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Reverberations Volume 1

So after a lot of planning and then delays due to technology and life, I'm very pleased to announce my first digital compilation.

This compilation takes me back to roots of This Noise Is Ours. When I first started the blog (apart from not really having a clue what I as doing), I focused on posts about local bands from Yorkshire. I decided that for my first compilation, I would pull together songs by bands from Yorkshire, as well as a few guests from outside the county. I've gathered together nineteen bands, some signed and some unsigned, to create a varied free-download compilation that shows off the strength and breathe of our wider scene. It includes bands from across the genre, including hardcore, black metal, death metal, noise, instrumental and even some straight-up metal!

Each song on Reverberations Volume 1 has been provided with special permission from the bands and their labels, so enjoy and help spread the word about these bands and keep supporting your local live scenes!

Here's some brief words about the participating bands and their songs:-

Apparently We fly - Dogs Die In Hot Cars (Black Clouds & Silver Linings)
These guys are the first band on the comp and the first band from outside of Yorkshire to be involved. They're from Derbyshire and started writing and playing their brand of post-hardcore in late 2010. They've played alongside bands such as Silent Screams and Odessa while on their travels.

You can buy a tape version of Black Clouds & Silver Linings from Driftwood Records here -

Clean Shirts - Leech (Demo 2012)
If you like punk with a hint of garage swagger, then Clean Shirts should appeal. These guys should really be signed to Grave Mistake records!  They're from Harrogate and only started last year, but have a demo online and their live shows are always quality.

You can get their demo as a name-you-price download via their bandcamp page -

Scorned - Volition (Nothing So Certain As Death)
Scorned are one of the newer bands to surface in the fertile Leeds scene. They recently played alongside US band Xibalba and the mighty Integrity.

Nothing So Certain As Death was recently released on tape, but sold out pretty quickly. You can download the EP for free from their bandcamp page -

As Albion Sleeps - Oberon (The Prayer For Arthur Gauntlet)
Drone solo-project As Albion Sleeps are one of two instrumental bands on the comp. From Harrogate and with a release initially out via fledgling label English Herbalist Records, this entity's sombre yet haunting music will definitely appeal to fans of black metal.

A limited run of tapes was released last year, but went very fast and with no tracks online, this is the only place currently to hear part of the band's output. As Albion Sleeps hasn't got a web presence, but you can head to English Herbalist Records at

Iced Out - Sleepless (Split 7" w/Razoreater)
Most of you will be well aware of Durham hardcore band Iced Out, from awesome Church of Fuck demo tape last year and their recent 7" split with label mates Razoreater. Sleepless appears on that split.

The demo tape is long since sold out, but you can still pick up the 7" from the CoF store here -

We'll Die Smiling - Based On The Truth…And Lies (New Objectivity 7")
Leeds based screamo band We'll Die Smiling are another band that need no intro. They seem like they've been around for years and having signed with Holy Roar Records, they've gone onto release New Objectivity in mid-2012. 

You can pick up a copy directly from the bands store at -

Lazarus Blackstar - At The Foot of The Coldest Mountain (Hymns For The Cursed)
Lazarus Blackstar are another Yorkshire institution. having morphed from the band Khang in 2004, they've been on a slow and heavy path of destruction ever since. Their 2012 album Hymns For The Cursed was released via Undergroove, which over years has been home to bands like 3 Stages of Pain and Charger.

You can buy Hymns For The Cursed here -

The Departed - Faithless (Steal The Crown)
Armed with new records Steal The Crown, Grimsby's The Departed are ending the year on a high. They've been honing their modern hardcore live for a long while now and are beginning to make the next step. They even recently played with Biohazard!

Steal The Crown is available to stream and buy from tonnes of digital outlets. More news about the record can be found on their Facebook page here -

Woes - Blasphemous Runes (Valley of Desolation)
Bradford's Woes are a raw-as hell d-beat/crust band. Their cavernous punk-inspired noise is a perfect for the grimy, mirky weather in West Yorkshire. They released their self-recorded demo Valley of Desolation earlier this year and have just recently released a split tape with Russian crust band Diswarp.

You can stream Valley of Desolation in it's entirety here -

BongCauldron - Pissed Up (BongCauldron)
Slowing it down are Leeds based doom outfit BongCauldron. After the release of their debut EP in 2012 and then a stellar set at this year's 'Kin Hell Fest, BongCauldron signed with Superhot Records, for a re-release which should be ready soon.

Keep checking back with Superhot Records for news here -

DSDNT - Cornered (Unreleased)
DSDNT are another ace, hard-working band from Leeds, playing a dark and stormy brand of sludgy hardcore noise. They've had two demo tapes, one via Dead Dead Dead music and a special 'Kin Hell Fest demo earlier this year and kindly offered up this unreleased track for the comp.

You can stream and download their first demo here -

Sunwolf - Midnight Moon (Midnight Moon)
The second instrumental band on the comp are a bit special. Experimental, ambient and drone influences are all mixed together to create a trance inducing sound. This year has seen them tour Europe and release Midnight Moon on vinyl.

You can listen to it and buy it in various formats here -

Wort - The Hills Have Fungeye (Worts N All)
Wort are another new doom band that are slowly creeping to the surface, channelling the negativity found in the Pennines into something thoroughly heavy.

Their first demo Worts N All can be downloaded free here -

Famine - Grindsnore (Unreleased)
If you ventured to a gig in Leeds this year, chance are this PV trio have been on the bill. Always playing to rooms of any size, Famine have finally released their debut EP A Hand of Sore Thumbs. Grindsnore was a track from the EP recording sessions and gets an exclusive airing here.

Blast the EP here -

Written In Torment - Grief (Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes)
Black metal solo-act Written In Torment is one of the UK's strongest black metal bands alongside Nordland at the moment. Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes was released earlier this year via North Yorkshire black metal able Glorious North Records.

You can stream and purchase the album via Glorious North Productions here -

Facebook -

Sea of Giants - Seasick (The Greater Good)
Young metal/hardcore band Sea of Giants are helping to create a great presence for metal in Bridlington  and are currently branching out, taking their sound to new audiences.

Their new EP The Greater Good can be downloaded as a name-your-price download here -

Masochist - Crucify The Whore (The Extent of Human Error)
Another band that played a blinder at this years 'Kin Hell Fest, Masochist play some digesting death metal with just a hint of grind. Their EP The Extent of Human Error was released in CD last year from UKEM Records.

You can buy the EP from their webstore here -

Wraiths - Pyramid Head (EP 2012)
North East metal/hardcore band Wraiths one of my favourite fins of the year, having released their 2012 demo on tape via Witch Hunter Records, with a new record being written as we speak.

Malevolence - Serpent's Chokehold (Reign of Suffering)
Last but by no means least are Sheffield bruisers Malevolence. Having recently signed to Siege of Amida Records and with a new album up for pre-order, they will probably become household names pretty soon. 

Pre-orders for Reign of Suffering are up here -

So, there you go. Once again, I want to say a big thank you to all the bands who have contributed to this comp and I hope it can go someway yo spreading their music to new listeners.

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