About my Blog

This Noise Is Ours started as Stay Ahead blog at the back end of 2010. Not being able to play an instrument, sing or be artistic, this blog serves as my outlet and as a way to give something back to a genre of music and a scene that has given me so much pleasure over the years.

I cover metal/hardcore/punk and any sub-genres that fall within those types of music (any other types WILL BE IGNORED!).

I'll review music digitally or physically and you can reach me via the blog's contact form, via e-mail at tnio@outlook.com or via my facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/pages/This-Noise-Is-Ours. Get in touch with me for my postal address, if you're planning on sending any physical items for review.

Twitter - @ThisNoiseIsOurs

Current readership volumes:-

Monthly average - 5,305
Total readership - 306.373

If you would like to advertise on my blog, please get in touch via the above e-mail address to discuss.