Friday 31 May 2019

Spiral Skies - Cult 7"

Labels: Art Of Propaganda Records
Formats: Vinyl/Digital
Release Date: 15 Mar 2019


1. Cult
2. The Final Set

I'm stepping out of the punk sphere as I needed something with groove. I was drawn to this new 7" EP from Sweden's Spiral Skies and after gazing at the cover art, I thought it'd be a good fit for my sleepy, lethargic mood. Flu-like symptoms and lack of sleep coupled with the day job kind of does that to you. Anyway, this is the second EP to come from this psych/doom/rock band and it was released by Art Of Propaganda Records back in March, It follows on from their 2018 debut album "Blues For A Dying Planet", which was again release via AOP.

The Swedes have their sound nailed when it comes to psychedelic doom and rock and Spiral Skies takes you back to the heady days of the 70s on Cult. The title-track is filled with siren-like vocals, gloriously warm guitar tones and percussion that doesn’t overpower the music. It’s recording is clear and it helps the lyrics paint an occult but also soothing picture. There’s a folkish charm to it that’s inescapable too.

From the doom sound of the title-track to the more up-tempo rock vibes of The Final Set, Spiral Skies prove that they are equally adept at both. It’s great to sit and listen to it without lifting a finger, as it’s delivered so well and there’s nothing that’s challenging about it. That’s not to do it a disservice though, as “Cult” is a fantastic rock release that will act the perfect introduction to Spiral Skies for new listeners, especially when they let loose towards then end of The Final Set with those guitar riffs that build and explode.

A short but oh so sweet EP This works because it’s true to the musical roots of those who perform it. Comparisons are worthless when art is this good on it’s own.

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