Wednesday 15 May 2019

Regarding Ambiguity - Flayed EP

Labels: Self-Released/Larry Records
Formats: Vinyl/Tape/Digital
Release Date: 26 Feb 2019


1. Movie Kiss
2. The Novelty Of Modesty
3. Arrows
4. Paranoia Haiku
5. Bloodlines
6. It Puts Motion To The Sin

It's now this mid-point in my week off and while I've been rushing around and enjoying the sun, I've not written a whole lot. Now's a good time to change that with the help of another Larry Records tape release that was kindly sent to me by Larry himself. This tape features the debut EP from Danish post-hardcore/screamo band Regarding Ambiguity. It was self-released by the band on vinyl/digital formats at the end of February and it was snagged for a limited tape release shortly afterwards. Regarding Ambiguity are currently winging their way around Europe on a tour that has seen them play Miss The Stars Fest amongst other shows, alongside US friends Closer.

As I press play on “Flayed” I feel instantly at ease and content. Opener Movie Kiss is by no means an easy/calm listen but it feels familiar all there same and Regarding Ambiguity’s music/screaming is expansive and melodic. Danish bands have always been really good at the big cinematic post-hardcore/metal sound.

RA’s approach on The Novelty Of Modesty is a little more caustic and aggressive (but not in a bro-core sense) and there’s still room for plenty of subtle touches that break down the intensity. The furious guitar playing that provide much of the treble towards the end is dramatic and rousing, as is the breakdown that follows. Everything just works. 

Bands of this ilk sometimes go for shorter songs, as they make a bigger impact but that can also leave you feeling that a release was too short or even rushed. RA don’t take that approach and instead write their’s with the music in mind. Arrows follows on from the opening duo on “Flayed” perfectly, with exactly the same atmosphere and even more anticipation, if that makes sense. There’s a feeling that throughout this EP, they’re building to something big at the end.

Paranoia Haiku has a pretty furious tempo to start with and it contributes to a song that’s a lot more instrument heavy, where the vocals are slightly deeper in the mix at times and seem to be more prevalent at the beginning and end, leaving the mid-section to breathe. This description maybe way off, as I don’t always get it right but whatever.

There’s no point me even trying to find a different way to describe Bloodlines as by now you should get the picture. Skramz is great and so is Regarding Ambiguity. This song is great.  EP closer It Puts Motion To The Sin however, is the crescendo I was referring to when talking about Arrows. It’s mighty, chaotic (but in a controlled way) and it puts to bed another impressive debut release.

You can stream "Flayed" and by it digitally and on vinyl below:-

Tape copies (and limited vinyl copies for those in the US) can be picked up from Larry Records here -

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