Friday 20 February 2015

Young Mountain - We're Drowning In Slowmotion LP


1. Hildedal
2. Arctic Smile
3. Manen Stal Min Sjal
4. Hidden Song

German label Through Love Records has been releasing some awesome hardcore/screamo recently. They were busy in 2014 and that looks set to continue this year. I've already featured Hellwinners, whose demo was released on 7" vinyl via Through Love in 2014 and in a bid to feature more screamo on the blog this year, it's now the turn of Gothenburg's Young Mountain. This 12" was released in collaboration with Zegema Beach Records. It's as exciting to listen to these guys as it was to listen to fellow Swedes Totem Skin and Grown by Earth. Young Mountain released their first EP at the start of 2014 and then bookended it with the release of We're Drowning In Slowmotion. 

Young Mountain play expansive screamo in the vein of Disembarked. There are plenty of opposites, with both light and anger in opening song Hildedal. That anger comes in the form of hardcore screams. The melodic riffs that back it up though are the perfect counterweight and their introspective nature calms the mood in the mid-section. The quietly building post-hardcore of Arctic Smile is as life-affirming as you can get. This song reminds me of those ice-cold mornings where you can see the frozen breath escaping from your mouth, as you exhale the air that’s just frozen your lungs. The song itself is made up of quiet/loud dynamics, with careful verses making way for huge screamed passages. The punk rhythms of Manen Stal Min Sjal are similarly rousing, especially with the undercurrent of continuous treble in the background. There are tones of Deafheaven-style atmospheric black metal within this (sorry for the comparison, but it’s as close as I could get!). The slow and considered approach works well for Young Mountain, as it builds anticipation for each crashing crescendo. The production brings everything to life with precision yet it all feels as real as the blood in your veins. Young Mountain’s last gasp of air comes in the form of a Hidden Song (at least that’s its title anyway!). Ambient piano and orchestral music are the main characters in this final act. It’s volume rises throughout the song’s first-half and you’re expecting Young Mountain to explode, but they only offer distant screams. We’re Drowning In Slowmotion shows great maturity and emotive song-writing. Young Mountain don’t head down the well-trodden mass-media path, preferring to channel their homeland influences into the music. It work to their benefit and makes this LP a spectacular listen. 

Stream the whole thing here via Young Mountain's bandcamp page:-

It's also for sale digitally and on white vinyl from their page.

Europeans can alternatively buy it from Through Love Records here -

Those of you across the Atlantic can get copies from Zegema Beach Records here -

Young Mountain Facebook -
Through Love Records Facebook -
Zegema Beach Records Facebook -

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