Sunday 9 October 2022

Dianacrawls/Botfly - Split 7"

Labels: Fresh Outbreak Records/No Funeral Records

Formats: Vinyl/Digital

Release Date: 28 Jan 2022


1. Dianacrawls - La Philosophie De La Verdure C'est Fini

2. Dianacrawls - Seroquel Is Love

3. Botfly - On Nihilism

With all of the AI generated artwork that's popular now and at risk of sounding like a luddite, the artwork that adorns the Dianacrawls/Botfly split 7" fills me with joy. It's MS Clip-art style is perfect and actually gives very little clue as to its contents. This split features two of Canada's more experimental hardcore/screamo acts. Quebec's Dianacrawls and Nova Scotia's Botfly joined together earlier this year,  with the help of Canada's No Funeral Records and Italy's Fresh Outbreak Records. Limited to 300 copies, 25 of which come with special handmade felt covers. 

I really loved A Glitter Manifesto, the previous Dianacrawls release from 2020. Here they contribute two songs, the first of which being ‘La Philosophie De La Verdure C’est Fini’ and I’m very hesitant to compare it to anything on that aforementioned release. Dianacrawls have always been a forward-thinking emoviolence band and here it’s no different. High-pitched screams, off-kilter instrumentation and loads of funk is what you get. Their second song ‘Seroquel Is Love’ is succinct to say the least, yet it’s musical heady mix of mathcore/post-hardcore is utterly transfixing from beginning to end, and ends it does, far too soon.

Botfly is a name I’ve read a lot about but whose music has eluded this blog until now. Their sole song ‘On Nihilism’ is allowed more time here than both songs by Dianacrawls. Botfly play in a slightly more straightforward fashion, but don’t let that fool you. Their post-hardcore approach is joined by elements of post-rock, shoegaze and even an amalgam of goth/indie. This makes me feel embarrassed about not featuring them here sooner. This is very thoughtful and enjoyable.

This is a split that does a really good job of sticking around long enough to make an impression, while also doing the exact opposite (if you get what I mean). Both Dianacrawls and Botfly provide different perspectives of an extreme sound, that builds on their growing experience that’s come from release after release in recent years. I thoroughly recommend this split and both bands here. You can’t go wrong.

Stream and grab the split digitally as a name-your-price download from both labels below:-

Fresh Outbreak Records -

Dianacrawls -

Botfly -

Physical copies are available below:-

No Funeral Records -

Fresh Outbreak Records -

No Funeral Records -

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