Tuesday 13 March 2018

Chiller - Chiller

Labels: Dirt Cult Records/Rock Star Records
Formats: Vinyl/Digital
Release Date: 02 Feb 2018


1. Heretic
2. Monophonic
3. Offred
4. Strangers
5. The Void
6. Satisfied
7. Agony
8. Unanswered

Here's a cool new Canadian punk record. It was released in February via US label Dirt Cult Records and German label Rock Star Records. Chiller is a quartet from Moncton, New Brunswick and this (I think) is the band's first record. Chiller is a continuation of fellow Dirt Cult band Feral Trash. There's not a lot else I can say about this band apart from, if you like garage punk and good punk in general, this is for you.

Chiller’s take on garage punk seems to be dark like The Cure and menacing like early Alkaline Trio. Heretic is a great opener with lots of instrumental melody, clean vocals and attitude. The riffs that help make up Monophonic are catchy and add to a sound that’s retro and simple in approach but big on presence. Chiller makes use of dual male/female vocals and Offred reminds you that punk music is more rich and varied than more mainstream genres (though there’s still a long way to go in that sense). Chiller’s musical ability on Strangers is pushed to the fore as they add the occasional post-hardcore nuance to the song, while allowing it to be heavier and more raucous. Talking of raucous, The Void has all the energy of a riot grrrl punk song and the urgency to go with it. 

That urgency seems to be more obvious during the second half of the record and Satisfied carries on Chiller’s momentum with a great uptempo structure. Despite that party/pop-vibe there’s still an element of aching darkness hidden in the music’s depths. There are glimpses of 80s punk and pop throughout and none more so is this present than during penultimate son Agony. As with previous songs it doesn’t hang about too long. Chiller manages to achieve all that they want to in it’s short running time, which goes for the whole album as well. A subtle hint of old Westerns can be heard in the guitar work on album closer Unanswered, which is more simplified and restrained in it’s delivery to start with. Chiller opens up and lets the volume levels increase with a sing/shout-along chorus and full instrumental back-up that at times sound orchestral. This LP isn’t overblown or obtuse, it’s just filled with short and sharp punk songs that will easily catch the ear. Great stuff.

You can stream and buy a download of "Chiller" from Dirt Cult Records below:-

Physical LP copies can be purchased via the link below:-

Euro copies have sold out via Rock Star Records. Chiller also has limited copies but they have all gone too.

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