Monday 30 May 2022

Nionde Plagan/The World That Summer - Split 10"

Labels: Dead Punx Records/Dingleberry Records/Laserlife Records/Longrail Records/Pundonor Records/Stack Your Roster/Suspended Soul Tapes And Records/Through Love Records/Zegema Beach Records

Formats: Vinyl/Digital

Release Date: 08 Feb 2017


1. Nionde Plagan - Föreställningsvärldar

2. Nionde Plagan - Inget Att Förstå

3. The World That Summer - What Is Dead May Never Die

4. The World That Summer - Heat Death Parties Are The Bomb, Man

5. The World That Summer - Moth Volcano

By now both of these bands will (I'm sure) be familiar to you. If not, go and remedy that immediately! Sweden's Nionde Plagan joined forces with Canada's The World That Summer in February of 2017, to release a split on a very underused vinyl format (in my opinion anyway), the 10".  It was a joint release via a whole host of DIY, screamo loving labels. 

As this is the newest review from my ZBR roster review series, I need to acknowledge that my order of reviews goes in tandem with the order of ZBR's releases on bandcamp, from bottom to top and from right to left, going on the basis that the bottom right release is the earliest (obviously, that logic isn't always correct given that this split saw the light of day before the Eight Feet Under Comp, which was my previous review in the series). Either way. with my weird OCD aside, let's go.

Writing and publishing this review means that I’ve personally written more this May than I did last May. A small and personal mental boost, nothing more. Nionde Plagan has two tracks here compared to the three of The World That Summer, purely down to their song lengths. Their screamo/black metal fusion is joyous on opener ‘Föreställningsvärldar’. Spacious and cinematic guitars provide the bulk of the song’s atmosphere alongside the vocals, while the bass and percussion keep everything on an even keel, forever moving forwards. 

Their second and last song ‘Inget Att Förstå’ is more upbeat with punk-like tempos and groove-laden rhythms, if that’s an adequate way of describing it!. The vocals are still harsh, with the Swedish vocals providing something more authoritative. This 10” was their second to last release (at least if Discogs is to be believed) and it underlines how good they were/are. Next up it’s The World That Summer, whose side consists of the aforementioned three songs. ‘What Is Dead May Never Die’ is as atmospheric as Nionde Plagan’s opener at first before it morphs into an angrier, raw screamo song. That being said, it still brings out all the feels for sure.

‘Heat Death Parties Are The Bomb, Man’ is straight up sasscore/mathcore-inspired screamo, kind of in the vein of the obvious comparisons such as Seeyouspacecowboy and maybe even Euclid C Finder! sort of. It’s epic and it changes the mood of the split effortlessly. The World That Summer end on ‘Moth Volcano’, which aside from being a brilliant title, is also a great song that shows just how easy it is for a band to make three songs sound completely different, without being different (if you know what I mean?). 

Whatever my ramblings above represent, this split is ace. It contains the final songs committed to record by The World That Summer (again I’m relying on Discogs for this info, so it may not be accurate) and as mentioned above, was (caveat above) the penultimate release from Nionde Plagan. A very much underrated split on an underrated vinyl format. If you can still find a copy of this, buy buy buy!

For Fans Of: Old Man Gloom, Rinoa, Euclid C Finder!, Oak, Respire and Sadness

Stream and download it below:- 

Nionde Plagan -

The World That Summer -

Physical copies can still be purchased from the labels below:-

Laserlife Records -

Through Love Records -

Zegema Beach Records - CAN/INTL -

Dead Punx Records -

Dingleberry Records -

Laserlife Records -

Longrail Records -

Pundonor Records -

Stack Your Roster -

Suspended Soul Tapes And Records -

Through Love Records -

Zegema Beach Records -

Thursday 26 May 2022

THÅRN - Collisions

Labels: Surviving Sounds/Trepanation Recordings

Formats: CD/Tape/Digital

Release Date: 12 Nov 2021


1. The Way

2. Replacements

3. Mute

4. Shadow Of Another

I'm trying to keep some kind of momentum going this week, though I'm still nowhere near the end of my inbox (hence why this review is coming so late!). THÅRN is a sludge/post-metal duo from London and their debut album Collisions was released last November via both Surviving Sounds and Trepanation Recordings. The band is made up of Jérôme Barré (of Finis Omnivm, Screensaver) on guitar/vocals and Luke Booth (of We Never Learned To Live, ex-Human Future) on bass/vocals, as well as Gary Marsden providing session drums.

I’m writing this after a day that’s surprised me. THÅRN’s opener on Collisions ‘The Way’ is the absolute perfect blend of post-metal and post-hardcore. Delivered in the simplest and most effective form, with vocals that stand out due to their live/organic nature. The guitar, bass and drums that make up the mighty instrumental heft are out of this world as well. ‘The Way’ is a relatively short song (given the band’s approach) but it’s utterly perfect as an opener. On ‘Replacements’ I’m reminded of early Dry Cough Records band Voe, whose album Rvst I still find utterly mesmerising. THÅRN carries that same mantle here with atmospheric and melodic guitar, coupled with the biggest of rhythm sections. The harsh vocals have a slightly higher tone than that of Voe but fit the colourfulness (musically) of the record as a whole. The slides into lengthy introspective passages give space, which in turn give the heavier sections more impact.

For a band with as much power as THÅRN, to call a song ‘Mute’, there must be some kind of hidden message (that I can’t pick out). I don’t need to understand it either to be honest because the song can speak for itself, pardon the pun. It’s a calmer, instrumental-led piece that contains semi-whispered/spoken vocals that sit deep within it’s first few minutes, before the band builds in volume once again. That build leads to more of their majestic heaviness. In fact, there’s definitely a very euphoric feeling that comes from the explosiveness of it all. Closing song ‘Shadow Of Another’ is just as euphoric. Heck, maybe even more so. The shout-from-the-rooftops post-hardcore is what draws you in and it doesn’t let go of you. There’s such a moreish tone to everything here, which comes as no surprise given that it was recorded/mixed by the always consistently brilliant Joe Clayton ( at No Studio, Manchester). It was mastered by Will Killingsworth of Orchid no less (at Dead Air Studios), which adds an extra depth to the album as well.

As Collisions comes to an end with copious amounts of feedback, there’s a moment to reflect on the artwork that adorns this release (by Jérôme). It fits brilliantly with the music contained within. This release underlines the quality that exists throughout the UK heavy music community. THÅRN are excellent and I for one can’t wait to hear what they release next. Hats off must also go to Surviving Sounds and Trepanation Recordings for spreading this release further too. Thanks to Frenchie for bringing this to my attention.

For Fans Of: Voe, We Never Learned To Live, Still, Hope Drone and Infant Island

You can stream and purchase Collisions digitally, and pick up merch below:-


Physical copies can still be purchased from the labels below:-

Surviving Sounds -

Trepanation Recordings -

Tuesday 24 May 2022

Grayscale Season - Do You Like Violence (Review by Jesper Johansson Jungermark)

Labels: Self-Released

Formats: Digital

Release Date: 15 Apr 2022


1. Pink Mist

2. Volatile

3. Champagne Tears

4. Luxury Depression

5. Calm

6. Violence

7. Slow Emotions

8. Side Effects

9. Summer

10. Pillow Grin

11. Human Resources

12. End Sequence

13. Now Let's Make Those Teeth Leave Your Pretty Mouth

Over recent years I've welcomed some great guest writers from different corners of the world, who have brought their own enthusiasm to this blog, especially when writing about bands from their locality or country. A little while ago, I was contacted by my friend Jesper from Sweden (of the bands Young Mountain and Nathan Aeli!) as he wanted to write and share a review of the newest record from Swedish metalcore band Grayscale Season, which is called Do You Like Violence. I couldn't be happier to have him as a guest and without further rambling, here's his track-by-track review...

1. Pink Mist

The homage of starting a track with saying the title of it, especially in the beginning, can get blunt. It’s a thing I rarely experience these days and it’s nice to see such old twists still linger on. At the first listen this song kicked me in the face, from it’s start to mid-section it goes from a opera-esque modern melodramatic musical piece to a hard-hitting ”you will die with my fist inside your kranium” kinda feel. 

2. Volatile

Again referring to the violent shift in focus, this track immediately takes you on your very own ride to meet the executioner. Bludgeoning guitars, heavy as the weight of a thousand boulders all about to smash you right into the mundane Monday oblivion. Nothing has ever ringed so true as these shifts, between a feeling that everything will fit into its right place and eventually feel fine. That is, until the next riff pulls the carpet beneath you again for another shade to appear. The thickest and filthiest of tar is now all around you and there is no rescue in sight. 

3. Champagne Tears

I have never properly played basketball but I imagine this to be a perfect soundtrack to that exercise. This is the bounciest of boys, ”10/10 turn-your-cap-backwards-and-smash-your-head -in-asphalt” kinda feel. No questions asked, just this feeling and excruciating pain. Nu-metal is on the rise and this tune got drenched in a rainbow. 

4. Luxury Depression

In the mid of 2021 I got called in to work on a music video concept together with my friend Jakob Ivar Ekvall of Lykantrop, an independent movie company hailing from Gothenburg. I remember us sitting in my old van, preparing to do some stupid-shit-fulfilling-creative-idea like we always do, and he said that he’d been approached by this band that was really open-minded to doing something different with their aesthetics. Being who we are, connoisseurs of the obscure / idiots with imagination, we began to discuss the texture of the song. How did it translate from it’s audio to a visual being? The continuous bend in song structure felt metallic and on the verge of breaking, but it never really did. The song was ”Luxury Depression” and a part of the visual mold was cast. This was the song that drew me in and made me enthusiastic about the band, a display of true potential to what the extreme of metal and composition can aspire to be. 

5. Calm

2010 called and says it’s philosophical blend of christian metalcore has gone and dated that hot nu-metal kid on the block. This track isn’t the definition of calm, It’s a composition quickly changing, forever figuring out the next move to turn it’s own torso in the opposite direction. 

6. Violence

Suddenly the album takes a different route, this is the boldest sway from the actual narrative I’ve heard on the album, stripping the soundscape down to simplicity itself accompanied by synths and mellow piano, even doh this is one of the weaker openings to it’s siblings, it transcends the expectations to where it could’ve ever gone. 

At 1.40 the vocals gets processed in a way that reminds me of the 90’s strikingly raw industrial scene spear-headed by the likes of Trent Reznor, and Rammstein. The song structure reminds me if the band Health and the way Adam sings reminds me of the tone of Chet Bakers voice. A tasteful and unique blend to the palette that is alternative metal, expanding the ”acceptable” and elitistic thought that artists have to choose a spectrum where they can place their creations. The future is genre-fluid. 

7. Slow Emotions

If there’s one place where I get to critique the mix, then this is where, the first guitar riff is way too stringy and motionless. When the rest of the instruments kick in we are back where we were, at a place of sonic distress, a never-ending cardiac arrest plunging through the cortex. I smiled so hard that I had to rewind 15 seconds when the ”wooh” (at 2.37) teleported me back to my first introduction to the early Swedish metalcore scene, containing bands like Walking With Strangers, Yersinia, Aim For The Sunrise, Adept and Path Of No Return to mention a few. What flashed before my eyes was the phenomena where guitarists or bassist would write funny little words or short sentences like ”Let’s Mosh” or ”Fuck” on the backside of their instruments and flip them over before a breakdown section. I imagine Grayscale Season doing the same in this part, if not then I’ll have to take a permanent marker to the backside of Adams bass. 

8. Side Effects

Not often do you come across certain vocalists with this feral viciousness in their tone. This is one of the strongest compositions of ”Do You Like Violence”. The djenty / nu-metal groove escalates into the heavens and strikes down on earth with every shift of velocity they can. Listening to this track feels like a sentence in the likes of divine judgement. At 2:00 the archangels of God tares your psyche open only to spit right into your brain cavities at 2.25. This is a composition worthy to dethrone the likes of man. Ridiculously anthemic, maybe the most solid and brilliant song on this album. 

9. Summer

Leaving no time to breath, ”Summer” attacks and draws first blood on your throat. It’s coming for you. A paranoid and stifling vibe ache through this work and it shines through with genuine curiosity that you can still create heart-wrenching music with the help of a pair of strings. 2:23 sends absolute shivers down my spine, the homage of a classic Swedish folk song takes new life in a modern surge for the will to renew oneself as the flowers of autumn. I find great  joy in bands that dare to show off their origin. All countries have their own rich culture to share across the world and the bands that dream to spread it are the bravest. 

10. Pillow Grin

I’m running out of words to say. This is such an intense album. Filled to the brim with individuality and extravaganza. Some of you might not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like. 

11. Human Resources

One of the more pure beatdown / deathcore-esque tracks, in the vein of bands like The Acacia Strain, The Red Shore and early Suicide Silence but with a new sense of virility. It’s a mix of all parts, the above and in addition some more groove. The last haft of this track is what gets my little dead-and gone-despised-icon-loving-heart going. A fresh take on a long deceased art-form way too dominated by horrible lyrics. 

12. End Sequence

Back to the musical variation, the immense range of both vocalists are showing off their brightest colours in this last of love songs in the fold.  The sample at 2:45 is equal with the quality of ”Suffocate For Fuck Sake”s most renowned creation ”Blazing Fires…” and to draw that likeness is to touch greatness.  There is no hope left, only abandon, and how do we navigate in all that despair? Listen to ”End Sequence” and find out. 

13. Now Let’s Make Those Teeth Leave Your Pretty Mouth

Like a mixture between ”The 1975”, ”Evanescence”, ”The Mars Volta” and ”Saosin” this very last voyage of tears drying in the sand takes us to the end. No more goodbyes. All that’s been said is said and there’s no possible change to be done. It’s been a fuck of a ride and I’m on my second way around the merry-go-ride about to take a third. I don’t care if I puke. I’m just so very, very, happy that this album ever saw the light of creation.

For Fans Of: Car Bomb, Frontierer, The Acacia Strain, Adept and The Mars Volta

You can stream and purchase Do You Like Violence digitally from Grayscale Season below:-

Grayscale Season -

I just want to end this post by saying a massive thank you to Jesper for taking time out to write this review and for allowing me to publish it. You're welcome back anytime!

Monday 23 May 2022

Serpent Cobra - Beware EP

Labels: Helter Skelter Productions/Stoner Witch Records

Formats: Vinyl/Tape/Digital

Release Date: 25 Feb 2022


1. Walpurgisnight

2. Beware

3. Bloody Countess

Argentinian doom/proto-metal is my jam this evening in the form of Serpent Cobra, who released their latest EP Beware in February via Helter Skelter Productions and Stoner Witch Records. Serpent Cobra started out as a duo in 2017 but it was 2020 that saw them release their first music, coinciding with the addition of two new members. After the Master Of It All single, they released their debut album Anatomy Of Abuses with the help of both Stoner Witch Records and Interstellar Smoke Records. New EP Beware features three tracks and is available digitally from the band, as well as on both vinyl and tape from the labels mentioned above.

We’re not far off flying headfirst into a new working week, so a final bit of escapism is needed. Serpent Cobra bring it in spades on Beware. ‘Walpurgisnight’ is a mid-paced heavy metal/doom song cut from the cloth of Sabbath and Candlemass, with some added South American flair. The clean vocals sit well amongst the percussion and hypnotic riffs, while the lead-guitar wails later on. 

The EP’s title-track ‘Beware’ is an instrumental that’s a world away from it’s opener. It’s gentle and almost folky in places, though it still has some sinister undertones to it. ‘Bloody Countess’ rounds things out with a bass-heavy slab of stoner doom. I think there’s more punk to this release than meets the eye, but that could be just my ears deceiving me. Either way, it’s a cool way to end.

Beware acts as a teaser before the release of Serpent Cobra’s second LP and it’s a good place to start if (like me) you’re new to the band. It should appeal to those who like occult rock, as well as the aforementioned sub-genres. It also reminds me that I need to dive back into the slower, groovier side of metal with more gusto again.

For fans of: Acid Mammoth, Jess And The Ancient Ones, Alunah, Candlemass & The Hidden Hand. 

You can stream and purchase Beware digitally below:-

Serpent Cobra -

Physical copies can be purchased from the labels below:-

Stoner Witch Records -

Helter Skelter Productions (Distributed by Shadow Records/Regain Records) -

Stoner Witch Records -

Helter Skelter Productions -

Wednesday 18 May 2022

V/A - Eight Feet Under Vol.1

Labels: Don't Live Like Me Records/IFB Records/Shove Records/Through Love Records/Zegema Beach Records

Formats: Vinyl/Digital

Release Date: 01 Jun 2017


1. Vi Som Alskade Varandra Sa Myket - Du

2. Vi Som Alskade Varandra Sa Myket - Kaktergalen Och Rosen

3. Via Fondo - Hurts Just A Little Bit

4. Via Fondo - Out Of Silence...A Sough

5. Nous Etions - Le Jour Ou La Chevalerie Est Morte

6. Nous Etions - La Dernière Voltige

7. Nous Etions - Heretique

8. The World That Summer - The Standard Gravity Of Impending Doom

9. The World That Summer - Interlude

10. The World That Summer - No Hugs For Lucas

11. Sleeper Wave - Endless Elegies

12. Sleeper Wave - Glacial

13. Sleeper Wave - Counter-Friction

14. Sleeper Wave - Welcome To My Life, This Is Me

15. Youth Novel - VII

16. Youth Novel - VIII

17. Youth Novel - IX

18. Youth Novel - X

19. Lamantide - In Absentia I

20. Lamantide - In Absentia II

21. Pastel - Woodpecker

22. Pastel - Tucano

I'm a little bit out of sync but I knew this review was gonna be a big one so I'm not too worried. As compilations go Eight Feet Under Vol.1 is pretty special, not just as a moment in time but also due to the sheer amount of work that went into it. Twenty two new/unreleased songs from eight bands, from four countries across two LPs; Vi Som Alskade Varandra Sa Mycket and Via Fondo (Sweden), Nous Etions and The World That Summer (Canada), Sleeper Wave and Youth Novel (USA), Lamantide and Pastel (Italy). Five labels collaborated to release it on five hundred copies of double black vinyl back in 2017. To me this is a snapshot in time of where ZBR was and where it was heading as a label (yes this is a ZBR roster review).

I think the writing of this review is going to be spread across a few nights. I’m not used to writing about this many songs in one sitting, but lets see how it goes. By now, all of these bands should be familiar to you if you’ve been keeping track of my Zegema Beach Record roster review series or indeed of ZBR’s releases in general. 

Starting with an old faithful in the form of Vi Som Alskade Varandra Sa Mycket and their duo of ‘Du’ and ‘Naktergalen Och Rosen’. ‘Du’ is as dramatic as screamo gets. The instrumentation is at first slightly deeper in the mix with the vocals on top. After the midway-point, the roles reverse and the instumentation takes the lead with the vocals relinquishing their position, as Vi Som’s majesty is opened up. ‘Naktergalen Och Rosen’ is a loverly off-kilter/semi-experimental piece of raw and emotive screamo, coupled with lovely melody. It’s a style that Sweden does really well and Vi Som are probably the main proponents of it.

Next up are two songs from fellow Swedes Via Fondo. Their sound is a lot heavier and ‘Out Of Silence…A Sough’ contains a great deal more urgency. The percussion and guitars initially create a huge soundscape before settling down and allowing the semi-spoken/shouted vocals to take their place. Definitely more emo-centred yet still retaining a sense of anxiousness and aggression. Their second song ‘Hurts Just A Little Bit’ is equally as intense, heralding a more blackened sound in places, while being more succinct. I’m blown away so far.

Because this is a double LP release, some bands contribute more songs than others due to their playing time. Canadians Nous Etions have three and true to form, they’re a bit more to the point. ‘Le Jour Ou La Chevalerie Est Morte’ isn’t the emoviolence blast you might have expected. Instead it’s much more introspective and cinematic. ‘Le Derniere Voltige’ follows on in a slightly more violent form, due to its shorter playing time. Still, Nous Etions do well to keep it musical as opposed to just chaotic. Their final song ‘Heretique’ is probably their most beautiful piece on Eight Feet Under. Don’t think anything else needs to be said about it.

The second Canadian band on this comp is The World That Summer. Given the band’s affiliation with ZBR, they’re an obvious choice. They contribute three songs to it starting with ‘The Standard Gravity Of Impeding Doom’, which begins in almost reserved fashion before exploding into something much more visceral. Heavy screamo with elements of emoviolence and multi-vocals for good measure. ‘Interlude’ is kind of exactly that. Spoken word samples sitting on top of a lowly single guitar melody. It’s quite unnerving actually. Their final song ‘No Hugs For Lucas’ is a gorgeously played melodic/post-hardcore number. As with all of the songs on this comp, it’s a snapshot in time but goddamn it’s a good one.

II I haven’t already mentioned it; this is gonna be a long one! It’s now time for some American screamo in the form of Sleeper Wave and Youth Novel, who between them fit the most songs onto their portion of the split. Sleeper Wave’s up first with ‘Endless Elegies’ and it’s wonderfully arty take on the genre. I only call it arty because of those twinkly, off-kilter riffs. The rest ain’t bad either. The feedback that ends ‘Endless Elegies’ leads you into ‘Glacial’, which is slightly more straightforward song (maybe?). ‘Counter-Friction’  is fantastic in it’s delivery. Abrasive yet melodic and wholesome stuff for sure. It leads into their closing song ‘Welcome To My Life, This Is Me’, which is also their shortest. I’m still completely in love with Sleeper Wave’s guitar work and this is a fine way for them to end their contribution.

Things get a bit crazy when Youth Novel take over, but did you expect anything less? Their four songs are the most emoviolent here. ‘VII’ starts off gently but after a pause it changes into a fast and chaotic best, with an added layer of intensity spread across both the vocals and the music itself. ‘VIII’ is their fastest song but aside from that pace, it’s also got plenty of post-hardcore tendencies including some really heartfelt singing. A real standout for me. There’s a level of complexity to Youth Novel’s music and not in a technical sense, but in an emotional one (if that makes sense) on ‘IX’. Maybe it’s just the feeling I get but it’s feels different somehow. Their closer ‘X’ is a much lengthier player. It leans more towards the instrumental end of the spectrum and with the added rock n roll flair injected by the lead guitar work, it’s a bit of a surprise. 

It’s back to Europe again for the comp’s final quarter. Italy’s Lamantide and Pastel get the honour of closing it out. Lamantide’s two song are adjacent in title with ‘In Absentia I’ being very broody and slow to start, building to a thicker post-metal/hardcore sound that’s pretty dark. The riffs are the main focal point and the sound is more blackened, leaning much more towards metal to these ears. ‘In Absentia II’ has the same grim ambience as it’s predecessor did at the beginning and it follows on in the same vein throughout. Lamantide’s sound is very infectious yet authoritative. 

Fellow Italians Pastel are known for their instrumental and experimental music, and they show it off to great lengths on ‘Woodpecker’. It’s not all instrumental though as they do add some gang-like vocals into it, but the band’s skill is clear for all to hear. Comp closer ‘Tucano’ is the perfect finisher. Relaxing compared to what came before Pastel, but that’s not taking anything away from the others at all. It just whisks you off to a dreamier place for a little while, at least.

To summarise this release should be simple, but it’s not. Hats off to all of the labels involved in it though, it must have been a hell of a task to put it all together. All eight bands brought their own spark and sound to it and that’s what makes it special.

For Fans of: Vi Som Alskade Varandra Sa Mycket, Via Fondo, Nous Etions, The World That Summer, Sleeper Wave, Youth Novel, Lamantide and Pastel

You can stream and purchase it digitally here:-

Vi Som Alskade Varandra Sa Mycket -

Vio Fondo -

Nouse Etions -

The World That Summer -

Sleeper Wave -

Youth Novel -

Lamantide -

Pastel -

Physical copies of the comp can still be purchased from the below links:-

Shove Records -

Through Love Records -

Zegema Beach Records - CAN/INTL -

Don't Live Like Me Records -

IFB Records -

Shove Records -

Through Love Records -

Zegema Beach Records -

Sunday 15 May 2022

10 Questions With Plague Patrol

In November of last year I reviewed the debut demo from Czechian death metal band Plague Patrol. After much slackness on my part, I managed to put some interview questions together to send to the band. Guitarist Radek was kind enough to answer my questions and provide an insight into the band, and the scene in Czechia.

1. Who is in the band and where are you from?

Hi James, thanks a lot for you interest in our small miserable band. We are Plague Patrol from Prague Czech Republic and we play old school death metal. We wanted to steal riffs from Incantation as well as Tomb Mold, but we suck at it. I am Radek and I play the guitar, also bass in studio. There is Slavek, a singer, and Zubar on the drums. We are just a trio.

2. What is the history of Plague Patrol? When and how did you form?

Plague is a product of covid era started in October 2020. I wanted to write some proper death metal songs for such a long time and one day I asked Zubar to try something together. Thanks to all those lockdowns we have spent most of our evenings in a rehearsal room working on songs. That’s how the demo was done. During the recording session Slavek joined us. This is it!

3. Have any of you played in previous bands and are you in any other bands currently?

Well, we have tons of different bands haha. I play also in Decultivate (chaotic hc/crust), Skiplife (powerviolence), Controlled Existence (grindcore) and some other projects. Zubar is a member of Sick Destroyer (grindcore), Controlled Existence (grindcore), Rato Triste (sludge) and some other projects as well. Slavek also sings in Morkhimmel (metallic crust). The list of bands we played in is looooong. Obviously, we are bit old for a cult of youth.

4. You released your first demo last year. Are you pleased with the way it turned out and the what was the reception to it like from fans?

Yeah, we are totally overwhelmed by positive reactions. Actually, I didn’t expect much. I just wanted to release some proper death metal music done with a proper sound. Because it was on my wishlist for so many bloody years. The reception is cool for a band with no single gig played. Especially US death metal geeks are into our music. Endless gratitude to all people around the world supporting us! You all fucking rule!

5. What are your thoughts on the extreme metal scene in Czechia at the moment? Is the community strong there?

I guess so, we have bunch great bands and people doing things helping underground to stay alive. Hard to explain within few sentences, but I got a really great feeling about the scene right now, so many inspiring people doing inspiring things. Just one band: check a new album by Lycanthrophy. Their sound became unique. 

6. Are there any bands that have influenced you?

Definitely Incantation and some other classical stuff like old Deicide, Demigod or van Drunen stuff. And among those hyped new OSDM bands I totally adore Tomb Mold because their riffs are bit different but still slimy enough and with kinda punk attitude. Great band. I also love Mortiferum, but mostly their first demo, great riffing… These are the biggest influences for my guitar work, but you cant hear it in our music, because we can play only what we play, we suck at ripping off other bands haha.

7. What are your favourite albums/EPs at the moment?

Pharmacist – Flourishing Extremities.. because their music evolution is sick as fuck

Bandit – new album not released yet, crazy chaotic grindcore from the US

Kreator – Endorama …because they released it again on vinyl recently, not a typical Kreator album, Sisters of Mercy vibe with Mille’s vox basically haha

8. Do you intend to play live with Plague Patrol?

Yeah, there might be something in 2023, not earlier. If we play live, it will be a special occasion for sure. Cant say anything else right now.

9. It is early days I know, but how do you see the band evolving?

There is no other plan than creating some good death metal music. When a song is done, the world makes more sense. It's all about this, no popularity bullshit.

10. Finally, what are your thoughts on the music industry as a whole and where do you see it’s future?

It will be the same crazy rollercoaster powered by nostalgia. For example current death metal hype is nothing but a cry for times we have never experienced. So many shitty bands are on big labels, meh… But I can live with that haha. Thanks for your support!

You can stream and purchase Plague Patrol's Demo 2021 digitally via bandcamp below:-

Tape copies are sold out from them but you can still purchase physical copies from the labels below:-

Psychocontrol Records -

Psychocontrol Records -

Dry Cough Records -

Gutless Productions -

Headsplit Records -