Friday 1 December 2023

Bolt Gun - The Warren 7"

Labels: Avantgarde Music/Starved Light

Formats: Vinyl/Digital

Release Date: 14 Jul 2023


1. The Warren Part I

2. The Warren Part II

It's the first day of a new month. The month that will also see us into a new year. It's a chance to gain fresh momentum, at least for me anyway. That's why I'm dedicating this day to writing and listening, and first up is the two-song 7" called The Warren by Australian ambient/black/doom metal band Bolt Gun. It was released in July via Avantgarde Music and Starved Light. It was billed as the precursor to Bolt Gun's newest album The Tower, which was released in October and it features the percussive might of Iggor Cavalera on drums.

Bolt Gun is made up of guitarist/synth/orchestral arranger Jon Vayla, vocalist A.T., bassist Val Macukat and saxophonist Claire Keet on this release.

The Warren is split into two parts, both being the same length. ‘The Warren Part I’ is immediately bleak but also bold thanks to the atmospheric instrumentation performed by Bolt Gun. Iggor Cavalera’s drumming compliments the sound perfectly, adding a slightly industrial tinge to the doom-laden tempo used. On hearing the synths and saxophone, I can understand how this came to be released under the Avantgarde Records banner. It’s heavy but also intelligent at the same time.

‘The Warren Part II’ begins with synthesised strings and subtle ambience that draws you away from Bolt Gun’s heaviness. Beyond that initial opening section, the song’s first half is a mix of improv noise and off-kilter guitar. The latter half sees that band’s more structured black/doom metal appearing again, as if out of thick fog. Their cinematic post-metal influences become more prominent and temper the piercing vocals, which sit deeper in the mix.

7” EPs like this are used to build suspense and excitement, both of which Bolt Gun successfully achieve here. As the music falls aways to silence, the calm it leaves behind gives a sense of euphoria. It forms part of a larger musical journey for the band yet as a singular entity, The Warren deserves a place of it’s own. Great release.

You can stream and purchase The Warren digitally from Bolt Gun below:-

Bolt Gun -

Physical 7" copies can be purchased via the links below:-

Avantgarde Music -

Starved Light -

Avantgarde Music -

Starved Light -

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