Friday 6 April 2012

Grader - Amnesty 7"

This 7" by Aberdeen hardcore band Grader, is another release that's come from Thirty Days of Night Records and I picked it up, after joining their vinyl club, which if you haven't become a member of yet, you should. Go to their bigcartel page to find out more.

Anyway onto Grader and this 7", which is their first proper release. It's a two track affair on nice black vinyl.


Side A - Amnesty
Side B - Cheated Death

Amnesty begins with some big riffs and a crunching drumming. The vocals are semi-screamed, sung, with a great punk vibe to them. There's a screamo influence floating around as well, as Grader haven't just gone for straight up aggression, but a more measured approach, with the skill to add a great atmosphere to the music, with a heartfelt display.

B side Cheated Death follows the same lines, with great melodic guitars riffs and pounding drums. There are elements of hardcore, punk and screamo amongst
Grader's sound, and the combination of these influences make this a good listen. Graders are another great addition to TDON's varied roster, and another great inclusion to the ever-expanding UK hardcore scene.

So two short tracks that will leave you wanting more from these guys. A strong 7”, which will give Grader the momentum, which hopefully see them release a full length in the near future.

The Amnesty 7" is available for streaming and free download via the TDON bandcamp page:-

 You can also follow what they're doing at Also, the link for TDON's bigcartel page, so you can check out their vinyl club is

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