Sunday 10 July 2022

DJINN-GHÜL - Mechalith EP

Labels: Vicious Instinct Records

Formats: CD/Digital

Release Date: 09 Dec 2021


1. Ore & Fluid

2. The Mechalith

3. Pleonexia

4. Drosera

The death metal genre continues to expand and evolve, growing in different directions with well-established bands releasing material alongside a constant stream of newcomers and reissued bands. American/Venezuelan duo DJINN-GHÜL sit at the experimental end of death metal and have done so since 2016. In 2017 they released their debut full-length Wander Not, following it in 2020 with their second full-length Sordes Pyramis, both of which sandwiched by 2019 EP Exo Sin. Their newest EP Mechalith was released in December 2021 via Australian label Vicious Instinct Records, who are also home to Alter Idem, Beyond The Structure and Nihility amongst others.

Taking a look at DJINN-GHÜL’s recommended artists on their bandcamp page (which consist of Author & Punisher, Godflesh and Wormed), you get a good sense of what you’re getting into before hitting play on Mechalith. Sure enough, opener ‘Ore & Fluid’ is a mix of brutal death metal and industrial dread. Warp-speed percussion, downtuned guitars, deep growls and electronics add plenty to the overall atmosphere early on. ’The Mechalith’ is the perfect blend of slamming death and grind, with a tempo that’s dictated by the riffs as much as it is the drums. The sound here reminds me of old Earache band The Berzerker (if anybody remembers them!). You’re not getting much melody here but that’s fine because it’s all about auditory terrorism with this one.

There’s a disturbing sense of claustrophobia when listening to ‘Pleonexia’, which doesn’t shift even when the duo take a breath. Once your at this point in the EP you’re certainly in it till the end. Closing with ‘Drosera’, DJINN-GHÜL push the extremes further again but also allow for some introspection, which breaks up the madness briefly. Although I’ve tried bravely, it’s hard to truly convey the true heaviness of both this band and this EP. It’s short format is good in my opinion as a full album at this intensity might become too much (but what do I know). I’d recommend listening to it properly if you’re a fan of the heavier side of modern death metal. Overall, a well produced and executed EP that will definitely live with you for a while.

For Fans Of: The Berzerker, Author & Punisher, Wormed, The Amenta & Cerebric Turmoil

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