Wednesday 5 October 2022

We Watch Clouds - Resumé

Labels: Arkan Records/D.I.Y Kolo Records/Wungiel Records/Zegema Beach Records

Formats: CD/Tape/Digital

Release Date: 25 Aug 2017


1. Dissemination (Intro)

2. Heavy Rain Over Mariampole

3. Tom Curse

4. Euphorically - Disphoric

5. Dyslalia

6. Dandruff

7. Anhedonia

I've been looking forward to this evening and being able to get my teeth into something a bit lengthier. It's time for another Zegema Beach Roster review, where I make my way up the label's bandcamp page from bottom to top and right to left. It's a long process but discovering bands this way (admittedly bands that I should already be well aware of) is a lot of fun and tonight I bring you Polish screamo/hardcore band We Watch Clouds and their 2017 release Resumé. This was their third release that I'm aware of, but as luck would have it, there's a new album due imminently!

My timing with this review wasn’t planned but sometimes things do sort of fall into place. Revisiting  Resumé prior to the new album seems apt and ‘Dissemination (Intro)’ is every bit the atmospheric, anticipation building opener. Instrumental until the final bars, it doesn’t give too much away regarding the full intent of We Watch Clouds, but that’s not too far off as ‘Heavy Rain Over Mariampole’ greets you with a subtle sludge-like build-up that’s followed by technical, mathy screamo with emoviolence at it’s core. Raw and incredibly emotive, it strikes you in the most perfect way.

From here on there’s a lot more urgency from We Watch Clouds, as demonstrated on ’Tom Curse’. It’s percussion is audibly louder and the screams are more piercing, up against the backdrop of dissonant, feedback-ridden guitars. It just goes to show that songs don’t need to last long to create an impression. With that being said though, ‘Euphorically - Disphoric’ is a beautifully melodic song with emo in all that right places. It builds on everything that’s good about We Watch Clouds, from the layered sounds to the intense feeling that their songs create. 

The next two songs come and go with absolutely no warning. ‘Dyslalia’ is pure caustic emoviolence at it’s best while ‘Dandruff’ doesn’t deviate from that path, except for moments of glorious art-rock inspired guitar. Album closer ‘Anhedonia’ comes around way to quickly and with it, We Watch Clouds produce both their heaviest and their most majestic song here. It really draws out all of the emotions from every member of the band and transfers them to you as the listener. 

Resumé takes you on a journey that’s unexpected. As a whole it works so well and also offers perspective, which is surprising. As somebody who wants to wave goodbye to the small and negative aspects of daily life,  this release gives me hope. If you’ve slept on this album and feel the need to cleanse, now is the time. Positive vibes only.

You can stream and purchase Resumé digitally below:-

You can keep updated with news of the new album via the band's Facebook page here:-

We Watch Clouds -

I'm not aware of any physical cd or tape copies that are still available, but the below labels may still be able to point you in the right direction:-

Arkan Records -

D.I.Y Kolo Records -

Wungiel Records -

Zegema Beach Records -

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