Thursday 9 February 2023

Gyaos:Diabolical - In Accordance With The Prophecy

Labels: Self-Released

Formats: CD/Digital

Release Date: 13 Jan 2023


1. Destroy 2000 Years Of Culture

2. Fight Or Die

3. Null Pointer Exception

4. Burn The World

5. Beware! American Taliban!

6. Shadow Is The Damned

7. False Flag Fury

8. Against All Gods

9. Relentless Hatestream

10. Katahdin Is Risen

Life often throws up the unexpected these day and none more so than mysterious US thrash/digital hardcore band Gyaos:Diabolical. In Accordance With The Prophecy is the band's second album and it was released just under a month ago, following the 2021 album Let The Vultures Speak. It's billed as being an angry mix of Cryptic Slaughter, Iron Reagan and Atari Teenage Riot.

Wearing influences proudly on their sleeve, Gyaos:Diabolical kick things off with a cover of Atari Teenage Riot’s ‘Destroy 2000 Years Of Culture’. If ever there was a statement to be made on an album opener, this would be it. It’s extreme in both instrumentation and vocals yet it sounds less industrial to my ears. When Gyaos:Diabolical isn’t covering genre luminaries, they’re writing and performing thrash metal with a true, honest rawness. ‘Fight Of Die’ is straight-up aggression distilled into a short barrage of noise and neck-snapping rhythms. 

That’s the cue for what the rest of this album holds, as the grooves of ‘Null Pointer Exception’ take over. More thrashing power mixed with higher-pitched vocals that cross the line towards black metal. Bass-heavy and percussion-driven, it has a martial atonal quality to it. ‘Burn The World’ doesn’t pull any punches, sometimes invoking the blasts of Slayer. ‘Beware! American Taliban! Is where Gyaos:Diabolical’s song-writing comes to the fore with a mix of black-thrash and off-kilter tempos, coupled with authoritative riffs. Mainly instrumental, it’s a true musical head rush.

The album’s second half is ushered in by ‘Shadow Is The Damned’, which shows that some lighter melodic moments do exist here, albeit very subtle ones in what is a pummelling horror infused headbanger. I have to admit that I would like to hear some more progressive elements on In Accordance With The Prophecy as ‘False Flag Fury’ bursts in, destroys everything and disappears out of sight; but then that’s not really what this record’s about.

It’s a show of dissent against religion, society and the government that’s meant to shock, and displease. ‘Against All Gods’ does all of that with aplomb. ‘Relentless Hatestream’ is the best descriptor for both this album and for Gyaos:Diabolical, as the hate that streams out of the record is indeed relentless, even if in this case it’s laced with upbeat punk bass lines. Album closer ‘Katahdin Is Risen’ takes the band’s intense sound and spreads it out over nearly seven minutes. That’s a long time to keep up the same up-tempo pace but Gyaos:Diabolical persists, hammering home their incendiary thrash once more. 

There’s most definitely a place in today’s extreme metal landscape for Gyaos:Diabolical. Heavy, fast and with a serious message underneath all the rage. Sometimes you just need something straightforward and hellbent on aural destruction. In Accordance With The Prophecy is exactly that.

You can stream and purchase the album both physically, and digitally below:-

Gyaos:Diabolical -

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