Monday 16 April 2012

Moloch - Illusionen Eines Verlorenen Lebens

So, I've delved deeper into the grim, dark underground and unearthed Ukranian black metal act Moloch. Moloch is the grim imagining of one man, Sergiy Fjordsson, that has been producing cold, raw black metal now for ten years. This is Moloch's latest full length, and has been released by Glorious North Production.

Tracklist :-

1. Illusion Des Winters
2. Ein Dusterer Winter Kommt I
3. Ein Dusterer Winter Kommt II
4. Dissonanz Tropfen Eines Gluhenden Schmerzes
5. Weg Von Dieser Welt Voller Traurigkeit
6. Unsichtbarer Faden Des Lebens
7. Illusionen Eines Verlorenen Lebens
8. Abgrund Meines Wesens

Illusionen... begins with the song Illusion Des Winters, which is heralded in by sounds of the howling wind and then into a purely instrumental song, played on brass and piano, with subtle strings nestling in the background. This is a calming and majestic opening and as the music fades out and the wind fades in again, you wonder what's waiting. The next song is the first of two. Ein Dusterer Winter Kommt I starts with drums and brass, before the spoken word vocals and droning guitar rears it's head. It's very ambient music, with lyrics in Ukranian adding to the mystique. You don't get black metal growls or screams here, just tortured spoken word passages, over-layed on each other, to give a maddening effect.

Ein Dusterer Winter Kommt II has more of an impact, with louder guitar, but it's still very mesmeric. The droning riffs once again seem to be trance like, but add to the atmospheric texture of the music. The maniacal screams and cries of sole member Sergiy are disturbing and make him sound like he has already been condemned to a life in hell. The fourth song Dissonanz... is exactly that. One dissonant riff rings out throughout the song and it seems to gradually get louder, as it progresses. Some songs do possess that black metal aesthetic that is more commonly heard amongst Moloch's peers, such as in the Weg Von Dieser..., which incorporates pure growls, and music that does seem to be more symphonic. Illusionen's... sixth song, Unsichtbarer Faden Des Lebens is another well-crafted piece of instrumental music, which leads you to the title song of the record. The strings build up again adding a sense of calm, which is probably only ever experienced with this type of ambient, black metal.

The final salvo on this record is entitled Abgrund Meines Wesens, which is a colossal 22 minute hymn. This song highlights the vision that's clear throughout this record. The originality and beauty that can come from what many people would label as a cold, harsh genre and an artist creating music without barriers or outside influences. The musicianship is excellent, as is the production. By concentrating solely on his creative vision, Moloch's sole protagonist has crafted an album of almost industrial beauty, with a crisp and clear sound, while retaining the integrity that he obviously strives for.

Once again, I am bowled over. I, like many people who are considered outsider to this genre, thought of it as a bit of joke, especially in the context of the mainstream black metal bands that seem to get all the coverage, but I was misguided and wrong.
Moloch is incredible! This record has managed to completely shatter my illusions and realise that there is beauty and art in black metal, you just have to know where to look. This will be the last time I have any preconceptions, but won't be the last time I sing the praises of Moloch!

The whole album is available for streaming at Moloch's bandcamp:-

You can buy this record fro m Glorious North Productions at There is also a sample song available on the website, in the of Ein Dusterer Winter Kommt I.

Also Moloch has a website - and a Facebook page at

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