Thursday 23 February 2023

Greed Worm/Blackwater Sniper - Dance Tonight! Decomposition Tomorrow! Split

Labels: Tomb Tree

Formats: Tape/Digital

Release Date: 11 Jan 2023


1. Greed Worm - Project Sunshine (feat. Z from WastedInkk)

2. Greed Worm - Gary Webb

3. Blackwater Sniper - Blunt Force Negotiation

4. Blackwater Sniper - He Calls Me Friend

Some of you might remember my review of Chicago hardcore/grind band Greed Worm's their Hell Is Real last April. That EP went hard! Well... they released a split tape in January alongside fellow Chicago powerviolence band Blackwater Sniper, via Tomb Tree (limited to a mere 79 copies). Two songs from each band, as well as a not so subtle nod to Orchid!

Something tells me this split isn’t going to be laid-back. Greed Worm’s side flies right out of the traps with ‘Project Sunshine’ and what can only be described as utter pandemonium. Screamo, panic chords, mathcore, grind and everything heavy makes the cut here. Even windpipes get some prime real estate as it closes! ‘Gary Webb’ sees Greed Worm lulling you into a false sense of security with an extended (for them) instrumental build up before unleashing more hardcore-infused madness. So enjoyable in it’s sheer brutality.

Blackwater Sniper are an unknown quantity to me and their opener ‘Blunt Force Negotiation’ leads down a glitchy, noisy, drum machine-led path filled with samples and electronic effects. I read that Spotify rejected their music because it was too fast. Spotify’s loss if you ask me! ‘He Calls Me Friend’ points towards Blackwater Sniper’s rejection of God and the music does nothing to dampen that notion. High/low vocals, guitar feedback and earth-shaking percussion show just how end-time inducing they can be. A brief but epic intro to the band.

I’m pretty sure I say this all the time but this split is too short! Greed Worm satisfy that love for mathy/violent hardcore while Blackwater Sniper cure the weirdness itch, while both together help to fill the void left by (the no longer active) Grindcore Karaoke net label. Grab a tape while they last!

Stream and purchase the split digitally below:-

Greed Worm Instagram - @greed_worm

Blackwater Sniper Instagram - @blackwater_sniper

Here's the video for 'Gary Webb' as well:-

Physical tapes can be purchased from Tomb Tree below:-

Tomb Tree -

Tomb Tree -

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