Thursday 28 December 2023

Blind Girls - Residue

Labels: Self-Released/Zegema Beach Records/Left Hand Label

Formats: Vinyl/Tape/Digital

Release Date: 13 Nov 2018


1. Breaths

2. 3AM

3. Loss Forms A Sequence

4. Exertion

5. Visitant

6. The Ghost In My Eye

7. Dormant

8. Cherish

9. Discarded Pictures

10. Nightshade

11. Burial

A few more days of 2023 remain and while I'm looking ahead to what 2024 has in store musically, I'm trying to press on with a bit more consistency. One thing that's been (fairly) consistent throughout the year has been my Zegema Beach Records roster review series. The series brings me to Australian power-violence/screamo royalty Blind Girls and their 2018 debut album. It was self-released on vinyl and digital platforms by Blind Girls with help from Zegema Beach Records in 2018 (whom also released it as a limited tape run), while a second vinyl pressing by both ZBR and Left Hand Label followed in 2020 (I'm basing all of this info on what's available on Discogs so I hope it's accurate). 

Blind Girls have never wasted time or breath on their releases, with Residue hitting it’s marks straight away thanks to ‘Breaths’. I’ve owned a copy of the 2020 re-press since it’s release but it never gets old. The screeching feedback, high-pitched piercing screams and oft indecipherable instrumentation beneath make for an exhilarating start. Things don’t change on ‘3AM’, as the band continues to deliver super abrasive noise that’s big enough to exfoliate your inner ears. 

You’d think that things would settle down during the near three-minute song ‘Loss Forms A Sequence’, but they don’t. Instead, the noisy chaos is joined by subtle off-kilter/mathy guitar work and percussion. It’s not long before things return to normal thanks to ‘Exertion’, which benefits from the best of both side of BG’s sound so far, with added introspection/post-ness.

‘Visitant’ promises something more ambient and rhythmic, which it delivers. At times it threatens to overspill back into powerviolence territory but it remains an instrumental breather that’s in a class all of it’s own. The feedback that closes it out leads straight into ‘The Ghost In My Eye’, which features some gloriously cinematic guitar as an intro before being shattered by another bout of intensity. 

The latter half of Residue picks up in momentum as ‘Dormant’ takes up it’s brief residency. Another song that isn’t shy in coming forward. ‘Cherish’ makes you think it’s going to be more melodic in the riff department, which actually is the case for a large part of it, yet there’s no escaping BG’s emotive, all-encompassing performance where their emotion is front and centre.

We’re now nearing the album’s conclusion and ‘Discarded Pictures’ gives the impression of a band playing two different songs at once (at times) as it builds, plateaus and descends, all in the space of two minutes. Penultimate song ‘Nightshade’ once again provides a glimpse into the more technical side of BG’s music and in doing so, it also lays a path for the most heavily layered/engrossing song on the album so far.

Closer ‘Burial’  follows that same path in glorious fashion without any hesitation. The more expansive sound created by Blind Girls during these two final songs is the highlight of Residue for me. For some reason it just hits harder. Living with albums like this before writing about them is a privilege but writing this review makes me realise that I need to spend more time with them. Everything is so fast paced nowadays and I sometimes struggle to focus on individual details/elements of life. Maybe that’s something to work on next year.

You can stream and purchase Residue digitally below:-

Blind Girls -

Physical vinyl copies are still available via Left Hand Label below:-

Zegema Beach Records -

Left Hand Label -

Tuesday 26 December 2023

Abandoncy/Norse - Split 10"

Labels: Kono Dischi/Longrail Records/Vina Records/Shove Records/New Knee Records/Tenzenmen Label

Formats: Vinyl/Digital

Release Date: 06 Jan 2023


1. Abandoncy - Machine Organism

2. Abandoncy - It'sallfunandgamesuntilimakemyselfcry

3. Norse - Colpevole

4. Norse - Complice

Back on the screamo wagon this evening (as promised in my In Wolves Clothing review) and it's gonna be that way for at least the next few posts. Once again I'm demonstrating just how far behind I am when it comes to my inbox by writing about the early 2023 split featuring Kansas City, USA's Abandoncy and Biella, Italy's Norse. It was released on 10" vinyl back in January via a wholes host of labels including Kono Dischi, Longrail Records, Vina Records, Shove Records (all from Italy), New Knee Records (USA) and Tenzenmen Label (Thailand). Today's fun fact: I first came across Tenzenmen Label via their 2012 release of Farewell To Joy by Australia's Idylls. Nostalgia aside, let's get stuck in.

I first came across Abandoncy when I picked up a copy of the 4-way Meditations In Affinity: Solicitude split (released via The Ghost Is Clear Records and Zegema Beach Records) that also included Bighand//Bigknife, Almanac Man and Emma Goldman. It was so nice to receive an e-mail from the band in promotion of their split with Norse earlier this year and I feel terrible for not getting to it sooner. It starts with Abandoncy’s ‘Machine Organism’, which is a short blast of noise-rock filled with guitar feedback and loud percussion that envelope the vocals. Calling this merely screamo was unfair. 

‘It’sallfunandgamesuntilimakemyselfcry’ is at the other end of the spectrum in song-length and musical approach, given that it leans much more towards post-rock/doom. It’s still noisy though and it fully justifies the five+ minute playing time for sure. Think of bands like Big Business and Unsane jamming at their loudest, while Chat Pile and Nerver fill in the quieter moments and you might get close to what this song is. Obviously, those comparisons are open to interpretation. Abandoncy are a band all of their own and they close out their side of this split in veritable fashion, with intense screams adding to an emotive performance.

Norse begin the split’s second half with ‘Colpevole’, which is immediately atmospheric and beat-driven. As the song’s intro bars bleed into heavier noise, more intricate melodies make themselves heard. It’s dramatic to say the least. I don’t recall hearing Norse before (I know there are a couple of bands that share that name) but I’m sold here for sure. They prove once again that split releases really do work if you’re looking for new bands to obsess over.

Their closing song ‘Complice’ brings more urgency, which is unsurprising given both the format and structure of this release. It’s with unflinching heaviness that Norse end, with a great sense of catharsis. Musically, they’re very expressive (just like Abandoncy) but in a different way, if that makes sense. I feel like I haven’t written enough about Norse and their music here, but then again I don’t feel that anymore words will do them justice. It’s hard to compare Norse and their sound to any other band. 

I’ve been digging deeper into post-rock/metal in recent months thanks to my Pelagic Records subscription. I started out in my teenage years loving nu-metal, before progressing to hardcore/metalcore later on. I’m in my late-thirties now and while I still love those sub-genres, my musical palette has changed and grown so much. I am forever indebted to any band that treads a heavier path. This split, Abandoncy and Norse are no exception.

You can stream and purchase the split digitally from both bands below (where it's also still available to buy on 10" vinyl:-

Abandoncy -

Norse -

Physical copies can also be purchased while stocks last, from the labels below:-

Longrail Records -

Vina Records -

Shove Records -

New Knee Records -

Kono Dischi -

Longrail Records -

Vina Records -

Shove Records -

New Knee Records -

Tenzenmen Label -

Tuesday 19 December 2023

Perilaxe Occlusion/Fumes/Celestial Sanctuary/Thorn - Absolute Convergence 4-Way Split

Labels: Cavernous Records/Dry Cough Records/Gurgling Gore

Formats: CD/Vinyl/Tape/Digital

Release Date: 09 Feb 2022


1. Perilaxe Occlusion - Serrated Tessellation

2. Fumes - Monolith

3. Celestial Sanctuary - Trapped Within The Bank Membrane

4. Thorn - Pythonissam

I fully appreciate that this review is very very late. With that being said, I think it's better to live with a release before properly dissecting it. I'm fortunate enough to own a copy of this four-way death metal release on vinyl, thanks to Dry Cough Records and given my love for Celestial Sanctuary,  picking it up was a no brainer. Having originally been released on tape in February 2022 via Gurgling Gore, it later saw a CD release via Cavernous Records and a sumptuous vinyl pressing via Dry Cough Records. Featuring Perilaxe Occlusion (R.I.P) and Fumes from Canada, Celestial Sanctuary from the UK and Thorn from the US, it gathers together modern bands who prefer to do it old school.

This LP contains just four songs (one from each band) and it’s pretty damn glorious. Opening with a song from the sadly departed Canadian duo Perilaxe Occlusion, this split’s immediacy takes no prisoners. ‘Serrated Tessellation’ acted as a precursor to their 2023 full-length Vapor Chamber, which it also appeared on. In true OSDM fashion, ‘Serrated Tessellation’ delivers throughout it’s entire seven+ minute playing time thanks to the dank rhythm section and bass, downturned guitars that often appear slower tempo-wise (when they’re not howling) and the dread-inducing low growls. A great start to the split for sure.

As if one Canadian band wasn’t enough, Fumes make their presence felt straight away. Interesting fact: Fumes appeared on a 2021 split release with Thorn. Their song ‘Monolith’ takes inspiration from bands like Cynic thanks to a jazz-laden approach and I have to say, it’s brilliantly performed. I love brutal and old-school death metal in equal measure but when it comes to the experimental/jazz/improv end of the spectrum, I’m utterly in awe. Fumes will definitely be a band I look into deeper following this write-up.

It’s now the turn of the UK’s Celestial Sanctuary, whom have been gaining many plaudits over the last couple of years, thanks to their consistency and quality. ’Trapped Within The Rank Membrane’ is as dirty and disgusting it’s the title doth suggest. It’s a lot more old-school and the percussion lays it’s own brutal path, yet there’s also a subtle element of avant-garde instrumentation flowing through it as well. It continues to show how fertile the global death metal community is. 

This split wouldn’t be complete without the addition of some sickening US death/doom. Thankfully, Thorn and their song ‘Pythonissam’ made it onto this release. There’s no denying their quality here and what’s crazier is the fact that were it not for this split release, I might never have heard of them. They round things out perfectly thanks to their slower/old-school brand of death metal. If you thought this split peaked already, you should listen to Thorn’s song to the end.

Four-way split releases like this are becoming much more frequent and that’s fine with me, as this one is fantastic. Absolute Convergence gives you the chance to hear four bands from the same metal genre, each producing something unique and truly enjoyable.

You can stream and purchase Absolute Convergence digitally below:-

Perilaxe Occlusion -

Fumes -

Celestial Sanctuary -

Thorn -

You can still purchase the LP from Dry Cough Records as part of a great three-LP bundle or on it's own here -

Cavernous Records -

Dry Cough Records -

Gurgling Gore -

Thursday 14 December 2023

In Wolves Clothing - In Wolves Clothing

Labels: Zegema Beach Records/Self-Released

Formats: Tape/Digital

Release Date: 08 Sep 2018


1. The Terrifying Aftermath Of Disbelief

2. Sick Hit

3. Dark Blue/Light Black

4. 6 (six)

5. It Eats Itself

Sitting planning my current review schedule was a challenge recently because I've been sent some stellar new post-hardcore/screamo releases to review. I wanted to run them all concurrently but ultimately felt it was better to vary things a little. I decided to pick up where I left off with my ZBR roster review series first of all. This review features US band In Wolves Clothing, whose self-titled debut EP was self-released digitally by the band in September 2018, when it was also released on tape via Zegema Beach Records. 

I didn't know this when I came to do my write-up but alongside Andy Johnson (guitar/vocals) and Azeem Mufti (bass/vocals), Thomas Carney (guitar/vocals) used to play in Gas Up Yr Hearse!, while Jesse Mowery (drums/vocals) is/was part of both Dawn and Karoshi alongside many other bands. I mention those three bands because I have records featuring them in my personal collection.

I’m starting at the beginning of In Wolves Clothing’s discography (to date) here. The perfect place to start in my opinion. Opener ‘The Terrifying Aftermath Of Disbelief’ is a tantalising yet short glimpse into what’s to come on this EP. Melodic guitars, crusty atmosphere and multi-vocals set against the more violent (read better) side of screamo. ‘Sick Hit’ is where they first expand their sound and song lengths, with off-kilter emo vibes and scathing vocals that sit deeper in the mix as the drums flail and crash with the sound of cymbals. It’s a journey that’s well worth taking if you’re seeking some kind of aural solace, occasionally punctuated by samples and brief cinematic peaks.

‘Dark Blue/Light Black’ builds on the previous song with greater emphasis on the instrumental build-up, which is brilliant and leads you to believe that it’s going to last throughout the entire track. It’s not until nearly the two-minute mark that In Wolves Clothing give in and let their voices explode once again. I love it when multiple band members let their true musical personalities show on a release. This is a perfect example of four very adept musicians living their music. 

Penultimate song ‘6 (six)’ harks back to the EP’s opener with it’s immediacy and intensity. Probably the heaviest number on the whole release, it throws you headfirst into ‘It Eats Itself’, which is curiously the title of their follow-up album and where it appears in a shorter form. None of what I drew attention to in that last sentence truly matters though as I sit listening to it, realising just how engrossing and even how technical it is at times. 

EP’s are always a double-edged sword. Sometimes they go on too long but other times (like here), they end too soon. It’s a great way to keep fans hooked, longing for another recording in the future. Thankfully In Wolves Clothing is one band that has delivered more than just a single release. Go and listen to their full-length It Eats Itself and their split with Letterbombs for further evidence of just how good they are. 

You can stream and purchase this EP as a name-your-price download from In Wolves Clothing below:-

Tape copies from Zegema Beach Records are long sold out, but the Letterbombs split is still available below:-

Zegema Beach Records CAN/INTL - / USA -

In Wolves Clothing -

Zegema Beach Records -

Monday 11 December 2023

Plini - Mirage EP

Labels: Self-Released

Formats: Vinyl/CD/Tape/Digital

Release Date: 01 Dec 2023


1. The Red Fox

2. Five Days Of Rain

3. Still Life

4. Aqua Vista

5. Ember

I couldn't pass this up when it appeared in my inbox last week. Over the last few years I've grown to love technical music (much like I've obsessed over the technical elements of Formula 1 motor racing) and I've found instrumental music to be the highest point of it all. Plini is a name I know thanks to my brother and one I'm glad to have been introduced to. Much like Nyos (Pelagic Records) and their album Waterfall Cave Fantasy, Forever, this brand new EP from the Australian guitar virtuoso will surely make a mark on 2023'a musical landscape, even if it's a very late one. The many instrument playing guests will surely help too, including one Tosin Abasi (Animals As Leaders).

I’m still recovering from a pre-Christmas pub crawl that took place on Saturday, so this evening’s all about rest and relaxation. Plini’s brand new EP works well in that department as ‘The Red Fox’ opens proceedings in dreamy musical fashion. Plini as always plays guitar and composes so there’s a myriad of other musicians to credit/give thanks to here; including Chris Allison (drums, percussion, mystery vocals), Simon Grove (bass, stunt guitar as well as engineering, mixing and co-production), A.J. Minette (piano as well as string arrangement and production), Misha Vayman (violin) and Yoshika Masuda (Cello). ’The Red Fox’ is a great opener to be fair, especially if you’re hearing Plini for the first time. Progressive guitar work coupled with equally artistic musicianship that pulls it beyond the notion that Mirage is just another opulent solo album.

After what seemed like a sprawling journey, ‘Five Days Of Rain’ is a much more succinct number and one that truly plays to Plini’s strengths as it allows his guitar playing to sit on top of the recording for the majority of the song. A very tangible snapshot of a master at work coupled with the additional piano of Dave Mackay and production from Devesh Dayal make it something else. If you’re at all familiar with Plini’s previous works then ’Still Life’ will sound very familiar to you with it’s bluesy leads that draw influence from the like of Steve Vai and Joe Satriani, while still sounding completely unique and genuinely engrossing. The addition of an epic guitar solo from Tosin Abasi seals the deal.

‘Aqua Vista’ comes across as a more straightforward song initially, mainly thanks to it’s shorter running time, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s simple. It’s not and nor should it be. Plini and the wider musical collective herein remind you that it’s a progressive masterpiece all of it’s own. Closing with ‘Ember’, Plini truly leaves the absolute best till last. The sheer skill and musical artistry on show here is plain to see (or hear). By now, this shouldn’t come as a surprise given how established Plini is at this point. Some people may say that artists or bands peak at certain points in their musical careers and in some cases that is true; however, I believe that there is still much more to come from Plini. Only time will tell.

You can stream and purchase Mirage digitally below:-

Physical copies can be purchased directly from Plini here (wherever you are in the world):-

Plini -

Monday 4 December 2023

Alex B Kurbis - never had a chance, mind. EP

Labels: Self-Released

Formats: Digital

Release Date: 01 Dec 2023


1. Onion Heart

2. Pedestrian Roulette

3. Something Nice

4. Plancton/Commute

Completely unexpectedly, a new EP was released by Swiss indie/emo/punk band Alex B Kurbis on December 1st. Considering the band's debut full-length Mondays And Tuesdays was only released in June, this shows incredible productivity (or just plenty of songs left over. Who knows!). Alex B Kurbis appeared on my radar earlier this year and I really didn't expect new music so soon. Guess I shouldn't have expectations. then they can always be smashed for the better!

There are just four songs on this EP but then again good things come in small packages. Opener ‘Onion Heart’ beats to the tune of old-school punk once again. The melodic, minimalist type that gets toes tapping and hips shaking. Happy and upbeat. We all need a bit of that.

There’s a tinge of folk on ‘Pedestrian Roulette’, which isn’t out of place during the gentle first half of the song. The second half is louder, complete with added vocal layers, distorted guitars and a great sense of rowdiness.

Nothing needs to last too long and Alex B Kurbis know that. ‘Something Nice’ brims with constant rhythm from the drums that holds everything else together. The rest of the instrumentation and vocals keep pace as if they were hitching a ride by grabbing the rear bumper of a fast moving vehicle. 

EP closer ‘Plancton/Commute’ is the outlier here as it contains more of an art-punk vibe, which isn’t anything new to the band. It works majestically in this song. Helping to expand on what’s already been. As the choir of voices ring out towards the end it reminds me of a family or a group of friends singing together in happy times, even if the feedback at the end tears that vision.

Another really enjoyable release from Alex B Kurbis, who seem to be settling nicely into a sound that’s warming and soothing. There’s a lot of soul here. Embrace it.

You can stream and purchase the EP digitally below:-

Alex B Kurbis -

Sunday 3 December 2023

Euclid C Finder - A Standard Basis For The Set Of All Discontent

Labels: Self-Released/Zegema Beach Records

Formats: Tape/Digital

Release Date: 26 Feb 2018


1. Morning Glory Memory (Quantico 3mph)

2. I Just Want To Live In A Banach Space

3. You Too Can Be A Toxic Avenger!

4. A Proof About Hungry Ghosts

5. October 31st, 1994

There's a bit of a strange explanation behind this review. I reviewed Euclid C Finder's self-titled EP back in November 2018 and around the time of it's release, Zegema Beach Records did a run of tapes for it that also included the band's earlier EP (this one), which was released digitally in February 2018. As I've already written about half of that ZBR comp release here (and it was going to be the next write-up in my ZBR roster series), it makes sense to focus on A Standard Basis For The Set Of All Discontent without repeating myself.

This marked the debut release for a mathcore/tech grind band that has grown in stature many times over in recent years (that’s even before you get to the new 2023 full-length). Made up of five songs that barely hit ten minutes and beginning with ‘Morning Glory Memory (Quantico 3mph)’, you’re greeted with the most angry mathcore you’ll probably ever hear. The grinding drums and hardcore-inspired guitar riffs are loud enough, but the vocals are delivered in such a way that they tower over everything else (at least to me anyway).

‘I Just Want To Live In A Banach Space’ follows immediately at frightening pace. It’s first thirty seconds are just a non-stop barrage of chaotic noise before Euclid C Finder breaks it up with an instrumental mid-section that’s top-tier powerviolence (at it’s slowest) and a stomping hardcore-punk close. It’s epic.

There’s one thing you can count on with a mathcore release and that’s the well thought-out (and sometimes obscure) song titles, like ‘You Too Can Be A Toxic Avenger!’. The metallic riffs and panic chords take full control this time, and they’re glorious in their jarring beauty as they’re woven into what could be best described as the aural equivalent of ADHD (and it’a totally fine by me).

It always amazes me how musicians can Inject so much intricacy into a sound that’s so violent, which for somebody who predominantly only listens to metal and hardcore, might come as a surprise. It might be because I’m not a musician myself. ‘A Proof About Hungry Ghosts’ illustrates the point I was trying to make perfectly as it flies by in just over a minute sounding so precise. You won’t find anything sloppy about Euclid C Finder.

It’s left to final song ‘October 31st, 1994’ to provide the most bizarre of EP endings. Much like when I first heard Capitol Swizzle Credit (thanks to Mathcore Index), this song hits me in exactly the same way with it’s initial burst of mad grind. Later on it settles slightly with some metallic (post?) hardcore vibes and draws to a subtly atmospheric close.

A Standard Basis For The Set Of All Discontent is now over five years old but age doesn’t affect it one bit. Hearing the first utterings of a band can set you off on a journey. The Euclid C Finder journey is fast and wild. You’ll want to retake it over and over again.

You can stream and purchase the EP digitally below:-

Euclid C Finder -

The ZBR tapes are long sold out but you can stream and grab the full comp digitally here:-

Zegema Beach Records -

Don't forget to check out Euclid's new album The Mirror, My Weapon, I Love You. I'll have a review of that one coming up in the near future.

Saturday 2 December 2023

LLEWELYN - Disposable Culture

Labels: Tomb Tree/The Ghost Is Clear Records

Formats: Tape/CD/Digital

Release Date: 10 Nov 2023


1. Heliophobia

2. Sway

3. Disposable Culture

4. Dorian Gray

5. Ritual

I'm doing that thing again where I write about a band of which I know nothing about. I mean, a lot of people reading this may not know about LLEWELYN as they're a newly formed band. When I saw their music being compared to Transistor Transistor, Chat Pile etc, I took notice. Their debut EP Disposable Culture was released last month on tape through Tomb Tree and on cd through The Ghost Is Clear Records. LLEWELYN features members from US bands Forever Losing Sleep and Moaded to name a few (thanks OPENmind/SATURATEDbrain).

I really don’t want to set foot outside today as it’s -5 degrees, but I have to. Until then though, I’m going to devour something new and LLEWELYN makes for the perfect weekend wake-up call with their melodic yet furious brand of noise-rock. Opener ‘Heliophobia’ is that peculiar mix of sludge/AmRep noise and structured post-hardcore. Blasting drums coupled with raspy screams, while classy guitar work provides melody underneath.

It gets more mathy on the cleverly named ‘Sway’, which is really hard to compare to anything else. It’s off-kilter and sassy but there’s also a menacing heaviness to it. Moments of psych and ringing feedback add to the aural chaos as well. The EP’s title-track ‘Disposable Culture’ comes at you from a punkier direction thanks to the addition of gang-vocals and a higher tempo. 

‘Dorian Gray’ is that kind of excitement-inducing song that usually comes before then end of a release, in that it’s calmer in style and tone to begin with, and while it does get louder/heavier later on, it remains more subdued. I like it’s poppier edge, which draws you into EP closer ‘Ritual’. At this point it’s best just to sit back and appreciate the music here. ‘Ritual’ isn’t a fast song, in fact the slower/noisier approach is better and it’ll keep you coming back to this release.

2023 is still producing some absolute bangers (even though I’m behind on a lot of stuff). The consistency of bands and labels has been insane and it’s not over yet. LLEWELYN have started strong with this EP. Let’s hope they reach more ears because this was great.

You can stream and purchase the EP digitally from bandcamp below, where it's also available to grab on tape from Tomb Tree:-

CD copies can be purchased from The Ghost Is Clear Records below too:-

Tomb Tree -

The Ghost Is Clear Records -

Friday 1 December 2023

Bolt Gun - The Warren 7"

Labels: Avantgarde Music/Starved Light

Formats: Vinyl/Digital

Release Date: 14 Jul 2023


1. The Warren Part I

2. The Warren Part II

It's the first day of a new month. The month that will also see us into a new year. It's a chance to gain fresh momentum, at least for me anyway. That's why I'm dedicating this day to writing and listening, and first up is the two-song 7" called The Warren by Australian ambient/black/doom metal band Bolt Gun. It was released in July via Avantgarde Music and Starved Light. It was billed as the precursor to Bolt Gun's newest album The Tower, which was released in October and it features the percussive might of Iggor Cavalera on drums.

Bolt Gun is made up of guitarist/synth/orchestral arranger Jon Vayla, vocalist A.T., bassist Val Macukat and saxophonist Claire Keet on this release.

The Warren is split into two parts, both being the same length. ‘The Warren Part I’ is immediately bleak but also bold thanks to the atmospheric instrumentation performed by Bolt Gun. Iggor Cavalera’s drumming compliments the sound perfectly, adding a slightly industrial tinge to the doom-laden tempo used. On hearing the synths and saxophone, I can understand how this came to be released under the Avantgarde Records banner. It’s heavy but also intelligent at the same time.

‘The Warren Part II’ begins with synthesised strings and subtle ambience that draws you away from Bolt Gun’s heaviness. Beyond that initial opening section, the song’s first half is a mix of improv noise and off-kilter guitar. The latter half sees that band’s more structured black/doom metal appearing again, as if out of thick fog. Their cinematic post-metal influences become more prominent and temper the piercing vocals, which sit deeper in the mix.

7” EPs like this are used to build suspense and excitement, both of which Bolt Gun successfully achieve here. As the music falls aways to silence, the calm it leaves behind gives a sense of euphoria. It forms part of a larger musical journey for the band yet as a singular entity, The Warren deserves a place of it’s own. Great release.

You can stream and purchase The Warren digitally from Bolt Gun below:-

Bolt Gun -

Physical 7" copies can be purchased via the links below:-

Avantgarde Music -

Starved Light -

Avantgarde Music -

Starved Light -