Friday 27 April 2012

My Ticket Home - To Create A Cure

The next review I'm doing tonight is something totally different. My Ticket Home are  a new hardcore band signed to Rise Records. To Create A Cure is the bands debut release. They are currently winding their way across America on the Rise Records tour, alongside The Air I Breath, Hands Like Houses and Palisades.


1. A New Breed
2. Who Is 67?
3. Atlas
4. The Truth Changes If We Both Lie
5. Beyond
6. Motion Sickness
7. A Thief Of One, A Thief Of Many
8. Awake : Create
9. The Dream Code
10. Dark Days
11. Fear Complex 

As soon as opener A New Breed kicks in, you know your going to get thoroughly modern
melody, infused hardcore. Now, I actually like a silky smooth chorus once in a while, so it's quite nice to hear one amongst the screaming of vocalist Nick Giumenti.

The riffs on display are brutal and meant to insight mass mosh pits. However, you don't hear many misplaced breakdowns, which is a good thing. The music is well produced, as you'd expect and the different parts are very clear, but you get a sense also that this record is played by a band that really mean it. It may be sitting on the more commercial side of the metal fence, but that's part of it's charm for me.

The vocal melodies in Atlas does bring to mind "Crisis" era Alexisonfire at times, which is no bad thing at all. The band are also really proficient musicians, with melodic passages complementing the vocals perfectly. This is the kind of record that brings out the summer in you. Then again it also makes you want to rage, when My Ticket Home's brand of hardcore slap you over the head. Beyond awakens the senses, after it's dreamy, melodic predecessor - The Truth Changes If We Both Lie.

Motion Sickness is a savage beast of a song, full of harsh screams and breakdowns which get your headbanging furiously. The more of this record you hear, the more you realise that this isn't just another screamo/hardcore release. It's got a lot of personality and character, which helps to separate My Ticket Home from a lot of their Rise label mates.

The Dream Code is a wonderful, slick ballad of epic proportions. There are undertones of bands like Soilwork in the riffs in Dark Days. Before you know it, your on the last song Fear Complex and your reflecting on what has been an impressive album. To say this is a debut full length, it's very assured. My Ticket Home certainly the chops and skill to take things to the next level and I for one, am a convert!

You can hear tracks - A New Breed and Fear Complex on the music tab, on My Ticket Home's website - and if you like them, you can buy To Create A Curse via their merch store at

Their Facebook is

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