Wednesday 12 October 2022

Soul Crusher - 30 AM Song Premiere

Some things in life are completely unexpected, just like being asked to do this premiere a couple of days ago (not that I'm complaining, because I love it!). Soul Crusher is the solo-project featuring Sasha of Life In Vacuum/Kiken/Congratulations fame, so it seems completely right for his new EP to be released by an imprint of Zegema Beach Records.

Softseed Music will be releasing Soul Crusher's self-titled EP on October 19th and tonight I get the privilege of premiering it's second single 30 AM. Here's what Sasha had to say about the song:-

“So 6 30 am, I mean it’s a sixth song so I thought it just looked cool that way like it’s a sixth song and at the same time it says 6 30 am. So really the song is called 30 AM(I guess). The song itself is about the pressure of having to behave the certain way and having to just be all your best self like if you are on a tv show or at a family Christmas dinner all the time”

You can stream the song via Youtube below:-

The tape run coming from Softseed Music will consist of 40 tapes, with 15 coming on opaque red swirl (pictured below), 10 on clear swirl, 10 on red and 5 test dips.

The EP (as you can see from the picture above), features six songs. I'd describe 30 AM as a kind of melancholic and slightly dystopian post-punk/goth song with synths. I don't know how accurate that brief description is, but you can decide for yourselves once you've listened to it!

Keep up to date with news of this release and more via the social media pages below:-

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