Thursday 27 October 2022

The Raging Nathans - Still Spitting Blood

Labels: Rad Girlfriend Records/Brassneck Records

Formats: Vinyl/Digital

Release Date: 21 Nov 2022


1. Head In A Hole

2. And You Know I Know

3. Fucked Olympia

4. Doubt

5. The Lime Pit

6. Still Spitting Blood

7. Nothing I Can Do

8. The Answer (Smoke 'Em)

9. Waste Of Time

10. This World

It's been too long since I've reviewed any pop-punk on here. Thankfully, Josh from Dayton, Ohio (USA) label Rad Girlfriend Records and also of The Raging Nathans contacted be about the band's new album Still Spitting Blood, which is due for release on November 21st. The Raging Nathans themselves are a long-running US punk band that have been releasing music now for about a decade, with this being their fifth full-length album.

This is fast and melodic punk from the band that call themselves “The last great punk band”. ‘Head In A Hole’ starts off without a second thought and every member gives it 100%. The percussion leads the way and it drags the pogoing bass, the up-tempo guitars and the high-octane vocals with it. When similar bands I used to listen to as a teen have withered away or become a shadow of their former selves in recent years, bands like The Raging Nathans are really important and they prove exactly why on ‘And You Know I Know’. Aside from feeling nostalgic, there’s also excitement about what’s to come in the future from this sub-genre of punk. Hopefully this album will lead the way.

There’s no need to over-analyse things though as flying headlong into ‘Fucked Olympia’ brings out a proper smile and the guitar/vocal harmonies are so sweet that it’s easy to forget we’re about to hit the midst of autumn/winter where I am in the UK. Fast and Furious without the fury, ‘Doubt’ is an anthem that proves why The Raging Nathans should be way more well know than they are currently, I mean, it’s crazy to think that Neck Deep started releasing music around the same time and look where they’ve got to. I know punk music isn’t all about fame and fortune (in fact far from it) but I think these guys deserve a thicker end of the wedge given their quality.

Injustices aside, that feel good feeling is back in spades on ‘The Lime Pit’. In fact, just add some brass and this could be Less Than Jake. There’s the same real life commentary about modern society that gives both bands a true grittiness. The title track ‘Still Spitting Blood’ is as gnarly as the name suggests and is the closest thing to hardcore (in terms of anger as opposed to harsh vocals) that the album contains. It’s over very quickly as you’d expect but leaves a hell of an impact. It leads the way to ‘Nothing I Can Do’, which sees The Raging Nathans rejoice in the pop-punk they know and play so well. It seems more mid-paced but it’s not, so don’t be fooled. Catchy as hell!

Before you know it, you’re deep into the album’s second half and ‘The Answer (Smoke ‘Em)’  grabs you with it’s sing-along melodies and genuine realness. As much as I try to adequately describe this album, it’s far better if you listen to it yourself when it’s officially released soon. Penultimate song ‘Waste Of Time’ bemoans the drudgery of everyday life in a perfect way. With that being said though, it also exhibits exactly why The Raging Nathans do what they do. Punk music is a vocation as opposed to something that can be turned into a commodity for those wanting a quick buck. 

The album ends with ‘This World’, which is delivered with the same headfirst approach as the album’s opener. Ten songs lasting just over twenty minutes from a band that have honed their craft so well, they’re impossible to overlook. I’ve been in high spirits recently because of some timely life choices. Hearing this album adds to my buoyant mood. It’ll do the same for you too.

You can stream four of the songs that will appear on Still Spitting Blood below via Rad Girlfriend Records, where it's also available to pre-order on vinyl or digitally:-

You can also pick up vinyl copies from UK label Brassneck Records below:-

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