Sunday 23 October 2022

Mrtex/Synodus Horrenda - Split

Labels: Zegema Beach Records

Formats: Tape/Digital

Release Date: 08 Jul 2017


1. Mrtex - Future Refract

2. Mrtex - The Truth About Human Design

3. Synodus Horrenda - The Thrill Of Living Is Gone

4. Synodus Horrenda - When A Bee Stings It Dies

5. Synodus Horrenda - Somewhere Along The Line Something Went Terribly Wrong And Now Mr. Burns Is My Favorite Simpsons Character

6. Synodus Horrenda - We Are The Children Of The Witches You Could Not Drown

7. Synodus Horrenda - Blood In The Jar

I constantly get the feeling that I've reviewed a release before and as I sit down to write this one, that's exactly how I feel. So much so that I've been through every review I've written since July 2017, when this split featuring Mrtex and Synodus Horrenda came out. It was a Zegema Beach Records solo-release, limited to 50 tape with unique wraparound photo covers. As you can tell from the cover art above, it was a proper DIY effort.

I think this is the 84th Zegema Beach Roster review I’ve written since the series started (though some of those reviews were written before it started technically). During that time though, one band has been ever-present and that’s Mrtex. Here the band has two songs, with Synodus Horrenda contributing five of their own. 

Mrtex’s side opens with ‘Future Refract’, which is very atmospheric and slow building. The perfect song to drown out/add to the autumnal feel of today (that reminds me that I may need to help prevent a flood if the rain keeps going like it is!). Given Mrtex’s past releases and the intensity they posses, the first half is very much a calming affair but that’s quickly forgotten as a passage of violent screamo during the latter half rings out.’ The Truth About Human Design’ is the intense emo-violence hit that Mrtex are known for and while it’s heavier and more skittish, it still retains the atmosphere of ‘Future Refract’. I’d call this thinking-mans’s screamo I guess, because it’s definitely more thoughtful.

Synodus Horrenda is another new name to appear on the blog and as far as I can tell, this split features the band’s only recorded output. That output does not hang around ether, as ‘The Thrill Of Living Is Gone’ is a sub one-minute blast of warp-speed emoviolence that verges on grind. ‘When The Bee Stings It Dies’ follows instantly and features some really great art-rock inspired instrumentation. I’m a sucker for a Simpsons reference and ’Somewhere Along The Line Something Went Terribly Wrong And Now Mr. Burns Is My Favorite Simpsons Character’ is an extremely long title for such a short song. It’s all good though as Synodus Horrenda’s jangly guitar work and raw energy ensure that it’s a memorable one.

I’ve always been intrigued by bands who’ve only released one demo or such like. There are hundreds and most of the them will never be on people’s radars. Before I lose my thread totally, there’s still two more songs to go from Synodus Horrenda and ‘We Are The Children Of The Witches You Could Not Burn’ is a cavernously noisy one but there is control to it as well. The percussion seems to lead the way on this one, which maybe adds to it’s nudge towards chaos. Final song ‘Blood In The Jar’ is as brooding and atmospheric as Mrtex’s opener, but in a more sludgy/angular post-metal way. It’s a great way to round out this split. Tape copies of this one are sold out and have been for sometime, but if you find one in the wild, props to you!

You can stream and purchase the split as a name-your-price download below:-

Mrtex -

Synodus Horrenda -

Zegema Beach Records -

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