Sunday 26 February 2023

Mortuary Spawn - Spawned From The Mortuary

Labels: Brutal Cave Productions/Chamber Of Emesis/Dry Cough Records/Sewer Rot Records

Formats: Vinyl/CD/Tape/Digital

Release Date: 23 Apr 2021


1. Crepuscular Imperilment

2. 'Neath The Mounds Of Murids

3. Thorax And Abdomen

4. Odious, The Charnel Miasma

5. Spawned From The Mortuary

Back in 2020, a putrid old-school death metal band called Mortuary Spawn crawled into life; sharing members with Groak, Pest Control, The Afternoon Gentlemen and Belk (amongst many others). Their debut release Spawned From The Mortuary was initially pressed on tape in 2021 via Leeds UK underground label Chamber of Emesis, before Portuguese label Brutal Cave Productions and USA's Sewer Rot Records entered the fray with cd pressings (as well as a US tape pressing from the latter label). Finally, a vinyl pressing came from UK label Dry Cough Records and Sewer Rot in 2022, due to the ongoing pressing plant delays that hit post-Covid. Their first gig was in support of the mighty Demilich according to Metal Archives (can anyone point me in the direction of the flyer, because I'm a sucker for the artwork/layouts).

Mortuary Spawn’s death metal is as impact-laden as the music of the bands it shares members with, as evidenced neatly on EP opener ‘Crepuscular Imperilment’, which is a blasting and growling force to be reckoned with. More low-end is on show here than treble, but that’s to be expected. When the lead guitar does break out into a solo, it’s filled with screeching goodness. ‘’Neath The Mound Of Murids’ is a song title straight out of Yorkshire and the song that bares it’s name doesn’t hang about. Unapologetically straight-to-the-point.

There’s a nod to death metal’s infatuation with the human body on ‘Thorax And Abdomen’, which is a gnarly, fast-paced show of brutality that manages to stay on the right side of the more formulaic slam-death approach (to these ears anyway). Following it are the truly grinding opening bars of ‘Odious, The Charnel Miasma’. The rest of the song is filled with both grooving death metal verses and off-kilter madness, with plenty of unnerving atmosphere thrown in for good measure.

EP closer and title track ‘Spawned From The Mortuary’ keeps momentum high with it’s silly-fast tempo and belligerent heaviness. That pace never really lets up, as the bass provides a bluesy backdrop. Both the percussion and vocals keep up with each other’s fluidity, leaving only the feedback at the end to try and bring down your heart rate.

I’ve always tried my hardest to champion the amazingly broad and friendly underground heavy community that’s made Leeds so great musically. I’m also embarrassed to say that It’s been over half-a-decade since I’ve attended a DIY gig in the city. So many memories for me of gigs that were put on by members of Mortuary Spawn amongst many others. I’ll get back over one day. For now though, let’s hope there’s more to come from this quintet.

All physical copies are sold out at Mortuary Spawn's bandcamp page, but you can stream and purchase the EP digitally there below:-

Mortuary Spawn -

Vinyl copies are still available from the labels below:-

Dry Cough Records -

Sewer Rot Records -

Brutal Cave Productions -

Chamber Of Emesis -

Dry Cough Records -

Sewer Rot Records -

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