The Directory

This is a directory of labels, distros, show promoters, zines and anything else worth adding. I hope it will be of use to people:-



49s Vs Dolphins Records (Nottingham)

Adorno Records (Derby)

Ancient Trail Recording (Hertfordshire)

Anger Battery Records (London)

Animal Defence Records (Portsmouth)

Antipop Records (Liverpool)

Atomsmasher Records (Falmouth, Cornwall)

Attention Deficit Grindcore Disorder Records (Unknown, UK)

Black Bow Records (Liverpool)

Boslevan Records (Cornwall)

Carry The Weight Records (Newbury)

Church of Fuck (Manchester)

Close To Home Records (London)

Commitment Records UK (Manchester)

Cosmic Tomb (Bristol)

Count Your Troubles Count Your Blessings Records (London)

Cross Your Heart and Hope To D.I.Y (Edinburgh)

Cult Culture (London)

Dead Chemists Records (East Sussex)

Devizes Records (Birmingham)

Different Kitchen Records (March, Cambridgeshire)

Disconnect Disconnect Records (London)

Distorted Tapes (Midlands)

Dog Knights Productions (Brighton)

Don't Shoot The Messenger Promotions (Portsmouth)

Dry Cough Records (Manchester)

Eldritch Lunar Miasma Records (Portsmouth)

Endtyme Records (Derbyshire)

Enjoyment Records (Thetford)

Exitium Productions (Birmingham/Newcastle)

Feast of Tentacles (Nottingham)

Fist In The Air Records (Kent)

Footloose Records (Chester/North Wales)

Future Noise Recordings (Manchester)

Get Into It Records (Newcastle)

Glorious North Productions (Harrogate)

Go The Distance (Liverpool)

HawkchildDIY (Glasgow)

Headless Guru Records (South Coast)

Holy Roar Records (London)

Let Your Fingers Do The Walking (West Midlands)

Make-That-A-Take Records (East Coast if Scotland)

Milk Run Records (Leeds)

Moshtache Records (Newquay) 

N.E.F.T.U.R (London)

Palm Reader Records (South Wales and Southampton)

Party Wound Productions (Edinburgh) 

Pinky Swear Records (Leeds)

Pornography For Cowards (Isle of Wight)

Prejudice Me Records and Distro (Manchester)

Savour Your Scene (Belfast)

Sinister Stench Productions (Bristol)

Skin & Bones Records (Northampton)

Smegma Records (Swindon)

Speedowax (Birmingham)

Stictly No Capital Letters (Norwich)

Struggletown Records (Glasgow)

SuperFi Records (London)

Thirty Days of Night Records (Leeds)

Witch Hunter Records (Nottingham) 

Win Htein Records (London)

Wolf Town DIY (Various places) 

Zamyatin Records (Brighton)


Epileptic Media (Linz)


Consouling Sounds (Gent)

Fortyweight Records (Mechelen)

Frontal Noize (Leuven/Roeselare)

Holy Shit! Records (Ghent)

Negromancy (Zwarte Delta)

Open Up Records (Limburg)

Quiet Days (Antwerp)


A Mountain Far (Toronto)

Aqueous Records (Pei)

Choking Hazard Records (Montreal)

Coffee Grinder Records (Montreal)

Désordre Ordonné (Montreal)

Guilty Parade Records (Sherbrooke City, Quebec)

Handshake Inc (Ontario)

L'oeil Du Tigre (Montreal)

Mercy of Slumber Records (Winnipeg and Vancouver)

Pint-Sized Collective (Calgary)

Czech Republic

Coffee Nerds For Liberation (Olomouc)

Damage Done Records (Prague)

Sink or Swim Records (Orlova City)


Crust Caviar (Lille)

Emotionally Unstable (Erstein)

Monkey Cookie Records (Strasbourg)

Skulltrophy Records (Laval)

Throatruiner Records (Rennes)


Adagio830 (Berlin)

Alerta Antifascista Records (Hannover)

Apocaplexy Records (Gera)

Crucial Response Records (Duisburg)

Denovali Records (Bochum/Wenden)

Farblos Records (Bielefeld/Essen)

Flowerviolence Records (Hamburg)

Heads Down Records (Zittau)

I.Corrupt.Records (Weisbaden)

Lala Schallplatten (Leipzig)

Maniyax Records (Munster) 

Microsleep Records (Berlin)

Moment of Collapse Records (Hamburg) 

Monotonstudio Records (Dortmund)

Mustard Mustache (Berlin)

Narshardaa Records (Kiel)

Pike Records (Dresden)

Puzzle Records (Saarbrucken)

Shivery.MMXII.Productions (Wurzburg)

Skull Witch Records (Berlin)

Through Love Records (Hamburg)

Time As A Color Records (Hohenschaeftlarn)

Vendetta Records (Berlin)

Witches On Fire Records (Unknown)

WOOAAARGH! (Saarland)

Yakuzzi Tapes (Unknown)

Yellowdog Records (Berlin)


Go Away Records (Budapest)


Commitment Records Asia (Bandung)


Distro-y Records (Sligo)

Guys With Beards Records (Dublin)


Anchors Aweigh Records (Cagliari)

Strikedown Records (Cagliari)


Utarid Tapes (Kuala Lumpur)


Commitment Records (Zwaag)

Garden Of Exile Records (Nijkerk)
Graanrepubliek Records (Gronningen)

Verstand Schept Lijden (Tilburg)


Displin Media (Oslo)

Lilla Himmel (Oslo)

Listen To Aylin Records (Oslo) 

Negromancy (Oslo)

Siste Sukk Tapes And Records (Oslo)


Assonance Records (Warsaw)

Refuse Records (Warsaw)

Werewolf Promotion (Unknown - help me out!)


Infektion Records (Ovar)


Cold Silence NetLabel (Terrassa, Barcelona)


Blood Harvest Records (Lund)

Farsot (Gothenburg/Stockholm)

Judas Cradle Recordings (Gothenburg)

Tell Wilhelm Records (Stockholm/Gothenburg)

United States 

Antithetic Records (Clermont, Fl) 

Bastard Tapes (Philadelphia)

Bear Records (Allston, MA)

Better Days Records (Washington State)

Black Rebel Records (Rochester, NY)

Blistered Mind (South Carolina)

Bridge Nine Records (Peabody, MA)

Carucage Records (St Louis/Memphis)

Cassanova Cassettes (Ocean County, NJ)

Chunksaah Records (Asbury Park, NJ)

Count Your Lucky Stars Records (Michigan)

Deathwish Inc (Beverly, MA)

Diseased Audio (Chicago)

Divine Mother Recordings (Eastman, GA)

Domestic Genocide Records (Sallisaw, OK)

Don't Live Like Me Records (Massachusetts)

Driftwood Records (Mosier, Or)

Drug Party Tapes (Buffalo, NY)

Dullest Records (Philadelphia)

Ebullition Records (Goleta, California)

Feral Kid Records (Buffalo, New York)

Flenser Records (San Francisco)

Halo of Flies Records (Milwaukee, WI)

Hair On My Food Tapes & Records (Santa Fe, New Mexico)

Headfirst! Records (Greensboro)

Holy Terror Records (Unknown)

How Soon Is Now Records (Michigan)

Human Beard Records (Buffalo NY)

Hygiene Records (Greensboro, NC)

It's A Trap! Records (Huntington, WV)

Ivory Antler Recording and Publication (Delray Beach, Florida/Chicago)

Manneguin Rein (Detroit, Michigan)

Maybe It's Art Records (Ithaca, NY)

MeatCube (Seattle)

Middle Man Records (Lafayette, Indiana)

Nice Dream Records (Orange County)

Oh Well Records (Boston)

Ovvrpopulation Records (Phoenix, Arizona)

Placenta Recordings (Traverse City, MI)

Plastic Smile Records (Dewitt, Michigan)

Protagonist Records (Tucson, Arizona)

Quiet Year Records (Harrisonburg, VA)

Quote Your Pulse Records (Califonia)

React! Records (Unknown)

Riotous Outburst Records (Conneticut)

Run For Cover Records (Unknown)

Six Feet Under Records (Salem, MA)

Songs From The Road Records (Whippany, NJ)

Sylvan Screams Analog (Charlotte, NC)

Texas Toast DIY (San Jose, California)

The Ghost is Clear Records (Kansas City)

Third Eye Grind Records (Long Island)

To Live A Lie Records (Raleigh, NC)

Topshelf Records (Boston, MA)

Trice St. Records (Houston)

Turn of The Century Records (Chicago)

Urban Scandal Records (San Francisco)

Vitriol Records (Los Angeles)

Way Grimace Records (Modesto, California)

Designers/Graphic Artitis/Illustrators/Screen-Printers


Tom Is The Bastard (Berlin)

PR Companies


Hold Tight! PR


Infektion PR

United States

Catharsis PR

Clawhammer PR

Earshot Media

Earsplit PR

Printed Zines/Magazine


Art Needs An Operation (London)

Artcore Fanzine (Unknown)

Brimstone 'Zine (Unknown)

Gadgie Fanzine (Midlands)

Let Your Fingers Do The Walking Zine (West Midlands)

Morbid Ghoul Zine (Swansea)

Moshtache Record The Zine (Newquay)

No Pop No Managers (Preston/Doncaster/North)

Obscure Fanzine (Unknown - help me out!)

Ont Road Fanzine (Unknown - help me out!)

Pornography For Cowards Zine (Isle of Wight)

Rantipole Zine (Brighton)

Rum Lad Zine
No links - help me out!

Vibrations Magazine (Leeds)


Decapitated Zine
No Links - Help me out!


Haunted Grave 'Zine (Transylvania)


Distortion Faith Zine (Arvika)

Show Promoters


Antipop Records (Liverpool)

Big Spaceship (Leeds)

Crangle Hammer Promotions (Leeds)

Cross Your Heart and Hope To D.I.Y (Edinburgh)

Dead Chemists Promotions (Southampton/Bristol)

Dead Dead Dead Music (Edinburgh)

Destroy All Monsters Promotions (Leeds)

Dirty Otter (Leeds)

Dirty Vultures Promotions (Rhyl/North Wales)

Don't Shoot The Messenger Promotions (Portsmouth)

Drown You Our Events (Leeds)

Fancy Claps Promotions (Leeds)

HawkchildDIY (Glasgow)

Let Your Fingers Do The Walking (West Midlands)

Misanthropy Promotions (Manchester)

Moshtache Records Presents (Newquay)

Outbreak Fest (Sheffield)

Paseo Presents (Liverpool)

Sinister Stench Productions (Bristol)

Win Htein Records (London)


Frontal Noize (Leuven/Roeselare)

Open Up Records (Limburg/Rest of Belguim)


L'oeil Du Tigre (Montreal)

Pint-Sized Collective (Calgary)

Pouzza Fest (Montreal) 


Shivery.MMXII.Productions (Wurzburg)


Dead End Music (Dublin)

Guys With Beards Records (Dublin)


Ghostown Booking (Cagliari)


Utarid Booking (Kuala Lumpur)

The Netherlands

SmithsFoodGroup DIY (Utrecht) 


Feedback Booking (Gothenburg)

Stockholm Straight Edge (Stockholm)


My Endless Minutes

(We Built The World And) Miss The Stars

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