Saturday 2 December 2023

LLEWELYN - Disposable Culture

Labels: Tomb Tree/The Ghost Is Clear Records

Formats: Tape/CD/Digital

Release Date: 10 Nov 2023


1. Heliophobia

2. Sway

3. Disposable Culture

4. Dorian Gray

5. Ritual

I'm doing that thing again where I write about a band of which I know nothing about. I mean, a lot of people reading this may not know about LLEWELYN as they're a newly formed band. When I saw their music being compared to Transistor Transistor, Chat Pile etc, I took notice. Their debut EP Disposable Culture was released last month on tape through Tomb Tree and on cd through The Ghost Is Clear Records. LLEWELYN features members from US bands Forever Losing Sleep and Moaded to name a few (thanks OPENmind/SATURATEDbrain).

I really don’t want to set foot outside today as it’s -5 degrees, but I have to. Until then though, I’m going to devour something new and LLEWELYN makes for the perfect weekend wake-up call with their melodic yet furious brand of noise-rock. Opener ‘Heliophobia’ is that peculiar mix of sludge/AmRep noise and structured post-hardcore. Blasting drums coupled with raspy screams, while classy guitar work provides melody underneath.

It gets more mathy on the cleverly named ‘Sway’, which is really hard to compare to anything else. It’s off-kilter and sassy but there’s also a menacing heaviness to it. Moments of psych and ringing feedback add to the aural chaos as well. The EP’s title-track ‘Disposable Culture’ comes at you from a punkier direction thanks to the addition of gang-vocals and a higher tempo. 

‘Dorian Gray’ is that kind of excitement-inducing song that usually comes before then end of a release, in that it’s calmer in style and tone to begin with, and while it does get louder/heavier later on, it remains more subdued. I like it’s poppier edge, which draws you into EP closer ‘Ritual’. At this point it’s best just to sit back and appreciate the music here. ‘Ritual’ isn’t a fast song, in fact the slower/noisier approach is better and it’ll keep you coming back to this release.

2023 is still producing some absolute bangers (even though I’m behind on a lot of stuff). The consistency of bands and labels has been insane and it’s not over yet. LLEWELYN have started strong with this EP. Let’s hope they reach more ears because this was great.

You can stream and purchase the EP digitally from bandcamp below, where it's also available to grab on tape from Tomb Tree:-

CD copies can be purchased from The Ghost Is Clear Records below too:-

Tomb Tree -

The Ghost Is Clear Records -

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