Sunday 2 October 2022

Gouger - Cranial Demolition

Labels: Self-Released/Dry Cough Records/Burning Dogma Records

Formats: Digital/Tape/CD

Release Date: 06 Dec 2021


1. Cranial Demolition

2. Dumped In The Sewer

3. Wood Chipped Human Compost

4. Gouger

5. Force Fed Carnivorous Worms

It's an early one today before I head out for some family time. The debut demo from Glaswegian death/grind band Gouger was released last December. After an initial digital release by the band themselves, It got picked up by Dry Cough Records, who made it their last release of the year. Two tape runs later and it sold out. In early 2022 a CD version was released via US label Burning Dogma Records. The duo that make up Gouger also play in the likes of Persecutor and BrainBath, to name but a few.

Cranial Demolition’s five tracks last no more than nine minutes. The opening title-track starts with a chilling sample that pretty much sums up what Gouger is all about. The music kicks in half-way through and at first it’s somewhat mid-paced, before morphing into a collage of rapid death/grind. Everything about it is low, from the guitars to the vocals, while the drumming dominates.

There’s always been a strong connection between horror movies and death metal, which is kind of an obvious thing to say but that connection grows further on ‘Dumped In The Sewer’. It comes and goes quickly, with an enthralling undertone of slamming death underneath the grind. 

Gouger keeps the theme going throughout Cranial Demolition and there’s a slight comedic nature to ‘Wood Chipped Human Compost’, although maybe that’s just me thinking it. One thing is certain though, the band’s music is very precise sounding, even if the DIY recording makes it sound dirty.

The song that bares the band’s name is the shortest here yet it feels more engrossing. I mean, I’m not sure how you can get lost in a sub one-minute song but somehow I did. I think it has something to do with the clever use of tempo changes and variation that adds atmosphere.

Final song ‘Force Fed Carnivorous Worms’ seems long in comparison. It’s good fun though and it draws the demo to a close in disgusting style. Scotland has always had a very solid death metal community and it adds real personality to the growing UK scene as a whole. Gouger do that and then some. They’ve already followed this demo up with a split release and hopefully there’s more yet to come.

You can purchase the demo digitally from Gouger below:-

Gouger -

CD copies are still available to buy from Burning Dogma Records and Gouger may have some left too:-

Dry Cough Records -

Burning Dogma Records -

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