Friday 20 October 2023

Nionde Plagan - Reflektion

Labels: Damnfinetapes!/Moment Of Collapse Records/Zegema Beach Records

Formats: Vinyl/CD/Tape/Digital

Release Date: 22 Feb 2019


1. Bekannelser

2. Rex

3. Prestationer

4. Trots Allt!

5. Premisser

6. Maskinerna

7. Alienation

8. Diskrepans

It's mad to think that Swedish post-rock/screamo merchants Nionde Plagan have been making music for over a decade now. Reflektion was released in early 2019, though physical versions seemed to come earlier in 2018. It followed their 2017 split with The World That Summer and proceeded their latest full-length Transformation, which was released a year ago. Tape copies that accompanied Nionde Plagan on tour were provided by Damnfinetapes!, while the vinyl pressing was handled by Moment Of Collapse (who also masterminded the CD release) and Zegema Beach Records, though ZBR aren't credited on Discogs for some reason.

Storm Babet is currently making it’s way across the UK and people have been advised to hunker down. I’m keeping warm and dry with a glass of red and the friendly tones of Nionde Plagan’s 2019 full-length Reflektion. Album opener ‘Bekannelser’ is a song that best demonstrates just how beautiful Swedish screamo can be. Composed and delivered with great sensitivity. ‘Rex’ moves and shakes like all great modern day indie-rock songs, while the vocals lay to rest any notion of the band easing off, thanks to the pure emotion they convey.

The slightly muddier sound of ‘Prestationer’ only comes about because of distortion in the guitars. It adds a rawness to the music that’s not been prevalent so far. There’s more urgency and drive throughout the song, with abundant melody keeping pace as well. The songs so far have hovered around the four+ minute mark but there’s always room for something more expansive. Enter ‘Trots Allt!’, which is the first of two songs that break the ten minute barrier, demonstrating NP’s post-metal side. When I talk to people (who only know mainstream chart music) about lengthier songs like this, I tend to get the same response. One of confusion and sometimes fear. I’m not a gatekeeper by any means, I just appreciate thought provoking music such as this. 

‘Premisser’ signals the second half of Reflektion and it’s more immediate. Tempo-wise, it’s not any faster but I guess the shorter length makes it seem that way. I kind of wish it was longer though. The way ‘Premisser’ flows straight into ‘Maskinerna’ without a pause, reveals superbly precise drumming and big riffs. The vocals sit slightly deeper in the mix here, though probably not be design. They’re just a tad buried by the sheer heft of the musicianship, which is absolutely epic.

Again, what is it with the extremely catchy rock influence that takes over penultimate song ‘Alienation’! It’s so infectious and masks NP’s screamo in such a way that it could even fool casual rock fans, as least that is until the song’s latter half when it takes a much heavier turn. Final song ‘Diskrepans’ goes long just as ’Trots Allt!’ did earlier. Even sitting here with the volume turned up I can still here the faint the sound of the wind outside, which only adds to the atmosphere that Nionde Plagan weaves. Undeniably brilliant from start to finish. Note to self: don’t take an extended break halfway through writing a review. 

You can stream Reflektion below, where it's also available to purchase digitally or on one of the five remaining CD copies (you should definitely purchase one) via Nionde Plagan's bandcamp page:-

Nionde Plagan -

Physical copies are also still available from the label stores below:-

Moment Of Collapse Records -

Zegema Beach Records -

Moment Of Collapse Records -

Zegema Beach Records -

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