Sunday 31 October 2010

Scene Heads-up - Waking Theo

Another band you should definately check out are local metal band - Waking Theo.

These guys have been together since 2004 and have shared the stage with many bands, including rising british bands, Trigger the Bloodshed and Malifice.

These guys are busy playing shows again, so head over to their Myspace page for details.



Overseas Exposure

I am going to start a new section of my blog called - Overseas Exposure. I'll use this section to promote foreign bands that people might not be aware of. 

So if your a foreign band or are visiting this blog from abroad, please e-mail me at if you want to be featured or know of a band that needs exposure.



Saturday 30 October 2010


I'm now using my Myspace profile as a tool for bands and fans to get in touch with me about the blog.

Click on the link above and send me comments/friend requests.




Would somebody do me a favour and click on comments below a post and leave one as a test?

I want to make sure the comment option works, as nobody has left me any yet.



N.Y.H.C Halloween Spectacular

Don't forget that tonight is N.Y.H.C's Halloween spectacular at the Regency pub in Harrogate. Entry is a bargain £2.

It all kicks off at 19.30 and includes five bands on the bill: -

Harrogate acoustic group - Little Drafts

Northeast hardcore/punk band - Shark Bait

Harrogate Thrash band - Valhalla Pacifists

Yorkshire hardcore/punk band - Mouth

Leeds hardcore band - Closure

Check out these bands and go down tonight and support the local scene!

P.S It's fancy dress


Friday 29 October 2010

Scene Heads-up - After The Departure

After The Departure are a alternative/metal/pop punk band from Leeds. They currently have an EP in the works called "My waking hour" through Powercut records.

They are due to play a gig on the 7th of November at The Well in Leeds, with The Ocean Between us. 

Go and check them out and show your support by visiting them on Myspace and Facebook.



Wednesday 27 October 2010


If anyone can help me out by suggesting local bands in the Yorkshire are that I can feature on the blog, please leave comments or e-mail -

I will be researching myself, but a little audience participation won't hurt!


I now have a facebook group so people can follow when new posts are up.

The group is called - STAY AHEAD (Yorkshire metal blog).

Please visit and add yourselves to the group. Please leave comments either on Facebook or at



Scene Heads-up - ERICBANA

The scene here in Harrogate is bursting with talented bands fighting for the cause. The first band you need to check out if your a hardcore/punk fan is - ERICBANA.

These guys play fast paced hardcore/punk in the vein of sick of it all and municipal waste.

Their a hard touring band, with loads of shows coming up. Their next gig is on the 31st of October at Rehab in Harrogate with - TRC, Fuck with fire and Drowned in flames

Check em out. You won't be dissapointed!

Sunday 24 October 2010

Metal radio!

For those of you who get board easily in front of the telly, check out this online metal radio station - For those about to rock.


I thought I'd go slightly off topic for a second and mention an awesome band from across the pond.

Boysetsfire recently announced that they were reuniting and one of my ambitions (if you can call it that), would be to see them live as they are one of my favourite bands.

Head over to their myspace site, listen to the tracks and add your support for the band. You never know, we might be able to get them over to Blighty!

Calling all Band, Labels, Show promoters

If you're a band, Label, Show promoter and want to let people know what you're doing, please let me know and I can post it up on the blog.

The address to e-mail to is -


So, to the first post....

I want to start off by championing my local scene.

Living in a fairly quiet town, about 20 miles from Leeds, I didn't think there would be much of a scene here. After digging a bit deeper it turns out that it's pretty fertile.

For a start off, we've got a local gig promoter call North Yorkshire Hardcore. They organise punk/HXC shows in Yorkshire and bring bands over from europe to play alongside local bands.

They have a Facebook group where they advertise upcoming gigs and info about the bands that are playing. Check it out!

Saturday 23 October 2010

What it's all about!

I've started this blog to discover and promote bands in the UK metal/hardcore community.

I've witnessed the scene grow massively in the last few years and i'm really passionate about the bands that are pushing the whole scene forward.

I also like bands from all aroud the world and believe that hearing/seeing bands that put their hearts and souls into their music is an inspiration,and proves that originality and honesty can overcome any of the commercial tripe that the charts are pushing.