project since 2014. It was released via French label Antiq Records in July.

This release is split into two songs that span over forty one minutes. ‘La Tavola Osca (I Atto)’ begins in poetic fashion with Italian spoken-word sitting atop of stirring ambience. The calming clarinet that Vittorio is known for soon makes it’s first appearance alongside acoustic guitar. So far though, it all feels a bit strange. Italian bands have always been known for their flamboyance, experimentation and orchestral sensibilities, and this release Is no different but it’s more classical than extreme at the moment. The black metal elements of the song take their time to build, not overpowering things right away and remaining melodic when they do truly take hold. Upbeat riffs and blasts are joined here by the black metal roars of Emanuele Prandoni, bringing things well and truly to life. 

Given this song itself is just over twenty-three minutes in length, you can expect to be taken in many different directions musically and that’s exactly what Dawn Of A Dark Age does. From black metal power, you’re guided along via a soothing choir and then placed in the warming arms of jazz courtesy of some truly magnificent clarinet playing before clean choral singing and folkish guitar. Like an opera it contains many movements and can at times be difficult to get your head around. That’s not taken anything away from the quality of the musicianship, it’s just hard to place where this release wants to go.

You’re greeted by melancholic piano that would sit well in a basement jazz club in Paris on ‘La Tavola Osca (II Atto)’ and it’s melody follows through in multi-instrumental fashion, with there addition of stirring Italian operatic vocal joining the myriad of approaches that make up this release. It’s certainly not for you if you’re looking for something that requires little thought to process. The mix of classical, opera and extreme metal is a thing to behold and it does begin to make sense here as well.

This second song is on the (slightly) shorter side at seventeen plus minutes but when Dawn Of A Dark Age brings out the big guns, which in this case are the guitars and the roaring vocals, there’s both an element of dark post-metal and blackened madness about it. Not quite to the levels of Japan’s Sigh, but not too far from it. The song is also split into two halves, separated by atmospheric sounds of the sea and the penny whistles and drums of an invading army. At this point the vocals sound more like hellish battle cries or even tribal chants, to be more exact. I think this proves how hard it is to truly characterise this release.

This is a strange but intriguing beast. No one musical element remains throughout and it’s the inner-workings of the projects mastermind that are laid bare here. Vittorio Sabelli has created something both complex and engrossing via Dawn Of A Dark Age and with the vocals of Emanuele Prandoni, he’s brought it to life in a frightening way. It’s not an easy listen but thanks to the musicianship on show, it is a worthwhile one.

You can stream La Tavola Osca, as well as three other excerpt tracks through the Antiq Records bandcamp page below:-

You can also purchase the release on CD and digitally there as well.

Dawn Of A Dark Age -

Antiq Records -