Monday 31 October 2022

Works - Laura Palmer Song Premiere

First came Hey Predator!, then Girl Arm and now say hello to Works. The story of Canadian Math-rock/Indie/Post-punk band Works has a couple of constants, starting with their association with Zegema Beach Records and more importantly Tomb Tree, who will be releasing their debut album tomorrow. 

Hey Predator! released a discography tape via Tomb Tree last year posthumously, as they broke up in 2010, at which point four out of the band's five members formed Girl Arm, who released an LP/Tape via ZBR back in 2018. The band was well into the recording of their newest LP when they decided to change their name to Works. 

Is There A Head In There? will be officially released tomorrow on 100 LPs and in anticipation of it, I'm really excited to be able to bring you a premiere featuring the song 'Laura Palmer':-

Works had this to say about the song:-

"For Laura Palmer all I got is:

I can’t find a gif of it but I’d also like to submit the dance Tim Roth does when he gets shot a million times in this scene in the new season."

This song is full of cracking instrumentation, mixing subtle math-rock with a large twist of Franz Ferdinand/Interpol style indie. 

Tomb Tree will have the album available for streaming/download and physical purchase from the below locations:-

Tomb Tree Bandcamp -

Tomb Tree CAN/INTL Store - / USA Store -

Works -

Tomb Tree -

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