Friday 14 October 2022

Time To Kill - S.B.A.H

Labels: Sliptrick Records

Formats: CD/Digital

Release Date: 01 Nov 2022


1. Slut Bag Ass Hammer

2. Horses Of Men

3. WTF

4. I'm Outta Here

5. Set Free

6. Time (Again)

7. I've Got Nothing (Still)

8. Pissed Off

9. Key Party

10. Sugar Cookies

I've been lucky enough to get a sneak pre-listen to the newest album from Wisconsin, US metal/thrash/punk band Time To Kill. They weren't a name familiar to me until recently and in fact, they've been a (semi) functioning band since 2007. S.B.A.H was supposed to have been released back in 2017 but various hurdles and the Covid pandemic prevented that from happening. Fast-forward to 2022 and it's now seeing a release on cd, and digitally via Sliptrick Records in November. It was originally supposed to mark the ten-year anniversary of the band, and does that while now also marking ten years since their first album.

The excellently titled opening track ‘Slut Bag Ass Hammer’ is actually the album’s title-track and it’s a great mix of thrash, punk and sludge. Kinda like Municipal Waste musically, especially with the faster tempos and gang vocals. The lead vocals aren’t what I was expecting. I guess I was expecting more grit and rasp, but this is only the first song. ‘Horses Of Men’ starts with some proper sludge riffs before the band pushes things up to the next level with more sick thrash. The vocals are definitely grittier now too. There’s no hanging around either. Time To Kill’s modus operandi seems to be to get in, smash things up and leave.

There are hints of GWAR on ‘WTF’, which is the heaviest song so far and also the most urgent, coming in at under two minutes in length. Really enjoyable from start to finish. The production, mastering, etc sounds super clean, which helps TTK, though their fifteen years of experience help a bit too! At this point I should add the these tracks were in a very different order on the electronic promo I received, to the order that’s on the Sliptrick Records bandcamp page (I re-ordered them to match bandcamp). If the listing order above is wrong, please shout up and let me know!

‘I’m Outta Here’ is, much like all of TTK’s songs so far, a hard hitting and expletive filled thrash track (and there’s nothing wrong with that!). There’s a truly frenetic pace to this album and when ’Set Free’ kicks in, there’s a really satisfying punk influence flowing through the music. The vocals are great here and the whole song wouldn’t be out of place on a Tony Hawk Pro Skater game. The further that TTK gets into S.B.A.H, the heavier and more gnarly they become. ‘Time (Again)’ starts in just that fashion before a slight retreat during the verse. There’s no room for rest though as Time To Kill bring out intricate guitar work and a mix of influences that make this record what it is.

There are not-so-subtle grunge influences flowing through ‘I’ve Got Nothing (Still)’ and it all sounds spot on. Yes, they ratchet up the thrash later on but it still retains it’s moodier refrain. ‘Pissed Off’ is an apt song filled with fantastic sludge riffs and atmosphere. It’s not long but it doesn’t need to be. It’s always hard to keep momentum going during the latter half of an album but TTK manage it perfectly with the rabid ‘Key Party’. It’s both intense and knuckle-dragging at the same time, and it benefits from some great blues-rock/jazz towards then end. TTK really know their instruments and it shows. It’s not even Halloween yet I know but it’s never the wrong time for a Christmas song right? That’s where ’Sugar Cookies’ comes in, albeit with it’s rather sinister lyrics. 

Overall this was a surprise for me. I really wasn’t sure I’d like it after hearing the opener but the further I went, the more enjoyable I found it. Time To Kill are cleary a very talented band musically and vocals are delivered really confidently, as you’d expect. Give this your time when it’s released on November 1st. You could do a lot worse, trust me.

You can stream second track 'Horses Of Men' and pre-order the album digitally below:-

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