Saturday 30 January 2016

On The Open Road - Storyteller EP


1. Chump!
2. No Rush
3. Smooth Sailing Is A Fool's Thought
4. Regret Me Not
5. Rainy Days
6. Bedrock
7. This Is Goodbye (I Tried)
8. The Worst Guy (Ft. Adam Connor)

Nottingham's On The Open Road have been honing their craft for the last three years, since they played their first chords in 2013. They released their debut EP "Hold On To This" in April 2015 and are about to follow it up with "Storyteller" at the end of February. They form part of a UK pop-punk scene that's currently bulging and more than matching what the US has to offer. Sighting bands like A Day To Remember and Blink-182 as influences, they sound like they have the winning formula. 

In recent years the UK pop-punk scene has included the likes of Me Vs Hero (RIP), Kids Can’t Fly (RIP) and has seen Neck Deep rise through the ranks to near crossover point. There’s a lot for young bands to live up to now and On The Open Road are hoping to emulate their heroes with Storyteller. They start off in a convincing way with heavy opener Chump! After that rousing intro, No Rush begins immediately and it’s clear that On The Open Road’s slick approach is no accident. The production on Storyteller is clean and clear, the vocals are unmistakably British (with none of the obvious affectations) and guitars switch between twinkly melodies and explosive riffs (much like those of Me Vs Hero). OTOR’s music is a little more mid-paced than I was expecting at times. Smooth Sailing Is A Fool’s Thought contains skillful drumming and hardcore shouting that brings to mind Sum 41. They prove that they can write some decent hooks on Regret Me Not. It’s pacier and more technical. This EP is definitely the work of a band finding their sound and indeed their feet, but OTOR already have plenty of experience between them and Rainy Days proves that their songwriting has the live-stage firmly in mind. Lyrically, they’re positive as you’d expect. Bedrock is an example of that positivity with a message about being knocked down and then getting back up (if I’ve interpreted them correctly). They make use of great guitar picking on This Is Goodbye (I Tried), which is followed instantly by quicker closer The Worst Guy. It’s a heavy end and shows that there are some elements of metal coursing through their veins. On The Open Road are definitely a band on the up and this year could prove to be their year. Their modern approach will appeal to younger fans and Storyteller will bring them plenty of new listeners on the road.

Storyteller is due for release on February 26. Keep an eye out for release news and tour dates via their Facebook page -

Wednesday 27 January 2016

Black Twilight Circle: Volahn, Shataan, Arizmenda, Kallathon - Desert Dances And Serpent Sermons


1. Volahn - Chamalcan
2. Shataan - Caminando Del Destino/Desert Smoke/Wells Run Dry
3. Arizmenda - Ropeburn Mutilation On The Outskirts Of Life
4. Kallathon - Falling Into The Horizon, Burning Into The Black Twilight

Amongst the most secretive of musical beings within extreme metal is the US Black metal collective known as - The Black Twilight Circle. The circle is made of bands from California that maintains a high level of cooperation but also anonymity, releasing their music via Crepusculo Negro and other like-minded labels. This latest release features contributions by Volahn, Shataan, Arizmenda & Kallathon. It is due for release towards the end of February via Iron Bonehead Productions, The Ajna Offensive and has previously been released on tape via Crepusculo Negro.

This release fills me with intrigue because it’s the first time I’ve laid ears on the Black Twilight Circle. It’s Volahn that greets me initially with the track Chamalcan. Following an extended and entertaining intro of Western-style guitar, Volahn settles into some ravaging and marauding black metal. The percussive blasts and deep growls are joined by extremely creative guitar, which adds a lot of originality to the music. It may still be hateful and dark, but it’s also exciting to listen to. Following on from Volahn’s Western-theme, there’s an indigenous feel to Shataan’s contribution. Split into three movements, Caminando Del Destino/Desert Smoke/Wells Run Dry conjures up images of tribal camp fires and ancient peoples. Shataan uses authentic instruments and mixes them in with the band’s black metal backbone. It’s not as heavy as the record’s opener but then again, you don’t need it to be. It’s supposed to be enjoyed for what it is. It has a slight punk edge to it, with the semi-clean vocals and up-tempo feel. Arizmenda follows almost immediately with a menacing choral intro to Ropeburn Mutilation On The Outskirts Of Life. This time though, the music is most definitely more grim and hellish (in  a good way). The high-pitched screams that sit deep inside the music are maddening while the instrumentation and production of the song contains the archetypal rawness of the genre. There is enough melody present though to guide you through it’s 9+ minutes. I guess I’m trying to say that the song is as brutal as it’s title suggests. The final contribution to Desert Dances And Serpent Sermons comes from Kallathon. Falling Into The Horizon, Burning Into The Black Twilight allows the BTC to paint one final bleak but memorable image onto your psyche. Like their brethren, Kallathon’s creativity and drive to bring something different to black metal helps them stand out. There no notion that any band here is merely just going through the motions. US black metal may come in many forms but it’s in perfectly safe hands with the Black Twilight Circle. 

You can stream Desert Dances & Serpent Sermons here:-

Purchase or pre-order copies from the links below:-

Crepusculo Negro Store -
The Ajna Offensive Store -
Iron Bonehead Productions Store -

The Black Twilight Circle:Crepusculo Negro Facebook -ǂ-Crepusculo-Negro
Volahn Facebook -
Shataan Facebook -
Arizmenda Facebook -
The Ajna Offensive Facebook -
Iron Bonehead Productions Facebook -

Monday 25 January 2016

Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Arc EP


1. Not A Daughter
2. Deathbed
3. Gnaw

The music industry is always trying to reinvent itself. Bands and musician use reinvention for two purposes. Firstly, to appeal (commercially) to a certain demographic of fan and secondly, for creative reasons. Agoraphobic Nosebleed has chosen the latter. While this isn't strictly an act of reinvention for the band, they've collectively elected to release four EP's that will challenge what you thought you knew about this US grind megalodon, with each member writing and laying down the foundations for one EP. It has been released today via Relapse Records on vinyl, Cd and digital and coincides with the vinyl reissues of classic albums Frozen Corpse Stuffed With Dope and Altered States Of America.

Arc is certainly not a filler EP. It’s been written with a purpose and it shows. Not A Daughter starts it off with sludge riffs of the highest order and Kat’s inimitable screams. There’s still subtle traces of ANB’s grind hidden in it’s mighty depths but Arc is an exploration of creativity and artistry that goes beyond just merely copying a blueprint. The lowly bass that bridges sections before those mighty riffs signals something all the more harrowing is on it’s way. Doom and sludge has always been the genre/sub-genre of choice during my most nihilistic moods. Don’t got me wrong, I don’t choose to be that way outside of my own house but it’s sometimes healthy to let certain things go. I’ve also never been one for hallucinatory drugs. Thankfully ANB don’t slow it down too much and still allow groove to seep through the speakers on Deathbed. You can sense the raw emotion and sacrifice that’s been invested in every word and every musical note. I lost myself in Deathbed as it’s Sabbathian harmonies washed over me. ANB round the EP out with Gnaw, which is the most sprawling track of the three. Hearing the drums on Gnaw, you wouldn’t for a moment think they were programmed as they sound so organic. Gnaw’s trance inducing progression easily sucks you in. It’s agonising because you expect it to reach a crushing climax but ANB show a lot of restraint in their delivery and that expectation keeps you hooked on it. On the strength of this EP I am looking forward to the rest!

Stream and purchase Arc here:-

Agoraphobic Nosebleed Facebook -
Relapse Records Facebook -

Saturday 23 January 2016

Thisismenothinkingofyou/Us Palm Split Tape + Restlessness Tape

I was going to time this feature to coincide with the release of my recent comp, but for whatever reason it didn't really happen that way. Still the two releases I'm going to talk about are fairly fresh. To give you a bit of background information - Thisismenotthinkingofyou (TIMNTOY) is a one-man screamo/emoviolence band from Derby, that was formed by Shaun from Apparently We Fly. The band started a couple of years ago and has steadily been releasing demo's and EP's since then. The project has a fully DIY ethic, with music being self-recorded, artwork being self-drawn and music being self-released via his label Adorno Records as well as by like-minded labels. Recently Shaun has recruited some musician friends in order to turn TIMNTOY into a full band with one eye on playing live.


1. Thisismenotthinkingofyou - WhiteFeathers I
2. Thisismenotthinkingofyou - WhiteFeathers II
3. Thisismenotthinkingofyou - WhiteFeathers III
4. Thisismenotthinkingofyou - WhiteFeathers IV
5. Us Palm - Bookworm

This split was released on tape in December 2015 via Adorno Records and features Russian band Us Palm. The split begins with four tracks from TIMNTOY. WhiteFeathers I is a mix of distant instrumental music and ambient screamo with tortured screams, before emoviolence takes over with distorted guitar and crazed passion. Imagine if Envy sped up their songs instead of focusing on post-metal, you’d probably get something akin to this. WhiteFeathers II has more impact and distinctly follows on from the opener. The pauses in between tracks may grate a bit but the short bursts of energy make up for that. WhiteFeathers III is the shortest of TIMNTOY’s contributions but is no less enjoyable. Musically its pretty damn good I have to say and is clearly a labour of love from Shaun. WhiteFeathers IV closed with flits of sprawling and spacey melody and noisy screamo. The sample adds a strange mystery to it and the vocals remind me more of Japanese bands like Blue Friend as well. Russian band Us Palm is completely new to me and they provide just one track on the split, Bookworm. Us Palm are similar bedfellows for TIMNTOY but where the latter fills it’s songs with noisy and chaotic violence, Us Palm prefers a slight different approach with longer and more drawn out melodic sections. Vocals are used more sparingly and the overall feel of the music reflects the band’s homeland. This whole split is over far too quickly but you must appreciate that it’s been written with the limitations of the cassette tape in mind. Both Thisismenotthinkingofyou and Us Palm are very talented bands. I’m sure there will be more coming from both in 2016 and I’ll be watching for sure. 


1. Restlessness I
2. Restlessness II
3. Restlessness III
4. Restlessness IV
5. Restlessness V
6. Restlessness VI

Restlessness was released in July 2015, once again via Adorno Records. TIMNTOY invests more in noise and electronic elements on Restlessness and it’s got more of a black metal influence. Just listen to those riffs during Restlessness I, with their menacing Eastern European sound. Restlessness II feels like it’s being played by a full band, such is the soundscape it portrays via the recording and mastering. Restlessness III is off-kilter and really orchestral if you can listen beyond the top layer of guitar. Both Restlessness IV & V are short/sharp stabs of noise but also they’re both strangely trance-inducing. EP closer Restlessness VI is the mature ending that this tape deserves. Shaun has the wherewithal to throw in a lengthier instrumental passage during the mid-section to break up the chaos. Even though I’ve gone backwards in the band’s discography by reviewing the EP as well, it’s shown me another side to the band that could be great if developed further in the future.

Stream and purchase both EPs below:-

Us Palm Facebook -
Thisismenotthinkingofyou Facebook -
Adorno Records Facebook -

Thursday 21 January 2016

Deadspace - The Promise Of Oblivion


1. The Promise Of Oblivion
2. With Tears Of Callous Lust
3. I'll Buy The Rope
4. The Clouds Won't Shade The Pain
5. Oblivion
6. Schadenfreude
7. Pain's Grey
8. In The Coldness Of The Darkest Night

When I was putting word out about my recent digital compilation, I received a message from Australian black metal band Deadspace saying they wanted to be on it. Later on when I was doing some blog admin (yes I do try and stay organised, though it may not seem like it sometimes), I saw a promo for their debut full-length. Deadspace started playing depressive black metal in 2014 and in the same year they released a collaborative split with fellow Australian dark ambient entity Onomy. The Promise Of Oblivion was released a year later by Winterwolf Records. They have links to death metallers Sanzu and they've been feature on a Terrorizer mag covermount CD recently. 

While Deadspace identify as being a depressive black metal band, their music is actually so much more than that. It’s laced with ambient textures like the piano during the opening title-track. The dramatic lead guitar and the rasping screams add to a sound that contains plenty of original characteristics, instead of a band merely following a well-trodden blueprint. With Tears Of Callous Lust is incredibly vicious yet sombre. The themes raining through the album relate to death and suicide and that becomes more obvious with I’ll Buy The Rope. In spite of that imagery and subject matter, Deadspace elect to keep their songs briefer than you’d expect for the most part. There’s no wishy washy build ups and the production is vibrant, instead of being thin. Deadspace do switch gears occasionally and in the case of The Clouds Won’t Shade The Pain,  it’s a slower one. The minimal instrumental backdrop and screams that sit within that music sounds very atmospheric. It builds in volume mid-way through and with that increase comes something more akin to post-hardcore/rock, for a time. Following a brief pause, the sample festooned Oblivion paints a bleak picture that’s back up by ambient noise and lowly keys, The use of melody on The Promise Of Oblivion is understated yet it adds a subtle sensitivity to music that would otherwise be a tough listen. The progressive elements that flourish during Schadenfreude give hints to the skill of the musicians involved in Deadspace. I was in a trance the whole way through Pain’s Grey only to be awakened the jarring feedback at it’s conclusion. It was a dreamy trance though. Deadspace round out the record with In The Coldness Of The Darkest Night and return to the shadows (musically speaking). It’s only right that this holds the accolade of being the album’s longest song, but with it comes a song full of grace and musical thought, once again in the form of impressive lead guitar work. It’s stark contrast to what you though you knew about depressive black metal. Deadspace is one of those rare bands that defies criticism based on the sheer fact that they’re breathtaking. I will certainly be telling every music loving friend I know about this band and this album. They deserve the attention for being what and who they are. Brilliant indeed!

You can stream and purchase The Promise Of Oblivion in CD or digital form here:-

Deadspace Facebook -
Winterwolf Records Facebook -

Also, you can download With Tears Of Callous Lust for free, along with tracks from 24 other bands by downloading my digital compilation here -

Monday 18 January 2016

Huron - The Dead Stay Dead


1. The Ark Of Deucalion
2. The Dead Stay Dead
3. Santa Muerte
4. Psychosis
5. Murder Hole
6. Despina
7. Bastard King
8. The Spirit Of Hate & Vengeance
9. Bokanovsky's Process
10. Solace
11. Flesh & Thorns

If it's one sub-genre of metal that the UK has been synonymous with it's thrash metal. From Onslaught in the 1980's to the New Wave Of British Thrash metal in the early 00's, where Evile and Gama Bomb got music fans and the press talking alike, it's always been a mainstay. Huron are hoping to carry torch for thrash in 2016 with a re-release of The Dead Stay Dead, an album that originally saw the light of day in mid-2015. It seems they've got big plans for this year!

Huron plays modern metal that’s full to the brim with melodic thrash. The Ark Of Deucalion shows a band with confidence. Confidence that only comes with playing both Download and Bloodstock festivals. This record’s title-track leans more towards European metal, bringing to mind bands like In Flames. It’s refreshing to hear a band not looking to ape the sounds of their American cousins in order to gain credence with younger listeners. Santa Muerte is heavy! An obvious statement when you hear those intro riffs really but I was hoping the rest of the record would be like this up to now. Personal quibbles aside, this is a great listen. The frenetic instrumentation during the song’s second half is neck-snappingly good fun and you can’t help but headbang along to it. Thankfully Huron retains that heaviness during Psychosis. The shorter song makes them sound more urgent and angry, with extra help coming from the clear production. One thing’s for certain, they know their way around a guitar solo! From Psychosis on, The Dead Stay Dead hits another gear entirely. Murder Hole is brilliantly catchy and even the semi-clean vocals don’t come across as being cheesy. Despina is a blaze of blast beats and crazed lead work, which is becoming a staple part of Huron’s sound. Huron leave no prisoners with Bastard King. It’s a violent song that has to be heard to be believed. It certainly propels the band into more extreme territory. Things get groovy on The Spirit Of Hate & Vengeance. The rhythms here remind a little of old Fear Factory (which isn’t a bad comparison), while there are hints of Soilwork in Bokanovsky’s Process. In my opening paragraph, I talked mainly about thrash but there is more to Huron than just one genre. They weave modern metal and even death metal textures into their music, which keeps it fresh. The final two songs on the record are more progressive and at time even slightly sombre. Solace (while suggesting peace and calm) is anything but. Solace flows almost straight into Flesh & Thorns, which rounds out the record with one final high-intensity barrage. I’m not embarrassed to say that this record was a lot better than I was expecting. Huron are excellent and with the maturity and professionalism that they show on record, they really should be bigger. I reckon they could definitely challenge for a place at the top of UK thrash now.

The entire album is streaming via Huron's Reverbnation page:-

Saturday 16 January 2016

Vimur - Traversing The Ethereal Current


1. Elegy Of The Morningstar
2. Leech of Humanity
3. The Pernicious Doctrine
4. Ephemeral Sentience
5. By Black Winds Oppressed
6. Professions Of The Heresiarch
7. Traversing The Ethereal Current
8. To Abide An Eternal Grief
9. Memory Of Heathen Reign

I bet very few of you have heard of this band. Vimur are a black metal band Atlanta (Georgia, US). Their 2014 full-length Traversing The Ethereal Current was sent to me a while ago by Boris Records. So, Vimur started playing their anti-religious, hateful black metal in 2006. They've released a couple of demos and a live album alongside this record, while they're currently recording their second full-length as we speak. They've recently supported 1349, Tombs and Full of Hell in their hometown and will be sharing the stage with ABSU in March too. Sounds like a pretty good start to the year for any band!

Vimur’s black metal is powerful. There’s no other word for it! They hit full gear immediately with opening track Elegy Of The Morningstar. The low-end and downtuned guitar providing menacing melody underneath the gargling screams while the drums press on unabated. Considering the band only had a couple of demos prior to this release, they sound remarkably assured. Leech Of Humanity makes use of some catchy hooks and slightly bizarre time-signatures. There’s no escaping Vimur’s ability to weave real atmosphere though. The brooding instrumental passages are eerily good. Black thrash takes centre stage on The Pernicious Doctrine. Semi-acoustic guitar breaks up the frenetic pace that propels Vimur forwards, providing beautiful glimpses of respite between battering. Ephemeral Sentience is the heaviest song on the album. It’s unrelenting! It has nods to early Venom and Vimur channel all that is good about USBM. The solemn beauty that opens By Black Winds Oppressed doesn’t prepare your what’s to come, as the band switches between icy blasts and mid-paced bleakness, making it sound more symphonic at times. In spite of all of the ungodly black metal that Traversing The Ethereal Current contains, it also holds some subtle modern metal touches. These are ever so slightly present during Professions Of The Heresiarch, mainly in the riffs. I’m not complaining as it’s used in the right way and adds to Vimur’s appeal. Instrumentally it’s an awesome song. The title track is equally as impressive and dare I say it…uplifting! It’s a lengthier number, stretching to over 7 minutes but Vimur can pull it off. They do it by interchanging between their rabid black thrash attack and more thoughtful interludes. It highlights a progressive side to them as well. To Abide In Eternal Grief contains a post-metal/doom feel. It’s different to what’s come before, with a slower tempo and thicker guitars that are allowed more space to breath. The bass once again adds real heft to the recording and it’s thanks in part to the excellent production. Some may think that the song is at odds with the rest of the record, but that’s short sighted in my opinion. It all ends with one final rousing number in the form of Memory Of Heathen Reign. It’s one last opportunity for Vimur to switch everything up to 11. Traversing The Ethereal Current is excellent from first note to last. I think it’s pretty special when a band that I’ve never heard, manages to move me with their music. That’s exactly what Vimur does and a love em!

Friday 15 January 2016

This Noise Is Ours Presents: Reverberations Vol. 2

It's been over two years since I released Reverberations Vol. 1. It was always my intention to put together more than one compilation, but didn't expect it to take this long. Vol. 1 focused on local bands from Yorkshire and the surrounding areas, sticking to the original ethos of This Noise Is Ours by promoting local bands. Since the blog has grown to encompass bands and labels from across the globe, I decided not to limit this volume and wanted to make it as varied as possible. It's also been curated to celebrate the milestone of the blog reaching it's fifth year of existence during 2015.

You can stream and download the full compilation here:-

This post has been written to introduce you to all 23 bands appearing on the compilation. It provides some brief information about them and contains links to their music and merch. I hope that you enjoy the comp and please download it (for free) and share it with others. Lastly, thanks to all of the bands and labels who kindly provided tracks for inclusion. 

1. Aggravator - Fatalist (From album: Populace Destructor)
What better way to open this up than with a sharp burst of US Thrash metal. Texan band Aggravator released Populace Destructor (their second full-length) in 2014. The album was released via European label Dead Center Productions. The full record is available for streaming and download here -

Aggravator Website -
Dead Center Productions Website -
Aggravator Facebook -
Dead Center Productions Facebook -

2. Arcane North - Cold Lonley Moors (From split album: From Moonrise To Moonset w/Torver)
UK black metal band Arcane North provides a glimpse of the bleak but beautiful moors of Northern England. Their 2015 split CD with Torver was released by UK label Blackwood Productions and was the label's first release. A brief glimpse of the split can be heard here -

Arcane North Facebook -
Blackwood Productions Store -
Blackwood Productions Facebook -

3. Black Crane Totem - Esteemed (From EP: Black Crane Totem)
Black Crane Totem are a new UK sludge/noise/powerviolence band who released their debut two-track EP via Vetala Productions last August. The band's minimal online presence adds to their mystique. You can stream and download the EP here -

Vetala Productions Store -
Vetala Productions Facebook -

4. Blastplan - Backstage Pass  (From EP: Illuminati Karate Party)
Devon pop-punks Blastplan released their latest EP via Supersick Records in October 2015. The trio sprung to live in November 2014 and aren't afraid to get into people's faces whenever they can. They're here to break up the heaviness. You can stream and download their EP via Super Sick Records here -

Blastplan Facebook -
Super Sick Records -
Super Sick Records Facebook -

5. Cranstøn - Macarena Murder Party (From EP: Stoatgobbler)
With our music scene becoming more and more overcrowded, the need to get your name out their and promote your band is important for your own future. UK punks Cranstøn are one such band, having recorded and released their debut EP last December they're giving it away free online. The least you can do is check this song out and then go and stream/download the EP from here -

Cranstøn Facebook -øn

6. Containment - Not Waving But Drowning (From EP: Containment Demo 2015)
Another band with links to UK label Vetala Productions. Sludge/hardcore trio Containment have slowly been going about their business. They release a demo last year and are due to support Jungbluth and Terrible Love (ex F4AF/Bastions/Grappler/Goodtime Boys) in London in February. Get yourselves acquainted with their metallic misery here -

Containment Facebook -
Vetala Productions Facebook -

7. Deadspace - With Tears Of Callous Lust (From album: The Promise Of Oblivion)
Australian is known it's hot sun and long sandy beaches, so it's surprising that ambient DSBM band Deadspace call it home. They've kindly provided a song from their debut album, released by Winterwolf Record and they prove being from the other side of the world is no boundary. Stream and purchase the full album out here -

Deadspace Online Store -
Deadspace Facebook -
Winterwolf Records Website -
Winterwolf Records Facebook -

8. Dys Inbunden - Through Demise And Decay (From album: One With Morbidity, The Opus Misanthropy)
This wouldn't be a global compilation without a horde of raging Swedes. Dys Inbunden appear with a song from their latest full-length, released via Liflatinn Productions. They've been getting plenty of acclaim from the underground music press since the album's release and you can hear why by checking out their track.

Dys Inbunden Website -
Dys Inbunden Facebook -
Liflatinn Productions Website -
Liflatinn Productions Facebook -

9. Gateway - Vox Occultus (From album: Gateway)
Time for change of pace thanks the death/doom of Bruges's Gateway. Their self-titled debut album was release last year via Hellthrasher Productions. Gateway's existence as a solo-projects means that the band hasn't played live yer but that hasn't stopped it from coming to the attention of the like of Cvlt Nation and Terrorizer Magazine. You can stream and purchase the full album here -

Gateway Facebook -
Hellthrasher Productions Website -
Hellthrasher Productions Facebook -

10. Grand Detour - L'entre Deux Mers (From album: Tripalium) 
This new record from French screamo/punk's Grand Detour was release on three formats in a massive collaboration of 35 DIY record labels! With the turbulent times that bands and labels find themselves in nowadays, this release must surely be encouraging. You can stream and buy (as well as research those involved in the release) via Grand Detour's bandcamp page here -

Grand Detour Tumblr -
Grand Detour Facebook -
Crapoulet Records Website -
Crapoulet Records Facebook -

11. Grimmness - Sun (Unreleased)
Grimmness is a new UK noise act inspired by black metal, electronics and all kinds of band like Psywarfare and Full of Hell. The song Sun is due to be released in a split with UK black metal act Kastchei soon. You can hear previous works from Grimmness here -

Grimmness Tumblr -
Grimmness Facebook -

12. Hanshin - El Diablo 
York based pop-punk band Hanshin are the epitome of why This Noise Is Ours exists. They are so new in fact that El Diablo is currently the only song they've released to date. They are currently working on their debut EP yet they have already been played on BBC Introducing! Anyway, keep an eye on their bandcamp page for the release of their EP -

Hanshin Facebook -

13. Ithaca - Lifelost (From EP: Trespassers)
London hardcore band Ithaca's star is on the rise. They released the great 7" Trespassers last year via CoF Records and this year you'll be seeing a lot more from them. If you want to waste your time listening to a talentless band who act like rock stars then go somewhere else, as you won't get that from Ithaca. Stream and purchase Trespassers and previous EP Narrow The Way here -

Ithaca Website -
Ithaca Facebook -
CoF Records Store -
CoF Records Facebook -

14. Kastchei - Unholy Shitstorm In The Endless Spiralling Thread (Unreleased)
Black metal is one genre that keeps on expanding and evolving within the underground. Midlands (UK) band Kastchei will be appearing on a split with Grimmness (also on the comp) sometime this year. Make sure you listen to this unreleased track to prepare yourself for the harrowing onslaught to come. Hear previous works here -

Kastchei Blog -
Kastchei Facebook -

15. Layover - Doormat (From EP: What Little We Have Left)
Wolverhampton punks Layover self-released What Little We Have Left in September and since then they've been playing non-stop. Despite only having one EP to their name so far, Layover are another reason why they UK pop-punk scene is so strong at the moment. Listen to the full EP here -

Layover Facebook -

16. Ressurecturis - 10:30 Animals In The Meeting Room (From Album: Nazienda)
Italy has given birth to some pretty experimental metal over the years and Ressurecturis are one band that gave escaped my attention. Well, that's no longer the case thanks to their latest album Nazienda. The crazy thing is, they've been playing music for overn 20 years now and have several demos and albums to their name.

Ressurecturis Website -
Ressurecturis Facebook -

17. Sykelig Englen - Perfecting Failure (From Album: Hymns Of The Dead)
The roots of black metal may well and truly be rooted in Norwegian soil, but with the cold and grey atmosphere that envelopes the UK, it's little surprise that we're catching our Norse cousins up. Solo-project Sykelig Englen has been creating music since 2008 and Hymns Of The Dead contains 12 depressive black ballads. Stream and purchase the album (digitally or physically) here -

Sykelig Englen Website -
Sykelig Englen Facebook -

18. This City Limits - Runaway (From EP: Here's To Hoping)
Here's another band from my neck of the woods. This City Limits from Leeds released Here's To Hoping last November and they supported Kris Roe (The Ataris) at his Leeds show in December. Expect some pretty big thing from them over the coming months. Stream and download Here's To Hoping from their bandcamp page -

This City Limits Website -
This City Limits Facebook -

19. Thisismenotthinkingofyou - WhiteFeathers III (From Split: w/Us Palm)
Experimental UK ambient screamo, bet you never though you'd hear that! Thisismenotthinkingofyou (or TIMnTOY) has been releasing music at quite the rate over the last year or so. WhiteFeathersIII appears on the recent split tape with Us Palm that came out via Adorno Records. Check their side out here -

Thisismenothinkingofyou Facebook -

20. Today, They Are Older - From Finland With Love (From EP: Today, They Are Older EP)
If you were to take an educated at the nationality of Today, They Are Older based on this song title, you'd be wrong. This post-hardcore five-piece are in fact from Lancashire. They released this self-titled EP in February 2015, been reviewed in Kerrang! Mag and toured UK in the same year. Not too shabby! You can stream and download the EP here -

Today, They Are Older Facebook -

21. Torver - Lunar Ritual (From split album: From Moonrise To Moonset)
Featuring on the same split as Arcane North above, Torver also presented three tracks full of ambient and majestic black metal. With two previous releases to their name and members with plenty of UKBM experience, they're an exciting prospect. The entire split is streaming on Youtube here -

Torver Facebook -
Blackwood Productions Store -
Blackwood Productions Facebook -

22. Ungoliantha - Following The Black Kindness (From Album: Through The Chaos, Through Time, Though The Death)
Ukraine, despite it's past and present political strife still manages to produce some excellent extreme metal. Ungoliantha formed in 1996 and took heed from their Norwegian brethren. Adorned in corpse paint they went onto release demos and a live album before release their first full-length proper last via Dead Center Productions. You can stream and download the full album here -

Ungoliantha Facebook -
Dead Center Productions Website -
Dead Center Productions Facebook -

23. Vacivus - Ageless, Nameless (From EP: Rite Of Ascension)
Spawning from fellow death metallers Dawn Of Chaos, Vacivus released the brilliant Rite Of Ascension EP via Goatprayer Records last year. Shortly after it's release, a CD version was pressed by Hellthrasher Productions. Vacivus are down to play at this year's North Of The Wall Festival, which promises to be something special. Stream and purchase Rite Of Ascension here -

Vacivus Facebook -
Hellthrasher Productions Store -
Hellthrasher Productions Facebook -
Goatprayer Records Facebook -

24. Warhawk - Flying Tigers (From Demo: Down In Hell)
I couldn't start drawing this comp to a close with a good old dose of heavy metal. Italy's Warhawk have only released one demo to date, but to have them appearing on here is a pleasure. Get you battle jackets out and enjoy some bouncing riffs and good times. You can stream songs from Down In Hell via Soundcloud here -

Warhawk Facebook -

25. Wolf Counsel - Wolf Counsel (From Album: Vol 1 - Wolf Counsel)
Last but not least I leave you with the cavernous doom of Swiss band Wolf Counsel. They formed at the start of 2015 and wasted little time in release their first album. With another on the way this year, you this as an opportunity to get well acquainted with them. Stream and purchase the full album here -

Wolf Counsel Website -
Wolf Counsel Facebook -

Thursday 14 January 2016

Cowards - Shooting Blanks & Pills


1. Hoarse From The Get Go
2. Last Card
3. Scarce
4. Vices & Hate
5. Arrogant, Unseen
6. Grand Failure

This was the first record to come from Parisians Cowards back in 2012. It was reissued in 2014 via Canadian label Secret Handshake Recordings. I didn't get the chance to review it the first time round but am getting the opportunity now. This is the record that set Cowards (and their infectious blend of hardcore, sludge and black metal) up for future records and Euro tours. I was lucky enough to see them in Leeds a couple of years back and they were excellent. Going backwards in a band's catalogue is a good as going forward!

The title of the opener to this record pretty much describes Cowards to a tea. Hoarse From The Get Go is a head-spinning collage of hardcore screams, off-kilter riffs and blackened noise. In fact it airs more towards black metal than later EP Hoarder did. One listener review on Bandcamp states that this is the standout track on the album and I can certainly see why they think that. Amongst gut-punching the listener, Cowards also present a subtler (but not softer) side with Last Card. It’s a longer and more experimental number that brims with menacing sludge and dark atmospherics. It reminds me of the slow caffeine release imparted by the black coffee I have in hand. That being said, they’ve still manage to make it catchy as hell, even with a repeating and hypnotic riff at it’s heart. Their music becomes even slower on Scarce, which is about as mournful as it gets really. The extended instrumental passage that underpins the haunting spoken word samples becomes all the more vivid as you get sucked in. The best place to experience this would be in a dark and sweaty room at a live show and not while sitting on your couch, but beggars can’t be choosers. Cowards hit back with a barrage of power on Vices & Hate. I guess being current and ex-members of some of France’s most extreme bands helps you achieve this. The wall of sound created by the combination of head-battering instruments and angry human emotions is as close as you’re gonna get to the end-time! Arrogant, Unseen are opposite terms and the song itself is also the opposite to closer Grand Failure, raging and urgent. Grand Failure is every bit the feedback ridden beast you wanted it to be. Bringing to mind UK sludge mainstays Moloch, it attacks with violent bass and lurching tempos. I have to admit I enjoy this side of the band greatly but knowing how bulging the sludge scene right now, the path Cowards went down with Hoarder and later Rise To Infamy makes a lot of sense. At least Secret Handshake’s reissue meant that this record could reach new ears. For that they must be applauded and Cowards lauded for allowing it to happen. 

Stream the album and pick up a CD here:-

I can't seem to find anywhere selling copies of the repress of Shooting Blanks & Pills, but you may be able to get some from distros etc.

Cowards Facebook -
Secret Handshake Recordings Facebook -

Tuesday 12 January 2016

Poison Tongues - For Freedom's Sake EP


1. Bastards
2. Vagabond
3. Lions
4. Keep Your Head Down

Ten years ago if you'd have asked me to name some hardcore bands, the first names that would have sprung to mind would have been Hatebreed, Madball and Agnostic Front. That was before I started this blog and before I truly got into the genre though. Detroit's Poison Tongues are a new band that follows the same bloodline. They rose from the ashes of US hardcore bands like Earthmover, The Alliance and others, which I am ashamed to say I've never heard of but will be seeking out once I've written this review. Poison Tongues released their latest EP via US label Fast Break Records in October of last year.

Poison Tongues write hard-hitting but musically intelligent hardcore. Bastards is a mix of both metalcore in it’s barest (least watered down) form and traditional hardcore. It’s got a comforting chug to it that only highlights their veteran status in the hardcore scene. Vagabond is more to the point and the sub two-minute playing time suits PT’s sound. There’s no pretence or glamour here, just straight-up riffs. No sooner has it finished that Lions enters the fray. Taking elements from beatdown hardcore, PT hammers the point home with precision. Closing song Keep Your head Down is the most metal song on For Freedom’s Sake. It’s crossover appeal comes from the intense drumming and thrash-laden riffs. Poison Tongues are very patriotic and support their serving friends and family. The lyrics in Keep Your Head Down portray a modern day battle scene, as do the samples and effect towards the end. Hardcore has long been used to help get real-life messages out to wider ears and For Freedom’s Sake is no different. This is strong music with a strong message.

For Freedom's Sake isn't streaming in full online, but you can purchase the EP from Fast Break Records here -

Poison Tongues Facebook -
Fast Break Records Facebook -

Friday 8 January 2016

Idiot Shivers - Por Favor Idiotas EP


1. Unleash
2. EU Planet
3. Cynical Mother (Self-Interest Warsong)
4. Framtidsbodlar
5. Entombed!
5. Big Rock

I've had this tape for while now. Brighton's Headless Guru Records once again knocked it out the park by release this demo by Swedish hardcore punks Idiot Shivers. Together with partners in crime, Moral Panic Records, they've shone a light another new band (to these ears!). This time there's a clear tape housed within the signature card-sleeve, though don't bother trying to read the song-titles on the back, because if you're copy is anything like mine you'll know that the print is upside down and the wrong way round, whichever way you look at it. Nice touch though!

This is real punk. Raw, noisy and uncontrollable. Ringing feedback wages war with your ears as raging guitar, angry snarling screams and distant drums fight for space on opener Unleash. It’s a pretty apt title as it sets the scene for Idiot Shivers. EU Planet reminds me a bit of The Hammer (which incidentally received a release via both Moral Panic and Headless Guru too). The guitar is super chunky though!. Idiot Shivers prefer short and sweet blasts and before you know you’re halfway through the tape as Cynical Mother (Self-Interest Warsong) breezes past. There’s a short before they channel their inner crust punk on Framtidsbodlar. There’s not a noticeable change in sound here, just an underlying ugliness that reminds that Swedes aren’t just all about brooding death metal. That last sentence leads neatly on to Entombed!, which I’m hoping is an excited nod to the Swe-death pioneers. It’s definitely got a murky, sludgy edge to it that non of it’s predecessors have had. Closing song Big Rock is a tight and solid rock n roll song, as the name suggests. The grooving riffs that start it break to reveal an extended blast of punk that reaches nearly three-minutes. It’s chaotic and unhealthy, but for all the best reasons. If Sweden continues to spit out bands at the same rate as feral  kids getting into legal highs, we’re gonna have to slap a health warning on them! This is brilliant and I want more.

Stream and download the demo (name-your-price) here:-

Buy a tape from the labels below:-

Headless Guru Records -
Moral Panic Records -

Idiot Shivers Facebook  -
Headless Guru Records Facebook -
Moral Panic Records Facebook -

Tuesday 5 January 2016

Absolutist - Traverse 7"


1. Sleepless Tension
2. Lux
3. Traverse

I've just realised that by this time last year, I'd already written three review and a introduction feature so I needed to remedy that...and fast! I decided to turn to arguably one of the nicest looking 7"s released last year. Absolutist's three-track 7" Traverse was released via a cooperative of no less than 7 labels and was their only release of the year. A nice black record housed in a pristine white sleeve with black artwork was what greeted me when it turned up in the post. It came at the right time too as I hadn't got any music by Absolutist since their split with Abest in 2013. 

The crust of Absolutist has become a lot more anthemic (or it just me?) since their earlier releases in 2013. Sleepless Tension may still be caustic in delivery but the melodic riffs that accompany it are a perfect opposite and help create a strong atmosphere. While the opener is short and blasting, Lux feels entirely different with it’s ambient and gentle build-up. When the guitars come into view they present big riffs, backed up by a skillful rhythm section. Elements of post-metal nestle within Absolutist’s hardcore. The release that comes from the verses is palpable, especially when held up against the more sedate passages. The latter-half of Lux rages and wipes out any notion of the band slowing down and abandoning their crust blueprint. I’ve always had a lot of time for Irish bands, Raum Kingdom being one example. On the title-track Absolutist reminds me that I stayed away from this corner of the world for too long (in musical terms). I thought that these three songs were going to be over in a flash but they weren’t at all. Anger tempered with beauty and the way that Absolutist has captured that feeling is really special. This was really enjoyable. 

Stream Traverse here:-

Grab the 7" from the below labels:-

Distro-y Records-
Svoboda Records -
Chainbreaker Records -
Broken Limbs Recordings -
Never Fall Into Silence Records -
Pumpkin Records -
Holy Goat Records -

Absolutist Facebook -
Distro-y Records Facebook -
Svoboda Records Facebook -
Broken Limbs Recordings Facebook -
Never Fall Into Silence Records Facebook -
Pumpkin Records Facebook -

Monday 4 January 2016

UK Blog Awards 2016: Vote For This Noise Is Ours!

I little while ago, I was nominated for this years UK Blog Awards in the Arts & Culture: Music category and public voting opens today. If you read my blog and enjoy it, please vote via the link below:-

Sunday 3 January 2016

2015 In Review

I'd talked myself out of doing an "End Of Year List" because I didn't feel I'd covered as many of this years releases as I wanted; however, on reflection it's been a pretty good year and I couldn't let it go without writing something. I've decided to go with a review of 2015 covering the blog's ten most read posts, as well as talking about some of my personal favourite records of the year (based on what I've written about) and to close out by looking ahead to 2016.

Most Read Posts of 2015

These are the posts or reviews that gained the most attention this year in order of views:-

10. Putrid Offal - Mature Necropsy (118 views)

French death metallers Putrid Offal released Mature Necropsy via Kaotoxin Records in February 2015. Death metal seems to have exploded this year and while this was one of the more straight-up releases of the year, it obviously struck a chord with you.

This 7" was the final recorded output from Black Years in early 2015, as they ceased shortly afterwards. A short but sweet slab of UK riffy punk. You can still pick copies up from Footloose Records (check the link in the review above).

In 2015 the UK lost another hard-working DIY label. Witch Hunter Records was around before this blog started and many of Chris's releases have been featured here, including the four in this review. Gone but definitely not forgotten.

2015 saw the release of this glorious 1-sided 12" via Dog Knights Productions. The blistering hardcore/screamo of Sweden's No Omega was one thing, but the etching on the B-side really made this record standout.

Southern Lord's continued habit of releasing heavy music from the archives continued in 2014 with the help of Overkill Records, when they released this rarities LP from US SXE band Brotherhood. This is  your chance to check out a piece of hardcore history if you haven't already.

In March 2015 I ventured up to Edinburgh for the first edition of Doom Over Edinburgh. I was my first attempt at reviewing a gig/festival and despite drinking too much on the first night, I managed to rustle something together when I got back. The festival returns in 2016.

Caina released what was (in my humble opinion) one of the best LP's of 2015. Setter Of Unseen Snares was the first to feature the band's new vocalist and spawned a new chapter for the band. It still remains on constant repeat here, especially the haunting closer Orphan.

Cornwall's premier punk band Rash Decision released a banger back in 2014. It's release brought together a slew of labels and it proved what DIY ethics can do. There's still plenty of reasons to check this out, especially because they reissued it alongside Headstrung on LP last year!

This post was supposed to be the first of many scene reports, but for some reason ended up being the only one I posted in 2015. That said, it seemed to be pretty popular and it was really fun to do.

Finally, here's the post that got the most attention on my humble blog in 2015. A review of the 2014 split 12" by Old Soul and NIC. Screamo grew in popularity during 2015 and this split was an example of the sheer breathe of talent calling the genre home. 

In terms of my highlights from 2015, there have been so many amazing releases that I've been privileged to be able to write about here. There are too many to list (nearly 200!), but I've narrow it down to the 30 that really made their mark on me (in no particular order):-

Caina - Setter Of Unseen Snares LP

Raccoon City Police Department - Nightlife LP

Crowns & Thieves - Gravity LP

Blue Friend - Home/Violence 7”

Hybrid Nightmares - The First Age EP

Occult 45 - Human Abhorrence

Formes - Dysphoria Part 1

Regresser - .2 EP

Simmer - Yellow Streak 7"

Torpor - From Nothing Comes Everything

Faces Of Eve - The Story So Far EP

Okazaki Fragments - Abandoned

IZAH - Sistere

O Graceful Musing's Burden - Im Draußen Bricht Sich Das Drinnen

All Out War - Dying Gods EP

Vacivus - Rite Of Ascension EP

Minors - Anno Domini EP

Bone Tomb - Tombs Of Blood Tape

Fell To Low - Low In The Dust

Disgrace - True Enemy

Total Fucking Destruction/Fubar - Split 7"

Altar Of Complaints/Seek/Stubborn Father/Thetan - Split 12"

Sangus - Pedicabo Mundi EP

Ithaca - Trespassers 7"

Venom Prison - The Primal Chaos 7"

Altarage - MMXV Demo

Pendulous - A Palpable Sense Of Love And Loss

Arcane North/Torver - From Moonrise To Moonset Split

Lychgate - An Antidote For The Glass Pill

Downers - Noose 7"


It looks like 2015 has been a pretty good then! Looking forward to this year, it's going to be a busy one hopefully. Firstly, I'm about to begin uploading my second digital download compilation, Reverberations Vol. 2 and I'll be writing a big promo piece to go with it. I've got songs from over twenty bands from different genres and countries appearing on it.

Following that, I'm going to be interviewing a US post-hardcore/metalcore band. It's going to be a pretty special interview because the band in question haven't been active for over ten years and are from a period when I really started to take notice of underground and new bands. 

I'm looking to build the blog's readership this year, develop a few new things including a podcast and I am looking to do some guest posts elsewhere (if people or publications are up for it?). 

Finally, This Noise Is Ours has been nominated in the Arts & Entertainment: Music category for the 2016 UK Blog Awards. Public voting begins tomorrow so if you like the blog, please go to the following link and vote for me -

Thank you for your continued support and interest over the last twelve months.