Sunday 29 April 2012

Dephosphorus/Wake - Split 7"

This 7" dropped into my inbox last week and got me pretty excited. Not least, because it's a new release from 7 Degrees Records. Dephosphorus are from three-piece from  Athens, Greece and describe the genre as Astrogrind. Wake are a grind band from Calgary. Canada. Both bands contribute three tracks to this 7", which has literally just been released.


Side A - Dephosphorus

1. Unit
2. The Final Computronium
3. The Cosmologist

Side B - Wake

1. Society of The Gun
2. Thirst
3.  Veil of Odin

Side A is made up of three rapid-fire tracks from Dephosphorus. Unit is a huge sounding, wrecking ball of a song lasting for a minute and a half, and Dephosphorus even manage to inject some rock n roll influence into their sound. The Final Computronium begins in the same vein, but morphs into a more outright grind blast. The accented vocals of Panos Agoros making it sound even heavier. The Cosmologist starts off with a spoken word passage sitting atop of their instrumentation before one final lurching blast that completes their half of this split.

Wake's side begins with Society of The Gun and immediately has a more rough and ready sound. It sounds just as heavy though, but the organic sound and fraught vocals make it sound very different. Thirst underlines Wake's punkier edge and some of their subtle intricacies that sit in the mix. The drums in this song are utterly chaotic, especially when the cymbals are left to crash wildly. This draws us to Veil Of Odin, which is both Wake's last track and the last song on this 7". What an ending it is too, utterly manic, fast and evil sounding. The vocals here sound even more possessed and full of energy. Wakes settle proceedings down mid-way through by altering the pace of their delivery, which in turn shows they too can groove.

What a record this is. It takes multiple listens to fully appreciate, but both bands reward with skill and a rip-roaring morsel of grind at it's best. As with other bands that 7 Degrees Records have released material with, both Dephosphorus and Wake make perfect bedfellows on what is an uncomplicated and blasting release.

You can get in touch with 7 Degrees Records via Facebook at or MySpace at to order this record.

Dephosphorus can be found in the following places:-

Wake can be found here:-

Volture - Rulebreaker

For those who don't know, Volture is a heavy metal band that feature's a certain Ryan Waste from Municipal Waste. Rulebreaker is the two track EP/Single that's been released via Tankcrimes, as a 7", in time for their recent UK/Euro tour which they are currently on.


1. Rulebreaker
2. Killer Angels

Rulebreaker is pure, hell for leather heavy metal. There's no hint of modern thrash here, just awesome guitar and falsetto vocals. This is unhinged fun of the highest order. There's nothing wrong with a bit of classic metal, after all, this was the blueprint for what we hold so dear now. Brent Hubbard's vocals are brilliant, the drumming furious and the solo's are rip-roaring fun!

The B side to this EP is the song Killer Angels, which was originally written by Gotham City. It fits the EP perfectly. It's got a slightly harder edge to it, with a more mid paced riffs and percussion. Volture don't turn on the histrionics here, as they are being faithful to the original and they do a great job. Still, there's no escaping those amazing, high pitched vocals.

This is a short, sharp EP containing two instantly hummable songs. I've just found my new favourite band. Now, if only they’d do a cover of Maniac from Flashdance!

Have a listen to this EP via the Tankcrimes Bandcamp page below:-

You can pick up copies of this EP at venues on Volture's current European tour or directly from the Tankcrimes webstore at

Also visit Volture's Facebook for more heavy metal madness at

Saturday 28 April 2012

Grace/Tide Of Iron - Split 7"

This is a 7" record that I picked up recently from Tombs In The Valley Productions. It features two UK bands, Grace and Tide of Iron. The record itself was a three-way label release, between TITV Productions, SuperFi Records and Shy Bairns.

The record came on nice black vinyl, with a sleeve showing tired, disheveled hands.


Side A - Grace
1. Alchemist
2. Hammer

Side B - Tide Of Iron
1. Jas Murray Dirty Protest
2. Apple Sauce

Starting off with Grace's side. Alchemist starts with a really cool, slow section of riffs that seem to borrow influence from NOLA sludge and lead into more chugging riffs and harsh, low screams. This is hardcore, but slow evil hardcore. There are some great elements to the song, including some indie influenced guitar that actually adds to the atmosphere of the song. Hammers is a faster song, but with no less creativity and almost impossible to categorise. This is pure, heavy music and Grace's side of the split is over far too quickly.

Tide of Iron follow in the same vein, but with a more punky vibe in Jas Murray Dirty Protest. The riffs though are dirty and the screams are rabid and buried in the mix. As with Grace, Tide Of Iron are hard to categorise. The music is heavy and they make a big sound, which sounds especially good on a turntable. The ringing feedback leads into the bizarrely named Apple Sauce. Again, it's a noisy affair, with the guitars sitting at the top of the mix. As I've already, it's sound is big , but it's also got a chaotic, yet groovy undertone and demands your full attention throughout.

Both bands are different and unique, original and this is their first vinyl output, which is all the more impressive. It's my first introduction to both bands and I'm mightily impressed. This will demand multiple listens for you to really appreciate the quality here, but believe me, it's well worth it!

You can listen to the record on the TITV productions bandcamp page:-

TITV have actually sold out of these, but you can get them from SuperFi Records at and Shy Bairns at . You can also pick up copies directly from Tide Of Iron by visiting their blog at

Also go and check out Grace at

Reflections of Internal Rain - Answers

So my third review of the day is the newest LP by Serbian hardcore band Reflections of Internal Rain and is my last Strikedown Records review for the time being. This seven track LP was release in February and was a split label release alongside Brain Ache Records.


1. Imagined Glow
2. Committed To Silence
3. With One Eye Opened
4. Flashes Of Ease
5. Answers
6. Previous Year
7. Army Barmy

ROIR sound incredibly assured right from the start of Answers, with the melodic intro of Imagined Glow. The music has a dissonance about as their brand of hardcore kicks in. It's fast and filled with passionate screams. There's a lot of creativity in their sound, with different rhythms and ideas playing their part in the song. Committed to Silence is more chaotic and fast-paced. The guitars have their own agenda here and it's all underpinned by furious drumming. The gang vocals give the song and band a sense of unity and inclusiveness.

With One Eye Opened brings back ROIR's more melodic riffs, but does not let up on the rabid screaming. Again, ROIR play to their own rules and again show that Eastern Europe is a force of it's own, in terms of forward thinking, creative heavy music. Flashes of Ease is a lot more punky in the way it's played and there are definite screamo influences in the music, but good quality screamo that is.

Answers, starts with a call to arms in the form of great gang-vocals and awesome dual screams. This is the title track and marks the halfway point of the LP, in a chaotic but controlled fashion. Answers segues into Previous Year, which is sees a great outpouring of passion and emotion from the band, and again shows their qualities.

Army Barmy is the last song and is riotously heavy ending song. The way incredible breakdown and deep guttural vocals show the band’s willingness to experiment and break the mould. It's a great ending to another records that goes by too quickly. I urge you to give Reflections of Internal Rain your full attention and pick up this LP, as it's brilliant!

Again you can listen to Answers via Bandcamp below:-

Again if you like the record and want to get it, you can download it for free from the Bandcamp page above, but if you'd like a physical copy, you can buy an awesome clear vinyl package from Strikedown Records at

Also, visit Reflections Of Internal Rain on Facebook at

Foxxes - Noiseless

Cardiff's Foxxes are band I was introduced to at the end of last year and I reviewed their previous EP Forget The Rain back in January. These guys are also signed to Strikedown Records and have recently releases this three tack digital EP as a precursor to their up-coming full length, which is due out towards the end of the year.


1. Let Me Drown
2. Faces Blurred
3. Noiseless

Immediately, there is a slower more cathartic strain of hardcore unleashed in the opening bars of Let Me Drown. It's heavy and focused, but melodic and original as well. It's definitely sounds like a progression has been made by Foxxes since Forget The Rain. It's another exciting EP that could sit next to any of Britain’s current crop of angry, darkened hardcore and not sound out of place at all.

Faces Blurred is a crunching, euphoric song. The vocals are full of emotion and the rest of the band sound clear and precise. Noiseless is the title track and closer to this EP. It's the last taste you'll get of Foxxes until their full length rears it's head, so breath it in. It shows off their progression in sound and wets the appetite for what’s to come, combining heavy riffs with a really strong rhythm section. The production of the EP also helps make this a great listening experience.

It's short and sweet, but has enough impact to make you want more. Patience is a virtue, but until the new record comes there's enough quality on display here, to keep you coming back for more. Another strong release by Foxxes, which should see them being their ascendancy up hardcore's ladder!

You can stream and download Noiseless for free via their Bandcamp page below:-

Also, visit their Facebook page at

Hardway - Towards The Light

So the review train rolls on. This time I'm focusing on Italian hardcore mob Hardway, and their EP Towards The Light. This has been released by Italian label Strikedown Records, who incidentally, released the Foxxes EP Forget The Rain, that I reviewed a while back. This review also marks the first of three Strikedown releases I'll be bringing you.


1. Expect Coming
2. Drift Away
3. Still At Odds
4. Chased By Guilt
5. Where We're Going To

Towards The Light kicks off with Expect Coming, which tears forth with fast, skillful drumming, furious riffs and angry screams. The rhythms used is the song are really creative and the production brings them across really well, as if your watching Hardway live. This is hardcore that takes it's influences from the European iteration of the style, so it's creative and not just played by tough guys!

Drift Away has some cool punk undertones beneath it's furious hardcore edge. There's also a hint of crossover-thrash to Hardway's sound. The solo halfway through Drift Away shows that Hardway have great skill as well as power. Each song is quick and punishing, but crammed with enough originality to help Hardway stand out from the crowd.

Still At Odds is the fastest song on the EP, clocking in at just under two minutes and this surely will insight mass circle pits and headbanging live. Chased By Guilt has a more straight up metal feel to it, but is no less punishing. It's also melodic enough not to get boring. The use of quick fire solos, brief gang shouts and sporadic breakdowns, brings life to the song. The change of pace and guitar work in the middle of Chased By Guilt settles things down briefly, before Hardway finish with a final flurry of raging hardcore, and launch into closing track Where We're Going To.

Hardway close out in style, putting all the energy they have into their performance. The song fades halfway through to reveal cleanly picked guitar that slowly fades to allow you to catch your breath. Towards The Light is a great example of the differing styles of European hardcore. Hardway haven't tried to ape their American cousins and have done it their way. Thoroughly worth repeat listens!

Listen to Towards The Light below:-

Make sure that you grab a copy of the EP if you like what you hear. You can pick it via the Bandcamp page above or via Strikedown Records at

Also, Hardway's Facebook page is at

Friday 27 April 2012

My Ticket Home - To Create A Cure

The next review I'm doing tonight is something totally different. My Ticket Home are  a new hardcore band signed to Rise Records. To Create A Cure is the bands debut release. They are currently winding their way across America on the Rise Records tour, alongside The Air I Breath, Hands Like Houses and Palisades.


1. A New Breed
2. Who Is 67?
3. Atlas
4. The Truth Changes If We Both Lie
5. Beyond
6. Motion Sickness
7. A Thief Of One, A Thief Of Many
8. Awake : Create
9. The Dream Code
10. Dark Days
11. Fear Complex 

As soon as opener A New Breed kicks in, you know your going to get thoroughly modern
melody, infused hardcore. Now, I actually like a silky smooth chorus once in a while, so it's quite nice to hear one amongst the screaming of vocalist Nick Giumenti.

The riffs on display are brutal and meant to insight mass mosh pits. However, you don't hear many misplaced breakdowns, which is a good thing. The music is well produced, as you'd expect and the different parts are very clear, but you get a sense also that this record is played by a band that really mean it. It may be sitting on the more commercial side of the metal fence, but that's part of it's charm for me.

The vocal melodies in Atlas does bring to mind "Crisis" era Alexisonfire at times, which is no bad thing at all. The band are also really proficient musicians, with melodic passages complementing the vocals perfectly. This is the kind of record that brings out the summer in you. Then again it also makes you want to rage, when My Ticket Home's brand of hardcore slap you over the head. Beyond awakens the senses, after it's dreamy, melodic predecessor - The Truth Changes If We Both Lie.

Motion Sickness is a savage beast of a song, full of harsh screams and breakdowns which get your headbanging furiously. The more of this record you hear, the more you realise that this isn't just another screamo/hardcore release. It's got a lot of personality and character, which helps to separate My Ticket Home from a lot of their Rise label mates.

The Dream Code is a wonderful, slick ballad of epic proportions. There are undertones of bands like Soilwork in the riffs in Dark Days. Before you know it, your on the last song Fear Complex and your reflecting on what has been an impressive album. To say this is a debut full length, it's very assured. My Ticket Home certainly the chops and skill to take things to the next level and I for one, am a convert!

You can hear tracks - A New Breed and Fear Complex on the music tab, on My Ticket Home's website - and if you like them, you can buy To Create A Curse via their merch store at

Their Facebook is

Coilguns - Stadia Rods

Coilguns are a three piece, anything goes grind cum hardcore band from Switzerland. This band have released two EPs and features the rhythm section from current Swiss luminaries The Ocean. Stadia Rods is a six track EP that was released, which was released in March of this year, by Edinburgh based label Dead Dead Dead Music.


1. Parkensine
2. Zoetropist
3. In The Limelights
4. Witness The Kern Arc
5. The Shuftan Process Part 1
2. The Shuftan Process Part 2

Parkensine starts with spoken word vocals and music that hits you from the off.
Then the screams of Louis kick in and add to the battering. The mixture of off kilter drums and a heavy guitar tone make for pretty a thunderous sound. The experimentation is obvious too, with different time signatures being used and musical influences rearing their heads throughout. There are also subtle blips of melody that can be heard in the mix. The cool riffs towards the end of Parkensine gives a sense of the creativeness of this band, and we're only on the first song!

Zoetropist is a different beast altogether, weighing in at less than two minutes in length. This is a short, sharp blast of heavy, dissonant hardcore. With speedy, bouncy drumming and a stop-start aesthetic. It's all over in the blink of an eye. In The Limelights is a slower song altogether. Fusing sludgy elements into the opening bars of the song, in a trance like effort. I hate to draw comparisons, but this does sound like Mastodon wrote it, thanks to the complex riffs that are interwoven with the bass judder and careering drum patterns.

The production also brings forth the chaotic sense of the music and it's creators, allowing the crashing of the cymbals and the thrashing of the guitars to become one entity at times. The second half of the EP is heralded in with some jarring, high-pitched feedback, before Coilguns lurch back into life. The mixture of instrumental refrains in between their original hardcore is demonstrated to great effect on Witness The Kern Arc.

So it's on to the final two songs on the record. The Shuftan Process Part 1 blasts along, with blistering riffs and those bitter screams pricking the airwaves. The Shuftan Process part 2 follows directly after but is a slower affair. The intro builds lots of atmosphere and is filled with interesting riffs that meander along under a swathe of feedback and sporadic drums. It's a hell of a journey and one that befits the end of what is an intricate and eye opening EP.

Check out Stadia Rods below, via Dead Dead Dead Music's bandcamp page:-

Coilguns can be found on Facebook at and if you like what you read/heard above, you can purchase a rather awesome vinyl copy of the EP from Dead Dead Dead Music at

Thursday 26 April 2012

Deviator - Way Of Warriors - Hymn Of Immortals

This is another black metal release, from the cold depths of the Ukraine. This time, it's one-man entity Deviator. This has been released by Glorious North Productions and this review marks the third and final release of theirs that I've reviewed. The entity I was referring to is Lord Hastner, who plays all instruments.


1. Old Melancholy
2. Forgotten Hope
3. The Last Day Of Mankind
4. Might Black Inner Flame
5. Mesmirized By Blood
6. Raw Symphony Of Sorrow
7. Undying Darkness
8. To Forgotten Path - Triumph Of The Will
9. Thy Blood In My Veins
10. Black Sorrow
11. Funeral Future Bells
12. Primordial Darkness p. 1 (Ginnungagap)
13. Primordial Darkness p. 2 (Audhumbla)
14. Way Of Warriors - Hymn To Immortals

The record starts with the song Old Melancholy, which plays host to some very stirring piano. Forgotten Hope starts with some really interesting guitar riffs, which sound really clean which you wouldn't expect from a black metal song. The chanting, which can just be heard in the background, is a nice touch. So far, this album seems to be very upbeat, but don't let that fool you!

Third song The Last Day Of Mankind is where things take an evil turn, with plenty of double bass and buzzing riffs, as Lord Hastner's vocals come in over the top. This is definitely more brutal and incorporates death metal touches in its instrumentation and an old school production that adds great character to the music. Mighty Black Inner Flame is a seven-minute blast of pure rage, but with a nice ambient touch to it. The pummelling drums certainly keep everything in check underneath those mesmerising strands of guitar.

Mesmirized In Blood is full of blood curdling screams and the howling, barking wolves in the background add to the grimness on display. Raw Symphony of Sorrow mixes doom inspired riffs with thrashy refrains which add variation and heft to Deviator's sound and after a while it creates a trance like atmosphere that hangs in the air. The song itself is an instrumental song, which sounds like the kind of music you'd lead troops to battle with. The closing minute of the song feature falling rain and distant melodies that slowly die away.

Undying Darkness contains Ukrainian spoken word that morphs into more possessed screams, this time from Moloch's Sergiy. The instrumentation is buried beneath the maddening screams and whispered vocals and is truly terrifying. To Forgotten Path - Triumph Of The Will and Thy Blood In My Veins pass in a whirlwind of fuzzy guitars riffs and top-notch percussion. The vocals in Thy Blood In My Veins sound as though Lord Hastner is being tortured from inside. It's full of grim and dark emotion, which usually doesn't come across in the genre of music.

As the record moves into it's second half, the music becomes more atmospheric and experimental, like the gentle whispered words on Black Sorrow that bring a sense of solitude to the listener. Funeral Future Bells incorporates haunting strings into the melee as well, to add an extra sense of foreboding to the music.

The two-part journey that is Primordial Darkness is a cold harrowing one. Part 1 is the longest song on the album, at over 9 minutes in length. It's a really atmospheric and well-played piece of instrumental black metal. There are subtle hints of melody within the driving guitar and drumming that enslaves most of the song. The songs ends with some cool sporadic jazzy piano and atonal feedback, before heading into Part 2, which is another slab of instrumental metal.

The last song on the record is also the title track. The breath of creativity on this final track is brilliant and brings in ideas and influences from across the rest of the album. It's a really listenable song and a great ending to a record, which again has surprised me greatly. Thanks to this and the other two GNP releases I've reviewed, my view of Black metal has been changed for the better and I hope I can now go and discover more great acts and records. If you know of any, please comment here or via my Facebook page.
I can now fully begin to appreciate Black metal for it's music alone and not have to worry about the theatrical image portrayed by some of it's so called leaders. I'm not cvlt, but then I don't feel I need to be as recent experiences have shown me that to appreciate Black metal is to appreciate true music.

You can hear sample song - Undying Darkness, via the Glorious North Productions website at, where this record is available for purchase, plus you can visit Deviator's Facebook page at for more news and music.

Sunday 22 April 2012

Ruined Families - S/T 7"

Continuing the Greek theme today, I've got a copy of Ruined Families' self titled 7" to review. These guys are from Athens and have recently released this four track 7" through Halo Of Flies, Dog Knights Productions, Adagio 830 and Greek label Gardens.

The packaging the record comes in has clearly been a labour of love. It's a fold out grey sleeve with cool printed black artwork on the front. Inside the sleeve the song lyrics are printed along with more info and a credits insert. The record itself is a nice slab of black vinyl held in a black inner sleeve. This is all held together with a red OBI with RF's logo on. It awesome how much work has gone into it.


Side A -
1. Voidealism
2. You Will Become Like You Father

Side B -
3. Bedroom Nihilist
4. Quiet

Voidealism is a great slab of punky hardcore, with some pretty angry screams and some nice riffs. RF infuse some semi-melodic guitar and a cool old-school production, to give this record a great feel and sound.

Their sound is a frantic one. Pretty immediate and fast. It kind of reminds me of some of the UK's current hardcore bands, the blackened angry ones though, not the tough-guy ones. There are plenty of off-kilter riffs going on, especially on second track You Will Become Like Your Father, which also includes a wicked, high-pitched solo, and some doomy riffs towards the end.

The intro to Bedroom Nihilist has a great punky feel to it, before RF launch back into their hardcore again. It's great to see bands doing their own thing and not relying on re-hashed riffs and moves to get their point across. Last song Quiet, is anything but, being the fastest and most angry song on this 7".

It's the first time I've heard anything by Ruined Families but I'm glad I took the chance and bought this 7", as I would have missed out otherwise. It's great to discover a band and realise that they are fully awesome!

Make sure you listen to this record via their Bandamp page:-

Then once you've done that, buy a copy from either:-

Gardens -
Halo of Flies -
Dog Knights Productions -
Adagio 830 -

Also go to RF's Facebook Page at and their blog at

Jagernaut/Hello Bastards - Split Tape 2012

This tape appeared in the mail a couple of weeks ago, to my surprise. I'd contacted Scull Crasher Records sometime ago to say hi. Scull Crasher are a label and distro based in Greece, who are very much keeping the underground scene alive. The tape they sent me was the recent Jagernaut/Hello Bastard split.

For those who don't know, Jagernaut are a crust-punk band from Athens, Greece and contribute 6 songs to this split. On the other side, Hello Bastards are crust band from the UK and contribute 13 fast, filthy songs to the split. The tape was a split release across four labels, Scull Crasher Records, Noise Attack, Severed in Seconds and Alcoholic Desaster.

The tape itself is limited to 200 copies. It comes on cool green cassette, with labels on each side which include the band logo and the songs they've contributed, which is a really nice touch. There is also a printed insert, with cool black and white cover art and the song lyrics printed inside.


Jagernaut side -
2. Sprida Ordet
3. Life Means Shit
4. Vengeance
5. Asocial Norms
6. Stench of Survival

Hello Bastards side -
1. The SweatShop System
2. Empty Ideas
3. A Political Statement
4. Counterfeit Democracy
5. Straight Edge is Dead. You're Next
6. Blood on The Media
7. Peace. Justice. Freedom
8. The Open Veins of Latin America
9. Economic Oppression
10. Palestinian Holocaust
11. Way Of Life
12. You Spread Ignorance
13. Follow

So to the music. I'll start with the Jagernaut side. Doombringer is their opener and is a sampled intro that leads into a fast paced, hardcore infused crust song. Buzzsaw guitars, thrashing drums and low growls are all present. Jagernauts’ sound is more mid paced and more akin to hardcore than crust, but when they speed up, it has more of an impact, like on Sprida Ordet. The sound and production is very organic and warm, as you'd expect from a cassette. The guitars sit quite low in the mix when everything is flowing together, but on their own they're clear. The drums and vocals are more prominent, especially those crashing cymbals. The remaining songs speed past too quickly, with no songs going over 3 minutes, which adds to their impact. Final song Stench Of Survival arrives with screaming feedback before Jagernauts’ final blast hits you. This is pure head banging stuff, which has musicality as well as brutality. Awesome stuff.

So it's onto Hello Bastards side. They are immediately a faster proposition. Incredibly fast drumming and harsh dual vocals, with crustier riffs. None of their songs are over one and a half minutes long. Just listen to Empty Ideas, for a full on raging beat to the head.
Hello Bastards have strong anti-political messages, with song titles like Counterfeit Democracy and Economic Oppression helping to display their displeasure at the current world situation. No one is safe from their bile, with the Straight Edge scene even getting a verbal bashing. I really like their sound, it's angry, fast and all played by a band who are passionate about what they do. It's very different to Jagernauts' sound but that the whole point of splits, it's to bring to bands together who sound different, but share the same values. For a three piece, Hello Bastards are able to create a really heavy, meaty noise, as demonstrated in all their songs, but probably best demonstrated in Economic Oppression.

It's all over too quickly and it certainly left me wanting more. Both bands are brilliant and this is a great example of the unity between the scenes in different countries. If you can pick up a copy of this cassette, do it fast!

You can listen to this split on Scull Crasher's Bandcamp page:-

You can find out more about Jagernaut and Hello Bastards on their Facebook pages at and Both bands also have their own websites - and

You can pick this split it from any of the four labels that helped to release it:-

Scull Crasher Records -
Alcoholic Desaster -
Noise Attack -
Severed in Seconds -

Thursday 19 April 2012

Bleeding Through - The Great Fire

I became a fan of Bleeding Through back in 2003, with the release of their album This Is Love, This Is Murderous. This was around the time when metalcore was starting to take hold, and alongside Himsa, these guys were my favourite band of the time. I also happened to like Eighteen Visions, the band that Brandan Schieppati was in previous to Bleeding Through. I like those gnarly vocals that Brandan had, which I thought sounded huge and I liked that fact that, at the time they sounded different to anything else I'd heard.

Fast Forward 9 years and the band have released 4 more albums, the latest being The Great Fire, which was released through Rise Records at the end of January.


1. The March
2. Faith In Fire
3. Goodbye To Death
4. Final Hours
5. Starving Vultures
6. Everything You love Is Gone
7. Walking Dead
8. The Devil And Self Doubt
9. Step Back In Line
10. Trail of Seclusion
11. Deaf Ears
12. One By One
13. Entrenched
14. Back To Life

The Great Fire starts with opener The March, which a crushingly heavy intro, laced with thrash influences and the trademark tones of keyboard player, Marta. This leads into Faith In Fire and those brutal screams kick in. The music underneath in fast and unforgiving, with a more death metal influence, but still harnessing those metalcore tones that got me hooked in the first place.

Goodbye to Death is no less pacey, with the guitars and rhythm section sitting quite low in the mix, but coming to the fore in between the screams. They are still able to weave subtle melody into their songs, with enough conviction for it not to sound contrived. Fourth track Final Hours is the first song in which singing is heard, which was another thing that drew me to them in the early days. There are some new found, modern touches to the record, which no doubt come from being part of the Rise Records Roster, but these are kept to a minimum and Bleeding Through are allowed to let their brand of melodic  death metal do the talking.

The majority of the songs on The Great Fire are under 3 minutes, so it's obvious that Bleeding Through mean business. Their are short, and impact laden breakdowns are used, which bring an aggressive edge to the record, but without overpowering it and those drums have to be heard to be believed! Gang vocals ring as well, to add a hardcore influence. Walking Dead starts with an epic piano intro, before being engulfed by brutality. This sing really does take me back to the days of This Is Love, This Is Murderous.

The first half of the album flies by, in a whirlwind of riffs and double bass drumming and reveals Bleeding Through settling down and sounding more brutal and assured. The intertwining melody and blasts of aggression complement each other perfectly, and the solo in The Devil and Self Doubt bringing the rock n roll. The skill of each member cannot be disputed, as anyone who can fit these different elements together in this way has to be pretty special. Trail Of Seduction starts with a really cool organ intro, before a classic, uncomplicated guitar solo heralds in Brandan's screams again. The vocal harmonies in the chorus are great as well, and compliment the rest of the track.

As The Great Fire closes with the tracks Entrenched and Back to Life, you are left feeling bludgeoned but ecstatic, having just witnessed Bleeding Through at their best once again. They are able to suck you in with sultry keys and melody, before  dragging you down to hell with their death metal ferocity. I don't think we've heard the last of Bleeding Through and here's hoping they make it over to these shores soon.

You can buy The Great Fire either from or from Rise Records at and head over to their Facebook page at where you can stream tracks from the album.

Monday 16 April 2012

Moloch - Illusionen Eines Verlorenen Lebens

So, I've delved deeper into the grim, dark underground and unearthed Ukranian black metal act Moloch. Moloch is the grim imagining of one man, Sergiy Fjordsson, that has been producing cold, raw black metal now for ten years. This is Moloch's latest full length, and has been released by Glorious North Production.

Tracklist :-

1. Illusion Des Winters
2. Ein Dusterer Winter Kommt I
3. Ein Dusterer Winter Kommt II
4. Dissonanz Tropfen Eines Gluhenden Schmerzes
5. Weg Von Dieser Welt Voller Traurigkeit
6. Unsichtbarer Faden Des Lebens
7. Illusionen Eines Verlorenen Lebens
8. Abgrund Meines Wesens

Illusionen... begins with the song Illusion Des Winters, which is heralded in by sounds of the howling wind and then into a purely instrumental song, played on brass and piano, with subtle strings nestling in the background. This is a calming and majestic opening and as the music fades out and the wind fades in again, you wonder what's waiting. The next song is the first of two. Ein Dusterer Winter Kommt I starts with drums and brass, before the spoken word vocals and droning guitar rears it's head. It's very ambient music, with lyrics in Ukranian adding to the mystique. You don't get black metal growls or screams here, just tortured spoken word passages, over-layed on each other, to give a maddening effect.

Ein Dusterer Winter Kommt II has more of an impact, with louder guitar, but it's still very mesmeric. The droning riffs once again seem to be trance like, but add to the atmospheric texture of the music. The maniacal screams and cries of sole member Sergiy are disturbing and make him sound like he has already been condemned to a life in hell. The fourth song Dissonanz... is exactly that. One dissonant riff rings out throughout the song and it seems to gradually get louder, as it progresses. Some songs do possess that black metal aesthetic that is more commonly heard amongst Moloch's peers, such as in the Weg Von Dieser..., which incorporates pure growls, and music that does seem to be more symphonic. Illusionen's... sixth song, Unsichtbarer Faden Des Lebens is another well-crafted piece of instrumental music, which leads you to the title song of the record. The strings build up again adding a sense of calm, which is probably only ever experienced with this type of ambient, black metal.

The final salvo on this record is entitled Abgrund Meines Wesens, which is a colossal 22 minute hymn. This song highlights the vision that's clear throughout this record. The originality and beauty that can come from what many people would label as a cold, harsh genre and an artist creating music without barriers or outside influences. The musicianship is excellent, as is the production. By concentrating solely on his creative vision, Moloch's sole protagonist has crafted an album of almost industrial beauty, with a crisp and clear sound, while retaining the integrity that he obviously strives for.

Once again, I am bowled over. I, like many people who are considered outsider to this genre, thought of it as a bit of joke, especially in the context of the mainstream black metal bands that seem to get all the coverage, but I was misguided and wrong.
Moloch is incredible! This record has managed to completely shatter my illusions and realise that there is beauty and art in black metal, you just have to know where to look. This will be the last time I have any preconceptions, but won't be the last time I sing the praises of Moloch!

The whole album is available for streaming at Moloch's bandcamp:-

You can buy this record fro m Glorious North Productions at There is also a sample song available on the website, in the of Ein Dusterer Winter Kommt I.

Also Moloch has a website - and a Facebook page at

Sunday 15 April 2012

Nattfog - Mustan Auringon Riitti

This is my second Hammer Of Hate Record review and my third Finnish black metal review of the weekend. Nattfog are another mysterious entity. They're another duo, they've released a demo and a split LP, and this is their first full length record, which was released earlier this year.


1. Blinding Fog
2. Path Of The White Wolves
3. Reaching To The Stars
4. Mieleni Mustissa Merissä
5. Kosmisen Usvan Ympäröimänä
6. Mustan Auringon Riitti
7. Kaksitoista Askelta Luvattuun Valtakuntaan

Mustan... starts with a short opener called Blinding Fog, which is used to set the scene
for the incoming black metal onslaught. The guitar plays a melody that could be used to shepherd ancient troops to battle, all backed up by a tambourine that keeps the beat, ending with the sound of rain, thunder and lightning. The second song is the first long player on the album, at just over 7 minutes. Path Of The White Wolves is where Nattfog start to flex their muscles. The driving guitar riffs are backed up by a strangely up-beat rhythm thanks to vocalist/drummer Vulcan Sacrilege. He also provides those raspy black metal vocals that add that evil bite to Nattfog's music. It's a mid paced song, with Nattfog not trying to out run anyone in the speed stakes.

The initial sound on this record is bigger than you'd expect from a duo, especially from the guitar. The production is clear and more modern, losing some of the old-school leanings favoured by many of their peers. That being said, it does still feel dirty and evil, which is testament to it's creators. Third song Reaching To The Stars is played out at much the same pace, and sees Nattfog throwing some different dynamic elements into the song. Subtle pace changes and melodic instrumental passages bring the song to life. There is still that hypnotic sense in there as well though, as if the duo are trying to lure the listener into a daze, in which to devour their souls.

Mustan... lasts just over 41 minutes, and considering it's made up of seven tracks, that's pretty epic. With lyrical themes of their Nordic homeland and the journey into the afterlife, from the earth to the stars shows that Nattfog want to take the listener on a journey through their mythological past and with second half of the album being in Finnish, they are firmly holding onto their heritage and roots.

They are able to weave some subtle, folky melodies into their music, like in fourth song Mieleni Mustissa Merissä. In parts this reminds me of the way Dark Tranquillity incorporate melody into their music, and are able to create a bigger, more engaging sound as  a result. Nattfog aren't pandering to the genre conventions either. This record is a very listenable experience, due to the quality of their music and vision, and I know the more cvlt amongst you will baulk at that statement, but it's meant to be a compliment in terms of their creativity and integrity as an individual entity, and not just being content as copyists.

As the record progresses into it's final two battle hymns, it's hard not to faults with it. Nattfog do bring that occult, evil influence to the fore during the penultimate song, to remind you of what they are. A surprise awaits you at the start of album closer Kaksitoista Askelta Luvattuun Valtakuntaan. The sound of traditional folk instruments ring out and add a sense of warmth to the record. Sometimes, this type of influence can sound contrived and gimmick, but not here, as it's again a reminder of Nattfog's Nordic roots. The traditional horn makes up the main element of this final instrumental track and leaves subtly leads the listener away from the battle field they have just negotiated.

I wasn't sure what to expect from Nattfog, but having just witnessed a very measured and mature debut album, I'm converted. It's a debut record filled with ambiance and atmosphere. It's played with thought and skill and it will no doubt bring Nattfog, squinting, out of the underground.

Again, Nattfog have forgone the usual adoption of social media to spread their message, but you can here two samples from this record at, which is also where you can purchase it from, in a CD format. You can also get their 2008 demo tape from Hammer of Hate records as well.

Saturday 14 April 2012

Pantheon of Blood - Consociatio Solis Et Lunae 7"


While staying with Finnish black metal, Pantheon of Blood have been bought to my attention by local black metal label Glorious North Productions. Pantheon of Blood are another mysterious band, who have released a demo tape and this 7", which I'm reviewing today.

First of all, the 7" I've got comes on black vinyl and the sleeve it's housed in is top quality. It folds out to reveal the lyrics to both songs on the record. Another nice touch on this record is that to carry on the Latin theme of the record's title, instead of just using the standard side A and B format, Pantheon of Blood have referred to the sides as Sol and Lunae. Sol translates as Sun and Lunae translates as Moon in Latin.`


Side Sol - Overflowing Manifestation
Side Lunae - The Crimson Empress of Night

So starting with Side Sol, Overflowing Manifestation contains deep growls from vocalist Boreas and a mesmerizing instrumental section straight from the off. The staple members Boreas (vocals), Auroch (guitar) and Surya-Ishtara (guitar and bass) are joined by session musicians Wyrmfang and Shu-Ananda who contribute drums and clean guitar respectively.. Underneath those evil vocals, the music is melodic and Pantheon of Blood are able to add some deep, chanting style vocals, which adds another layer to their sound..

On Side Lunae, The Crimson Empress of Night begins with a plucked guitar intro, and this time has a more muddied sound but still one of melody. The lyrics to this and Overflowing Manifestation are sung in English and due to deep growl that utters them, they sound otherworldly. This song has a more ritualistic feel to it, with Boreas even adding to maniacal laughs and growls to it. 

This isn't your archetypal hell for leather black metal, it's measured and well thought out. It shows a different side to the genre, one that is ambient and strangely soothing. Again, this is the first time I've heard material by Pantheon of Blood, but I really like it. Thanks to both band a label, the quality of this release is hard to match and I can't wait to discover what they do next.

Pantheon of Blood are on Facebook at and you can visit Glorious North Productions on Facebook at You can listen to Overflowing Manifestation via the GNP website at, where you can also purchase this 7", which is limited to 500 copies.

FÖRGJORD - Sielunvihollinen

This is the first of two Hammer of Hate reviews I've had the opportunity to do. This is the third full length by Finnish black metal duo Förgjord. Förgjord are true black metal and sing in their native tongue.


1. Suokaste
2. Ei Kuoleman Arvoinen
3. Musta Lintu
4. Niin Lihassa Kuin Veressa
5. Tulihati 1959
6. Sudeksi Syntynyt
7. Sielunvihollinen
8. Viimeinen Myrsky

Opener, Suokaste is a peaceful intro, featuring traditional instruments. This gives it a traditional Finnish folk feel. The Finnish spoken word sample adds to the sense of mystery hanging over this album. It segues into the first song proper, which is entitled Ei Kuoleman Arvoinen. This song starts with clean guitar, only punctuated by the almighty screams of vocalist Prokrustes Thanatos. The sound of the record is pure evil, with that  organic, old-school production that you get with a lot of black metal releases. I always think black metal bands sound better when they sing in their native language, and Förgjord are no exception. Also, some people may think that being a duo, they have limitations, but this fits their music perfectly, as they are able to keep creative control, after all, they are producing raw black metal that appeals to them, no matter what the masses think.

Third song Musta Lintu is more immediate, showing a nice increase of pace by the duo. Valgrinder doing a great job on the guitar, adding heft and some good melody into music, while Prokrustes Thanatos screams and thrashes at his drum-kit. Part way through, the pace slows and makes way for some spoken word incantations. Förgjord show variation in their sound, but stay true to their genre. The opening guitar tone of Niin Lihassa Kuin Veressa lures you into a brief false sense of security before smashing you over the head. The creativeness in this song is brilliant, as it's multi-faceted sound brings an almost desperate sense of euphoria to the listener, when they realise they're being dragged further into the depths of hell!

I am in awe of the guitar tone on this record. Thanks to the production, it sound really clear but without losing any of it's rawness. The glimpses of traditional instruments like flute and kantele, remind you where the band are from and add a subtle warmth to the record, which would otherwise be cold and desolate. Instrumental song Tulihati 1959 marks the midway point on the record. The guitar melodies invoking thoughts of fierce Viking battles! Sudeksi Syntynyt is their longest song on the record and it does seem to carry you off on a journey, filled with fear and loneliness.

As Sielunvihollinen strides into it's final tracks, Förgjord hit their stride. The penultimate and title track sounds as ice cold as you'd imagine. Förgjord demonstrate their chosen sound to it fullest here. Viimeinan Myrsky is their final blast of northern darkness, the sound of the kantele is heard again and the record finishes how it started, with a devilish atmosphere hanging over it. As an introduction to Förgjord this has been very positive. Black metal may be an acquired taste to some, but to me it's a mysterious and interesting genre, with an image that stays true to itself. I appreciate that and the lengths that bands like Förgjord go to uphold it.

There are undeniably modern touches on this record, but due to sheer abrasive evilness of the vocals, it's still deeply rooted in the underworld, destined to be the preserve of the black metal hordes. It shows that black metal still has relevance, especially in these austere times and reminds us that all is not well in the world.

As you might expect, Förgjord like to keep things mysterious, so don't have a big presence on the Internet, however you can read about them and pick up this album from their label Hammer of Hate at You can also listen to two of their tracks, Musta Lintu and Sudeksi Syntynyt their as well.

Monday 9 April 2012

Lockjaw Records review series pt 3 - Almeida

Well, this is third Lockjaw release review (fourth if you count the Wake The Dead review I did a week or so ago). Almeida are from the south coast and bill themselves as progressive thrash. Judging by the cover of Fantastic Massacre, they also have a sense of humour, which is always good. Looking at the bands they've played alongside, they seem to have a pretty good pedigree, which is a sing of quality.


1. Kinslayer
2. Kings of Contempt
3. Fantastic Massacre (A Heart Wrenching Soliloquy About Me Feelin’s Fer Tugger)
4. Lifeboats
5. Ice Cream Song
6. Bale Fire
7. Fail Buyer
8. Occam's Razor (i)
9. Jury and the Executioner (ii)
10. Reservations (iii)
11. By Sin of Omission

Okay so the progressive thrash may have been a bit of a misnomer, as the first track kicks in, Almeida come across as a mixture of Protest The Hero, Pennywise and Dragonforce! Now, I’m not trying to pigeonhole them before I've even started, as I don't think you can categorise Almeida at all.

The musicianship is pretty incredible, the rhythm section is fast and furious, the guitars are a mixture of punk riffs and killer, off-kilter solos and the vocals range from death metal growls to pop-punk melodies and some cool three-way harmonies. The song lengths vary too, which is where they get the progressive tag. There are so many ideas crammed into each song; it's an absorbing listen if you have the attention span and the brain to work it all out. Take second song Kings of Contempt as a good example. It's just over four minutes long, but seems to about four songs in one.

The title track is the third track of this long player, and starts with some really well played guitar, and considering this is Almeida's first album, sounds pretty assured and confident. I would liken them to the first time I heard fellow British nuts Sikth, as they go the extra mile to write songs with imagination and skill. Fantastic Massacre is the first of three songs on the album to breach the seven-minute mark and it's like a rock opera. It's mainly instrumental, but it has to be heard to be believed.

Ice Cream Song is a brilliant semi-acoustic piece, that brings things back down to a level or normality, with some great strumming that shows off their skills as musicians again. Bale Fire is a fast, frenetic piece of experimental noise, with death growls, gang vocals and crazy fretboard wizardry. It continues straight into Fail Buyer, which is just the same but this time is more hardcore inspired. I know I've already said this, but there are so many ideas here that it's hard to take in.

I love how one song morphs into another and can only imagine what the recording of this album would have been like. I can imagine plenty of caffeine was consumed in the studio. Talking of the studio, the production of Fantastic Massacre is also brilliant. Each element is clear and can be heard; yet they work so well together. Sometimes is can be hard for bands to mould all these ideas and time changes together, but Almeida seem to is with consummate ease, which just shows hoe good these guys are.

The last two tracks, Reservations (iii) and By Sin of Omission are 15 minutes of utter madness. The musical quality on show is brilliant and if either of these make their way onto Rockband, you'll only be able to play them in expert mode, because they won't deserve to be in a easier mode! It just wouldn't do them justice at all. This album is just a journey of epic proportions, from start to finish and the fact that these guys reside on our fair isle, is even better.

Almeida have uploaded the title track from their album to bandcamp, so you can stream it and download it:-

You can also pick it up from either their bigcartel page at or via Lockjaw records at or Japanese label Bells on Records at

Well there you have it, my last review of the Easter break and what a record to finish on. Just do me a favour now, check out their bandcamp page and then pick up their album. You'd be mental not to!

Saturday 7 April 2012

Sectarian Violence - S/T 7"

This is the second of my two Grave Mistake Records reviews. This it's on the new self-titled 7" by a new band called Sectarian Violence. These guys play straight edge hardcore. Sectarian Violence features members of Coke Bust, Never Again and Stay Hungry, so you know they're gonna be killer.


1. No Regard
2. Desocialized
3. Misplaced Trust
4. Sectarian Violence
5. Self Destruction
6. Lined and Shot

Well, this is proper, fast hardcore from dudes that know what they're doing.  It's got a great feel to it and it's not restricted to one countries take of hardcore either, as members come from the US, UK and Sweden, so you've got the best of both worlds.

The first two tracks, No Regard and Desocialized fly past on the blink of an eye. The production of the songs sound really organic, sounding like it was recorded completely live, especially the vocals. This is angry stuff as well, the riffs and rhythm section are just asking for fist pumping, head banging live action.

The title track is a purely instrumental track, with some cool guitar melodies before SV launch into penultimate song Self Destruction, which is quite an apt name as it seems like they're about to.
Final track Lined and Shot is more structured and mid paced, but still has that nasty, punk/hardcore undertone and a killer solo towards the end, that leaves you with just the ringing feedback for company.

All in all, you get six raging hardcore songs in 6 minutes and that's how it should be. All the members are really proficient at what they do and having the different nationalities in the band, makes it that bit more special. Again, hats off to Grave Mistake for putting this out and showing the pretenders how hardcore should be done!

As with the Bad Advice 7" I wrote about yesterday, you can listen to two tracks off this 7" via Grave Mistake's bandcamp page:-

If you want to hear the other four tracks, you'll need to purchase a copy from the Grave Mistake webstore at

You can also go to SV's facebook page for tour and release news at

Friday 6 April 2012

Bad Advice - Do Not Resuscitate 7"

This is my third review of the day. This time it's about a 7" by a band called Bad Advice. This has been released as a split between Grave Mistake Records and Tension Head Records, and the band features member of Government Warning, Direct Control, The Ladies and Cloak/Dagger. These guys are another band that's been below my radar until now.

This seven inch features 4 tracks.


1. Do Not Resuscitate
2. If Life's a Joke
3. Anger Problem
4. Chemical Imbalance

The title track is the first track of this 7", and it hits you with a garage-punk sound straight away. The guitars have a pure, bluesy rock n roll sound to them and music overall is fast and it's furious. Second track If Life's A Joke and third track Anger Problem fly by in a similar fashion, full of rip-roaring, loud punk attitude.

The vocals on this release are heavy, and it almost has a sense of horror punk about it. The first three tracks are over in a flash and then you're left with Chemical Imbalance to close out the record. This song is almost as long as the rest of the 7", but it highlight’s Bad Advice's ability to play fast and cram their songs with different ideas.

This is short but sweet and I for one want to hear more by these guys. There seems to be such a wealth of different bands around at the moment, who are taking existing blueprints and ripping them up, and I think Bad Advice are one of those bands. Hats off too both Grave Mistake and Tension Head, for releasing this!

You can stream two of this 7"s tracks via the Grave Mistake bandcamp page:-

If you want to hear the other two songs, you'll have to buy the record either from 

or from

Hunt/Gather - Former Rust EP

This is an EP that has been sitting in my inbox for a little while now, so sorry to Hunt/Gather for taking so long to review it. Hunt/Gather are a hardcore band from Glasgow, there seems to be a Scottish theme about today, and they're new band to me, so I'm excited to hear them.

This is their debut EP, which was released by Struggletown Records as a digital only release. It's made up of five tracks of Botch inspired, hardcore noise.


1. Electropolitan
2. Mort Le Blanc
3. Cemetalist
4. Dead Vesicles
5. Dredger

Opener, Electropolitan, starts with a cool guitar intro, which launches into discordant, experimental hardcore. The riffs are melodic, borrowing some elements from screamo along the way. This is pretty mental, and if you like bands like Botch and The Dillinger Escape Plan, you'll love the way Hunt/Gather dart along like a school kid with ADHD!

Second track Mort Le Blanc again starts with a nice twinkly instrumental intro, and follows the same formula as the EP's opener. The vocals on this EP seem to be pretty angry, and I guess it fits the music well. Sometimes, dual screamed vocals appear, adding a high/low pitched dynamic to the music. Live, I expect Hunt/Gather to be a massive presence, on this evidence. The addition of well placed and interwoven pace changes add class to the EP.

They gather a lot of ideas into this EP, with lots of different parts moulded together, to create a sound that's pretty chaotic, yet beautiful at the same time, such as in the verses of third song Cementalist (great song title, by the way!). The other great thing about Hunt/Gather, is that they don't hold those American influences to close. Vocalist Geoff, even adds some nice melodic singing to Cementalist, which adds another layer to their sound.

Penultimate track Dead Vesicles sees Hunt/Gather getting even heavier and throwing caution to the wind. The guitars and the rhythm section motor along at quite a pace, only briefly slowing to gain breath. And so it's on too the last song, Dredger, which is your last chance to get battered over the head by this intense band. Immediately, this struck me as a top quality release by a band that are clearly writing songs for themselves, not bothered by outside influences and will not water down their brand of hardcore for anyone! This is essential stuff!

You can stream and download this EP for free via Hunt/Gather's bandcamp page:-

Also, they have a Facebook page to at

Grader - Amnesty 7"

This 7" by Aberdeen hardcore band Grader, is another release that's come from Thirty Days of Night Records and I picked it up, after joining their vinyl club, which if you haven't become a member of yet, you should. Go to their bigcartel page to find out more.

Anyway onto Grader and this 7", which is their first proper release. It's a two track affair on nice black vinyl.


Side A - Amnesty
Side B - Cheated Death

Amnesty begins with some big riffs and a crunching drumming. The vocals are semi-screamed, sung, with a great punk vibe to them. There's a screamo influence floating around as well, as Grader haven't just gone for straight up aggression, but a more measured approach, with the skill to add a great atmosphere to the music, with a heartfelt display.

B side Cheated Death follows the same lines, with great melodic guitars riffs and pounding drums. There are elements of hardcore, punk and screamo amongst
Grader's sound, and the combination of these influences make this a good listen. Graders are another great addition to TDON's varied roster, and another great inclusion to the ever-expanding UK hardcore scene.

So two short tracks that will leave you wanting more from these guys. A strong 7”, which will give Grader the momentum, which hopefully see them release a full length in the near future.

The Amnesty 7" is available for streaming and free download via the TDON bandcamp page:-

 You can also follow what they're doing at Also, the link for TDON's bigcartel page, so you can check out their vinyl club is

Thursday 5 April 2012

Hang The Bastard - S/T 12"

I've been following Hang The Bastard for quite a while ago, and quietly picking up their releases, as to me, they are one of the flag-bearers for the UK hardcore scene at the moment. I've been given the opportunity to review this. their latest release, which I was pretty stoked about.

This is their S/T 12" that's been released via the always amazing Thirty Days Of Night Records. I actually picked up the vinyl records before the review offer dropped into my inbox, so I can tell you all about it. Firstly, the cover art for the gatefold is cracking, the songs and lyrics are printed on the inside cover (which is a nice touch) and the record I've got comes on black vinyl, but there is also a yellow/red version.


1. Intro
2. Interplanetary Portals
3. Lesser Gods
4. The Year is One
5. Rivers Edge

Hang The Bastard starts with the obligatory intro track, made up of strangely anthemic guitar and pounding drums, smashing out a hypnotic rhythm. I don't know why, but it reminds of old-school thrash and wrestling, which can only mean one thing, it's brutal!

First track proper, Interplanetary Portals was the first song that HTB unleashed on the unsuspecting public, and what a statement of intent it is. All deep, dirty riffs and rabid screams. It's got a real frenetic pace about, whilst being delivered in a measured and assured way. The production also makes it sound really heavy, which is what you want from a hardcore record.

HTB weave in some subtle additions to make their sound more varied, like the spoken word mid section in Interplanetary Portals. The riffs that come later on are grooving and the breakdown towards the close, bring together those riffs with some tasty twin melodies and an awesome mid paced solo.

Lesser Gods starts with more of an urgent pace, blasting away from the onset, it's more a traditional hardcore song but still with all of their downtuned aggression. The melodic guitar touches are real class, showing that as HTB progress, so does the song writing and musicianship. I thought Hellfire Reign was brilliant, especially as it was my first introduction into HTB, and this takes that experience to the next level.

The Year Is One starts with some of the sludgy groove that inspired Hellfire Reign, and has a real rock n roll sense to it, especially with the wailing guitar that cries out at the start. This is a great chunk of sludgy hardcore, with the breakdowns that most bands would dream of, and by breakdowns I don't mean the stuff to slam dance to, but the breakdowns that cry out when your in a purple haze. This is the sound of modern day British Rockstars tearing the scene a new backside. Careering on with their own satisfaction in mind!

Rivers Edge is the final blast from HTB and sees them at their driving best. Striding along, all instruments in perfect harmony. It's probably the angriest song on the record, especially with those vocals. The addition of palm muted riffs and subtle, almost black metal growls add a sinister edge to the song and show off the influences that they are able to weave into their song writing. Rivers Edge ends in a cavernous wall of noise that leaves you feeling both violated and euphoric at the same time.

The record as a whole demands repeat listens due to the quality of the songs within. The decision to release these five songs on their own and not part of a longer album, was a master stroke as they prove strong enough to be appreciated on their own, while leaving you with a hankering for more. Let's hope they don't leave it too long!

Now, lucky for those of you who haven't heard this yet, it's available to stream via TDON's bandcamp page:-

And, if you like what you hear, and you should, you can still pick up the aforementioned yellow/red vinyl version from TDON Records at

Also, make sure you head too HTB's facebook page as well at to find out about the tour they're about to embark on with Sylosis.