Saturday 28 April 2012

Reflections of Internal Rain - Answers

So my third review of the day is the newest LP by Serbian hardcore band Reflections of Internal Rain and is my last Strikedown Records review for the time being. This seven track LP was release in February and was a split label release alongside Brain Ache Records.


1. Imagined Glow
2. Committed To Silence
3. With One Eye Opened
4. Flashes Of Ease
5. Answers
6. Previous Year
7. Army Barmy

ROIR sound incredibly assured right from the start of Answers, with the melodic intro of Imagined Glow. The music has a dissonance about as their brand of hardcore kicks in. It's fast and filled with passionate screams. There's a lot of creativity in their sound, with different rhythms and ideas playing their part in the song. Committed to Silence is more chaotic and fast-paced. The guitars have their own agenda here and it's all underpinned by furious drumming. The gang vocals give the song and band a sense of unity and inclusiveness.

With One Eye Opened brings back ROIR's more melodic riffs, but does not let up on the rabid screaming. Again, ROIR play to their own rules and again show that Eastern Europe is a force of it's own, in terms of forward thinking, creative heavy music. Flashes of Ease is a lot more punky in the way it's played and there are definite screamo influences in the music, but good quality screamo that is.

Answers, starts with a call to arms in the form of great gang-vocals and awesome dual screams. This is the title track and marks the halfway point of the LP, in a chaotic but controlled fashion. Answers segues into Previous Year, which is sees a great outpouring of passion and emotion from the band, and again shows their qualities.

Army Barmy is the last song and is riotously heavy ending song. The way incredible breakdown and deep guttural vocals show the band’s willingness to experiment and break the mould. It's a great ending to another records that goes by too quickly. I urge you to give Reflections of Internal Rain your full attention and pick up this LP, as it's brilliant!

Again you can listen to Answers via Bandcamp below:-

Again if you like the record and want to get it, you can download it for free from the Bandcamp page above, but if you'd like a physical copy, you can buy an awesome clear vinyl package from Strikedown Records at

Also, visit Reflections Of Internal Rain on Facebook at

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