Saturday 31 March 2018

Congratulations/The Rabbit Theory - Split

Labels: Zegema Beach Records/Time As A Color
Formats: Vinyl
Release Date: 27 Dec 2017


1. Congratulations - Shimmer
2. The Rabbit Theory - Looking For The Devil

Here's one final review to round out March. Time is flying and I've been neglecting things a little this month, so am feeling a little guilty. Anyway. this split was released in late December 2017 via Zegema Beach Records and Time As A Color. it features one song from Canadian band Congratulations and Swiss band The Rabbit Theory (whom I believe are no longer active). Congratulations has been active since 2013 and this split is their second ever release (I believe?). The Rabbit Theory formed in 2006 and went on to release a tape, a couple of 7"s and a split 12" while also appearing on some compilations. The song that features here is the band's last ever recording and follows the passing of their vocalist, so has extra poignancy. 

Shimmer by Congratulations is full of atmosphere and moodiness. It’s laid back and the clean singing only adds to that feel, alongside the restrained instrumentation. It reminds me of the gentler post-hardcore of the late 90s/early 00’s Drive-Thru era. Mid-way through the song, screams take over but the instrumentation doesn’t get any harsher. It forms a nice opposite.

The Rabbit Theory presents something a whole lot more mathy on Looking For The Devil. The time-signatures and rhythms are pacier and evidently angrier. Given the extra emotion that existed during the recording of this song, that should come as no surprise but it should be treated as a celebration and it’s to be enjoyed.

This split is a great short blast of post-hardcore/screamo from different angles. It harnesses lots of musical talent and genuine feeling, which is what music should do. Great stuff.

Stream the split here:-

Physical copies can be purchased from the labels below (depending on where you are in the world):-

Neither band has any presence on the Internet (as far as I can tell). 

Friday 30 March 2018

10 Questions: Wowod

Recently, I wrestled with the idea of giving up on doing band interviews on This Noise Is Ours, because I never felt that I was that good at coming up with interesting questions and also because of the amount I've sent out to people that have never found their way back to me. Earlier this year I came with idea of doing standard interviews (using the same 10 questions, hence the name!) that will provide readers and music fans with introductions to new bands, while being able to reach more bands and give them more promotion. I've contacted a number of bands already in recent weeks and Wowod is the first band I'm featuring.

1. Who is in the band and where are you from?

Wowod is a quartet from a gloomy, cold but charming city of St. Petersburg (Russia) that cannot but inspire heavy gloomy music. Mikhail plays the drums, Konstantin plays the bass guitar, Gennady plays the guitar, and Anton sings.

2. What is the history of Wowod? When and how did you form?

Our final lineup was formed at the beginning of 2017. Gennady had played in the band until 2013, and when it broke up, he started to search of guys to play with. This search was a long one. It may sound funny, but all new band members wore Plebeian Grandstand T-shirts. It was a sign. Mikhail was the first who joined the band. Gennady found him on VK, and there was a picture of him wearing this T-shirt while playing drums. Konstantin had tried speak to with Gennady earlier, but these efforts were fruitless. However, they moved to a new location, and he was sitting there with his other band in these T-shirts, when Gennady offered him to play together again. Konstantin agreed at once. Then there was a complicated search for a singer when Anton turned up. He was performing in a Plebeian Grandstand T-shirt with his other band. And this is how Wowod was put together.

3. Have any of you played in previous bands and are you any other bands currently?

We all have played in two or three bands of different genres. We’d rather not speak about that. All of us, apart from Mikhail, currently have an additional project or band. Konstantin is playing in Antethic that winning hearts of post-rockers from all around the world, Anton is playing in a post-black band Pechora, and Gennady is working on his project Gena together with a drummer from Antethic.

4. Who write’s the lyrics/music? Is it collective? 

We make some final adjustments all together, but the major part of lyrics is brought to us by Anton, and the music is created by Gennady.

5. What subjects do you cover in your lyrics?

We touch upon various eerie supernatural images that can be easily projected to our world. We’ll try to explain what we mean, as it could be quite difficult for non-Russian speakers. For example, the song “V Nas Net Lvbvi” (There is No Love in Us) is a story where human-like half-souls lack such a basic feeling as love, which makes them suffer endlessly, buried in the ground, and they are burning there. The song “Slepaya Vera” (Blind Faith) is about fanaticism when the common sense is sleeping, like a fetus in the womb. It’s also about the moment of awakening when it is all too late to fix anything. 

“Chuzoe Nutro” (Stranger's Gut) is a song about something supernatural that appears in you, takes root and totally consumes you at some point, so you remain just an observer in your own body.

6. Are there any bands that have influenced you?

We like the French and Belgian scene very much. At some time, we were influenced by early Plebeian Grandstand and I Pilot Daemon. We were influenced by various bands at different times, but it all probably have started with these two.

7. What are your favourite albums/EPs at the moment?

Our new favourite albums are released by GoGo Penguin, Rolo Tomassi, Шишкин Лес (Cone Forest) and Carpenter Brut.

8. What is your favourite gig/tour story?

Let tour stories stay in tours. Hahaha. We'd share just this one about an angry Russian cop who claimed to have chased us for several kilometers with his beacon light flashing, while we were ignoring him. He then tried to break into our car without even suspecting that all outer door handles were broken apart, except the driver’s, and when he finally got in he said, “Well! А fun tour, we have arrived!” We almost laughed right out loud. After a bit of haggling on the roadside we gave him a little money and moved on.

9. What is your local heavy/punk scene like and who should we check out (band-wise)?

Oh, the St. Petersburg stage is fabulous. We are proud to say that you cannot imagine how many cool bands we have here. If to look at the heavier side, you should check out Euglena, Колчак (Kolchak), Mother, Vranac and Ypres. In Moscow there are Tsygun, Volan and Kulta. They are awesome guys. Believe us, it’s just a handful of bands from a long list.

10. What is your favourite beer (if you drink)?

WE LOVE BEER! Невское Классическое (Nevskoye Classic), it’s a Petersburg classic lager, still unchanged as the years go by, unlike other brands. We also like craft beer, for example, Мохнатый шмель (Mokhnaty Shmel/Shaggy Bumblebee) and Craft Brew Riots products.

Wowod sent across some more band shots, which I've shared below:-

Wowod describe their music as chaotic hardcore with post-metal and they certainly follow in the footsteps of bands like Plebeian Grandstand and the like. If you're a fan of Calligram from the UK, then you should give these guys a listen. 

They recently released their debut EP "Nutro" on bandcamp. You can stream and purchase it digitally below:-

Links to Wowod and their other projects are below:-

Monday 26 March 2018

Bunkur/Mordor - Split

Labels: Nuclear War Now! Productions
Formats: CD/Vinyl/Digital
Release Date: 16 Nov 2017

1. Bunkur - The Subhuman (Carnivore Cover)
2. Mordor - In League With Wotan (Venom - In League With Satan Cover)

This is a strange split. It sees both Dutch doom band Bunkur and Swiss band Mordor re-imagine songs by classic metal bands. Bunkur chooses to cover Carnivore's The Subhuman while Mordor chooses In League Satan by Venom, but renames it In League With Wotan for the purposes of this split. Don't get me wrong, I understand why bands cover songs by other bands, but I don't understand why they decide to rename them (but that's just me I guess). A little bit of history about both bands; Bunkur is a drone/doom quartet from Tilburg (The Netherlands) and they've released several demos and split, as well as two full-lengths since their formation in 2001. Mordor is from Lausanne (Switzerland) and is more of a black metal/funeral doom type of band. They formed in 1987 at Arog before splitting up and reforming (sort of) as Mordor in 1990, going on to release a few demos, splits, a comp and an EP prior to this release.

I doubt this is going to be easy listening at all. Bunkur is first up with their re-imagining (urgh) of Carnivore’s The Subhuman. Their take on it is one filled with heavy and slow doom, with grisly vox. This song is 21 minutes long, so make of that what you will. As doom goes, it’s certainly at the extreme end of the spectrum and it’s certainly not bad by any means. Given the history of the band they’re covering and of Pete Steele’s (RIP) more melodic endeavours with Type O Negative later on, it’s hard to imagine a song more harrowing than this.

Next up is Mordor’s version of Venom’s In League With Satan, titled In League With Wotan. I don’t know the reason behind this re-branding, but it does irk me a little. That being said, the music that Mordor produces is equally as bleak yet also quite thoughtful. It features a lot of more sensitive instrumentation and a war metal slant, with vocals that consist of deep growls and the occasional use of grand clean singing. There’s a lot of groove that helps accentuate the higher tempo of the music as well.

This split is clearly the work of two bands that both have singular visions of how extreme music should be and for that reason, it is very engaging, though still a hard listen. Fans of the previous work of both Bunkur and Mordor, as well as that of Nuclear War Now! Productions will enjoy this for sure. Less adventurous metal fans might not. 

You can stream and purchase the split digitally below:-

CD and LP copies can be purchased here -

Nuclear War Now! Productions -

Saturday 24 March 2018

Grave Spirit - The Beast Unburdened By Flesh 7"

Labels: Iron Bonehead Productions
Formats: Vinyl/Digital
Release Date: 07 Feb 2018


1. Absorbing Essence From Underneath
2. Beast Unburdened By Flesh

I am overly tired right now, thanks to a very early start that forced me to go back to bed. As a result I feel like death, so the only way to overcome that feeling is to blast some sickening US black metal. This time I chose new trio Grave Spirit and their Iron Bonehead Production debut, "The Beast Unburdened By Flesh". The artwork struck me instantly as I'm a sucker for purple on black sleeves. As I mentioned above, Grave Spirit is a fairly new entity and shares members with the likes of Death Fortress and Draghkar amongst many others. 

Sickening might not have been the best adjective to use when describing Grave Spirit, but they’re certainly nasty (in a good way). The rawness of 7” opener Absorbing Essence From Underneath is plain to hear, as the guitars add both riff and hiss, while the drums offer raging cymbal crashes and the vocals are delivered with hellish ferocity. Pure and filthy underground US black metal its best. 

The 7”s title-track is a slower and more sludgy affair initially, with the trio’s musicality at its forefront. No holds are barred and Grave Spirit allow their instrumentation to rule over the song more. Those gnarly growls are still present and correct, but it shows a slightly different side to the band. It’s a belter and it underlines the excitement that’s growing around Grave Spirit in underground circles. The 7” is a statement of intent and one that shows off just how good USBM will be in 2018.

You can stream "The Beast Unburdened By Flesh" below via Iron Bonehead Productions, where it's also available to purchase on vinyl and digitally:-

Grave Spirit -

Wednesday 21 March 2018

Of Legions - Face Value

Labels: Self-Released
Formats: Digital
Release Date: 16 Feb 2018


1. Face Value
2. Let Loose
3. La Familia
4. Worthless
5. Scum
6. Suicidal Thoughts
7. No Loyalty
8. Hard Time
9. Wormfeeder

Tonight I'm covering another new British band, who've recently released their debut album. Stoke hardcore quartet Of Legions (like VNDTA whom I covered on Monday night) started out in 2015. They've played alongside the likes of Guilt Trip and Martyr Defiled and have recently announced an impressive support slot alongside Conan and Monolord in May! Their album "Face Value" was released in the middle of February across digital platforms.

What is it with bands kicking off their records with title-tracks at the moment! Of Legions begin “Face Value” with the song baring the same name, which is a pure and solid slab of thrash and metal-filled hardcore. Both the rhythm section and guitars provide plenty of groove and slam, while the vocals are delivered with youth crew-style intent. The tempo of Let Loose rages and there’s definitely more than a hint of crossover going on. The fact that the vocals aren’t accented like our US cousins too much is nice to hear as well. They’ve certainly got the riffs. 

La Familia is the sound of a band that has that straight-up hardcore sound nailed down. Pit friendly mosh with a big nod to bands like Sworn Enemy. This is furiously good hardcore. Worthless is the best of both worlds, as Of Legions don’t slump for the beatdown approach and inject it with loads of metal influence instead. This album flies by and when Scum smashes into your head, it’s hard not to get swept up by it’s heaviness. They do employ breakdowns in this song but they’re very effective. 

The intro passage to Suicidal Thoughts would be at home on any Metallica album and the minimal make up of the opening sixty-seconds or so shows off their song-writing skill and appreciation of variation. What follows it is a mid-paced hardcore tune with plenty of angst built in, as well as some classy lead guitar work. They get straight back up to full speed on No Loyalty and fill it with impressive drumming and a low end that’s pretty enviable. 

Groove and catchy riffs are both present on penultimate track Hard Time. The lyrics are pretty uplifting and empowering, which is a good asset for any hardcore band to have. They leave the best till last with the awesomely titled Wormfeeder. It contains everything that makes Of Legions a real force to be reckoned with. I have to admit that I wasn’t expecting them to produce a sound like this but they’ve proven themselves to be worthy of much wider praise and appreciation with “Face Value”. UK hardcore is in very rude health right now and Of Legions are another reason to pay attention. Ace record from an equally ace band.

The video for Suicidal Thoughts is on Youtube and you can check it out below:-

Of Legions don't have Bandcamp or Soundcloud; however, you can stream and download "Face Value" from all of the major online outlets.

Monday 19 March 2018

VNDTA - Pale Glow EP

Labels: Self-Released
Formats: Digital
Release Date: 13 Apr 2018


1. Pale Glow
2. Excuses
3. Swine
4. Martyr
5. Rare Breed
6. Leeches
7. Virus

Bands that work hard at their craft and don't rush to release music usually turn out better than their peers. Hertfordshire, UK quartet VNDTA have been plying their trade since 2015 but are only now about to release their debut EP, "Pale Glow". They've spent the time honing their own alternative/progressive metal sound with influences ranging from No Doubt, to Slipknot and Thy Art Is Murder and have notched up live slots with the likes of Human Mycosis and King Leviathan (amongst others). 

VNDTA make a very controlled racket with loads of modern metal and melody on their EP’s title-track. What set’s them apart for me is the brutal vocal delivery of Megan Targett. She has a very impressive vocal range that includes soaring clean singing, but those roars are something else! The instrumentation is very much akin to the progressive music performed by the likes of Periphery and such, but they’re able to add deft touches of atmosphere on Excuses. The lyrics in the song add a bilious feel. The more you listen to “Pale Glow” the more VNDTA proves to be something very special. Swine includes more of the impressive clean singing I wrote about above and adds in some great off-kilter, alternative guitar work. The drums are ferocious too and help lead the transitions between tempos really well. 

The immediate impression of Martyr is one of full-scale thrashing madness and it lasts throughout the song, though it’s dialled down when the quartet launches another progressive attack. This is the most infectious song on the EP I think and it really strikes a chord. They carry all of that momentum into Rare Breed, which is where their song-writing really seems to step up a gear. It’s full of emotion and anger, as well as solid metal riffs and the kind of percussive drop that would make any festival crowd jump and mosh like their lives depended on it. By the time penultimate song Leeches comes around, VNDTA has full on nailed it and are exuding the confidence of a band much bigger. EP closer Virus has both real sing-along quality and attitude in equal measure. It draws a line under a debut release that’s a serious contender for EP of the year. What a fucking band!

You can stream the song Martyr via Youtube below:-

Keep an eye on the band's Facebook page for news on the EP release -

Friday 16 March 2018

Cold Case 3-Way Tape - Pohjamuta/Cicutoxin/Rutsa

Labels: Ramekuukkeli-Levyt
Formats: Tape
Release Date: 27 Jan 2018


1. Pohjamuta - Uhrimiekka
2. Cicutoxin - The Fury
3. Cicutoxin - Junkies With Dogs
4. Rutsa - Raadonsyojat

I'm doing something tonight that I haven't done in a very long time...I'm reviewing a tape using a tape player! In an age when people (including myself, I'll be honest) are lazy and like to review things digitally, I decided to dust off the tape/cd combi I procured from my sister when I moved out and use it, secretly hoping that it doesn't chew up the first tape it sees. 

That first tape in question is the new 3-way tape from Finnish label Ramekuukkeli-Levyt and it features both Cicutoxin and Rutsa (who have been featured here before) and Pohjamuta (who haven't). All three bands play sludge metal but in their own ways. 

Pohjamuta takes up the whole of a-side of this tape with their song Uhrimiekka. They’re perfectly suited to the tape format as their sound is raw and noisy. Some people may not understand the format’s resurgence of late but it’s got a place in my heart nevertheless. Pohjamuta plays a crazed brand of sludge that features loads of up-tempo groove and a bizarre vocal delivery. It’s a lot of fun and will definitely frighten off anybody with a nervous disposition. At times is sounds more like black metal yet it never looses it’s sludgy backbone.

Cicutoxin is allowed two songs on the b-side and their first, The Fury, is distinctly more melodic though not necessarily clearer. Again, much like Pohjamuta on the a-side, they’re bleak in their own way. Their take on sludge is slower and more traditional with a very bass-heavy sound. The amusingly titled Junkies With Dogs is their second song and is instrumental for the most part. At times they sound like a slowed down (early version of) Mastodon instrumentation-wise and the vocals are screamed out in a sparing but vile fashion. 

Rutsa is a shock to the system with the grinding, fierce intensity of Raadonsyojat. It’s full of feedback and heavy riffs that are buried amongst a constant fuzz of white noise and snare crashes. When Rutsa eventually settles into a sludgy passage, they manage to sound even more violent. It’s a frenetic end to a tape that’s far from easy-listening. All three bands have their own originality and yet seem to fit together with ease here. If you like underground DIY music and don’t mind taking a risk then I would recommend this tape wholeheartedly.

There's no digital stream of the full tape but the participating bands are streaming their contributions below:-

Tape copies can be purchased from Ramekuukkeli-Levyt here -

Thursday 15 March 2018

Slaves BC - Lo, and I Am Burning

Labels: The Fear And The Void Recordings
Formats: Vinyl/Digital
Release Date: 16 Mar 2018


1. Lo
2. We Are All God's Fault
3. Lightbearer
4. Glory
5. XLV
6. I Looked Upon The Face Of God And My Body Turned As Ash
7. Honor Thy Father And Mother
8. When Her Prayers Are Silenced
9. Unclean

I feel a bit conflicted as I write this opening paragraph. Not because of anything to do with Pittsburgh's Slaves BC, but because it finally looks as though the end has come for Terrorizer Magazine, according to Toilet Ov Hell. I feel conflicted because I read a lot of Terrorizer when I was younger and always enjoyed yet it seems that communication about their demise was lacking, in spite of still having loyal subscribers. I don't know the ins and outs of the situation, but the magazine will be missed even though the Internet now carries the long-form torch (sort of).

Moving onto Slaves BC then and their latest full-length "Lo, and I Am Burning". It is being released tomorrow on vinyl and also on digital platforms, via the band and The Fear And The Void Recordings. This full-length follows their 2016 debut album "All Is Dust and I Am Nothing". Their blackened doom has recently got them attention over at Noisey and their hometown album release gig in April is due to include the awesome Imperial Triumphant.  

Slaves BC packs a mighty punch on “Lo, and I Am Burning”. Opener Lo is a bleak and slow black metal song with screeching vox that is interspersed with blasts and reeking dissonance. The riffs at the start and end are pure sludge. There’s an obvious feeling on continuation between the album’s opener and We Are All God’s Fault, which carries on in the same tempo. It builds on their metallic sound, all the while adding layer upon layer of atmosphere. The stop-start nature of the song-writing and the eschewing of pauses between tracks makes it flow in a way that might surprise but that also pleases. There’s no moment for breath as the grinding fury of Lightbearer takes hold. Maddening time-signatures and icy black metal only make that fury more real. 

Glory is an utterly ambivalent sub one-minute song that leads nicely into XLV, where Slaves BC once again show off their appreciation of sludge and doom. It’s a lot more experimental and they don’t just stick to one sub-genre, as with the rest of the record. Basically, they just play what they want as long as it’s in the heavier realm and are all the better for it. You can’t really get more foreboding than I Looked Upon The Face Of God And My Body Turned As Ash (for a song-title anyway) but the music held herein lives up to that adjective and more besides. More fast, grinding, metallic black metal with no rest.

The lengthier songs on the album really do highlight an engaging side to Slaves’ music. Honor Thy Father And Mother is only one of two songs that passes the five-minute mark but it’s full of discordance and as harrowing as you could imagine. When Her Prayers Are Silenced starts off sounding like some dystopian power-electronics song with distant screams before turning back down a more familiar path (obviously the comparison to power-electronics is my own and probably not accurate). Closing song Unclean is super apt, as you’ll no doubt feel dirty by the time you reach the end of the album. It would be hard to cleanse yourself of the contents of “Lo…” but then again if you have got this far then you’re probably not bothered. Slaves BC have written a monolithic slab of noisy, heavy black/doom madness that pretty much spells out this world’s implosion. Try to change my mind.

You can stream both Lo and We Are All God's Fault below, where the album can also be digitally pre-ordered:-

Vinyl pre-orders are available via The Fear And The Void Recordings here -

The Fear And The Void Recordings -