Sunday 29 April 2012

Volture - Rulebreaker

For those who don't know, Volture is a heavy metal band that feature's a certain Ryan Waste from Municipal Waste. Rulebreaker is the two track EP/Single that's been released via Tankcrimes, as a 7", in time for their recent UK/Euro tour which they are currently on.


1. Rulebreaker
2. Killer Angels

Rulebreaker is pure, hell for leather heavy metal. There's no hint of modern thrash here, just awesome guitar and falsetto vocals. This is unhinged fun of the highest order. There's nothing wrong with a bit of classic metal, after all, this was the blueprint for what we hold so dear now. Brent Hubbard's vocals are brilliant, the drumming furious and the solo's are rip-roaring fun!

The B side to this EP is the song Killer Angels, which was originally written by Gotham City. It fits the EP perfectly. It's got a slightly harder edge to it, with a more mid paced riffs and percussion. Volture don't turn on the histrionics here, as they are being faithful to the original and they do a great job. Still, there's no escaping those amazing, high pitched vocals.

This is a short, sharp EP containing two instantly hummable songs. I've just found my new favourite band. Now, if only they’d do a cover of Maniac from Flashdance!

Have a listen to this EP via the Tankcrimes Bandcamp page below:-

You can pick up copies of this EP at venues on Volture's current European tour or directly from the Tankcrimes webstore at

Also visit Volture's Facebook for more heavy metal madness at

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