Wednesday 21 March 2018

Of Legions - Face Value

Labels: Self-Released
Formats: Digital
Release Date: 16 Feb 2018


1. Face Value
2. Let Loose
3. La Familia
4. Worthless
5. Scum
6. Suicidal Thoughts
7. No Loyalty
8. Hard Time
9. Wormfeeder

Tonight I'm covering another new British band, who've recently released their debut album. Stoke hardcore quartet Of Legions (like VNDTA whom I covered on Monday night) started out in 2015. They've played alongside the likes of Guilt Trip and Martyr Defiled and have recently announced an impressive support slot alongside Conan and Monolord in May! Their album "Face Value" was released in the middle of February across digital platforms.

What is it with bands kicking off their records with title-tracks at the moment! Of Legions begin “Face Value” with the song baring the same name, which is a pure and solid slab of thrash and metal-filled hardcore. Both the rhythm section and guitars provide plenty of groove and slam, while the vocals are delivered with youth crew-style intent. The tempo of Let Loose rages and there’s definitely more than a hint of crossover going on. The fact that the vocals aren’t accented like our US cousins too much is nice to hear as well. They’ve certainly got the riffs. 

La Familia is the sound of a band that has that straight-up hardcore sound nailed down. Pit friendly mosh with a big nod to bands like Sworn Enemy. This is furiously good hardcore. Worthless is the best of both worlds, as Of Legions don’t slump for the beatdown approach and inject it with loads of metal influence instead. This album flies by and when Scum smashes into your head, it’s hard not to get swept up by it’s heaviness. They do employ breakdowns in this song but they’re very effective. 

The intro passage to Suicidal Thoughts would be at home on any Metallica album and the minimal make up of the opening sixty-seconds or so shows off their song-writing skill and appreciation of variation. What follows it is a mid-paced hardcore tune with plenty of angst built in, as well as some classy lead guitar work. They get straight back up to full speed on No Loyalty and fill it with impressive drumming and a low end that’s pretty enviable. 

Groove and catchy riffs are both present on penultimate track Hard Time. The lyrics are pretty uplifting and empowering, which is a good asset for any hardcore band to have. They leave the best till last with the awesomely titled Wormfeeder. It contains everything that makes Of Legions a real force to be reckoned with. I have to admit that I wasn’t expecting them to produce a sound like this but they’ve proven themselves to be worthy of much wider praise and appreciation with “Face Value”. UK hardcore is in very rude health right now and Of Legions are another reason to pay attention. Ace record from an equally ace band.

The video for Suicidal Thoughts is on Youtube and you can check it out below:-

Of Legions don't have Bandcamp or Soundcloud; however, you can stream and download "Face Value" from all of the major online outlets.

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