Monday 31 October 2022

Works - Laura Palmer Song Premiere

First came Hey Predator!, then Girl Arm and now say hello to Works. The story of Canadian Math-rock/Indie/Post-punk band Works has a couple of constants, starting with their association with Zegema Beach Records and more importantly Tomb Tree, who will be releasing their debut album tomorrow. 

Hey Predator! released a discography tape via Tomb Tree last year posthumously, as they broke up in 2010, at which point four out of the band's five members formed Girl Arm, who released an LP/Tape via ZBR back in 2018. The band was well into the recording of their newest LP when they decided to change their name to Works. 

Is There A Head In There? will be officially released tomorrow on 100 LPs and in anticipation of it, I'm really excited to be able to bring you a premiere featuring the song 'Laura Palmer':-

Works had this to say about the song:-

"For Laura Palmer all I got is:

I can’t find a gif of it but I’d also like to submit the dance Tim Roth does when he gets shot a million times in this scene in the new season."

This song is full of cracking instrumentation, mixing subtle math-rock with a large twist of Franz Ferdinand/Interpol style indie. 

Tomb Tree will have the album available for streaming/download and physical purchase from the below locations:-

Tomb Tree Bandcamp -

Tomb Tree CAN/INTL Store - / USA Store -

Works -

Tomb Tree -

Sunday 30 October 2022

King Slender - King Slender

Labels: Killer Tofu Records/One Day Records/Zegema Beach Records

Formats: Vinyl/Tape/Digital

Release Date: 08 Sep 2017


1. Bubble Buster (Tell Your Friends)

2. New Funeral

3. Gold Bags

4. Forever Circling

I don't see this band being talked about anywhere near enough. US post-hardcore band King Slender released their self-titled EP in late 2017 on 7" via Killer Tofu Records and One Day Records. Around the same time Zegema Beach Records also did a limited run of tapes. It was sandwiched between their earlier debut demo in 2016 and their latest EP, Brian Daily's Olympic Karate, that was released in 2019. They share or have shared members with The Minor Times, Five Stars For Failure, Carved Up and more. 

I’m lucky enough to own a copy of the ZBR tape pressing of this EP. The run was limited to 50 copies on smokey tape with wraparound covers in resealable plastic sleeves. King Slender plays off-kilter post-hardcore/screamo here and opener ‘Bubble Buster (Tell Your Friends)’ is heart-on-your-sleeve from the start. Flowing with plenty of melodic guitar and emotive harsh vocals. It’s surprisingly mid-paced too, especially the percussion.

Things get a bit more frantic from here on out as ‘New Funeral’ greets you with a much more dissonant sound and faster tempo. Chords and riffs are more anguished this time around, but everything still holds together and doesn’t get out of control. ’Gold Bags’ has a more anthemic tone and is slightly deeper rooted in punk than maybe the other songs on this EP. However you hear it though, you’ll find loads of enjoyment in listening.

EP closer ‘Forever Circling’ provides a dramatic ending with heavier influences showing through. Still more melodic than abrasive, King Slender know how to write well-structured, memorable songs (which, is no surprise given their collective experience). It comes and goes without any messing about and definitely leaves a positive impression.

There’s so much music to seek out and keep up-to-date with all the time, but it’s still worth looking back at what’s come before, as there are plenty of real gems out there. King Slender are still active, which gives hope for new music but in the meantime, go and visit their back catalogue.

You can stream the EP and purchase it on all formats below:-

King Slender -

Physical copies are also available from the labels below:-

Killer Tofu Records -

Zegema Beach Records - CAN/INTL Store

Killer Tofu Records -

Zegema Beach Records -

Thursday 27 October 2022

The Raging Nathans - Still Spitting Blood

Labels: Rad Girlfriend Records/Brassneck Records

Formats: Vinyl/Digital

Release Date: 21 Nov 2022


1. Head In A Hole

2. And You Know I Know

3. Fucked Olympia

4. Doubt

5. The Lime Pit

6. Still Spitting Blood

7. Nothing I Can Do

8. The Answer (Smoke 'Em)

9. Waste Of Time

10. This World

It's been too long since I've reviewed any pop-punk on here. Thankfully, Josh from Dayton, Ohio (USA) label Rad Girlfriend Records and also of The Raging Nathans contacted be about the band's new album Still Spitting Blood, which is due for release on November 21st. The Raging Nathans themselves are a long-running US punk band that have been releasing music now for about a decade, with this being their fifth full-length album.

This is fast and melodic punk from the band that call themselves “The last great punk band”. ‘Head In A Hole’ starts off without a second thought and every member gives it 100%. The percussion leads the way and it drags the pogoing bass, the up-tempo guitars and the high-octane vocals with it. When similar bands I used to listen to as a teen have withered away or become a shadow of their former selves in recent years, bands like The Raging Nathans are really important and they prove exactly why on ‘And You Know I Know’. Aside from feeling nostalgic, there’s also excitement about what’s to come in the future from this sub-genre of punk. Hopefully this album will lead the way.

There’s no need to over-analyse things though as flying headlong into ‘Fucked Olympia’ brings out a proper smile and the guitar/vocal harmonies are so sweet that it’s easy to forget we’re about to hit the midst of autumn/winter where I am in the UK. Fast and Furious without the fury, ‘Doubt’ is an anthem that proves why The Raging Nathans should be way more well know than they are currently, I mean, it’s crazy to think that Neck Deep started releasing music around the same time and look where they’ve got to. I know punk music isn’t all about fame and fortune (in fact far from it) but I think these guys deserve a thicker end of the wedge given their quality.

Injustices aside, that feel good feeling is back in spades on ‘The Lime Pit’. In fact, just add some brass and this could be Less Than Jake. There’s the same real life commentary about modern society that gives both bands a true grittiness. The title track ‘Still Spitting Blood’ is as gnarly as the name suggests and is the closest thing to hardcore (in terms of anger as opposed to harsh vocals) that the album contains. It’s over very quickly as you’d expect but leaves a hell of an impact. It leads the way to ‘Nothing I Can Do’, which sees The Raging Nathans rejoice in the pop-punk they know and play so well. It seems more mid-paced but it’s not, so don’t be fooled. Catchy as hell!

Before you know it, you’re deep into the album’s second half and ‘The Answer (Smoke ‘Em)’  grabs you with it’s sing-along melodies and genuine realness. As much as I try to adequately describe this album, it’s far better if you listen to it yourself when it’s officially released soon. Penultimate song ‘Waste Of Time’ bemoans the drudgery of everyday life in a perfect way. With that being said though, it also exhibits exactly why The Raging Nathans do what they do. Punk music is a vocation as opposed to something that can be turned into a commodity for those wanting a quick buck. 

The album ends with ‘This World’, which is delivered with the same headfirst approach as the album’s opener. Ten songs lasting just over twenty minutes from a band that have honed their craft so well, they’re impossible to overlook. I’ve been in high spirits recently because of some timely life choices. Hearing this album adds to my buoyant mood. It’ll do the same for you too.

You can stream four of the songs that will appear on Still Spitting Blood below via Rad Girlfriend Records, where it's also available to pre-order on vinyl or digitally:-

You can also pick up vinyl copies from UK label Brassneck Records below:-

The Raging Nathans -

Rad Girlfriend Records -

Brassneck Records -

Wednesday 26 October 2022

Sargassus - The Albatross

Labels: Self-Released

Formats: Digital

Release Date: 19 Jan 2022


1. Stepping Out Of Time

2. Canine Passage

3. The Albatross

I've had a couple of days off to focus on the usual life stuff and I've been itching to get back to writing again. When I sat down to plan my current review schedule a couple of weeks ago, I knew I wanted to throw some different things into the mix (alongside my ongoing Zegema Beach Records and Dry Cough Records reviews) and along came Finnish prog/post/black metal band Sargassus and their 2022 EP The Albatross. Sargassus released their first EP The Giant back in 2020, before the pandemic truly took hold. They released the single 'Tiamat' during 2021 before the latest self-released EP saw the light of day in January.

As with almost every other Finnish band I’ve ever featured on the blog, Sargassus are a difficult one to pin down. Initially very much a black metal influenced band on EP opener ‘Stepping Out Of Time’, there’s something more avant-garde about their sound. The drums and guitars provide time-signatures that range from straight-forward (and perfect for icy black metal) to more progressive/off-kilter tempos. Sorry I couldn’t pluck actual numbers out of the air for illustrative purposes here, I’m not musically gifted. The vocals are very much out of the black/death stable though.

‘Canine Passage’ is less straightforward, allowing Sargassus to stretch themselves musically and shake off some of the black metal image that the EP’s opener portrays, especially when the clean vocals take over later in the song. It certainly underlines their ability both instrumentally and vocally. No need for sub-genre pigeonholes here, though you’ll probably say I’ve tried!

As the EP’s title track The Albatross begins with it’s striking guitar-work, I realise that the glass of red wine acting as my companion is going down rather well and like a fine wine, Sargassus are going down just the same. There are musical comparisons afoot when listening to them, but I’m not going to waste valuable time writing about that here. This quartet are still finding their feet but this is a very polished and impressive EP, which will only do their longevity the world of good.

I never grow tired of enthusing about bands and their music here, which is why I’m still writing and posting things twelve years on (oops, I forgot about the blog’s anniversary again!). Sargassus are fantastic and also slightly teasing us with their recorded output so far. Here’s hoping a full-length appears on the horizon soon.

You can stream and purchase The Albatross digitally below:-

Sargassus -

Sunday 23 October 2022

Mrtex/Synodus Horrenda - Split

Labels: Zegema Beach Records

Formats: Tape/Digital

Release Date: 08 Jul 2017


1. Mrtex - Future Refract

2. Mrtex - The Truth About Human Design

3. Synodus Horrenda - The Thrill Of Living Is Gone

4. Synodus Horrenda - When A Bee Stings It Dies

5. Synodus Horrenda - Somewhere Along The Line Something Went Terribly Wrong And Now Mr. Burns Is My Favorite Simpsons Character

6. Synodus Horrenda - We Are The Children Of The Witches You Could Not Drown

7. Synodus Horrenda - Blood In The Jar

I constantly get the feeling that I've reviewed a release before and as I sit down to write this one, that's exactly how I feel. So much so that I've been through every review I've written since July 2017, when this split featuring Mrtex and Synodus Horrenda came out. It was a Zegema Beach Records solo-release, limited to 50 tape with unique wraparound photo covers. As you can tell from the cover art above, it was a proper DIY effort.

I think this is the 84th Zegema Beach Roster review I’ve written since the series started (though some of those reviews were written before it started technically). During that time though, one band has been ever-present and that’s Mrtex. Here the band has two songs, with Synodus Horrenda contributing five of their own. 

Mrtex’s side opens with ‘Future Refract’, which is very atmospheric and slow building. The perfect song to drown out/add to the autumnal feel of today (that reminds me that I may need to help prevent a flood if the rain keeps going like it is!). Given Mrtex’s past releases and the intensity they posses, the first half is very much a calming affair but that’s quickly forgotten as a passage of violent screamo during the latter half rings out.’ The Truth About Human Design’ is the intense emo-violence hit that Mrtex are known for and while it’s heavier and more skittish, it still retains the atmosphere of ‘Future Refract’. I’d call this thinking-mans’s screamo I guess, because it’s definitely more thoughtful.

Synodus Horrenda is another new name to appear on the blog and as far as I can tell, this split features the band’s only recorded output. That output does not hang around ether, as ‘The Thrill Of Living Is Gone’ is a sub one-minute blast of warp-speed emoviolence that verges on grind. ‘When The Bee Stings It Dies’ follows instantly and features some really great art-rock inspired instrumentation. I’m a sucker for a Simpsons reference and ’Somewhere Along The Line Something Went Terribly Wrong And Now Mr. Burns Is My Favorite Simpsons Character’ is an extremely long title for such a short song. It’s all good though as Synodus Horrenda’s jangly guitar work and raw energy ensure that it’s a memorable one.

I’ve always been intrigued by bands who’ve only released one demo or such like. There are hundreds and most of the them will never be on people’s radars. Before I lose my thread totally, there’s still two more songs to go from Synodus Horrenda and ‘We Are The Children Of The Witches You Could Not Burn’ is a cavernously noisy one but there is control to it as well. The percussion seems to lead the way on this one, which maybe adds to it’s nudge towards chaos. Final song ‘Blood In The Jar’ is as brooding and atmospheric as Mrtex’s opener, but in a more sludgy/angular post-metal way. It’s a great way to round out this split. Tape copies of this one are sold out and have been for sometime, but if you find one in the wild, props to you!

You can stream and purchase the split as a name-your-price download below:-

Mrtex -

Synodus Horrenda -

Zegema Beach Records -

Wednesday 19 October 2022

Penny Coffin - ΤΕΦΡΑ/ΣΚΕΛΕΤΙΚΟΣΚΟΤΑΔΙ (Tefra/Skeletal Darkness)

Labels: Dry Cough Records

Formats: Tape/Digital

Release Date: 15 Jan 2022


1. Smog

2. Bootlicker

3. Confinement

4. Jaws

5. Skeletal Darkness

6. Finality

At the beginning of the year, UK extreme metal label Dry Cough Records released this tape featuring both the 2021 EP Tefra and early 2022 EP Skeletal Darkness from Scottish/Greek death metal band Penny Coffin. Penny Coffin formed in 2021 (or there about) but have already chalked up some serious live appearances, playing with the likes of Hellripper, (recent 20 Buck Spin signees) Slimelord and Vacivus amongst many others. Another huge addition to the ever growing Scottish death metal community!

Today’s brought all manner of strangeness, which must be to do with it being a Wednesday. Thankfully Penny Coffin bring a bit of familiar nastiness with tape opener ‘Smog’. It sounds properly old-school with downtuned riffs, foundation shaking bass, battering percussion and grim vocals that sit within it all. There’s melody and atmosphere too though, but it’s somewhat menacingly delivered. If you thought that ‘Smog’ was a harrowing blast of death metal, then really it was just easing you into proceedings as ‘Bootlicker’ wades in with a much more doom-laden approach that drags the mood down to greater depths. In doing so though, it also shows how adept Penny Coffin are at weaving their influences into their music without merely copying them. I love mournful death metal songs like this.

‘Confinement’ is the final song from the Tefra side of this tape and it’s also the longest of the initial trio, showing that Penny Coffin do doom/death just as well as any Scandinavian band can muster. It’s instrumental for a large part of it’s latter-half with the vocals once again sitting deeper within the mix. There’s a more traditional metal/thrash influence that hits you as ‘Jaws’ begins with it’s higher-pitched leads but before too long, Penny Coffin settles back into a familiar furrow, albeit with a much fuller sound. Slightly more progressive in parts too, but don’t let that scare you if you’re a death metal purist.

The second EP’s title track ‘Skeletal Darkness’ comes next, as the EP makes up the latter half of this release. Again, the melodic dual-guitars create a whirling, all-encompassing sound that whisks you into an illusion of ever-slowing extremity. Penny Coffin do such a great job of the whole slow-but-fast doom/death thing. At times, it kind of reminds me a bit of early Dry Cough band Voe when the accented lead riffs take hold at the mid-section. So good, especially alongside the higher-pitched vocals later on. There’s a heart-racing end to the release thanks to ‘Finality’, that sees Penny Coffin forging one last up-tempo blast and it’s sublime! What a way to end. 

As the nights draw ever darker and the winter of discontent looms larger, music by bands like Penny Coffin will get us through (even if there are power cuts). I know what I’ll be listening to when things go black. Best get my provisions and power banks sorted!

You can stream and purchase Tefra/Skeletal Darkness digitally via Dry Cough below, where a second run of tapes are also available (snap em up quick!):-

Penny Coffin -

Dry Cough Records -

Tuesday 18 October 2022

Lunation Fall - Stellar Frequencies Sessions #1

Labels: Stellar Frequencies

Formats: Vinyl/Digital

Release Date: 23 Oct 2021


1. Intro (Live Session)

2. Precious Time (Live Session)

3. Mydriasis (Live Session)

In mid-2021, French label Stellar Frequencies kicked off their first live session, playing host to fellow French shoegaze band Lunation Fall. That live session featured three songs and was recorded for Youtube, alongside accompanying audio that was published digitally and in the form of  limited lathe cut vinyl (15 copies in all). This session features two songs from Lunation Fall's debut album Near that was released in April of last year.

Live music brings out so many emotions and while not being present in the room to witness this short session, the recording of it still invokes that same feeling. The noise-laden ‘Intro’ provides a lot of anticipation and intrigue before Lunation Fall change tack on ‘Precious Time’. Their dreamy pop-sensibilities cross paths with lazy indie/shoegaze to create a sound that’s pleasant on the ear yet also slightly gritty as well, at least in atmosphere.

Their final live song ‘Mydriasis’ is longer but it also throws up some surprises in the vocal department, as Lunation Fall are made up of more than one very competent singer. Musically, they’re very melodic with the main story being told be the guitar work, as sensitive bass and percussion nestle behind. This song has less of a shoegaze feel to it, though the lengthy instrumental passages still allow you the chance to get lost in a day dream.

This is my first introduction to both Stellar Frequencies and to Lunation Fall. I think it’s a great one too. Many of the bands that we discover in our lives are discovered in a live setting and capturing these sessions is the perfect way to help unearth inspiring music.

You can stream and purchase the Lunation Fall session as a name-your-price-download below:-

You can also watch the recorded session on YouTube below:-

Lunation Fall -

Stellar Frequencies -

Now the Stellar Frequencies Bandcamp page might say that they've sold out of Lathe Copies, but their website says otherwise, so try you luck here - (but please save a copy for me!).

Sunday 16 October 2022

Lessener - Lessener

Labels: Ancient Injury Records/Dingleberry Records/(We Built The World And) Miss The Stars Records/Zegema Beach Records

Formats: Vinyl/Digital

Release Date: 31 Dec 2016


1. Shape Of Heart, Shape Of Human

2. We've Lost Beauty

3. Our Form Of Closure

4. Gravesend

5. Sycamore

Damn things are starting to get busier in life outside of the blog. Also, proper bummed that I missed out on snagging a copy of the vinyl repress of Form & Structure, Storm & Fracture from Coins As Portraits (released via Heathen Hand Records) earlier, but hey ho. This post though is all about the next review in my Zegema Beach Roster Review series, which features Boston, Massachusetts (USA) screamo band Lessener and their 2016 self-titled album. They released it digitally in late 2016 before it was pressed to vinyl by ZBR and the familiar bunch of collaborators mentioned above. 

It’s amazing what a few really positive days can do to you mentally. Lessener’s hearty screamo is exactly what I need to carry that positivity on as album opener ‘Shape Of Heart, Shape Of Human’ bristles with emotion-filled harsh vocals, jangly yet dissonant guitars and ever present percussive energy. ’We’ve Lost Beauty’ is a song that belies it’s title, as Lessener are able to inject and extract beauty in equal measure through both sensitive, and chaotic song-writing/delivery.

After those initial short bursts, things become slightly more introspective on ‘Our Form Of Closure’, which takes the form of a dramatic instrumental for it’s first ninety-seconds before bursting into life with a great mix of screamo and chuggy post-hardcore riffs. One thing that’s ever present though is Lessener’s eye for melody and their ability to diffuse angst with brightness.

What’s also really good is how their songs follow on from each other, as ‘Our Form Of Closure’ flows into penultimate song ‘Gravesend’. In doing so, a vivid picture is painted through the various loud/quiet passages that it contains. For me, emo always drew me in with it’s loud-quiet dynamics and while this is heavier, it still has that same feel.

Closing song ‘Sycamore’ has the most spacial and atmospheric intro build-up on the record before Lessener explode one final time. The flow between the instrumental passages and more crazed full-band/vocal sections are perfectly accented, making for a dramatic end. 

Lessener produces screamo that’s crosses over to hardcore via it’s sheer emotion and anger. It has the right layers and textures in the right places. If like me, you missed this when it was originally released, there’s no time like the present to go and enjoy it.

You can stream the record in full below, where it's also available to buy on digitally and (remarkably still) on vinyl:-

Lessener -

You can also buy it from the labels below:-

Zegema Beach Records USA Store -

Ancient Injury Records -

Dingleberry Records -

(We Built The World And) Miss The Stars Records -

Zegema Beach Records -

Friday 14 October 2022

Time To Kill - S.B.A.H

Labels: Sliptrick Records

Formats: CD/Digital

Release Date: 01 Nov 2022


1. Slut Bag Ass Hammer

2. Horses Of Men

3. WTF

4. I'm Outta Here

5. Set Free

6. Time (Again)

7. I've Got Nothing (Still)

8. Pissed Off

9. Key Party

10. Sugar Cookies

I've been lucky enough to get a sneak pre-listen to the newest album from Wisconsin, US metal/thrash/punk band Time To Kill. They weren't a name familiar to me until recently and in fact, they've been a (semi) functioning band since 2007. S.B.A.H was supposed to have been released back in 2017 but various hurdles and the Covid pandemic prevented that from happening. Fast-forward to 2022 and it's now seeing a release on cd, and digitally via Sliptrick Records in November. It was originally supposed to mark the ten-year anniversary of the band, and does that while now also marking ten years since their first album.

The excellently titled opening track ‘Slut Bag Ass Hammer’ is actually the album’s title-track and it’s a great mix of thrash, punk and sludge. Kinda like Municipal Waste musically, especially with the faster tempos and gang vocals. The lead vocals aren’t what I was expecting. I guess I was expecting more grit and rasp, but this is only the first song. ‘Horses Of Men’ starts with some proper sludge riffs before the band pushes things up to the next level with more sick thrash. The vocals are definitely grittier now too. There’s no hanging around either. Time To Kill’s modus operandi seems to be to get in, smash things up and leave.

There are hints of GWAR on ‘WTF’, which is the heaviest song so far and also the most urgent, coming in at under two minutes in length. Really enjoyable from start to finish. The production, mastering, etc sounds super clean, which helps TTK, though their fifteen years of experience help a bit too! At this point I should add the these tracks were in a very different order on the electronic promo I received, to the order that’s on the Sliptrick Records bandcamp page (I re-ordered them to match bandcamp). If the listing order above is wrong, please shout up and let me know!

‘I’m Outta Here’ is, much like all of TTK’s songs so far, a hard hitting and expletive filled thrash track (and there’s nothing wrong with that!). There’s a truly frenetic pace to this album and when ’Set Free’ kicks in, there’s a really satisfying punk influence flowing through the music. The vocals are great here and the whole song wouldn’t be out of place on a Tony Hawk Pro Skater game. The further that TTK gets into S.B.A.H, the heavier and more gnarly they become. ‘Time (Again)’ starts in just that fashion before a slight retreat during the verse. There’s no room for rest though as Time To Kill bring out intricate guitar work and a mix of influences that make this record what it is.

There are not-so-subtle grunge influences flowing through ‘I’ve Got Nothing (Still)’ and it all sounds spot on. Yes, they ratchet up the thrash later on but it still retains it’s moodier refrain. ‘Pissed Off’ is an apt song filled with fantastic sludge riffs and atmosphere. It’s not long but it doesn’t need to be. It’s always hard to keep momentum going during the latter half of an album but TTK manage it perfectly with the rabid ‘Key Party’. It’s both intense and knuckle-dragging at the same time, and it benefits from some great blues-rock/jazz towards then end. TTK really know their instruments and it shows. It’s not even Halloween yet I know but it’s never the wrong time for a Christmas song right? That’s where ’Sugar Cookies’ comes in, albeit with it’s rather sinister lyrics. 

Overall this was a surprise for me. I really wasn’t sure I’d like it after hearing the opener but the further I went, the more enjoyable I found it. Time To Kill are cleary a very talented band musically and vocals are delivered really confidently, as you’d expect. Give this your time when it’s released on November 1st. You could do a lot worse, trust me.

You can stream second track 'Horses Of Men' and pre-order the album digitally below:-

Time To Kill -

Keep an eye on the Sliptrick Records Facebook page below for more news on the release:-

Sliptrick Records -

Wednesday 12 October 2022

Soul Crusher - 30 AM Song Premiere

Some things in life are completely unexpected, just like being asked to do this premiere a couple of days ago (not that I'm complaining, because I love it!). Soul Crusher is the solo-project featuring Sasha of Life In Vacuum/Kiken/Congratulations fame, so it seems completely right for his new EP to be released by an imprint of Zegema Beach Records.

Softseed Music will be releasing Soul Crusher's self-titled EP on October 19th and tonight I get the privilege of premiering it's second single 30 AM. Here's what Sasha had to say about the song:-

“So 6 30 am, I mean it’s a sixth song so I thought it just looked cool that way like it’s a sixth song and at the same time it says 6 30 am. So really the song is called 30 AM(I guess). The song itself is about the pressure of having to behave the certain way and having to just be all your best self like if you are on a tv show or at a family Christmas dinner all the time”

You can stream the song via Youtube below:-

The tape run coming from Softseed Music will consist of 40 tapes, with 15 coming on opaque red swirl (pictured below), 10 on clear swirl, 10 on red and 5 test dips.

The EP (as you can see from the picture above), features six songs. I'd describe 30 AM as a kind of melancholic and slightly dystopian post-punk/goth song with synths. I don't know how accurate that brief description is, but you can decide for yourselves once you've listened to it!

Keep up to date with news of this release and more via the social media pages below:-

Soul Crusher -

Softseed Music -

Sunday 9 October 2022

Dianacrawls/Botfly - Split 7"

Labels: Fresh Outbreak Records/No Funeral Records

Formats: Vinyl/Digital

Release Date: 28 Jan 2022


1. Dianacrawls - La Philosophie De La Verdure C'est Fini

2. Dianacrawls - Seroquel Is Love

3. Botfly - On Nihilism

With all of the AI generated artwork that's popular now and at risk of sounding like a luddite, the artwork that adorns the Dianacrawls/Botfly split 7" fills me with joy. It's MS Clip-art style is perfect and actually gives very little clue as to its contents. This split features two of Canada's more experimental hardcore/screamo acts. Quebec's Dianacrawls and Nova Scotia's Botfly joined together earlier this year,  with the help of Canada's No Funeral Records and Italy's Fresh Outbreak Records. Limited to 300 copies, 25 of which come with special handmade felt covers. 

I really loved A Glitter Manifesto, the previous Dianacrawls release from 2020. Here they contribute two songs, the first of which being ‘La Philosophie De La Verdure C’est Fini’ and I’m very hesitant to compare it to anything on that aforementioned release. Dianacrawls have always been a forward-thinking emoviolence band and here it’s no different. High-pitched screams, off-kilter instrumentation and loads of funk is what you get. Their second song ‘Seroquel Is Love’ is succinct to say the least, yet it’s musical heady mix of mathcore/post-hardcore is utterly transfixing from beginning to end, and ends it does, far too soon.

Botfly is a name I’ve read a lot about but whose music has eluded this blog until now. Their sole song ‘On Nihilism’ is allowed more time here than both songs by Dianacrawls. Botfly play in a slightly more straightforward fashion, but don’t let that fool you. Their post-hardcore approach is joined by elements of post-rock, shoegaze and even an amalgam of goth/indie. This makes me feel embarrassed about not featuring them here sooner. This is very thoughtful and enjoyable.

This is a split that does a really good job of sticking around long enough to make an impression, while also doing the exact opposite (if you get what I mean). Both Dianacrawls and Botfly provide different perspectives of an extreme sound, that builds on their growing experience that’s come from release after release in recent years. I thoroughly recommend this split and both bands here. You can’t go wrong.

Stream and grab the split digitally as a name-your-price download from both labels below:-

Fresh Outbreak Records -

Dianacrawls -

Botfly -

Physical copies are available below:-

No Funeral Records -

Fresh Outbreak Records -

No Funeral Records -

Thursday 6 October 2022

Burial Waves - Holy Ground

Labels: Dark Operative Records

Formats: Digital

Release Date: 12 Nov 2021


1. Light Heads

2. At Sea

3. The Romantic

4. Cinema Shame

5. The Guest

The cross-pollination of bands and indeed band members creates an ever expanding web of influences, and more importantly sounds. Washington D.C., US band Burial Waves are one that's been formed through the intertwining network of artists, notably through friendship here. Made up of members and ex-members of Black Clouds, Pianos Become The Teeth, Caverns and the EFFECTS, Burial Waves released their debut EP Holy Ground via Dark Operative Records late last year. In a live setting they've shared stages with Kowloon Walled City, Quicksand and Cave In (amongst many others). 

Burial Waves play the kind of post-hardcore/rock that is so underrated. Holy Ground opener ‘Light Heads’ contains a mixture of the aforementioned sub-genres, as well catchy melodies and cinematic appeal. The vocals are clean but with a volume to match the instrumentation, which is powerful to say the least. The music so far would easily sit next to the likes of Time In Malta (I’ve dropped that name so many times here), tour mates Cave In and even, dare I say it, self-titled album era 30 Seconds To Mars (loosely).

The opener flows nicely into ‘At Sea’ and it’s here that you can tell the heavier past of Burial Waves. More dissonant riffs and harder percussive elements hold up against the brighter lead-work and an indie/post-punk vocal approach. It’s delivery is more of a mid-paced drift but that tempo suits it so well. ‘The Romantic’ is a hypnotic, repetition-laden rock song that seems to take the best of what’s come before. Off-kilter rhythms remind you of the skill and song-writing prowess of Burial Waves, as they craft something that’s filled with heady and breathless audible highs. The subtle electronic ambience lends itself well to the scene that’s set here too. 

One thing that doesn’t always strike you when listening is that there is sometimes an odd danceability to it, as demonstrated on ‘Cinema Shame’. It’s cleverly brought to the fore in a strangely dystopian way but it never fails to lift the mood at the same time. Burial Waves are truly engrossing throughout Holy Ground and this song proves why. They round things out with ‘The Guest’, all six-plus minutes of it. Flowing with an ever growing sense of progressive/art-rock design, it provides another really emotive glimpse into the form and function of the band. So enjoyable, it’s both easy to listen too and gritty in the right ways.

Days spent listening to harsher, heavier music are erased by cleansing, familiar tones. The music that Burial Waves play takes me back to the music that shaped listening habits during my late-teens. Music that I’ve grown to love so much and always go back to. Call it post-hardcore, rock or whatever you want. This release is inspiring. 

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As of writing, I'm unaware of there being a physical version available. Please feel free to correct me if there is.

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