Wednesday 4 February 2015

Makeshift Promise - I'm Not As Good As I Thought 7"

Pop-punk has been a bit hit and miss as a genre of late. For me, you'll never beat the Drive-Thru era, which in my opinion is better than anything that came from bands like Blink-182, Green Day and the like. A bold statement to make, but one I stand by. Talking of Drive-Thru, Hungary's Makeshift Promise have been compared to The Movielife so are already on the right path.

Their latest 7" was released in October 2014 by Footloose Records in collaboration with three other labels, Teenwolves Records from Austria and Hungarian duo Go Away Records and Realm Of Devla Records.


1. Black Eyes
2. You're Not As Good As I Thought
3. Tasty Revenge
4. Stapled Mouth
5. Parking Lot Serenade

Makeshift Promise reminds me of Strike Anywhere and Ignite a bit. 7” opener Black Eyes is catchy and full of clean pop-punk vox and hardcore screams. As with all good punk songs, Makeshift Promise play short/sharp numbers. They aren’t content with copying their American cousins either, with the vocals on You’re Not As Good As You Think not featuring the usual American affectations you’d expect from a pop-punk band in today's climate.

Tasty Revenge is heavier to start with and is mainly instrumental, save for the last ten seconds,when Makeshift Promise launch into a quick-fire burst of shouty punk. The duo of Stapled Mouth and Parking Lot Serenade are both engaging punk anthems. MP lean more towards modern pop-punk on Stapled Mouth, with plenty of melodic guitar while Parking Lot Serenade is more of a ballad (if such a thing really exists in punk!). 

It’s great to see more punk bands getting noticed in Central and Eastern Europe. Makeshift Promise will hopefully kickstart something and on the strength of this 7”, there’s more good stuff to come from them.

Listen to the 7" here:-

You can download it or purchase it on 7" from there lovely labels:-

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Go Away Records (Hun) -
Realm Of Devla Records (Hun) -

Makeshift Promise Facebook -
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