Friday 6 April 2012

Bad Advice - Do Not Resuscitate 7"

This is my third review of the day. This time it's about a 7" by a band called Bad Advice. This has been released as a split between Grave Mistake Records and Tension Head Records, and the band features member of Government Warning, Direct Control, The Ladies and Cloak/Dagger. These guys are another band that's been below my radar until now.

This seven inch features 4 tracks.


1. Do Not Resuscitate
2. If Life's a Joke
3. Anger Problem
4. Chemical Imbalance

The title track is the first track of this 7", and it hits you with a garage-punk sound straight away. The guitars have a pure, bluesy rock n roll sound to them and music overall is fast and it's furious. Second track If Life's A Joke and third track Anger Problem fly by in a similar fashion, full of rip-roaring, loud punk attitude.

The vocals on this release are heavy, and it almost has a sense of horror punk about it. The first three tracks are over in a flash and then you're left with Chemical Imbalance to close out the record. This song is almost as long as the rest of the 7", but it highlight’s Bad Advice's ability to play fast and cram their songs with different ideas.

This is short but sweet and I for one want to hear more by these guys. There seems to be such a wealth of different bands around at the moment, who are taking existing blueprints and ripping them up, and I think Bad Advice are one of those bands. Hats off too both Grave Mistake and Tension Head, for releasing this!

You can stream two of this 7"s tracks via the Grave Mistake bandcamp page:-

If you want to hear the other two songs, you'll have to buy the record either from 

or from

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