Friday 31 May 2019

Spiral Skies - Cult 7"

Labels: Art Of Propaganda Records
Formats: Vinyl/Digital
Release Date: 15 Mar 2019


1. Cult
2. The Final Set

I'm stepping out of the punk sphere as I needed something with groove. I was drawn to this new 7" EP from Sweden's Spiral Skies and after gazing at the cover art, I thought it'd be a good fit for my sleepy, lethargic mood. Flu-like symptoms and lack of sleep coupled with the day job kind of does that to you. Anyway, this is the second EP to come from this psych/doom/rock band and it was released by Art Of Propaganda Records back in March, It follows on from their 2018 debut album "Blues For A Dying Planet", which was again release via AOP.

The Swedes have their sound nailed when it comes to psychedelic doom and rock and Spiral Skies takes you back to the heady days of the 70s on Cult. The title-track is filled with siren-like vocals, gloriously warm guitar tones and percussion that doesn’t overpower the music. It’s recording is clear and it helps the lyrics paint an occult but also soothing picture. There’s a folkish charm to it that’s inescapable too.

From the doom sound of the title-track to the more up-tempo rock vibes of The Final Set, Spiral Skies prove that they are equally adept at both. It’s great to sit and listen to it without lifting a finger, as it’s delivered so well and there’s nothing that’s challenging about it. That’s not to do it a disservice though, as “Cult” is a fantastic rock release that will act the perfect introduction to Spiral Skies for new listeners, especially when they let loose towards then end of The Final Set with those guitar riffs that build and explode.

A short but oh so sweet EP This works because it’s true to the musical roots of those who perform it. Comparisons are worthless when art is this good on it’s own.

You can stream "Cult" and purchase it digitally below:-

You can buy 7" copies from Art Of Propaganda Records here -

Art Of Propaganda Records -

Tuesday 28 May 2019

The Homecoming - Chasing Ghosts

Labels: Self-Released
Formats: Digital
Release Date: 31 Aug 2018


1. The Waiting Game
2. Darling, Dearest, Dead.
3. Coming Down
4. Neverafter
5. Autopsy

Here's another band that I stumbled across on Bandcamp. The Homecoming is a punk quartet from Chicago (Illinois, US) and "Chasing Ghosts" is their latest release. Taking inspiration from many of the current crop of well established alt-rock/pop-punk bands, they've been plying their trade since forming in 2016. I've been unable to find their full discography anywhere, so apologies for not being able to provide further info. 

This is typically American sound punk (unsurprisingly) that would be at home on any major radio/tv station or at similarly big music festival. EP opener The Waiting Game is a mid-paced number with all of the clean trappings you’d expect. The Homecoming sound mature and assured though, not just like some kids aping their idols. For anybody reading this who ventured to Slam Dunk Festival in the UK over the weekend just gone, this might just rekindle fond memories. Darling, Dearest, Dead. is really well-written and the guitar work is spot on. Yes it’s inoffensive but that’s the whole point. They’re not being too clever and clearly know their sound.

The vocal melodies on Coming Down are super clean thanks to the mixing/mastering and they match the big instrumentation too. It’s a bit cheesy at times but that’s no reason to side-step it. There are times when heavy music gets a bit too much and we’re all suckers for melody really. The pop hooks continue on Neverafter, which is a jam made specially for the summer sun and carefree days. There is a slightly harder edge to it on a couple of occasions but this is erased by the gang singing and misty-eyed lyrics that make it poignant. 

As one of their influences, I’m yet to here any AFI in their music though final song Autopsy does have more than a nod to Alkaline Trio, which is fine. At risk of pigeonholing The Homecoming, they’ve settled on a sound that’s familiar and that works well for them, They play their music with genuine passion and expression, which is all you can ask. The current US Pop-punk scene is a big old rabbit hole to explore, but “Chasing Ghosts” is a great place to start.

You can stream and purchase "Chasing Ghosts" from all the major digital outlets. If you pay for it via Bandcamp below, all of the money received will be donated to Planned Parenthood and ACLU in the US, following the recent abhorrent laws that were passed making abortion illegal in Alabama and Georgia:-

Monday 27 May 2019

Heterofobia - Queremos Ver El Mundo Arder

Labels: Drunken Sailor Records/Voice From Inside Tapes
Formats: Vinyl/Tape/Digital
Release Date: 24 May 2019


1. Huele A Muerte
2. Me Das Asco
3. El Infierno
4. Vida De Mentiras
5. Rincones Polvorientos
6. Falsos Aliados
7. No Podemos Ser
8. Silencio Absoluto
9. Ya Esta Bien (La Uvi Cover)
10. Queremos Ver El Mundo Arder

Raw and angry punk from Mexico makes for a perfect accompaniment to this slightly hungover bank holiday Monday. This is the latest album from Monterrey's newest queer, pink punks Heterofobia and was released on vinyl and digitally by UK label Drunken Sailor Records only last week, while there has also been a tape pressing via Voice From Inside Tapes from the Ukraine. Spanish language punk with more than a nod towards the garage punk and death rock sounds of the 80s, with a La Uvi cover to boot.

There’s an ominous atmosphere that greets you on album opener Huele A Muerte, with it’s authoritative percussion, riffs that sound slightly anti-melodic and the shouted vocals. It’s not blasting like crust punk but it has as caustic edge to it that’s really infectious. It’s also fairly mid-paced but it leads into the more urgent Me Das Asco, which makes use of dual vocals and a larger garage punk influence.

El Infierno has a real danceable goth-like vibe to it, despite the destructive vocals. It’s over too quickly. Talking of being over too quickly, Vida De Mentiras is the shortest song on “Queremos…” and as a result, it’s stark urgency is all too obvious. Heterofobia’s sound is perfect on here. There’s nothing too technical about it but then punk doesn’t need to be. Before you know it, you’re racing to the album’s mid-point with Rincones Polvorientos. It’s tempo seems to get faster and faster as it goes, but I may be imagining that.

Falsos Aliados is death-rock personified. It’s cruel and dystopian march is oddly hypnotic. Heterofobia really let themselves go on No Podemos Ser, which has to be the loudest and most aggressive song on “Queremos…”. The bass tones on Silencio Absoluto are strangely soothing at first, even if the song itself isn’t so. They cover of Ya Esta Bien by Spanish 80s punks La Uvi and they manage to retain the caustic sound of the original while also pumping their own melody into it.

The album finishes with the title-track and the distilled anger set against the backdrop of garage-punk instrumentation is a contrast that definitely works in Heterofobia’s favour. It may not be an easy listen for some but it’s well worth dedicating the time to if you are a fan of punk in its many forms. 

You can stream and purchase "Queremos Ver El Mundo Arder" directly from Heterofobia below:-

Physical copies can be purchased from the labels below:-

Drunken Sailor Records -

Thursday 23 May 2019

Harker - Dead Ends

Labels: Self-Released
Formats: CD/Digital
Release Date: 17 May 2019


1. Dead Ends
2. Flex Yr Head
3. Sticky (The Wedding Present)

As I've decided to cover punk stuff for the next few reviews, I wanted to highlight some bands that I've discovered on Bandcamp, starting with Brighton's Harker. They've been a band since 2012 (I think, though the Internet could be lying to me on that one) and have so far released a few EPs, a split and one full-length. They've worked alongside Shield Recordings, Wiretap Records, Disconnect Disconnect Records and Fond Of Life Records for the release of their full-length "No Discordance"; however, this three-track EP has been self-released as far as I can tell. Brighton can do no wrong musically in my opinion, so this shouldn't be an exception.

The title-track is a great slab of Americana/punk with plenty of British gruff grit. The guitars and vocals are melodic, with harmonies/shouting backing them up while the percussion and bass are simple and very effective. This is some catchy punk. It’s clear that Harker listens to a lot of US punk but that doesn’t do any harm to their music at all. Flex Yr Head is mid-paced with a grungy outlook on life. It shows a more heartfelt side to our own punk scene that’s there if you dig a bit deeper.

For their last song on “Dead Ends”, Harker covers Sticky by Yorkshire indie band The Wedding Present. Their take on it is true to the original but they also leave their own mark on it. It’s grittier than the other two songs on here, but that may be due to the delivery present on the original. This EP is a great introduction to Harker if you’ve never heard their music before. It’s approachable, melodic and really well played. 

You can stream and download "Dead Ends" here:-

They'll have hand-numbered CD copies available at their upcoming shows. Find the dates via their Facebook page -

Tuesday 21 May 2019

Pandemix - In Condemnation

Labels: Boss Tuneage Records/Dirt Cult Records
Formats: Vinyl/Digital
Release Date: 22 Feb 2019


1. No Monuments
2. Can't Assimilate
3. A Pox
4. Synthetix
5. Patterns Repeat
6. Downward Trend
7. Oblivion Lullabies
8. Through The Night
9. Past Selves
10. Column Of Light

I have a copy of the "Pathological Culture" 7" Flexi that Boss Tuneage Records released as part of their Flexipunk series and it's good, very good! I also reviewed the "Rank & File b/w Second Opinion" EP that Pandemix released last year so it's safe to say that I like this Boston (USA) punk band a lot. "In Condemnation" is the band's second full-length, following the release of their debut long player "Scale Models Of Atrocities" back in 2017. This record was released in February via Boss Tuneage Records (UK) and Dirt Cult Records (US).

Pandemix has one of those sounds that reminds you that all is not well. Proper punk that’s fast and raw, with semi-spoken word/cleanly sung vocals that occasionally morph into hardcore screams. No Monuments is a great mix of those aforementioned vocals and melodic guitars/fast drums that might bring to mind The Ramones. The whole band shows a new level of maturity on Can’t Assimilate. I mean, they weren’t exactly immature to start with but it seems that writing and playing together as much as they have over the last year+ has really had a positive impact on their music. A Pox is catchy and a perfect opportunity for a sing/shout-a-long, although it does have a sinister edge to it as well (not one to do karaoke to with the kids around!). 

It all gets faster and more sassy on Synthetix. Call the music hardcore, queer-punk, punk or whatever but they’re really just names. All you should really do is listen to this for what it is, which is excellent! There’s something more expansive about the longer songs on here, like Patterns Repeat. I think it has something to do with the riffs that create a different atmosphere that’s more post-punk in delivery maybe. Maybe it’s just me, I don’t know. Either way, the song is super enjoyable with it’s mid-paced passages. From there you’re greeted with the breakneck Downward Trend, which is another daft as hell punk song that doesn’t hang about. It’s over too quickly but it’ll leave your neck in shreds. The bass melody on Oblivion Lullabies sounds familiar but I can’t think of why. Obviously it’s not a copy of anything and it leads to a song that AFI would be proud of. It’s also where the hardcore influences of Pandemix begin to show. Occasional caustic screams can be heard amongst the music. 

Catchiness is a big part of this band and the simple song-structure that accompanies Through The Night is a reflection of this. It’s a throwback to 80s punk. Penultimate song Past Selves is by far the longest on “In Condemnation” and it’s probably the moodiest, and it bares more of a resemblance to acts like Adam Ant and even Soft Cell than to modern day punk, at least for the most part anyway.  Last song Column Of Light is equally as moody thanks to its simple guitar/bass tones and vocals, with drums that only come in towards the end. The final words are that of the album title, which brings it all full circle. “In Condemnation” is a really well written and delivered body of work from a band that have a lot to give. 

Pandemix are forging a path of their own and in doing so are clearing the way for countless others. Swallow your selfish pride and get acquainted. 

Stream and purchase "In Condemnation" on vinyl or digitally below:-

Pandemix has an online store here -

You can buy physical copies from label links below as well:-

Monday 20 May 2019

Cassilis - Quitting

Labels: Zegema Beach Records/Square Of Opposition Records/The Ghost Is Clear Records/Black Lake Records
Formats: Vinyl/Digital
Release Date: 24 Apr 2014


1. American 90s
2. Rat Pack
3. Boat Owners
4. Bloom Brigade
5. Softie
6. Sad Products
7. Jaw Session
8. Bone Sled
9. God Hair
10. King Jake
11. Groan Sleeve

Needed to get back on it so here's the newest review in my Zegema Beach Records roster series. This one goes back to 2014, when Philadelphia (PA, USA) quartet Cassilis released their second full-length "Quitting". It was released on single-sided vinyl with a screenpinted b-side, limited to 500 copies at the time of release. It contains 11 tracks filled with heavy hardcore/punk. Given that most of the bands that I've written about in this series so far are no longer releasing stuff, it's good to know that Cassilis are still active.

I’m going to be reviewing more punk and emo music this week, so this may be a bit noisy to start with but it still fits the theme. American 90s is a hell of an opener. Full of intense post-hardcore riffs that stay on the right side of being tough-guy and a dark atmosphere that’s helped by the huge drum sound and caustic vocals. There’s plenty of feedback too. The opener is a slight anomaly on ”Quitting” as Cassilis is actually pretty off-kilter and technical, as demonstrated on Rat Pack. They’re not afraid to keep things short, like on Boat Owners, which lasts just shy of sixty-seconds and is held together with genuine emotion and anger.

It’s all fairly mid-paced, which is a little surprise but that’s not to it’s detriment at all. Bloom Brigade seems to just get louder and louder, especially in the vocal department. They don’t dominate the recording by any means but when they are in full flow, the musical textures are hidden somewhat. Softie comes and goes with more hardcore attitude and power, while the rumbling, feedback-ridden noise of Sad Products is not an easy listen, even if it is an instrumental. It’s a barrage that will rattle your teeth when turned up. It acts as a precursor to the metallic madness that is Jaw Session. It reminds me of something that Snapcase would have written for “Bright Flashes”, although this is more technical to these ears.

Their rhythmic prowess shines through on Bone Sled, thanks to a great percussive performance. It’s part of something that’s hard to describe, as it’s a song that features elements from different styles of heavy music but also funk and even some metal (if I’m hearing it right). God Hair sounds like a hellish take on a Spaghetti Western theme song to start with, especially in the guitars but it descends into something all the more chaotic later on. It’s great! Following more twisting feedback, penultimate song King Jake hammers home the point with more loud and raucous punk. Cassilis waits until the end to perform their longest song on “Quitting” and it’s no surprise that the build-up to Groan Sleeve is harrowing and ringing with different pitches. It’s got the rock n roll swagger about it and the shouty attitude that means that you can’t play it too loud when there’s people living above and below you (like in my abode).

This record is over as quickly as it started. Cassilis makes a serious racket but that’s a good thing. Punk and post-hardcore continue to undergo shifts in their styles and bands continue to experiment. This album, given that it’s over four years old now, is just one example of that. Great noisy stuff. They have new songs up on their Bandcamp, so hopefully a full release will follow.

You can stream and purchase "Quitting" directly from Cassilis below:-

There are still copies of this record for sale out in the wild. Visit the links below:-

Zegema Beach Records -
Square Of Opposition Records -
The Ghost Is Clear Records -

Square Of Opposition Records -
The Ghost Is Clear Records -

Saturday 18 May 2019

Cicutoxin/Necroslurg - Split 7"

Labels: Ramekuukkeli-Levyt
Formats: Vinyl
Release Date: 07 May 2019


1. Cicutoxin - Mental Fog
2. Cicutoxin - A Decent Scum
3. Necroslurg - Messiaaninen Kirous
4. Necroslurg - Lyijysivellin

It's Saturday morning and I'm in that weird state between feeling hungover and not feeling hungover, if that makes sense? Reason being, I visited a brewery taproom in my home town yesterday and had a good time. Anyway, the release that I'm reviewing this morning will either banish my hangover just like a hair-of-the-fog would or make it worse (in a good way). This is the latest split release to come from Finnish label Ramekuukkeli-Levyt and features two bands that have been included on this blog before, all round heavy quintet Cicutoxin and heavy punk metal (their words) label-mates Necroslurg. Both bands contribute two songs to this split and it was kindly sent to me by Ramekuukkeli head honcho Tuukka.

I’ve long since been an admirer of Finnish heavy music and I love Cicutoxin’s brand of sludge, It’s got a great punk edge to it and their opening song here, Metal Fog is no exception. It sounds great on vinyl too. A Decent Scum is the longer of their two songs and it’s slower in tempo as a result. Definitely leaning more towards their doom/sludge influences The vocals are low and vicious growls while the drums put forth a terrifyingly slow beat to match the guitar/bass riffs. In terms of comparisons (if I have to make any), I’d put them next to countrymen Profetus maybe, albeit a faster version though I'm probably way off here. Great stuff that proves that the portal to hell exists and that it’s grounded in Finland.

Necroslurg on the b-side of this split present as faster approach on Messiaaninen Kirous. Like the blackened punk of bands like Darkthrone and (earlier)Entombed, mixed with the audaciousness of Turbonegro is how I’d describe them here. Pure aggressive punk fuelled heavy metal with raging vox. Lyijysivellin is no different and the fact that Necroslurg, as with previous releases, sing entirely in their native tongue adds to the effectiveness of their music. Intense while not being overpowering, there’s a simplicity to it that makes it super catchy. 

This split is over in no time, which is both positive and negative. Positive because it’ll make you put it on repeat but negative because you’ll no doubt be yearning for more from both bands after hearing it. Once again, a short sharp showcase of the chaotic noise that Finland has to offer in 2019. Great job and long may both bands and Ramekuukkeli-Levyt continue to support and produce it.

You can stream both of Necroslurg's tracks via Youtube below:-

You can buy copies via Ramekuukkeli-Levyt here -

Thursday 16 May 2019

ỤBỤRỤ - Death & Decay

Labels: Self-Released
Formats: Digital
Release Date: 15 May 2019


2. Rotting Flesh
3. Shaman
4. Tatters
5. The Butcher
6. The Void Of Oblivion

Yesterday, I was given the opportunity to be one of the first people (outside of ỤBỤRỤ themselves) to hear their first demo, essentially. This trio is a brand new heavy band from Leeds who're just beginning to make their first steps into the UK underground and indeed the live scene. Read on to see what I had to say about their songs...

The mysterious entity known as ỤBỤRỤ contacted me about writing something a bit different. It (or they) presented me with six live demo recordings. Not knowing whose in the band or where it’s from, I pressed play. What greeted me was heavy, groovy noise with bags of sludge on first track HSPC

Experimentation is clearly at the top of the musical list, as Rotting Flesh is an off-kilter doom song that doesn’t sound like the title would suggest. Imagine if Meth Drinker worshipped at the alter of old-school death metal and instrumental noise-rock, you’d be close to summing ỤBỤRỤ up. The more I listen to this, the more I begin to picture the miscreants that might be responsible for the noise herein, but there’s no harm in being kept guessing at the same time.

Shaman is a hard one to pin down. Black metal, sludgy metalcore-like breakdowns and bluesy bass-lines are all at play. The vocals are deep bellows that will carve deep into your soul. Forgive me if I’m plucking all the sub-genres out of the sky but this is hard to categorise. It’s very good. There’s a swagger about Tatters but that’s due to the band trying to fit more into less. It’s a shorter song and it chugs along nicely with a heap of dissonance and time-signatures that seem impervious to the norm.

ỤBỤRỤ does a slow once more on The Butcher, which has atmosphere flowing from every orifice. Passages that switch between psych/doom and cymbal-led death blasts with improvisation everywhere you turn. Last demo song The Void Of Oblivion is another murky bottom-feeder. Over seven-minutes of raw and progressive madness turned down to half speed. 

There’s an obvious focus throughout this and all of the songs presented here, and while this may be the first utterances from a band just born, I have a feeling that we’ll be hearing lots more from ỤBỤRỤ very soon.

You can stream all of the songs here via Soundcloud below:-

Keep up to date with ỤBỤRỤ's progression and live show announcements via their Facebook page here -

Vile Apparition - Depravity Ordained + Atrocious Captivity Demo

Labels: Blood Harvest Records/Memento Mori Records
Formats: Vinyl/CD/Tape/Digital
Release Date: 21 Jan 2019


1. Mauled And Nameless
2. Depravity Ordained
3. Dissect To Enucleate
4. Aeon Of Impalement
5. The Cursed Path
6. Malevolent Aphanatasia
7. Repulsive Desire
8. The Gate
9. Window Of The Grotesque

Such is the pace of releases this year, it's proving hard to catch up. So much so that I'm still working my way through stuff that came out in January (amongst my seemingly random review schedule). "Depravity Ordained" is the debut album from Australian death metal quartet Vile Apparition. It was released in January via Blood Harvest Records (vinyl, tape, digital) and Memento Mori Records (CD). Vile Apparition initially formed as a duo in 2017 and self-released the "Atrocious Captivity" demo, which also received a tape release via Transylvanian Tapes. Their line-up later doubled in size in time for a split cd release with Polish death metal duo Incinerator via Polish Putrid Cult. This piece will also feature a review of the "Atrocious Captivity" demo as it was included in the digital press pack I received.

Vile Apparition’s death metal is slamming, fast and disgusting. Mauled And Nameless is a blasting and grim old-school worshipping beast with deep growls. The riffs sit deeper in the mix as the drumming takes a tighter grip; however, there’s room in the recording for a ripping solo. This was pure and unadulterated brutal death metal without the pig squeals. The title-track is meaty with a wall of guitar-riffs beefing up the sound. Its formula is obvious fairly early on yet there’s technicality seeping from its pores. When Vile Apparition dials back the tempo, like in the latter half of Depravity Ordained, they venture into doom/death territory and its actually kinda nice (in a grim way). 

To deliver such ferocity and intensity so early on shows the intent that Vile Apparition has and Dissect To Enucleate is no exception. It all adds to an urgency that’s unmatched and with a production/mastering job that keeps everything true to the genres early proponents, everything is kept from being raw and muddy. They hit peak death metal on Aeon Of Impalement, with its slow and brooding doom/death feel and another ripping solo. There’s still plenty of fast but it seems more focused to me. A the mid-point of the album there’s a hauntingly ambient instrumental song in the form The Cursed Path, which breaks up the brutality  and fills you with an unnerving feeling.

After that instrumental, things get back to full speed on Malevolent Aphanatasia, which encompasses pretty much everything that makes Vile Apparition’s music so good. It’s nothing you haven’t heard before if you’re a death metal fan but as far as debuts go, it’s right up there. The final trio of songs beginning with Repulsive Desire are absolutely raging. Repulsive Desire itself is full of constant Tom abuse and vocals that scream “how low can you go”. The lack of time to catch your breath between it and The Gate proves that Vile Apparition mean business and take their death metal more than seriously. It’s much of the same but The Gate just stabilises the quality of the album.

Despite what I said above, the album’s final track Window Of The Grotesque is brimming with atmosphere within its opening bars. That atmosphere is retained as Vile Apparition stomps through one last doom/death filled number. It rounds out an album filled with disturbing bleakness and genuinely heavy death metal. There will be a lot of keen listeners in the underground who have already discovered “Depravity Ordained” but if you haven’t yet, you should change that.

Stream "Depravity Ordained" and grab it digitally and on LP/CD from Vile Apparition below:-

Tape copies are now sold out via Vile Apparition, but you can get the album on all physical formats from Blood Harvest Records and Memento Mori Records.

Labels: Self-Released/Transylvanian Tapes
Formats: Digital/Tape
Release Date: 31 Jul 2017


1. The Abyssal Plain
2. Anatomized Remnants
3. Atrocious Captivity
4. Featureless Deity

As mentioned above, Vile Apparition's 2017 demo "Atrocious Captivity" was bundled in with the promo I received, so I've decided to write a separate review of it and include it here. It's often fun starting with a band's most recent release and working backwards. This demo was written and recorded back when the band was a duo, so it'll be interesting to hear how their sound progressed to what it is now. As far as I can tell from scanning various places, tape versions of this are long sold out from both Vile Apparition and Transylvanian Tapes.

“Atrocious Captivity” begins with The Abyssal Plain, which is a ghostly and pretty terrifying intro that leads directly into Anatomized Remnants. Obviously here the sound is slightly raw but that actually works better for the music in my opinion. I know it’s boring when people continually say “I like their demo best”, but it’s mostly correct in this case. The recording seems to be less constrained than that of “Depravity Ordained” and while the ever-so-slightly cleaner sound of the latter makes sense, this demo just sounds more brutal to my ears.

The demo’s title-track is as barbaric as you’d expect and it’s far from accessible (not that any of Vile Apparition’s material could be considered accessible). You can certainly see where they got their writing chops from here and it was obvious even from this demo that their technicality was something else. In fact a lot of what appears musically on “Depravity Ordained” owes much to this demo and the doom/death that’s present there first rears its ugly head on Featureless Deity. It’s not slow by any means but the influence and atmosphere is clearly present throughout.

Overall, having listened to both releases, there’s no negatives here. If you’re new to the band, start with “Depravity Ordained” and work your way backwards. Vile Apparition will no doubt be a band that will continually improve and tweak their sound as they progress through their career. Quality death metal from the other side of the globe.

(Alternative Transylvanian Tapes Cover Art)

You can grab "Atrocious Captivity" as a name-your-price download below:-

Wednesday 15 May 2019

Regarding Ambiguity - Flayed EP

Labels: Self-Released/Larry Records
Formats: Vinyl/Tape/Digital
Release Date: 26 Feb 2019


1. Movie Kiss
2. The Novelty Of Modesty
3. Arrows
4. Paranoia Haiku
5. Bloodlines
6. It Puts Motion To The Sin

It's now this mid-point in my week off and while I've been rushing around and enjoying the sun, I've not written a whole lot. Now's a good time to change that with the help of another Larry Records tape release that was kindly sent to me by Larry himself. This tape features the debut EP from Danish post-hardcore/screamo band Regarding Ambiguity. It was self-released by the band on vinyl/digital formats at the end of February and it was snagged for a limited tape release shortly afterwards. Regarding Ambiguity are currently winging their way around Europe on a tour that has seen them play Miss The Stars Fest amongst other shows, alongside US friends Closer.

As I press play on “Flayed” I feel instantly at ease and content. Opener Movie Kiss is by no means an easy/calm listen but it feels familiar all there same and Regarding Ambiguity’s music/screaming is expansive and melodic. Danish bands have always been really good at the big cinematic post-hardcore/metal sound.

RA’s approach on The Novelty Of Modesty is a little more caustic and aggressive (but not in a bro-core sense) and there’s still room for plenty of subtle touches that break down the intensity. The furious guitar playing that provide much of the treble towards the end is dramatic and rousing, as is the breakdown that follows. Everything just works. 

Bands of this ilk sometimes go for shorter songs, as they make a bigger impact but that can also leave you feeling that a release was too short or even rushed. RA don’t take that approach and instead write their’s with the music in mind. Arrows follows on from the opening duo on “Flayed” perfectly, with exactly the same atmosphere and even more anticipation, if that makes sense. There’s a feeling that throughout this EP, they’re building to something big at the end.

Paranoia Haiku has a pretty furious tempo to start with and it contributes to a song that’s a lot more instrument heavy, where the vocals are slightly deeper in the mix at times and seem to be more prevalent at the beginning and end, leaving the mid-section to breathe. This description maybe way off, as I don’t always get it right but whatever.

There’s no point me even trying to find a different way to describe Bloodlines as by now you should get the picture. Skramz is great and so is Regarding Ambiguity. This song is great.  EP closer It Puts Motion To The Sin however, is the crescendo I was referring to when talking about Arrows. It’s mighty, chaotic (but in a controlled way) and it puts to bed another impressive debut release.

You can stream "Flayed" and by it digitally and on vinyl below:-

Tape copies (and limited vinyl copies for those in the US) can be picked up from Larry Records here -