Thursday 14 December 2023

In Wolves Clothing - In Wolves Clothing

Labels: Zegema Beach Records/Self-Released

Formats: Tape/Digital

Release Date: 08 Sep 2018


1. The Terrifying Aftermath Of Disbelief

2. Sick Hit

3. Dark Blue/Light Black

4. 6 (six)

5. It Eats Itself

Sitting planning my current review schedule was a challenge recently because I've been sent some stellar new post-hardcore/screamo releases to review. I wanted to run them all concurrently but ultimately felt it was better to vary things a little. I decided to pick up where I left off with my ZBR roster review series first of all. This review features US band In Wolves Clothing, whose self-titled debut EP was self-released digitally by the band in September 2018, when it was also released on tape via Zegema Beach Records. 

I didn't know this when I came to do my write-up but alongside Andy Johnson (guitar/vocals) and Azeem Mufti (bass/vocals), Thomas Carney (guitar/vocals) used to play in Gas Up Yr Hearse!, while Jesse Mowery (drums/vocals) is/was part of both Dawn and Karoshi alongside many other bands. I mention those three bands because I have records featuring them in my personal collection.

I’m starting at the beginning of In Wolves Clothing’s discography (to date) here. The perfect place to start in my opinion. Opener ‘The Terrifying Aftermath Of Disbelief’ is a tantalising yet short glimpse into what’s to come on this EP. Melodic guitars, crusty atmosphere and multi-vocals set against the more violent (read better) side of screamo. ‘Sick Hit’ is where they first expand their sound and song lengths, with off-kilter emo vibes and scathing vocals that sit deeper in the mix as the drums flail and crash with the sound of cymbals. It’s a journey that’s well worth taking if you’re seeking some kind of aural solace, occasionally punctuated by samples and brief cinematic peaks.

‘Dark Blue/Light Black’ builds on the previous song with greater emphasis on the instrumental build-up, which is brilliant and leads you to believe that it’s going to last throughout the entire track. It’s not until nearly the two-minute mark that In Wolves Clothing give in and let their voices explode once again. I love it when multiple band members let their true musical personalities show on a release. This is a perfect example of four very adept musicians living their music. 

Penultimate song ‘6 (six)’ harks back to the EP’s opener with it’s immediacy and intensity. Probably the heaviest number on the whole release, it throws you headfirst into ‘It Eats Itself’, which is curiously the title of their follow-up album and where it appears in a shorter form. None of what I drew attention to in that last sentence truly matters though as I sit listening to it, realising just how engrossing and even how technical it is at times. 

EP’s are always a double-edged sword. Sometimes they go on too long but other times (like here), they end too soon. It’s a great way to keep fans hooked, longing for another recording in the future. Thankfully In Wolves Clothing is one band that has delivered more than just a single release. Go and listen to their full-length It Eats Itself and their split with Letterbombs for further evidence of just how good they are. 

You can stream and purchase this EP as a name-your-price download from In Wolves Clothing below:-

Tape copies from Zegema Beach Records are long sold out, but the Letterbombs split is still available below:-

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