Tuesday 4 October 2022

Pyre Fyre - Rinky Dink City/Slow Cookin'

Labels: Self-Released

Formats: Digital

Release Date: 18 Feb 2022


1. Rinky Dink City

2. Slow Cookin'

It feels great to have some real momentum again writing-wise. I'm flying through the review schedule I devised two weeks or so ago and this evening I'm focusing on a new band, who released their first two-track single back in February. Pyre Fyre are a trio from New Jersey, USA who play heavy-psych/sludge. Between February 2019 and this little EP, they digitally released three singles. This EP features backing vocals by Ambriosia Gainous and also a guitar solo from Dustin Bartee of Ethereal Sea. 

Pyre Fyre’s music is not at all what I was expecting (though I should learn not to take press-releases/bandcamp tags too literally). It does contain heavy-psych/sludge influences, but also loads of noise-rock, jazz and blues that would be at home in the deep south. It may initial sounded a bit rough around the edges but as it grows, the sense of fun and genuine rhythm show through. The additional soulful vocals of Ambriosia Gainous give a lot more that just backing and elevate things ever higher.

‘Slow Cookin’’ is a proper stoner/doom jam that’s all about the groove. Bass-heavy and raw in the right way, it shows Pyre Fyre’s potential. They like a bit of humour and it shows here. The solo from Dustin Bartee (at least I think it was his!) rounds out the song in style, even if it does end abruptly.

Pyre Fyre have talent for sure and hopefully they’ll follow these two songs up with something lengthier on their next release. I think they have a great base sound and if they focus on building on what they have so far, they’ll grow and grow. 

You can stream and purchase Rinky Dink City/Slow Cookin' digitally below:-

Pyre Fyre - https://www.instagram.com/pyrefyr /  https://www.facebook.com/pyrefyre

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