Wednesday 20 July 2022

Visions From Beyond - Drawing Down The Darkness

Labels: Dry Cough Records

Formats: Tape/CD/Digital

Release Date: 01 Nov 2021


1. Re-animator

2. Drawing Down The Darkness

3. Confronting The Adversary

4. Lord Of Flies

It's been a while now since I reviewed the debut EP Eternally Bound, Whipped By Time from Bristolian death/doom band Visions From Beyond. I said in that review that I was also going to write about the band's second EP Drawing Down The Darkness, which was also released in 2021. I'm a man of my word and here it is, albeit slightly later than planned. Tape copies were pressed on limited quantities via UK label Dry Cough Records in November of 2021.

This review was supposed to be posted on Monday evening but the heatwave happened. It’s marginally cooler tonight so I’m going with it. I’m sure there will be some you who’re already familiar with Bristol’s death/doom entity Visions From Beyond, but if not then you can start here. ‘Re-Animator’ immediately sounds doomier and much more oppressive, thanks to the lower-than-low vocals. The lead guitar brings some light but it’s only a brief ray. The band’s own bandcamp page contains a description that calls it harrowing and I wouldn’t disagree with that. The EP’s title track ‘Drawing Down The Darkness’ is a slow build, letting dark and menacing atmospherics take the lead before it lurches into a lengthier song that’s much more deathly in it’s delivery. The darkness well and truly manifests itself here. 

‘Confronting The Adversary’ demonstrates just how oppressive and close death/doom can be (just like the temperature this evening, which is a combination of the heat coming from laptop and the close pre-thunderstorm heat outside). Us Brits are never happy unless we’re complaining about something! I’m not complaining about the music though, as it’s stellar. EP closer ‘Lord Of Flies’ is another lumbering hymn that catches you off guard slightly with it’s off-kilter instumentation and tempos. It’s, dare I say it, almost progressive in nature. That’s absolutely fine though as progression is nothing but a good thing for me. This song highlights the musical ability of Visions From Beyond even more so than is expected. Subtle elements of Cynic and even Atheist make themselves known towards it’s conclusion.

Despite the fact that I’m currently melting, Drawing Down The Darkness has been a comforting and exciting listen that’s made me forget about the heat. Visions From Beyond laid down two proper markers in 2021 and has shown a developing sound that offers a lot of promise. Here’s to the next.

For fans of: Cynic, Universally Estranged, Eye Of Purgatory, Solothus and Warning

You can stream and purchase Drawing Down The Darkness for super cheap digitally below:-

Visions From Beyond -

Unbelievably, tape copies are still available from Dry Cough Records below:-

Dry Cough Records -


  1. TotalDeathRecs unfortunately never followed through with their promise of a CD release, so only tapes released by Dry Cough are available.

    1. This Noise Is Ours27 July 2022 at 21:54

      I had no idea about this! I'll update the review. Thanks for letting me know.