Saturday 28 February 2015

North - Metanoia


1. Atrabilious
2. Nefelibata
3. Hiraeth
4. Master

Spending half of your afternoon drinking (lightly I might add) in a bar with a mate takes it of you. Even a bracing stroll home and coffee hasn't helped me feel anymore awake. So I must turn to sludge in order to rock myself to an undoubtedly heavy slumber. Tucson, AZ sludge/post-rock band North released their four-track LP Metanoia last year. It was an independent release spread across all formats. They've recently toured in the US and further afield and are about to start writing a new full-length, so now is a good for you to check them out if you haven't done so already. 

Metanoia begins in quiet fashion, with lowly plucked guitar on Atrabilious before North explodes into a wall of earth-shattering noise. The screams of bassist Evan Leek sound more like the roars of bears and against the off-kilter backdrop of the music, it sounds gut-wrenching. The vocals settle down later on into semi-clean singing when the guitar becomes more spacial. North’s post-rock edge is more evident on the more expansive Nefelibata. The atmospherics spewed forth here are spine-tingling and I’d go as far as to say that this isn’t like anything I’ve heard before. Well, not from the genre/sub-genre of sludge and doom anyway. The melody that's used, while subtle at times really brings out the personality of the band and shows that they’ve really though about the music. As with most bands that have any integrity, North are clearly playing music that they want to hear yet at the same time, they’ve given something to the listener that is more than just sound and words. It’s really very good. Hiraeth further develops North’s use of melody. The soaring vocals tones really jump out at you and make it even harder to categorise what North are doing, which in turn shows more individuality in my opinion. The final track Master is filled with a surprising layer of groove and some stunningly good lead work. That groove carries on throughout and takes this record full-circle, right through from crushing sludge, to earthly post-rock and onto bluesy, groove-laden metal. It’s a pity that this release in as short as it is, because you can easily get lost in its contents and when that happens, you just want it to keep on going. Metanoia is a mature and considered effort and North pull it off. This should wet your appetite as you wait for their new album.

Stream Metanoia here:-

You can purchase it directly from North's bandcamp page, digitally, on tape and on vinyl.

North Facebook -

Friday 27 February 2015

Dominium - War Ritual


1. Intro
2. Decimated
3. War Ritual
4. Screaming Death
5. Unleashed
6. Into The Black War
7. Beneath The Shadows
8. Witchfinder
9. I Am Oblivion
10. Outro

There songs may read like the album that Metallica or Slayer never made, but they are in fact the work of Richmond, VA black metallers Dominium. War Ritual was released last year by US underground label Horror Pain Gore Death Productions and was Dominium's first full-length, despite them being active since 1999. Their pedigree is such though that way back in 2000,  they opened up for Mayhem! More recently they've played with Hellgoat, who I featured here not so long ago. War Ritual was released on CD and digitally.

War Ritual begins with a medieval-folk vibe on the Intro. Towards the end though, things get a bit scarier! First song proper, Decimated is pure hatred in musical form. I’ve spent a lot of time listening to ambient and atmospheric black metal in recent months, so being confronted with a strand this menacing is a shock to the system. Both the rhythm section and guitars are raging, while the vocals are possessed shrieks that bury themselves right within your synapse. The title-track gives you clue as to the direction that Dominium is taking. From the militant marching beat of the intro to the progression that follows, they prove that there’s no time for rest while there’s evil to be spread! It’s well-known that Richmond, VA has a vibrant and burgeoning heavy scene but I didn’t realise that Satan’s black talons were so prevalent there. Screaming Death was the song title that prompted me to mention thrash metal in my opening paragraph and despite the song’s subtle elements, the blasphemous screams banish any thoughts of keg parties and whirlwind head-banging in favour of spikes and corpsepaint. The pace of War Ritual is unrelenting, with Unleashed signalling the midway point with a precision battering of double-bass and razor sharp riffs. I find that often, this strand of black metal can suffer when the production ins’t as forthright. Thankfully, there’s no such issues as Into The Black War. It’s icy and raw, but the volume of the mix helps to make things more engaging for the listener. Beneath The Sickness is Dominium’s longest number of War Ritual and while its pace isn’t necessarily slower, the staple set of riffs throughout the song give it a hypnotic atmosphere. It’s a welcome change to the barbaric undertones. Dominium hit full-gear with Witchfinder. It contains probably the most intense drumming on the whole of the record. They have an apt song-title in I Am Oblivion, which is the last full-throttle song on here. With the Outro, it all ends amongst a wash of ringing feedback and hauntingly sinister tones. In a musical climate where bands like Watain and  Behemoth are heralded as genre leaders, Dominium have proven themselves to be worthy of higher praise. I’ll be honest, I favour Dominium to those earlier mentioned bands and War Ritual may be my favourite release from Horror Pain Gore Death but by my own admission, I’ve still got a lot of catching up to do.

You can stream and purchase War Ritual here:-

Dominium Facebook -
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions Facebook -

Wednesday 25 February 2015

Raccoon City Police Department - Nightlife LP


1. Lungs
2. Life Is Lost
3. WitchHouse
4. Passage
5. Slum Lord
6. Starting To See
7. Twelve

For some (really lame) reason and with the exception of the incredible debut LP from Totem Skin and a Ruined Families 7", I've never written about releases from Dog Knights Productions on the blog. I wrote some reviews of stuff in the first half of 2013 for Collective Zine, but haven't written anything since. I've been to preoccupied with keeping up with the label's huge and ever growing discography. This is me trying to make amends. This LP was the first of a duo of releases (alongside the Crowns & Thieves LP that I'll be writing about soon) that DKP have released this year. Raccoon City Police Department are an post-hardcore/screamo band from Adelaide, Australia and Nightlife is their new full-length. It was released as a collaborative effort by DKP and Spit The Dummy Records.

RCPD play the sort of post-hardcore that is synonymous with DKP and they’ve got an air of At The Drive-In about them. Clean/jangly guitar riffs, subtle drumming and coarse vox. LP opener Lungs is an emotive precursor to Nightlife and meant to rouse. The guitar that kicks off Life Is Lost immediately sends shivers down my spine with it’s clarity and melody. The production helps to bring it to life. It’s stop/start in places, but has surprising rock swagger too. You could draw some comparisons to a certain American screamo band here, but I’m not going to because there’s more than enough individuality in WitchHouse for it to hold it’s own. The lowly instrumentation the accompanies the contrasting harsh/semi-clean vocals during the verses, takes it down a more experimental path and RCPD breathe life into the whole post-hardcore blueprint with the use of heartfelt originality. As the end of WitchHouse plays out with white-noise and a haunting sample, your lead into Passage and it’s beat filled intro. I don’t know why, but the delivery of the verse reminds me of The Beastie Boys. That aside, the song is very focused and even slightly harrowing. More familiar paths are trodden again with Slum Lord. I’m struck on how arty RCPD are without being to obtuse or cliched. They sing of the angst related with growing out of your teenage years and into your earlier twenties on Starting To See. I’m pretty sure every person feels this in their life. Set to this musical backdrop, it feels all the more real. Nightlife’s closer Twelve is a poignant ending. There’s an undercurrent of menace and malice within the chords and structures. The way the vocals get faster along with the music builds the song into one last tome that should be sung from the rooftops and screamed from the bottom of your stomach. That sums up what Raccoon City Police Department and Nightlife does to you. All we ask for is heartfelt and passionate music with a delivery to match. We’ve found it!

You can stream and download (name-your-price) Nightlife in full here:-

UK/Europe orders for the LP can be made via Dog Knights Productions here -

Australian orders can be placed via Spit The Dummy Records here -

You can also get copies from distress in the US and other place. Check DKP's Facebook page below for more info.

Raccoon City Police Department Facebook -
Dog Knights Productions Facebook -
Spit The Dummy Records Facebook -

Tuesday 24 February 2015

Hellgoat - End Of Man 7"


1. Demonic Worship Of The Horned Beast
2. End Of Man

We all experience motivation in different ways and get it from different things. I've been pondering over motivation over the last couple of weeks and I've realised that this blog drives a lot of mine. The friends I've made and the enjoyment that I get out of it is pretty hard to match. Enough of my musing though, as I've still got reviews to write and not enough time in which to write them. Hellgoat are a black metal band from Atlanta, Georgia that came to my attention though checking out Boris Records. Hellgoat have been releasing music since 2004, yet I only properly heard them last year. End Of Man was their latest release (2014) and features two songs.

Hellgoat set the scene with an extended sample at the start of Demonic Worship Of The Horned Beast. What follows though is sludge-ridden guitar that bleeds into festering black metal. It’s fast and raw, without being uncomfortable. This is for fans of big-riffs and high volume! The title-track on the b-side is raging! There’s no time for meandering intros because Hellgoat launches straight into a blackened-thrash onslaught. The contrasting deep growls and crashing cymbals add to an already grim atmosphere and despite the occasional drop in tempo, Hellgoat goes for the jugular. It decends into noise at the 02:40 mark, before the dust settles slowly. Hellgoat are due to release a new full-length soon and on this showing, they’ll give any of the more established black-thrash bands a run for their money. Don’t sleep!

You can stream and grab the digital download here:-

Vinyl copies can be purchased directly from Boris Records here -

Hellgoat Facebook -
Boris Records Facebook -

Sunday 22 February 2015

News! Lychgate Release New Track "Letter XIX" and Announce New Album

UK black-metal band Lychgate has just released new track "Letter XIX", which will be on their new album An Antidote For The Glass Pill. Its the bands second album and will be released on all formats by Blood Music.

Lychgate features Esoteric frontman/founding-member Greg Chandler and this new album will be the first album to feature full accompaniment from a professional church pipe organist.

Here's what Blood music had to say about An Antidote For The Glass Pill -

"We've been tracking the progress of this album from raw demos to polished finale and can attest that this was an incredible labour-of-love and also a work of painstaking genius. This is the rare kind of album that will actually give you goosebumps."

You can can watch the video for "Letter XIX" on Youtube - 

You can keep up to date with album news via Lychgate's Facebook page - and via Blood Music's page -

Saturday 21 February 2015

Apocryfal - Aberration Of Mind


1. Intro (A Grievance)
2. Contra
3. Mother Of All
4. Aberration Of Mind
5. A Theist

My bid to be more productive is going pretty well I think. Aside from writing and working, I've just planted some Chilli/Pepper seeds so I can start to grow my own. Let's see if they like Finnish death metal! Apocryfal came to my attention because of the striking artwork and logo on the cover of their 2013 EP Aberration of Mind. I've seen a lot written about these guys recently and even though this EP is two-years old now, its got to be worth checking out. 

Apocryfal thankfully lean more towards fellow countrymen Profetus and Swallow The Sun and not modern day Children Of Bodom. Their death metal is introspective and ambient, with Intro (A Grievance) featuring plenty of doom-esque atmospherics. That intro song fades out to reveal the meaty riffs of Contra, which is pacier and packs more of an obvious punch. The music contained herein is fast but unlike the more-brutal-than-thou extreme death metal bands, Apocryfal inject more melody. Things become sickeningly scary on Mother Of All, with its nightmarish intro. In my caffeine addled state, my senses are working overtime. Especially when the double-bass kicks in! The title-track really shows you what Apocryfal are all about. The subtle black metal that is strewed across this recording coupled with the its loud production, add the finishing touches. Closing tome A Theist takes the music in a slower direction initially, before hitting an off-kilter stride all of its own. This is hell (in the best possible way). Aberration Of Mind is short, but its only meant as a taster of things to come. Apocryfal have crafted an EP of top quality death metal and it’ll hopefully give them the momentum they need to kick on and write that elusive full-length. I’ll be watching, that’s for sure!

Stream the EP here - 

You can purchase Aberration Of Mind digitally and on CD (along with other merch) from their bandcamp page above.

Apocryfal Facebook -

Friday 20 February 2015

Young Mountain - We're Drowning In Slowmotion LP


1. Hildedal
2. Arctic Smile
3. Manen Stal Min Sjal
4. Hidden Song

German label Through Love Records has been releasing some awesome hardcore/screamo recently. They were busy in 2014 and that looks set to continue this year. I've already featured Hellwinners, whose demo was released on 7" vinyl via Through Love in 2014 and in a bid to feature more screamo on the blog this year, it's now the turn of Gothenburg's Young Mountain. This 12" was released in collaboration with Zegema Beach Records. It's as exciting to listen to these guys as it was to listen to fellow Swedes Totem Skin and Grown by Earth. Young Mountain released their first EP at the start of 2014 and then bookended it with the release of We're Drowning In Slowmotion. 

Young Mountain play expansive screamo in the vein of Disembarked. There are plenty of opposites, with both light and anger in opening song Hildedal. That anger comes in the form of hardcore screams. The melodic riffs that back it up though are the perfect counterweight and their introspective nature calms the mood in the mid-section. The quietly building post-hardcore of Arctic Smile is as life-affirming as you can get. This song reminds me of those ice-cold mornings where you can see the frozen breath escaping from your mouth, as you exhale the air that’s just frozen your lungs. The song itself is made up of quiet/loud dynamics, with careful verses making way for huge screamed passages. The punk rhythms of Manen Stal Min Sjal are similarly rousing, especially with the undercurrent of continuous treble in the background. There are tones of Deafheaven-style atmospheric black metal within this (sorry for the comparison, but it’s as close as I could get!). The slow and considered approach works well for Young Mountain, as it builds anticipation for each crashing crescendo. The production brings everything to life with precision yet it all feels as real as the blood in your veins. Young Mountain’s last gasp of air comes in the form of a Hidden Song (at least that’s its title anyway!). Ambient piano and orchestral music are the main characters in this final act. It’s volume rises throughout the song’s first-half and you’re expecting Young Mountain to explode, but they only offer distant screams. We’re Drowning In Slowmotion shows great maturity and emotive song-writing. Young Mountain don’t head down the well-trodden mass-media path, preferring to channel their homeland influences into the music. It work to their benefit and makes this LP a spectacular listen. 

Stream the whole thing here via Young Mountain's bandcamp page:-

It's also for sale digitally and on white vinyl from their page.

Europeans can alternatively buy it from Through Love Records here -

Those of you across the Atlantic can get copies from Zegema Beach Records here -

Young Mountain Facebook -
Through Love Records Facebook -
Zegema Beach Records Facebook -

Thursday 19 February 2015

Coltsblood - Into The Unfathomable Abyss


1. Valhalla Awaits
2. Beneath Black Skies
3. Blood
4. Abyss Of Aching Insanity
5. Grievous Molestation
6. Ulfeonar
7. Return To The Lake Of Madness

I'm psyching myself up for the pilgrimage to the first edition of "Doom Over Edinburgh" in March and with that in mind, there may well be a lot of doom on the blog between now and then. While Coltsblood aren't appearing at that festival, I decided to raid my review pile to begin the journey and to write about their 2014 full-length. Released on vinyl by Dry Cough Records and Burning World Record, Coltsblood also found themselves being welcomed into the Candlelight Records fold, with whom they released a CD version. They appeared and Candllefest last October and will be heading to Roadburn in April of this year, so things are definitely moving forward (slowly!).

UK doom and doom in general seems to be going through a huge resurgence now (if resurgence is the right word). Coltsblood have contributed to a regional scene that also boasts Crypt Lurker and Ninkharsag, which is ominous to say the least. Into The Unfathomable Abyss is the trio’s first full-length and it’s no wonder that Dry Cough had a hand in it’s release. After the short instrumental Valhalla Awaits, the monumental riff-athon begins with the slow-building tones of Beneath Black Skies. It’s full of bone-rattling bass and tar-like progression. The vocals sit deep within the mix and Coltsblood infuse their doom with atmospherics that take the music to a different plane. Being the first proper long-player on the record, Beneath Black Skies mixes lumbering doom with well-placed grooves to break up the claustrophobic dread that fills the air. I really enjoyed the atmosphere in Voe’s early demo that came out around the same time and I see comparison between that and this record. Surprisingly, Coltsblood interject’s the doom with some absolutely raging shorter-songs like Blood, which is just over two-minutes of utterly crazy death/grind. The feedback that is used throughout Abyss Of Aching Insanity verges on the uncomfortable. It creates a spectacle that should be experience live and it makes the song seem even slower that Beneath Black Skies before it. The songs lowly bass leaves you feeling alone and vulnerable, as you wait to see what’s around the the next turn. It’s as harrowing a picture as the one that humanity paints in these modern times. They up the pace again with the bombastic Grievous Molestation. I used that term because it begins with a flurry of intense instrumentation. This song further shows off Coltsblood’s progressive nature, which isn’t a word you’d often use when describing doom bands. Progress though they do and Grievous Molestation moves through many different movements, from their signature lurching doom to more of the death/grind that featured on Blood. There’s a mysteriously tribal vibe to the into of Ulfeonar and it soon becomes clear that the song is Coltsblood’s occult offering. The occult influence is subtle and those of you who have managed to stay the course, will face the reward of more face-crushingly intense doom/death. Coltsblood end it all with the majestic yet brooding melody of Return To The Lake Of Madness. Just like opener Valhalla Awaits, Return To The Lake Of Madness is an instrumental. The lead-guitar tones ring above all else, giving listeners a fleeting glimpse of sunshine through the gloom. It’s those small pockets of light that make Into The Unfathomable Abyss such a gratifying listen.

Listen to the whole record here:-

Vinyl versions of Into The Unfathomable Abyss can be purchased from Dry Cough Records and Burning World Records below:-

Dry Cough Records -
Burning World Records -

CD copies are still available from Candlelight Records here -
and from Coltsblood themselves here -

Coltsblood Facebook -
Dry Cough Records Facebook -
Burning World Records Facebook -
Candlelight Records Facebook -

Wednesday 18 February 2015

Singapore - A Country of Extremes And Broad Scenes

This is my first feature that focuses on music and bands from countries all over the world. The features won't be too exhaustive and will even feature some bands you've heard of, but my aim is to write about exciting music that I've discovered and my journey begins in Southeast Asia and Singapore to be precise. Thanks to some great individuals, labels and the Internet (gasp), I've been finding out about how broad and varied the small Singaporean extreme metal/punks scene is.

(Photo taken from Abolition A.D.'s Facebook page)

Abolition A.D.

I'm starting at a logical point, as Abolition A.D. were the most recent Singaporean band that I reviewed. Their debut full-length After Death Before Chaos was released in 2014 via homeland label Pulverised Records and it blew me away with it's sheer force and infectious heaviness.

Abolition A.D. formed in 2009 and released their first EP Pain in 2010 and they started working with Pulverised Records in 2013. They don't identify with any one-particular sub-genre and prefer to create extreme metal with varied influences from punk to sludge and everything in between. It's their enthusiasm for their music and their scene that makes them stand out. I for one, hope that they somehow make it over to the UK in future.

You can stream After Death Before Chaos and earlier EP Pain here -

I caught up with Azri from Ab A.D. and asked him some questions about people's reaction to the band and the scene:-

TNIO: For a heavy bands like Abolition A.D, what was it like starting off? Did you get encouraged by people or were people suspicious of the music?

Azri: We do received both kind of responses. It's fun to see the crowd looking all confuse trying to figure out what we are playing. Encouraging indeed!

TNIO: I don’t have great knowledge of alternative culture in Singapore, so what is the heavy metal/punk scene like there? Is there a big DIY network of bands and venues?

Azri: Yeah, there is a network of bands and venues here in Singapore and even across the borders. People are interconnected here and that's awesome. We have bands from region played damned fest last year in Singapore and we are stoked to hear it will be a yearly event.  To add on, we played Chaos in Rumah Api 2014 at  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Another yearly event which consists of bands around Southeast Asia. To name a few, do check out: Keladak (MY), Maddame (MY), Wwhirr (MY), Snaggletooth (SG), Pazahora (SG), Beelzebud (SG), OATH (IND)

TNIO: Have things changed in your home country for Abolition A.D, since the release of “After Death Before Chaos” and are you started getting more attention in the music press and on social media?

Azri: We’re still unhappy and oppressed as a nation. Besides that, with that recent album release, we got an opportunity to have mini-tour with the Italy giants Hierophant soon. After which, we'll be starting to write new stuff for a few upcoming projects.

They have both records for sale there too.

After Death Before Chaos can also be purchased from Pulverised Records here -

Abolition A.D Facebook -
Pulverised Records -

My review of ADBC -

(Photo taken from Yumi's Facebook page)


I discovered screamo band Yumi through Dog Knights Productions. The band's LP Epicureans was released by Darren last year. Yumi's take on screamo is pretty heavy. The record itself needs to be seen to be believed, it was pressed onto clear vinyl that contained a brown/gold strip in the middle. Check the picture below:-

(Photo Credit: Yumi)

Yumi have recently toured Japan and the record is available from loads of stores. You can stream Epicureans here:-

You can buy it directly from Yumi's bandcamp page above.

If you're in the UK, buy it from Dog knights Productions here -

For further news on where to pick it up and on Yumi's antics, visit their Facebook page -

(Photo taken from Abrasion's Facebook page)


When I talked to Azri of Abolition A.D. about this feature, I also asked him to name some bands that he likes from Singapore. One band he mentioned was powerviolence band Abrasion. I've not been able to find a great deal of music to share in this post, but I did find a couple of Youtube clips that will give you a clue as to how they sound -

Abrasion also has a Facebook page -

Somebody needs to release this band!

(Photo taken from Oshiego's Facebook page)


I wanted to cover a varied cross-section of bands in this feature, even though I'm only just scratching the surface really. My search takes me back down the metal path this time and to a death/thrash band called Oshiego. Oshiego seems to be one of the more prolific bands currently active in Singapore, having released three full-lengths in the last four years. The latest one being Crossing The Bridge If Siraat, which is the second record to be released by US extreme metal label Horror Pain Gore Death Productions.

Stream Crossing The Bridge Of Siraat here:-

It's available for digital download above or on CD from Horror Pain Gore Death Productions here -

(Photo taken from Tormentress's Facebook page)


The final band in this feature is all-female thrashers Tormentress. It's no secret that I love thrash (especially the artwork) and the cover of their 2014 album Operation Torment features futuristic robots with guns, so what;s not to love!

Tormentress champion feminism and women's rights, which is something you have to admire considering their allegiance to a male dominated scene like Thrash. Operation Torment is their debut full-length and was released via French old-school/speed/thrash label Inferno Records.

You can stream one of the album track "Why" here -

CD, Digipack and Tape copies can be purchased directly from the band, but Europeans can grab them from Inferno Records here -

Tormentress Facebook -
Inferno Records Facebook -Ö-Records

Pulverised Records

I couldn't finish this feature without talking about (probably) the most active label in Singapore. Roy and Pulverised Records has been championing Singaporean bands, including Abolition A.D. above and the mighty Impiety (to name a few) but has also been insanely busy for as long as I can remember, releasing extreme music by bands from across the world. Lately, the label has worked with UK band Winds Of Genocide and are due to release music by Orator from Bangladesh.

You can sample the majority of Roy's releases here:-

Support Pulverised Records via the above bandcamp page and also via the label store here -

Pulverised Records Facebook -

Sunday 15 February 2015

Hellwinners - S/T EP

Brighton seems to be synonymous with punk at the moment. It's pretty fitting then that the debut EP from Hellwinners was released on tape by their hometown label Headless Guru Records. Since it's release, they've toured Germany with We Never Learned To Live and saw the EP get a vinyl release via Through Love Records. As far as I understand it, the band features members of other bands that've featured here in the past, but you'll have to find out who for yourselves!


1. Living Like Statues
2. Wired Awake
3. Down The River
4. Back From The Future

I can definitely here those other bands in the melodic punk of Hellwinners. Living Like Statues is a bit of surprise when it’s melody hits you, especially if you’ve been used to HGR’s heavier output of late. This is great though, really listenable and not annoyingly programmed, like a lot of modern pop-punk. I hear slight similarities to Nightmare Of You (post The Movielife) in the vocals Wired Awake. The higher pitch more than compliments the clean guitar in the background and the upbeat tempo created by the rhythm section.

The four songs contained on this EP are the sounds of summer. Sing-alongs that you can actually sing to and music that portrays an obvious posi outlook. Down The River is one such anthem. I challenge you not to sing it at the top of your voice! I don’t really want to make anymore comparisons as Back From The Future plays. It should be appreciated for what it is. Punk comes in many different shapes and sizes and when extreme metal becomes too extreme, this is kid of thing I sit a listen to. Hellwinners will definitely be on repeat over and over again at this rate. 

There's only one copy of the tape version left from Headless Guru Records. Act fast and grab it or download the EP from free from the bandcamp page below:-

7" copies can be purchased from Through Love Records here:-

Hellwinners Facebook -
Headless Guru Records Facebook -
Through Love Records Facebook -

Saturday 14 February 2015

This Noise Is Ours Presents: Twilight Fauna/Old Thunder - Bloodlines Tape Track Stream

February 17th 2015 is a significant date for two reasons. Firstly, it's the day that I edge one-year closer to 30 (29 to be exact) and it's also the official release date of the new split tape, featuring Appalachian ambient black-metal bands Twilight Fauna and Old Thunder. The tape is only the second physical release from US black-metal label Into The Night Records. Bloodlines features two-songs from each band.

I have teamed up with both bands and Into The Night Records to bring you a special stream, featuring one song from each band. Those two songs are below:-

1. Twilight Fauna - Blood From Stone
2. Old Thunder - An Inheritance Of Ashes

This split tape is limited to just 75 copies, with 15 being part of a special edition bundle. You can purchase the split from 17th of February onwards on tape and digitally here -

Here's the tape cover (as it's different to the digital cover above) -

Twilight Fauna Facebook -
Old Thunder Facebook -
Into The Night Records Facebook -

I'll have a review posted shortly after the tape's release too.

Tuesday 10 February 2015

Harvest Gulgaltha - I MLP

It's a sad state of affairs when all of your days seem to blur into one. Thankfully, each day brings a news musical experience or discovery. That may seem a bit too positive in light of the band I'm reviewing now, but without a sense of curiosity and a need for escapism, I might not have found them.

Harvest Gulgaltha is a mysterious black metal band from the US. It's members undisclosed. The band found it's home on underground black/ambient label Aphotic Sonance in 2012. This very record was released as a demo and a compilation followed two years later. Since then, Harvest Gulgaltha has made their was onto Nuclear War Now!'s prestigious roster and that original demo has been re-released in vinyl form. 


1. Infinite Black
2. Manifestation Of Nightmares
3. Release The Flesh
4. Limbonic Soul
5. Scepter Of The Shadows Of Death

Harvest Gulgaltha begin with a blackened march on Infinite Black. The instrumental build up leads to a cavernous attack of the senses via mid-paced black metal, filled with a thick low-end and rasping deep bellows interspersed with distant wails. After the atmospheric opener, HG changes pace with Manifestation Of Nightmares. It’s tempo lifts yet it still contains a powerful presence, thanks to a thick guitar sound and icy blasts of percussion. There’s no hint of the tinny sound that sometimes plagues raw black metal.

In terms of melody or treble, it’s probably not going to strike you immediately. Any that is here, is hidden in the depths behind the vocals and the cacophony of instrumentation. Release The Flesh shows that the contrasting high-pitched screams and deep subtle melody works well. The powerful tones of HG reach a peak during Limbonic Soul. The production doesn’t take away from their raw beginnings, yet adds volume and depth that makes the whole record sound more endearing. I find that some bands make their sound as unapproachable as possible but HG doesn’t give off that impression. 

The drums that lead you into closing song Scepter Of The Shadows Of Death harness the use of echo, that’s organic and warm sounding. Much like Infinite Black, this song is a slow-burner but it envelopes the rest of the MLP with the sort of menacing darkness that would only be right in the coldest corners of our universe. I think that releases like this really are important because they trace the early steps of bands and bring them out into the wider consciousness. As long as NWN! and fellow labels continue to unearth hidden gems like Harvest Gulgaltha, the extreme metal landscape will become richer and more varied. Onlookers and outsiders may not see that progression, but from where I’m sitting it’s plain to see.

You can stream I via the NWN! bandcamp page here:-

The LP is available on black and is limited to 250 copies. You can purchase it here -

Harvest Gulgaltha Facebook -
Nuclear War Now! Productions Facebook -

Monday 9 February 2015

Digits - Footprints & Embers EP

FFO: Hundred Reasons and Deftones! That should do me. Digits are a post-hardcore band from the North East of England, who recently released their new EP Footprints & Embers on the 2nd of Feb. They've been getting plenty of coverage in the UK music press and are due to go on a UK tour shortly, which is billed as the 2nd run to support the EP release. They formed in 2011 and have been playing up and down the country ever since. Footprints & Embers is their 2nd EP.


1. Embers
2. Dysphoria
3. Parachutes
4. Eros

Digits will definitely appeal to those of you who like the expansive nature of Hundred Reasons and even UK gruff-punk. Their sound on EP opener Embers is melodic, but with a hint of hardcore. The song is mid-paced and it contains the kind of grit that’s only present in UK music. Dysphoria is a different beast all together. It’s faster and feel more raw on the ear, but that’s part of the charm. Digits go for the loud/quiet approach and pull it off well. Okay, so it’s not the same as you’d expect from bands like Cult Of Luna, but it brings to mind the likes of Midasuno and Hondo Maclean, which is no bad thing.

Parachutes is a bona fide anthem, destined for wider airplay. It’s got a big feel to it, one which proves that Digits can take their sound and propel it forward through good song-writing. There’ll be plenty of festival sing-along's to this in the future I’m sure! Ep closer Eros reminds of the grandeur of History era Funeral For A Friend. Damn, I used to love belting that song out when watching them live and Eros will generate the same level of fervour for Digits in the future. It’s gentle and ends the EP perfectly. 

Digits are obviously maturing as a band and heck, they even seem to take a leap forward in the space of this EP. As they play to more people and hone their sound, there’s no reason why they follow bands like Mallory Know to the top of the UK scene. 

Digits have Footprints & Embers up on iTunes, but there is no other stream available online that i know f, so you'll just have to catch them live!

Digits Facebook -

Sunday 8 February 2015

Of Feather And Bone - False Healer

A quick raid of my physical review pile brought me to this beast of an LP. Released via Hydrogen Man Records towards the end of last year, it captures the debut EP by Denver hardcore band Of Feather And Bone, for the first time on vinyl. I'd not heard of these guys until I stumbled across their music on the HMR bandcamp page. On hearing False Healer and then later reading that they were playing the A389 11th Anniversary bash, I was pretty much sold. The LP is limited to 300 copies on clear wax, with a painted reaper adorning the centre of the record on the B-side. I'm gonna shut up now and let the music do the talking.


1. Pestilence
2. Burdened
3. Borrowed Existence
4. False Healer
5. Your Truth Means Nothing
6. Hollow

Of Feather And Bone are noisy, sludgy and black. The appropriately titled Pestilence opens False Healer in chaotic fashion with a wall of noise, bass-heavy tones and rasping hardcore screams. The rhythm and instrumentation that finishes the final thirty-seconds of the song is intensity personified. Of Feather And Bone do not mince their words. No sooner has Pestilence finished, when Burdened hits you clean in the face like a breeze-block. Imagine if Primitive Man recorded a fast hardcore album. That’s pretty much how insane and heavy Of Feather And Bone are!

The blast-beats that greet you on Borrowed Existence flail like there’s no tomorrow, yet Of Feather And Bone manage to inject enough control into the music, which stops it from sounding cluttered and loose. That control is one thing that’s really impressed me on listening to these guys. Yes they’re heavy, but they’re also really skilled musicians and song-writers. It’s that control that makes them sound even more a force to be reckoned with.

On the title-track, their sludge influences come to fore a bit more with an epic slab of riffage that’s meant to be heard live. That sludge soon flows into crazed hardcore that contains groove-laden bass. It ups the tempo and the atmosphere changes with it. That bass is an overarching element of Of Feather And Bone’s music. It adds great heft to Your Truth Means Nothing, which also features subtle metallic guitar sections, a la Holy Terror. The raging, grinding final moments of the song sends you into absolute raptures.

Closing with Hollow, Of Feather And Bone are anything but. Their hard-hitting tones make it impossible to forget them, yet there’s a sincerity within their music that proves they mean every single anguished scream and hallowed transition. I didn’t do a best-of-2014 list because everyone else does them and mine probably wouldn’t have been that relevant, but False Healer would have taken top spot if I had!

You can stream False Healer via Hydrogen Man Records here:-

It's available as a name-your-price download and there's a link that takes you to Hydrogen Man's online store, where you can order the vinyl version (which you should!).

Of Feather And Bone Facebook -
Hydrogen Man Records Facebook -

Pandrea/Bastos - Split 7"

It's been a while since I've checked out anything new from Romanian label Fading Halo Records. They introduced me to Coins As Portraits and I Stared Into The Forest and they've always been purveyors of really good avant-garde hardcore and the like. This time they've teamed up with fellow Romanian label Dvvm Recs. to release this split 7".

Both Pandrea and Bastos are from Bucharest. They're both new bands to me; however, Bastos does feature ex-Void Forger member Volodea (who designed the header/logo for This Noise Is Ours!). It's good to hear from old friends again.


1. Pandrea - Camatar
2. Bastos - No Handle
3. Bastos - Fingers Crossed

I get a little confused about the running order when reviewing splits digitally, but as Pandrea’s name comes first on the cover art, I’m starting with them. Pandrea contribute one song called Camatar (which apparently translates to Moneylender) to the release. As the song starts, you’re greeted with jangly guitar and Romanian language lyrics. Pandrea themselves describe their music as “noise rock” and I suppose that’s as close as you’re going to get to describing their sound, which covers many different elements. Bastos are equally as off-kilter with their first song No Handle. There’s more jangly guitar in their music as well and it feels more like a (good) screamo song, albeit instrumental. Fingers Crossed follows suit in the same way. It’s got some really catchy riffs in it and is a good opposite to the slightly more chaotic approach of Pandrea. 

Both Pandrea and Bastos add loads of different musical elements to this split, from jazz noodling to catchy emo/indie riffs to weird Primus-esque noise. Exactly what I would have expected from bands linked to Fading Halo Records and a sign of just how broad the Romanian scene is now.

You can stream and download the split from Pandrea's bandcamp page below:-

It's also available on Bastos's bandcamp page here -

The 7" itself is due to be released soon. Keep up to date via the label/band pages below:-

Pandrea Facebook -
Bastos Facebook -
Fading Halo Records Facebook -
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Saturday 7 February 2015

Wreckage - Rise From Ruins

2015 is already spewing up a massive amount of new releases! I'm starting with Greek old-school death metallers Wreckage and the reissue of their 2013 EP Rise From Ruins, courtesy of cracking extreme metal label PRC Music. This reissue features three extra tracks from their 2011 demo and their four-way split with Head Cleaner, Grassroll and EnPsychro, alongside the original six from the EP.

Wreckage are another name to come out the of the country that's already given us Dephosphorus, Kvazar and more. They're Entombed fans and played alongside the band's newest incarnation, Entombed A.D in December 2014.


1. Enslave The Tyrants
2. Screaming Weeping Bleeding
3. Deadliest Tool
4. Escaping The Tomb
5. Evemaster (Entombed Cover)
6. Maggot
7. Crawl
8. Twisted Mass Of Burnt Decay (Autopsy Cover)

Wreckage make a pounding racket. Opening song Enslave The Tyrants is a heaving mass of blasting drums, heaving guitars and rasping screams. There’s subtle melody and guitar harmonies hidden in the song, but for the most part it’s just a full-on show of power from Wreckage. That pretty much sums up the Greek sound for me. No matter what sub-genre a band chooses, they always go for all out obliteration. Screaming Weeping Bleeding is no different. It’s wall of noise is only just punctuated by top-end metallic guitar, but when  it is there’s an edge to the music. I guess that’s the death n roll influence creeping in there!

With Wreckage, you’re not getting overtly complex rhythms or song-structures, just simple and straightforward heavy death. Deadliest Tool captures elements of thrash, especially in the drumming to help hammer their point home. For a first EP, Rise From Ruins must have been a real statement of intent and this reissued version is no different. As the riffs of Escaping The Tomb ring out, Wreckage remind me of fellow Greek black metallers Dodsferd. They possess that same maniacal intensity. Walls Of Hate, like the songs before it, is played with passion and fervour. There’s a modern edge peeking through in Wreckage’s sound but the production thankfully keeps it in check with a constant feedback-ridden buzz. The final bars are full of glorious wailing tones that give way to a classy, high-pitched solo. 

At the end of the original version of Rise from Ruins, there was a cover of Evemaster (Entombed), which is thankfully included here. Wreckage make it their own and continue their wrecking-ball approach to tuneful yet deadly death metal. Blinding stuff! Fist bonus track Maggot initially appeared on their four-way split. The split with a live-rehearsal recording that found it’s way onto CD. It gives you a clue as to how huge Wreckage sound in a live setting. The production job on the song stops it from sounding tinny, which can sometimes hurt live songs.

Original 2011 demo song Crawl also got the live-recording treatment and the noise levels on it are insane! The more you listen to this album, the better both it and Wreckage get and there’s still the small matter of an Autopsy cover to come! That cover is Twisted Mass Of Burnt Decay. Autopsy has influenced so many bands over the years, but capturing their intensity it hard. Wreckage don’t try and mimic them, they just play in their own way. It’s that honesty and integrity that makes them such a great listen.

If you’re after some raging death metal that’s still fun to listen to, you could do a lot worse than this. 

Stream Rise From Ruins here:-

You can order the expanded version of the EP from PRC Music here -

Wreckage Facebook -
PRC Music Facebook -

Wednesday 4 February 2015

Makeshift Promise - I'm Not As Good As I Thought 7"

Pop-punk has been a bit hit and miss as a genre of late. For me, you'll never beat the Drive-Thru era, which in my opinion is better than anything that came from bands like Blink-182, Green Day and the like. A bold statement to make, but one I stand by. Talking of Drive-Thru, Hungary's Makeshift Promise have been compared to The Movielife so are already on the right path.

Their latest 7" was released in October 2014 by Footloose Records in collaboration with three other labels, Teenwolves Records from Austria and Hungarian duo Go Away Records and Realm Of Devla Records.


1. Black Eyes
2. You're Not As Good As I Thought
3. Tasty Revenge
4. Stapled Mouth
5. Parking Lot Serenade

Makeshift Promise reminds me of Strike Anywhere and Ignite a bit. 7” opener Black Eyes is catchy and full of clean pop-punk vox and hardcore screams. As with all good punk songs, Makeshift Promise play short/sharp numbers. They aren’t content with copying their American cousins either, with the vocals on You’re Not As Good As You Think not featuring the usual American affectations you’d expect from a pop-punk band in today's climate.

Tasty Revenge is heavier to start with and is mainly instrumental, save for the last ten seconds,when Makeshift Promise launch into a quick-fire burst of shouty punk. The duo of Stapled Mouth and Parking Lot Serenade are both engaging punk anthems. MP lean more towards modern pop-punk on Stapled Mouth, with plenty of melodic guitar while Parking Lot Serenade is more of a ballad (if such a thing really exists in punk!). 

It’s great to see more punk bands getting noticed in Central and Eastern Europe. Makeshift Promise will hopefully kickstart something and on the strength of this 7”, there’s more good stuff to come from them.

Listen to the 7" here:-

You can download it or purchase it on 7" from there lovely labels:-

Footloose Records (UK) -
Teenwolves Records (Aus) -
Go Away Records (Hun) -
Realm Of Devla Records (Hun) -

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